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HAPPENING NOW: Eze Aro, the king of Arochukwu kingdom returns to his ancestors +PHOTOS

The king of Arochukwu ancient kingdom in Abia State, Mazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro (Eze Aro) will join his ancestors fully today, April 5, 2021.

The climax of programmes marking the #EzeAroRoyalExit is also currently taking place at Eze Aro Palace, and Arochukwu Civic Centre, both in Oror, Arochukwu.

Sons and daughters of the kingdom, at home and abroad are fully on ground to accord the Eze full honour as he journeys to the land of our ancestors.

Jungle Journalist Media Ltd is fully on ground and brings you photos from the royal burial ceremony.


PHOTOS: Fanfare as APGA Ihiala LGA Meet Nwankpo, Declares Total Support, Says ‘No Going Back’

The EXCO members of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) from all political wards in lhiala Local government Area, Anambra State have unanimously declared their support for the candidature of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Oputa Ifeadi, Nwankpo is one of the leading gubernatorial aspirants of the party.The Ward Chairmen showed support on Saturday at a solidarity visit to Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Office in Awka, the state capital. Hon Gozie Chukwudum, the Chairman said they decided to support Nwankpo due to his leadership qualities judging by his entrepreneurial skills and capacity to sustain the success stories of the APGA led state government.Hon. Chukwudum who spoke with the DG Media/Publicity Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Organization, Dr Harris Chuma-Odili shortly after the declaration said Nwankpo who is an Okija born politician has been a faithful member of APGA, noting that his candidature had already been recognized by the party’s stakeholders and leaders in the zone.He maintained that the conference of the ward chairmen of the APGA Ihiala LGA decided to follow the footpath of their leaders by declaring their support for Nwankpo because of his unflinching personality.“The conference of ward chairmen in the 20 wards are declaring our stance today to support the candidacy of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo as we head to the primary election of our great party.“We are in support of the aspirant [Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo] that has been identified to have the most fitting capacities to make Anambra greater ”, Hon Chukwudum said. The 20 wards Chairmen unanimously agreed to support Nwankpo, and called on the leadership of the party at state and national level to conduct a free, fair, credible and transparent primary election.The ward Chairman of Okija ward 1, Hon. Bath Mbadugha enjoined party leaders and critical stakeholders to ensure the conduct of the primary election would be guided by the party’s constitution. The issue of imposition and endorsement of aspirant by some cabals could polarize the members of the party with some aggrieved members organizing protest to kick against the idea. No fewer than ten aspirants are jostling for the governorship ticket, ahead of the primary election of the party.More photos from the event:

Anambra International Airport will be one of the best in Nigeria when completed – Captain Musa Nuhu, NCAA boss (PHOTOS)

By James Eze, Awka

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Captain Musa Nuhu has described the Anambra International Cargo/Passenger Airport, Umueri as one of the best airports in Nigeria.

The civil aviation boss who came to inspect the facilities at the fast rising airport said he was amazed at the elaborate, carefully planned and masterfully executed facilities at the new airport.

Speaking after the tour, Captain Nuhu who was the Nigerian representative in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council before his current appointment, said that the impressive array of facilities at Anambra Airport had left him amazed and speechless.

“I am amazed, almost speechless at the level of work, and the level of compliance with our regulatory requirements and also with international standards and recommended practices,” he declared, pointing out that his tour of the airport had given him a clear view of what the Obiano administration had achieved with the project.

“We have gone round the airport. We have a runway of 3.7km with a runway safety area on both ends of the airport of about 1000 meters. There’s no airport in Nigeria that has a racer area of 1000 meters at both ends of the runway, with two taxiways. We have gone to the tower, the control tower is amazing, certainly if not one of the best control towers in Nigeria today,” Captain Nuhu observed.

Speaking further, Nuhu who is the head of the highest regulatory authority in aviation in Nigeria said, “we have seen the fire service station. Amazing. It’s going to be a CAT 955 firefighting station which will allow big planes and international flights to be landing and taking off here once flight resumes.”

According to him, “the water treatment plant is amazing. It takes care of the need of not only the airport but also of the firefighting service. We have seen the emergency evacuation center, trauma center in case, God forbid, anything happens. There’s arrangement to deal with any eventuality. I have seen the operational fence, I have seen the perimeter fence, significantly done or almost completed. And in the vehicle earlier today, I had said that ‘Anambra means business.’ And I mean it when I say Anambra means business.”

Captain Nuhu further emphasized that everything about the airport was perfect, pointing out that the consultants to the government of Anambra State on the project had done a great job.

“It is obvious that when this airport is completed, it is going to be a significant enabler of the economy and growth of this area, the state and the surrounding states here. So, at this point I congratulate Governor Willie Obiano for this legacy project,” he concluded.

More photos from the inspection exercise:


Mourners have lined the streets of Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam to pay their last respects to ex-President John Magufuli.

His successor Samia Suluhu Hassan led the procession, with the coffin draped in the national flag taken to the Uhuru Stadium to lie in state.

Opposition politicians say that Magufuli, 61, had contracted Covid-19, but this has not been confirmed.

He was a Covid sceptic who at times denied the virus affected Tanzania.

Magufuli was the son of a peasant farmer and went on to became Tanzania’s president in 2015.

Some residents wept and threw flowers on the coffin which was pulled by a military vehicle on Saturday.

President Samia, who was sworn into office on Friday, led the government procession in which many wore black or green and yellow to represent the colours of the ruling party.

She is Africa’s only current female national leader – the Ethiopian presidency is a largely ceremonial role – and joins a short list of women on the continent to have run their countries.

The government announced on Wednesday that Magufuli had died from a heart condition after he had been missing from public for several weeks.

His position on coronavirus ranged from stating it did not exist in Tanzania to saying the country had beaten the pandemic through prayer.

But in February, after a number of senior politicians died from the virus, he conceded it was circulating in Tanzania.

Known as the “bulldozer”, before the pandemic Magufuli was praised for his no-nonsense approach and hailed for his anti-corruption stance and his distinct dislike for wasting money.

On Friday President Samia spoke of the “heavy load” on her shoulders and urged for the “burying of differences” and unity during the mourning period.

Goodluck Jonathan Bags Honorary Doctorate Degree from Gregory University, commissions 1000 bed capacity teaching hospital+PHOTOS

Nigeria’s ex President, Goodluck Jonathan has been conferred with an honorary doctorate degree by Gregory University Uturu, Abia State.

Jonathan, who was conferred with an honorary doctorate degree in Public Administration at a special convocation of the University, had earlier participated in the rededication of the school’s main auditorium which was named after him.

He also performed the foundation laying ceremony of a 1000 bed capacity Gregory University Uturu Teaching Hospital Complex located at Ezinnachi, Imo State, and commissioned a 5MVA electricity transformer procured by the Chancellor, Prof Gregory Ibe, for the purpose of distributing power to Uturu and environs.

While speaking at the convocation ceremony held at the Goodluck Jonathan Auditorium in the school, he urged Nigerian universities to aspire to produce the kind of workforce that would advance the nation’s economy on a sustainable basis.

He also emphasised that the universities should serve as hubs for technological innovation, adding that for the country to remain competitive, it must make reasonable contributions to the global body of knowledge, as it pertains to science and technology.

His words: “We must strive to make our universities, solution camps, and ideation grounds. Grounds for the formation of creative minds. Places that produce people pondering on solving the next mankind’s greatest challenges.

“Our universities must function as citadels for purpose-driven human development and hubs for technological innovation.

“For us to make sustainable progress, they must serve as institutions for research, discovery and development of transformative solutions that will reduce hunger, poverty, and unemployment.

“Nations that stand out today as very peaceful, prosperous, and stable are those with well-established educational systems.

“For this reason, every progress-minded society must make conscious and pragmatic efforts to build a proper education system that develops the capacities of its people because education serves as not just the gateway to prosperity but a peacebuilding mechanism.”

The former President further charged the students of the university and all others across the country to work hard to make their years on campus count.

“You must justify the investments made by your parents and guardians by making yourself relevant in the search for solutions to society’s challenges.”

PHOTOS from the event:


Let me give due credit for the idea of this piece. President Muhammadu Buhari had said recently that elites in the country were not giving due accolades to his administration in terms of where it met the country, what it grapples with, and where it has been able to take the nation to, thus far.

The position of Mr President was widely published by the traditional and digital media, and it became an object of debate.

In the middle of it all, I received a phone call from Prince Nduka Obaigbena, Chairman of Arise Television and Publisher of Thisday Newspapers.

“Mr President says the elite have not given due credit to the administration. That means there are achievements that are not reported, underreported, or not celebrated at all. Come to Arise Television, and talk about it.”

It was a good opportunity. What else was my duty, if not to inform and educate the country (and beyond) on the work my principal was doing for the country? So, to Arise Television I went, on The Morning Show, anchored by cerebral journalist and my immediate predecessor in the office I currently occupy, Dr Reuben Abati.

The sparring session (that’s the way I see it) went well. Abati and his co-hosts came from different angles, trying to take me out with that sucker punch that would send me kissing the canvass. I floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee (apologies Muhammed Ali). At the end of it all, I believe we had a good show, with no side worsted.

So, what are the unheralded achievements of the Buhari Administration? What are the landmarks and milestones given scant attention by the elite, if even recognized at all?

Nigeria has challenges today. Very severe ones. Security is key in any country, if there would be progress and development. But here we are, battling insurgency, banditry, kidnappings, wanton killings, armed robbery, ethnic insularity leading to murder and mayhem, and other vicious criminalities. All these can only make a people sad and dolorous. But is that all there is to Nigeria of today?

The Buhari government is battling insecurity with all it has at its disposal. Naturally, the populace will want faster results, but some things are never by a sudden flight. You don’t just snap your fingers, and the problems disappear. And in the middle of it all, you must still continue to work, and make the time count for country and the people.

So, despite it all, what are some of the unreported or underreported achievements?

Annual budgets and how they perform have always been issues in the country. How timeously has the financial projections been delivered, and what has been the level of performance? These are germane to any economy.

The year 2020 was a remarkable one in the annals of mankind. A novel virus came, which you can’t see, smell or touch, but it succeeded in sending the world into a tailspin. There were national lockdowns round the globe, lives were lost in their numbers, economies suffered, and despondency was the order of the day.

But it was also the year Nigeria had resolved to return its budget cycle to January to December. It was achieved, and despite the fact that fallen oil prices compelled a review, the budget at the end of the day achieved 97.7% performance. Holy Moses! It never happened before. In normal years, without a gripping pandemic, and the need to balance between lives and livelihoods, our budgets never attained such records. You often talk of 50 or 60% performance, at the best. There were years in the past, when we even had 30% performance. But under Buhari, in a year of collapsed oil prices, and income at about a quarter of what we used to earn, here was 97.7% performance. Jumping Jehoshaphat! There must be more fiscal discipline in this government than Nigerians are crediting it for.

But did the news hug the headlines? Did it become the talking point of talk shows on radio and television? For where? No herdsmen were involved, so it was not going to be sweet to discuss. It was going to make the government of the day look good, so the elite was not interested. That was how that budget feat went uncelebrated, unheralded. Shout yourself hoarse announcing it, those who should run with it were uninterested. They would rather talk of yet unfulfilled promises in the areas of security, economy and anti-corruption.

We have always had stiff antagonism between states and the Federal Government. They were always like Tom and Jerry, with each striving to outdo and undermine the other. Till Buhari came.

At the advent of the administration in 2015, at least 27 states could not pay salaries. President Buhari did not ask them to stew in their juice, but rather made deft footworks, which bailed the states out of their predicament. Succor came for the people. Did it hug the headlines? No. Because herdsmen were not involved.

It used to be that Federal Government never gave states their dues in terms of refunds for projects executed. But not under Buhari. At the last count, about 700 billion naira had been paid to states as refund for road projects. The largest chunk of N78 billion went to Rivers, a state governed by the opposition party, and who’s governor rarely has good things to say about government at the centre. Also approved and paid were Paris Club refunds in excess of five billion dollars, owed by previous administrations. Uncelebrated, unheralded.

We have always talked about the need to have modular refineries in the country, to ensure that glitches in the supply of petroleum products were eliminated. For years, licenses were given, but there was only one such refinery working in the country. Till Buhari came, and recalibrated the oil industry. Today, many modular refineries are in the works, almost completed. Late last year, the Waltersmith refinery was commissioned by the President himself, and has gone into operation. But not a whimper from the traditional and social media. Why? No herdsman was involved. No interest.

Infrastructure. Ah, infrastructure. This is where Buhari would leave his largest footprints. Roads. Bridges. Rail. Airports. AKK gas pipeline. All to be delivered before the administration exits in 2023. Second Bridge over River Niger, built with mouth for 16 years under the administration of another political party, is now about 50% completed. Lagos-Ibadan Expressway racing towards completion. Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Expressway being reconstructed. Apapa-Oshodi-Oworonshoki Expressway being reconstructed.for the first time in 40 years. Bonny-Bodo Bridge and road finally underway, more than four decades after it was conceived. Rail projects round the country. Abuja-Kaduna, Warri-Itakpe already in operation, Lagos-Ibadan to be commissioned anytime soon, Ibadan to Kano under works, Kano to Maradi flagged off last week. Brand new airports in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kano. Enugu has been rehabilitated.

Headquarters of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) completed after decades of lack of will, the local content skyscraper dots the Bayelsa State skyline, the Nnamdi Azikiwe mausoleum completed in Anambra State after 22 years, all by Buhari. No plaudits. No accolades. All they talk about are things not done. No thanksgiving to God for small mercies, which are the real mercies. It all reminds me of the line from China Achebe, in Things Fall Apart, about a man and his consort: “If I hold her hands, she says; don’t touch. If I hold her foot, she says; don’t touch. But when I hold her waist beads, she pretends not to know.”

Why is President Buhari touching our waist beads, and some Nigerians, particularly the elite, are pretending not to know?

In areas where we had opacities, there is now transparency. The first audited financial report of the NNPC is now done in more than 40 years. The Open Treasury Portal now publishes Federal Government expenditure online. Corruption is being robustly fought. There is public sector reform in many areas. Our waist beads are being touched, but we are pretending not to know. Wetin?

Let’s look at private investments in the country. Such things never thrive, unless government provides the enabling environment. Now see what we have, under Buhari:

*Dangote Refinery. The largest single-train crude oil refinery in the world.
*Lekki Deep Sea Port. A brand new port to serve as alternative to Apapa port.
*Dangote Fertilizer and Petrochemical plant
*Segilola Gold Project in Osun State, described as “Nigeria’s most advanced gold exploration and production project.”
*Nigeria’s first ever gold refineries under construction in Ogun State and FCT
*Olam’s $150million investment in poultry feed mills, hatchery and breeder farms in Kaduna and Kwara states, commissioned in 2017
*GB Foods 20 billion naira tomato paste factory in Kebbi
*$250 million brewery by International Breweries Plc, commissioned 2018 in Sagamu, Ogun State, said to be the biggest in West Africa
*Indorama Fertilizer Plant Train 2, nearing completion in Port Harcourt
*NLNG Train 7, which will expand the company’s production capacity by more than 30%
*Agric investment hits 6-year high
And many more…

President Buhari is surely touching the waist beads of Nigerians. We should no longer pretend not to know.

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity

Philanthropist, Alex Ikwechegh Joins Abia 1st Family to Celebrate 29th Anniversary +PHOTOS

Renowned Philanthropist and Founder of Alex Ikwechegh Foundation, Chief (Hon) Alex Ikwechegh, on Tuesday, joined a select few personalities to celebrate the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu and wife, Nkechi, on their 29th marriage anniversary.

Hon. Alex Ikwechegh was a special guest at the small private ceremony which held at the couple’s private residence in Umuobiakwa, Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia state.

Speaking with correspondents, after calling at Ikpeazu’s home, the philanthropist described the Abia state Governor as his old time friend.

He wished the celebrants; Dr. Okezie and Nkechi Ikpeazu many more years together as a great couple in unity and love, including celebrating their golden and diamond jubilee in good health, in years to come.

Recall that Ikpeazu and Nkechi got married in 1991. The Governor had earlier revealed he would marry the first lady over and over again, describing her as a formidable pillar of support.

Photos below:

PHOTOS: Fr Mbaka dedicates magnificent church he built in hometown to God

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, on Tuesday, attended the dedication of a magnificent church built by Rev. Fr. Mbaka for his community, in fulfillment of his childhood dream.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited learnt that Ugwuanyi celebrated the Mass with the Catholic Bishop of Awgu Diocese, Most Rev Dr. John Ifeanyichukwu Okoye, the Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN), Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka and other clerics.

During the dedication of St Anthony’s Parish, Ituku, Awgu Local Government Area, Governor Ugwuanyi commended Rev. Mbaka for the manifestation of his childhood dream.

More photos:

THANKSGIVING: Enugu Agog as Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo Stakeholders Standstill for Hon. Engr. Mike Ogbuekwe +PHOTOS

*Nkerefi Community shut down by captains of industries, political allies, oil expatriates_

*Extols Gov. Ugwuanyi’s exemplary leadership_

*Pledges commitment to agricultural revolution and non-oil export resources_

It was jubilation and fanfare yesterday at the thanksgiving reception of Honourable Engineer Mike Ogbuekwe at his Nkerefi country home in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State as people from all walks of life stormed the ancient kingdom in honour of the gaffer and engineering expert.

Engr. Mike Ogbuekwe who had earlier spoken with journalists stated that his thanksgiving was coming at a time God was showing his grace and faithfulness in his life. He disclosed that the journey wouldn’t have been possible without God, hence, the reason for the thanksgiving celebration.

While at the church, St. Patrick Catholic Church (Mount Zion), Nkerefi, where the thanksgiving Mass was celebrated, there was what seemed like a show of wealth and affluence by captains of industries and business magnates from Anambra as they dominated the list of generous donors toward the ongoing church building. While displaying their philanthropic acts at the church ground, many of the donors testified to the goodness of God in their lives.

Meanwhile, at the reception which held at Ogbuekwe’s mansion, our reporter noted the lack of space as the mammoth of people that graced the occasion, deferring status, class, colour, age, gender almost overwhelmed the security. Guests had come from faraway south west, south south and the north to celebrate with their colleague whom they described as “an Engineer with a difference in oil and gas industry and non-oil resources driven economy.” The colossal crowd forced the extension of the space beyond the stretch of the immediate vicinity to as far as some meters away.

There were the presence of top government functionaries from the 5 southeast states, such as commissioners, Managing Directors, Special Advisers, Members of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Members from different Houses of Assembly of states, and other governments’ corporations both federal and states.

Visibly noticed were also popular captains of industries, business moguls, entrepreneurs, downstream expatriates from multinational engineering companies, and automobile experts who had come to show solidarity with one of their folds.

Addressing his teeming well wishers and supporters, the former adviser to Gov. Willie Obiano of Anambra state and current serving Special Adviser on Agriculture to Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu, immensely appreciated the governor for having confidence on his capacity to deliver and take the state beyond the petro-dollar dependent economy.

Engr. Ogbuekwe who further said the governor has performed beyond people’s expectations and has taken the state to envious height making it a topnotch state in the country in terms of internal revenue generation and prudent management of accrued resources, extolled Ugwuanyi’s leadership standard as second to none in Nigeria.

According to the United States trained Engineer, “Our working and performing Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has shown by his leadership model that good governance is still possible in the country. We can see how the system has transformed for better within a space of few years under the able leadership of His Excellency. He has set the pace for leadership which others must follow if Nigeria is to make any progress. Our happiness today is that Enugu state has made impressive progress in infrastructure, human capital development, entrepreneurship and agriculture. This was only possible because of one man; Rt. Hon. Ugwuanyi.”

In the same vein, the Special Adviser on Agriculture has reiterated his commitment to make the state a leading state in agriculture. According to him, the state has got the capacity to produce and export agricultural produce to different parts of the world. This, according to him, has been earning the citizens hard currencies. He disclosed that efforts were on ground to make Enugu state a leading state in non-oil export producing state in the country.

In honour of the occasion were the Governor of the state, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, represented by the Hon. Commissioner for Health, Dr. Ik Obi, Prince Akachukwu of Skyshore Group who led other captains of industry from Enugu state, Nkanu East Local Government Chairman, Hon. Prince Uchenna Nwobodo, former Secretary to Enugu Government, and current Executive Chairman, Enugu State Science, Technical, Vocational School Management Board, Dr. GOC Ajah, mni, Enugu State Coordinating PDP Chairman and Nkanu East PDP Chairman, Hon. Prince Emeka Nwatu, Chief Chido Obidiegwu, Chief Barr. Phil Chinwuba, Chief Ifeanyi Aniagor who led other Managing Directors from Anambra state.

Others were Hon. Pharm. Nnamdi Okafor, Member representing the good people of Awka South I constituency who led other Anambra State House of Assembly Members, Nnaemeka Charles (Nani Boi), Permanent Member 4, Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board, Chief Ralf Okoye, Chief Nwabufo, Mrs Stella Stanley, Mrs. Flora Katas who led the Senior Special Assistants to Gov. Obiano, High Chief Ogugua and Chief K C Morah both captains of industries led other business moguls from Anambra state in Diaspora; former Deputy Governor, His Excellency, Bishop Ralph Nwoye, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Religious Matters, Hon. Bishop Chinedu Nwoye.

Others included Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offia, Hon. Pascal Ukwuani, Hon. Ikenna Nwodo, Hon. Dubem Onyia Jr., all of who are serving Special Advisers, Prince Jim Dubem, President-General, Nkerefi Development Union, Hon. Patty Okoh, PDP Youth Leader, Enugu State, Chief Sunny Nwodo (Obele Igwe), Chairman Board of Trustee, Ndigbo United Forum and Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Mobilization, Hon. Chinedu Mbah, Special Assistant to the Governor on Culture and President, Nkanu Youth Council (Worldwide), Hon. Monday Diamond Ani, Chief Engr. Chike Nnaji (Igwurube), HRH, Igwe Emmanuel Onukwube, Chief Ndubuisi Ani,ND Motors, Abuja, Enugu State PDP Women led by Women Leader, Hon. Mrs. Vera Ezeugwu, Nkanu East PDP Women, led by Chief Mrs. Ozoemena, Chief Chijioke, Efi na Nkerefi, Managing Director, Chi Motors, Lagos, President Nkanu Youth General Assembly and Technical Assistant to the Governor, Comrade Edeani, among numerous others.

Below are photos from the event:

Prince of Mburubu storms Nkanu Cultural Fiesta +PHOTOS

The Chairman of Buzuzu Construction Company Limited, Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh was part of dignitaries who graced the maiden edition of Nkanu Cultural Fiesta.

The event, which held at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Stadium, Enugu yesterday, 30th November, 2020 was put up by Nkanu Youth Assembly.

Ezeh was accompanied by members of the Aka Ekpuchi Onwa Team, and was welcomed by the National President of NYA, Hon. Edeani M. Edeani and other executive members of the organisation.

On its plea to the state Governor to live up his pledge to return power to Nkanu land, which make up the Enugu East Senatorial Zone, NYA through its president, Hon. Edeani M. Edeani, said that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who was at the occasion has been very supportive to Enugu youths.

Edeani urged Gov. Ugwuanyi to remain committed to his earlier stance that it is the turn of Enugu East Senatorial zone to produce the next governor of Enugu State in 2023, and wished that the person from Nkanu land will be “a humble, peace-loving and hardworking governor like Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi”.

The National President also appreciated other personalities who have been supporting the association to realize its set objectives and went further to propose that every November 29 should be declared as “Nkanu Cultural Day” in the state.

The maiden annual cultural event, which was organized to promote unity and the beautiful culture of Nkanu, as well as protect the socio-political cum economic interests of the zone, honoured the former President of the Senate, Senator Ken Nnamani as the Grand Patron of the association.

It equally recognized other notable sons of Nkanu land as Patrons such as the member representing Nkanu East Constituency, Rt. Hon. Paul Nnajiofor; Capt. Everest Nnaji (Odengene); Prof. Hillary Edeoga (Former Vice Chancellor, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State); Engr. Okwudiri Daniel Ohaa (Enugu State Chief Fire Officer) Major Gen. C.O Ugwu. Rtd (Ambassadorial Nominee), among others. Members of the Advisory Board of the group such as the Special Assistant to the Governor, Hon. Ferguson Chimaroke Nnamani Jnr., were also honoured.

In his remarks, Senator Nnamani expressed deep appreciation to Gov. Ugwuanyi for the enduring peace being enjoyed in Enugu State, stating that it is “uncommon” in other states in the country.

The former Senate President stressed that the fact that the governor has ushered in an enduring peace in Enugu State, it is a worthy legacy he will be leaving behind at the end of his tenure in 2023.

He therefore encouraged the governor, who was presented with a Meritorious Award of Excellence by the Nkanu Youth Assembly, as the “Icon of Peace and Youth Development”, in recognition of “your excellent leadership and inclusion of youths in governance”, to continue to provide dividends of democracy to all the three senatorial districts in the state.

Also speaking, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Edward Ubosi, harped on the need for the various youth associations in the zone to harmonize their objectives and work together to achieve their common goal of realizing the governorship seat of the state in 2023, which he expressed optimism that the governor plays a major role to actualize.

Dignitaries at the colourful event include the member representing Enugu East/Isi-Uzo Federal Constituency, Hon. Prince Cornelius Nnaji; the member representing Enugu South Urban Constituency, Hon. Sam Ngene; the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari, Hon. Maduka Arum; the former Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Eugene Odoh; former Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Chief Dubem Onyia; the former Secretary to the State Government, Chief Onyemuche Nnamani; Prince Engr. Lawrence Ezeh, and former Chairman of Nkanu East LGA, Hon. Ikechukwu Ubagu.

Others include Prince Obiechina of Ugbawka kingdom, Prince Chijioke Ani of Isi Uzo, Hon Emmanuel Ede, the President-General of Mburubu Town Union, ThankGod Ofoelue, Publisher of Jungle Journalist Media Limited, among others.