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Horror as witchdoctors abduct 4, bury 2 alive in Ebonyi

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The decomposing bodies of two young men in Agubia, Ikwo Local Hovernment Area of Ebonyi State, Silas Nkwuda and Chukwuemeka Nwoba, have been found in a shallow grave in Uduku Igbudu forest in Igbudu community.

Police have already exhumed the bodies of the two young men. The eyes of the deceased were blind folded while ropes were tied to their necks when the bodies were exhumed by the police for investigation
Nkwuda and Nwoba were allegedly abducted and buried alive by seven persons, including two witch doctors, who have been arrested by the state police command over the crime.

The two witch doctors, whose names were given as Nwali Nwankwo and Rose Godwin, also known as Mama Ogwu, were said to have abducted the two young men on 12th of last month to pressure their relatives to withdraw a case in court involving their boys.
Investigations revealed that their boys were earlier arrested by the police over the disappearance of some members of the community who allegedly visited their shrine.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Loveth Odah, who confirmed the incident, explained that preliminary investigations revealed that those who would have been buried alive by the native doctors were four but two managed to escape.

Original report (excluding headline, image) by New Telegraph

Bobrisky is a product of witchcraft from hell, Odumeje is a lunatic, ignore them! – Activist

The Observer-General of the Federal Republic, Comrade Patrick Osagie Eholor has expressed displeasure with the level of attention journalists and Nigerians are giving certain crops of entertainmeners and pastors in the country.

Eholor, who is also the Founder of One Love Foundation, a human rights organization spoke in a voice note interview over the social media, said Nigerians should get very busy with addressing the myriad of problems facing the country, instead of wasting time discussing irrelevant things.

He particularly pointed out the likes of Bobrisky and Indabosky Odumeje, whom he categorised as charlatans seeking undue attention when the country is burning. He advised journalists to contribute to solutions and not problems by writing about the duo and their likes.

Hear him

“I really think the nation has to wake up, let’s discuss relevant things. We are talking about the failed economy, national matters, the failed governmamce, insecurity, banditry and kidnapping, yet, I am surprised that some journalists still find the time to report people like Bobrisky, Odumeje and their likes. I think we should not be part of the problem, we should be part of the solution. I read with disgust recently where Bobrisky said he, or she could not fast because he or she was under his or her period.

“Who reports that? That’s abomination. These people were cast out from the pit of hell. These people are from Sodom and Gomorrah. How can a man be having period? Bobrisky is a man, the man is sick. I think, the best thing people should have done for him is to take him to a psychiatrist hospital. Those days when there were true deities, people would have known that Bobrisky is a product of witchcraft, cast from the pit of hell. Such people are not supposed to be discussed. It’s an abomination to talk about people like Bobrisky, even though we are living in a modern world where people live life the way they want to live.

“The publicity stunt of these people are very embarrassing. We should try and limit it.

“On the part of the other funny magician called Odumeje, Odumeje is a magician that abuse people mentally. He has even prophesied that somebody will die at a certain age, which the police ought to have looked into properly.

“I sympathize with the likes of Ada Jesus who just died, where Odumeje was taking pride, saying that he was the one that caused her sickness.

“We are not doing good, we are doing disservice to the girl. I was reading the other day where an eight year old boy has been trained by his parents to be a pastor, and he was telling people that he can cure infidelity. What does an eight year old boy know about infidelity? These are scams, these are magicians, proigrammed people. These are abuses against humanity.

“I beg the news media, let us write something that’s worthy, let us write something that could be historical, let us leave something for our children. Have we not suffered enough? We should give these mental patients less publicity, or confine them in mental institutions where they can get help.

“We are not doing them a favour. We are not doing the country any favour, rather we are doing a disservice to our country.

“And you see some politicians flirting around Odumeje, somebody we know is mentally imbalanced, and yet you see these people celebrate him, governors who celebrate him.

“I am disgusted, I am ashamed that you people can be brainshwashed and your brain usd. The very embarrassing one again, is that they are also using Bobrisky as n ambassador. I mean, who does that?

Eholor further said “Look at Isa Pantanmi who is a terrorist serving as a minister and Nigerians are keeping quiet. Look at Gbajamila who s a disgrace at the National Assembly could not let the matter continue, and Nigerians are quiet.

“There’re the issues that we should be discussing in the nation, not these jokers. The CCB man that went to beat a young man he should be protecting, these are the people we should be discussing.

“Then look at the president who budgeted billions in Aso Rock Clinic going abroad for medical care. These are matters that should be discussed. What about the #Endsars matter? Are we still discussing it?

“What about the failed and retired service chiefs who were rewarded with ambassadorial positions, the 60 billion that were printed by the Central Bank, and at the moment the Minister should have resigned, the inspector general in this age that said they should recall police orderlies from private individuals. He made a 12 point agenda, like the removal of police roadblocks. I know you know how to go about it. The late Umar Musa Yaradua’s 7 Point Agenda, only one has been achieved, the Niger Delta issue. These are the issues we should be discussing, not Bobrisky. How can a man be having period. He is a lunatic, and Odumeje is a sick magician. Two of them and their likes should be confined to mental institutions.

“I beg the press to reduce the publicity they are giving to these people”, he stated.

How Minister of Communications Isa Pantami plotted to “violently wipe away Christians” from Northern Nigeria, kill Christian Governor Yakowa

Isa Pantami


President Muhammadu Buhari’s communications minister Isa Pantami plotted with some Muslim leaders to violently wipe away Christians from northern parts of Nigeria.

Mr Pantami chaired a July 13, 2010, meeting of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), a foremost Isla mic body led by Sultan of Sokoto Sa’ad Abubakar, where it was agreed that Christians should be prohibited from building churches in the city centre across the North and only build churches around designated corners away from the cities.

They also agreed that evangelism should be prohibited and any attempt by Christians to resist the measures should be met with violence.

“They should know that we have more control of the masses and the youth,” Mr Pantami and other Muslim leaders said during the meeting held at Bauchi Central Mosque. “Any attempt by the Christians to disobey or revolt against the decision shall mean fighting against the religion of Allah which the followers of Allah shall not watch but we shall violently wipe away the Christians in these states.”

The Muslim leaders also complained about Christians in Plateau and Kaduna and disclosed their plans to cause mayhem by enlisting Muslims in the security agencies as allies.

“The Muslim Ummah in Jos have solemnly resolved to fight the governor, his government and the entire Christians in any way possible. They shall never support this government and they will destroy any development that shall come to Plateau, even the existing ones.

“Again, they are ready for Jihad in the state as we have presently secured the needed arms. Over 3,000 foreign arms have now entered Jos and we will not vote during the governorship election,” the communique seen by Peoples Gazette said.

Mr Pantami and his colleagues also concluded that they “shall use our men who are in the military to help us bring arms and ammunition into Kaduna.”

The Gazette reached Mr Pantami for comments but received no reply from the minister on Wednesday night.

In a similar development, another document was also uncovered which showed how Pantami and other Muslim leaders plotted to assassinate former Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa. It was unclear whether the conclusion of the Muslim leaders was responsible for the helicopter crash that killed Mr Yakowa, and the minister did not immediately return a request seeking comments from Peoples Gazette on Wednesday night.

Mr Yakowa was the first Christian governor of Kaduna, which is divided between Muslim and Christians, although with a mostly Muslim population.

Mr Pantami chaired the July 13, 2010, meeting of Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), a foremost Islamic body led by Sultan of Sokoto Sa’ad Abubakar, where it was agreed that Mr Yakowa and his family must be eliminated because he was a Christian leader leading a state in the Muslim-dominated North.

“We must either use the security or other means to eliminate the governor, his family and all those they perceive as supporting him,” Mr Pantami and other leaders said in their communique adopted at the meeting held at Bauchi Central Mosque.

The meeting complained that Mr Yakowa was making moves to contest for governor in 2011 and he had the support of former President Goodluck Jonathan, a fellow Christian.

Mr Yakowa became governor in 2010 when Mr Jonathan tapped Namadi Sambo, then Kaduna governor, as his vice-president.

Mr Yakowa contested in 2011 and won a substantive four-year term. He was killed in a helicopter crash barely a year later in 2012, alongside former national security adviser Owoye Andrew Azazi. The event had long been suspected to be more than just an accident, and investigation into what happened was never concluded or made public.

The minister did not immediately return a request seeking comments about the 2010 meeting.

Document about the meeting surfaced as Mr Pantami came under pressure to step down from office after The Gazette uncovered details of his past inflammatory statements. The minister said he was always happy about the massacre of unbelievers.

He also said Osama Bin Laden was a better Muslim than himself and wished Al Qaeda and the Taliban success in their terrorism.

The Peoples’ Gazette

BREAKING: Dangote Petitions Trade Ministry To Shut BUA Sugar Refinery Down

A major war has been raging in the Nigeria sugar industry for some time now and the bubbles seemed to have burst with Dangote’s decision to petition the Federal Government asking the Ministry of Trade to shut down BUA Group’s Sugar Refinery located in Port Harcourt.

In the letter dated 28th January 2021 signed by Aliko Dangote himself as the Chairman Dangote Industries Limited, the billionaire claimed that when the BUA Sugar refinery was opened, he warned the Government and they told him that no new refinery would be allowed to operate in Nigeria’. Dangote accused BUA of operating with impunity by contravening the laws as laid down in the National sugar policy by selling its products locally instead of producing for export alone.

BUA in its own defense sent to the Honourable Minister of Trade however clarified issues by stating that the law allows it to sell inside Nigeria. Attaching the enabling permits and approval BUA stated that because of the connivance of the two major sugar manufacturers to hike the price of Sugar during the Ramadan period, the law allows it to sell locally.

BUA also warned that the DANGOTE group and the other major player have not been involved in any backward integration project, rather they depend on 80% raw sugar allocation which is detrimental to the Nigerian economy in long-term analysis. BUA on the other hand has been involved in a backward integration project with BUA’s Lafiagi Sugar BIP set to be completed in 2022.

Over a 250million dollars is believed to have been spent on the export-focused BUA sugar refinery already and it is also employing over 1,000 Nigerians.

Meanwhile, BUA also noted that at the center of this fight to force FG to close the BUA Sugar refinery down is the price war.

Last year, before Ramadan, sugar sold for around 18,000 Naira per bag. But as Ramadan fasting started the price jumped to 30,000 per bag. The people had no choice but to buy it because they needed a lot of it during the period. So the manufacturers were smiling at the bank. BUA group noticed the trend and decided that it had to change. There was no reason to increase the price during Ramadan simply because the demand is high.

Usually, the increase happens about one month to commencement of fasting

When the other manufacturers got across to BUA, Samad Rabiu refused. They put pressure on him, saying it was the right time to make good money but he put his feet down.

After failing to do that, they petitioned the Federal Government that he was breaking the law by selling sugar locally instead of for export.

A source however claimed that already, BUA group has dragged the Trade Minister to court to ensure that the operations of the sugar refinery are not tampered with all because of the desperate attempt by Dangote Group to monopolize the sugar trade in Nigeria.

Senate begins process to unbundle NIPOST

The Senate has commenced moves to unbundle the Nigerian Postal Service with the consideration of a bill to repeal and re-enact the Nigerian Postal Service Act 2004.

The bill, which scaled the second reading on Tuesday, was sponsored by Senator Oluremi Tinubu (APC, Lagos Central), according to a statement.

Leading the debate on the general principles of the bill, Tinubu said the piece of legislation seeks to reform the Postal Industry and to make Comprehensive Provisions for the Development and Regulation of Postal Services in Nigeria.

According to the lawmaker, the Nigerian Postal Service which dates as far back as 1852, evolved from an exigency of the colonial administration to a Collection Office of the United Kingdom and eventually, to the NIPOST.

She recalled that as of 1st of October, 1960, when Nigeria gained independence from colonial rule, there existed 176 Post Offices, 10 Sub-Post Offices, and 1,000 Postal Agencies.

Tinubu, however, noted that the agency presently has over 955 post offices and more than 3,000 Postal Agencies in the 35 states and Federal Capital Territory of the federation.

The lawmaker observed that in view of existing realities, it had become imperative for the NIPOST Act to be reviewed to guarantee improved efficiency and service.

“NIPOST has been touted as having so much potential not only for revenue generation but also for impacting the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

“However, the Agency’s struggles are well known. With its apparent inefficiencies, advancement in technology and the introduction of electronic mail there has been a decline in demand for traditional postal services, thus necessitating a reform in the Agency mode of operation.

“The Global Postal Industry and indeed, every facet of human life has continued to evolve, thus requiring the Nigerian Postal Industry to rise to the demands of existing realities.

“Consequently, the subsisting Act which has been in place since 2004 has been overtaken by events and is not reflective of the times we are in.

“To set NIPOST back on track, we need innovation, integration, and inclusion in keeping up with current trends and introducing ICT to ensure quicker and more effective service delivery.

“To do this, however, it is important to take a look at, and reengineer the Agency’s establishment Act, its powers and its functions,” the lawmaker said.

Tinubu disclosed that the Bill also provides for the establishment of the Nigerian Postal Service and designates it as Public Postal Operator, a corporate body with a common seal whose responsibility includes the provision of Universal Postal Services in Nigeria.

The bill after scaling second reading was referred by the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, to the Committee on Communications.

The Committee was given four weeks to report back to the upper chamber.

GRAPHIC TALE! ‘How we beheaded and butchered rival cult leader:-Suspect

The police have arrested a suspected member of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity for the murder a rival cult member and recording his beheading.

After killing his victim, Ugochukwu Igwilo, the suspect, Nzubechukwu Victor Okonkwo, reportedly posted the video of his apparent beheading on WhatsApp, a private messaging social media app.

Okonkwo was arrested by the Inspector-General’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Abia State.

The suspect, who was arrested alongside Prince Kalu, an alleged member of the confraternity, was apprehended after operatives of the IRT, headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, raided a seven-man gang of armed robbers who robbed and killed some POS agents in Aba Town.

Sources disclosed that the armed robbers were all members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and that during interrogations they confessed that a member of their confraternity, Okonkwo, was the person who killed and beheaded the person who was seen in the viral video.

It was further gathered that after the victim was beheaded, Okonkwo and three of his gang members also cut of the victim’s legs, arms and his private part and took it to a native doctor at a village in Ahia Afor, where it was used to make charms that they claimed would give them protection from the police and rival cult gangs.

Narrating why he killed and beheaded Igwilo, Okonkwo, who claimed to be a student of Nigeria Maritime Academy Oron , Cross Rivers State, said:

‘I am from Idiator North, Local Government Area of Imo State, and I joined the Vikings Confraternity in 2013 and I live in Aba with my parent. Mr Virus took me to join the Vikings Confraternity. I was the former head of the confraternity in Aba in 2015. I ruled for six months before I was removed and we had three guns during my time. I was arrested because I killed Ugochukwu Igwilo, who is a member of Black Axe Confraternity. We had a cult war in Aba in 2020 and Ugochukwu killed one of our members, Lampard, and the message was reported in our WhatsApp group chat.

‘Ugochukwu attacked Lampard at

his compound in Umuchichi around Osisioma area of Aba and butchered him, and before then Ugochukwu had also attempted to kill me but I escaped. Ugochukwu was also the former head of the Black Axe group in Aba.

So, on March 6, 2021, Ugochukwu came to where we were playing football with one Segior and a member of our group known as “More-Light” was with a gun with him at that time. Then we ordered Ugochukwu to follow us into the bush with the gun and he obeyed. But while we were moving into the bush, he attempted to escape and Otiko, a member of our group, went after him and broke his head with a big stick.

Then I shot him with the locally-made gun and he died on the spot. Then we dragged his dead body to our Island which is not far from the bush and I cut off his head and I videotaped it.

I then sent video to our WhatsZpp group chat, from where it went viral. I also presented the head to our members who were not on ground when we killed the victim. Two other members of our group, Spiritual and Otiko, then went to the corpse and removed more body parts that they took to a native doctor at Ogbor Hill in Village Ahia Afor.

The herbalist grinded the head then asked us to pound the bones.

When our present members were pounding the head, the herbalist was making incantations, saying the charm was to prevent the police from arresting us.

But the charmed failed us. The video I shared went viral and when More-Light was arrested over the POS robbery, he also confessed that he was part of the group that killed a beheaded Ugochukwu.

Prince was just a witness to the crime. I was planning to become an engineer but now that dream has been cut short. My biggest regret is that someone else will be sleeping with my girlfriend.’

Daily Sun

Police arrest 2 men impregating girls at Anambra baby factory, rescue four pregnant girls

The police have rescued four pregnant girls in a baby factory in Anambra State.

According to the state Police Public Relations Officer, Haruna Mohammed, the four girls are from Ebonyi State.

He said the ladies were kept in a brothel in Nnewi by one Gladys Ikegwuonu, for the purpose of making babies for sale.

Mohammed said, “It will be recalled that there was a report at the area command headquarters, Nnewi, that a four-year-old child of St. Joseph’s School, Otolo Nnewi, was returning home from school in company of his siblings when two men on a motorcycle grabbed the child and zoomed off with him.

“The child was rescued by some commercial motorcyclists, who pursued and eventually arrested the suspects at Akamili community, Nnewi.

“Preliminary investigations by the police revealed that the suspects, who were beaten to a stupor by an angry mob (one of whom was confirmed dead), were sent by one Gladys Nworie Ikegwuonu, presently at large, who also operates a baby factory and a brothel by keeping young girls and getting them impregnated after which she sells the children to her waiting customers.”

The police spokesman said two suspects, Abuchi Ani, 32, of Ohazora, Ebonyi State, and Emeka Ikegwuonu, 49, of Akabukwu, Nnewi, Anambra State, were arrested.

“Four pregnant young girls were rescued. They are Chisom Okoye, 20, of Mgbaneze Isu, Onicha LGA; Chinecherem Clement, 18, of Agbaebo Isu, Onicha LGA; Blessing Ogbonna, 21, of Nkwagu Isu, Onicha LGA; and Blessing Njoku, 21, of Mgbaneze Isu, Onicha LGA, all of Ebonyi State, but residing at Cool Joint Bar, Nnewi,” he added.

Mohammed said the command was intensifying efforts to arrest Ikegwuonu, who is from Ohaozora LGA, Ebonyi State.

JUST IN! Facebook Bans Its Own Page

Facebook has banned its own page from social media during its war on Australian news.

The tech giant announced on Thursday that it would bar nine million Australians from reading and sharing local and international news on its platform in response to the proposed Media Bargaining law.

The law would force tech companies like Facebook and Google to negotiate with news providers to feature their content, but its own social media page has been caught in the firing line.

The page, which was previously brimming with content about Facebook’s latest news and achievements, simply read: ‘No posts yet.’

One Twitter user said: ‘Makes it harder to complain, I guess.’

‘What happens when you roll out a content filter without really testing it,’ someone else wrote. The official Facebook social media page joins thousands of others that also appear blank for Australians.

Emergency services that provide Australians with news about Covid-19, bushfires, and where to go for domestic violence help are among the vital Facebook pages which have been scrapped by the foreign-owned social media giant.

Along with government health pages, rescue services, and every reputable news outlet’s Facebook pages, the multi-billion-dollar company’s social media page was also void of all content on Thursday morning.

Anger rises as millions in Texas, United States enter day 3 without electricity and heat

In the wake of a record winter storm, millions in the southern US state of Texas – considered the energy capital of the United States – remain without power, as anger among residents is growing by the hour.

“I know people are angry and frustrated,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who woke up to more than one million people still without power in the state’s largest city. “So am I.”

Power and heat remain out for two to three million homes across Texas, more than 36 hours after historic snowfall and record freezing temperatures created a surge in demand for electricity in a state that rarely experiences such cold weather for extended periods.

Vice President Kamala Harris said in a televised interview she and President Joe Biden will be targeting emergency federal relief for the state.

“I know they can’t see us right now because they’re without electricity. But the president and I are thinking of them, and really hope that we can do everything with that is possible through the signing of the emergency orders to get federal relief to support that,” Harris told US broadcaster NBC on Wednesday.

The cold snap, which has killed 21 people, is not expected to let up until this weekend.
In addition to the bad weather, compounding the problem is a lack of communication about when residents can expect their electricity service to return.

Making matters even worse, expectations that the outages would be a shared sacrifice by the state’s 30 million residents quickly gave way to a cold reality, as pockets in some of the US’s largest cities, including San Antonio, Dallas and Austin, were left to shoulder the lasting brunt of a catastrophic power failure, and in subfreezing conditions that Texas’s grid operators had known was coming.

The breakdown sparked growing outrage and demands for answers over how Texas – whose Republican leaders as recently as last year taunted California over the Democratic-led state’s rolling blackouts caused by wildfires – failed such a crucial test of a major point of state pride: energy independence. And it cut through politics, as fuming Texans took to social media to highlight how while their neighbourhoods froze in the dark Monday night, downtown skylines glowed despite desperate calls to conserve energy.

“We are very angry. I was checking on my neighbour, she’s angry, too,” Amber Nichols, whose north Austin home has had no power since early Monday, told the Associated Press. “We’re all angry because there is no reason to leave entire neighbourhoods freezing to death.”

“This is a complete bungle,” she said.

Republican Governor Greg Abbott called for an investigation of the grid manager, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). His indignation struck a much different tone than just a day earlier, when he told Texans that ERCOT was prioritising residential customers and that power was getting restored to hundreds of thousands of homes.

But hours after those assurances, the number of outages in Texas only rose, at one point exceeding four million customers.

“This is unacceptable,” Abbott said.
Joshua Rhodes, an energy researcher at the University of Texas in Austin, told the Associated Press the state’s electric grid fell victim to a cold spell that was longer, deeper and more widespread than Texas had seen in decades.

Climate change should be factored in too, he said.
“We’re going to have to plan for more of this kind of weather. People said this would never happen in Texas, and yet it has.”

HORROR! Abuja Human Milk Factory With 115 Young Girls Where Customers Pay With Bitcoin

The Nigerian authorities rescued 115 mothers in Abuja, whose breast milk was being harvested every day and then turned into different dairy products like cheese, butter, and fresh milk. Some of these girls were as young as 16, the oldest being 22, and most of them were reported missing in the last 3 years.

Police suspect that their capturers recorded everything they did to them for the past three years and uploaded it to the dark web to entertain their clients. The girls were raped and impregnated live on the internet, and after giving birth, they milked them like cows every day, and their milk was processed using some of the latest technology in the dairy industry.

Three starving cows were kept as a front in case police started to look into the place.

The majority of products from the dingy warehouse were being shipped out of the country, along with videos of the milking and processing and packaging of the products. The computers and paperwork seized show that the dairy’s operation was funded by fans who watch the operation of the dairy live on the dark web.

The funders from the dark web were paying the operators of the dairy using cryptocurrency. They pay to have personalized videos and breast milk products from specific girls and more. Some request that a girl be fed a specific meal the day before she is milked to his specification and for the poor girls to say things like “This milk is for you(insert name)”.