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Ohanaeze youth wing blasts Eha Amufu COE Provost over alleged nepotism, poor management, illegal employments, harassment

Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu, Provost of Federal College of Education Ehamufu

The youth wing of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Enugu State Chapter, led by Mazi Nnamdi Odo has written a petition against the Provost of the Federal College of Education Ehamufu, Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu.

The petition, which came in a 17-point allegation against the Provost, was addressed to the presidential Visitation Panel, accusing her of poor leadership, victimization and harassment of Enugu youths, and illegalities.

Below are the allegations served before the Presidential Visitation panel by Ohaneze Ndi Igbo youth Enugu State Chapter:

“1. Eha-Amufu College of Education is a federal high institution and demands that federal laws should be used as a stepping stone but the Provost has turned it against Ndi-Enugu state by generating an association which houses all other members of staff from all other states within the federation with  #Non_Enugu_Indigene as the nomenclature. There is no denial that the Association is to syphon the rights of Ndi-Enugu to Imo.

2. Ever since 2018,  Ikwuegbu has declared war against Enugu State youths. She always says to anyone who cares to listen that she hates dealing with Enugu people because they are backward people who irritate her.
And when confronted on issues, she tells you to go do your worse as she is untouchable.

3. Dr. Mrs Ngozi Ikwuegbu  has employed more than 300 persons from her state without taking due processes of recommendation for employment. Instances abound of some newly recruited staff without the necessary prerequisites being elevated to ranks/positions beyond their certificate.  This needs legal justification.

4.  It is pertinent to note that one of the reasons why Federal Government builds institutions in different parts of Nigeria include but not limited  to creating employment for the citizens, irrespective of their locality. But Ikwuegbu does not believe in this. She believes that it is an opportunity to illegally settle her people from Imo State to the detriment of the Enugu State Youths who are directly robbed by her actions. The youths of Enugu State being the host are denied the federal character percentage of employment as enshrined by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) thereby increasing the unemployment in the state. It is a great injustice that our state feeds the institution with 97% of students but when it comes to employment we are told that we are not good enough.

5.   It is also important to note that Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu is in habit of threatening students and staff who are from Enugu State. Instances abound of several students who have been denied of their results simply because they are not in her good books. We condemn her action and continued threats against Enugu State youths working with her in the strongest terms and state that it is not evil to be from a particular place(Enugu State) and Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu or any other person whosoever, has no right to threaten to deal with our people for no reason. She claims that she has a powerful person in the Presidency who protects her from liabilities for her actions.

6.  Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu is barely seen in the school premises hence it is almost impossible to access her but the few occasions that she is around, she makes sure that persons from Enugu State do not see her and when they manage to see her, all she says is that they can go and report her anywhere, that she is connected to powers in the presidency to ‘water down’ any allegation against her and that this is the time of her people from Imo State, therefore Enugu State people must give way for her in an institution sited in Enugu State. For instance, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who has been the legal adviser of the institution was unceremonorously removed and replaced by her Imo State brother. All  efforts by this SAN to speak with the “almighty” Provost, proved abortive until a suit was slammed against her. We hereby ask, if we should leave our land for Dr. Ngozi Ikwuegbu, where are we going to live?

7.   Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu’s terrible attitude is not limited to only the way she treats Enugu State people but even extends to the way she runs the administration of the institution. For instance, from the school gate, the decay is manifest as there is no gate and even inside the hostel, it is cassava sticks that are used as hostel beds. You should know that the institution is sitting on a time bomb and except something is done about it, it will explode beyond containment. It is not in contention that since she resumed office as the provost, the Federal College of Education, Eha Amufu has been decaying gradually and if the decay is allowed to continue unabated, even before her tenure expires, the institution will have already been grounded.

8. The living conditions of the students inside the hostels is pitiable, the roofs of all the hostels are leaking, there are no restrooms, no bathrooms, our female students are at the receiving ends as they have to bath and cook outside. In our fact finding mission, we discovered that, the windows are broken, the roofs leaking, students baths and defecate outside. The hostels have no power supply and the student have to use lamps. Can the provost keep her daughter or sister in such pig holes like the Eha-Amufu hostels?

9. What happened to the reparation fee the students paid after the demonstrations they carried out? The provost and her Imo state cabal siphoned every dime of the reparation fee without even regards to the welfare of the students.

10. There were transfer of members of staff from Avan Ikoku College of Education to the Federal College, Eha-Amufu, these people were placed above their level at the college. There must be a reason why these staff got these unlawful transfer and placements. It’s either to leave more job opportunities for those in Imo or to jump promotion protocol as to attain high positions un-merited or to remove Ndi-Enugu and place her people around her.

11. Over 400 staff have been employed by the Provost. The employments are lopsided and greatly favours her kinsmen from Imo State. Out of this number more than 300 are from Imo. Are the unemployed youths from Enugu not qualified enough to be employed at Eha-Amufu?

12. Some students are victimized with their results being seized. They have used every known legal means to get there results but every effort proved abortive as the provost swore to deal with them for demanding for a better welfare for the students. They paid reparations fees for destroying no school property yet their results are not given to them. Why are they denied of their results after taken the punishment? Can this happen at Alvan Ikoku where the provost come from?

13. Students pay N20, 000 every year by new intakes both NCE Pre -NCE, Degrees or Direct Entry meant for renovation of hostels. The management led by the Provost should give an account what this money has being used for.

14. The provost increased collection of results from N1,000 to N5,000. This is unwarranted.

15. The Provost shows she is above her own laws as she mandates and forces students to buy her text book, “Classroom Management”. For students to get points, they must buy her book. Those who fail to purchase them are threatened with serious sanctions and failure of course works. These crime is perpetrated by course coordinator ably represented by one Bro. Jude Nweze. Worthy of note is that she doesn’t teach this course.

16. The College has no adequate drug/facility at the clinic to take care of students. The Ambulance for instance is rotting away. What happens to the money allocated for the clinic?

17. There are no security for students. Village roads pass through hostels.”

Here follows the demands of the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo youth:

“Ohaneze Youths, Enugu State Chapter led by Mazi Nnamdi Odo hereby make the following demands to be met as a matter of urgency to make room for peace to prevail.

1. Unconditional release of the results of all 15 students seized.

2. The group known as ‘Association of Non Enugu Indigenes’ should be disbanded immediately.

3. New hostels should be built and while that is going on, the older ones should be renovated. Conveniences should be put in place immediately.

4. There should be no further victimization of staff or students from Enugu state by anyone whatsoever.

5. A committee to look into the students welfare should as a matter of urgency be set up.

6. Review of all appointment made by the Provost.

7. Immediate employment of 300 Enugu youths.

8. A panel of investigation should be set to look into all allegations against Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu.

9. An acting Provost appointed to revamp the decaying institution.

10. Immediate removal of the Provost from office to answer for her mismanagement.”

Responding to the plea of the association yesterday on a panel set for the petition hearing yesterday, the Presidential Visitation panel thanked the Youths for coming to the panel instead of taking Laws into their hands. He went on to promise the panel will look into the grievances of the youth wing of Ohaneze. Speaking to the Panel, Ohaneze Youth leader, Honourable Nnamdi Odo emphasized that their mission is to restore peace and progress to the institution. Meanwhile, he told the panel that they are not giving up on the fight against the victimization  of Ndi Igbo youths, and would not back down until justice and peace is restored.

Chilo-Offiah Scholarship Scheme: 120 beneficiaries commend philanthropist

Chilo-Offiah and some of the beneficiaries pose for photograph

Some beneficiaries of the scholarship given to over 120 students across Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State have expressed gratitude to God for using over the Special Adviser to the Governor on SME Development, Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offiah to assist them.

Chilo-Offiah, a philanthropist who celebrated his 33rd birthday on 3rd May 2021, had used the opportunity to extend his benevolence to over 123 indigent students of Udi by giving them scholarship, as a way of giving back to the society.

Speaking to newsmen, some of the recipients described him as godsend to the people of Udi.

According to one, “Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offiah has given hope to us.”

“He has shown us that governance is about reaching the needy at the grassroots level and we thank God for a gift like him to our local government.”

They also commended Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, for appointing a man like Chilo-Offiah, who has used his large heart to help others and positively impact the people.

Universities Theatre Arts Festival, Uturu 2021: Signs of Things to Come

The Igbo adage couldn’t have captured it better when it says that the smell of the fart is an indication of the nature of the feces.

Between 2nd and 7th May 2021, a total of 13 universities that offer Theatre, Media and Performing Arts in Nigeria gathered in Gregory University Uturu under the umbrella of Nigeria Universities Theatre Arts Festival (NUTAF).

Colourful costumes from different parts of the world were paraded, electrifying dance steps were displayed, all kinds of music were rendered, poetry, prose and drama also came to the party.

During those days Uturu, indeed Abia became the cynosure of all eyes as both traditional and new media beamed and streamed live colourful images to the world from Gregory University Uturu.

It was a welcome departure from the trending stories of insecurity as people threw caution to the wind to unwind.

Encomiums have subsequently continued to be poured on the sole sponsor of this year’s edition of NUTAF, Prof Gregory Ibe, who as Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu undertook the financial burden of hosting the entire festival.

In doing this, Prof Ibe achieved another first by being the first private University to attract the hosting right of the 40 year old festival.

On hearing that Prof Ibe is set to run for Governor of Abia, a team of journalists that covered the festival became ecstatic, stating that the state will definitely become a major attraction point for the theatre world and a Mecca of sort for the entertainment industry when he realises his vision.

Did I hear someone say vox populi box dei( voice of the people voice of God).

ProGIMA-Prof Gregory Ibe Media Associates

Abia Govt confirm abduction of ABSU students, working on their release

Abia State Government has confirmed the abduction of some students of Abia State University, (ABSU) Uturu.

In a statement signed by Chief John Okiyi Kalu, Honorable Commissioner for Information, Abia State, the government working with the government is currently working with Imo State Government and relevant security agencies in both states to ensure the rescue of the students and others.

He stated further: “the government is currently monitoring an incident that happened in Okigwe, Imo State, yesterday which led to the suspected abduction of yet to be determined number of students of the Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU), who apparently ran into a yet to be identified gang of hoodlums operating along the Okigwe-Uturu Road.

“Preliminary information available to us indicates that the students were moving in a mini van from Okigwe to Uturu between 7pm – 8pm when they ran into the armed gang who marched them into the nearby forest along with other yet to be identified travelers. Two of the students managed to escape from the hoodlums while others are still being held at a yet to be identified location.

“We are working with the government of Imo State and relevant security agencies in both states to ensure the rescue of the abducted students and others.

“Members of the public and ABSU community are advised to remain calm as we will spare no resource in ensuring the safety of the victims.

“No criminal operating within our environment will be allowed to escape justice as we take the job of protecting lives and property of Abians and visitors to the State very seriously”

JUST IN: Gunmen abduct Benue University students

Gunmen have abducted an unconfirmed number of students from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi on Monday.

The university confirmed the abduction of the students.

“The University has reported the incident to the police and all relevant security agencies,” the university’s spokesperson Rosemary Waku said in a statement.

“The University has not heard anything from the students or their captors since the unfortunate incidence took place.”

The Benue abduction comes barely a week after about 20 students were abducted from Greenfield University in Kaduna.

Three of the Greenfield University students were found dead on Friday, Kaduna State Government confirmed.

Students of Queen of Rosary College, Onitsha Emerge Winners Of University of Delaware’s Global Prize

Seven students from Queen of the Rosary College, Onitsha have defeated over five thousand other teams from around the world to win the Global Prize Award at the just concluded Diamond Challenge Global Summit.

The students led by their mentors pitched their project, an app they called “Queens Foris Labs” which is a virtual learning space that allows students to conduct science experiments and understand science concepts better.

The seven students: Chisom Iwuno, Amara Okechukwu, Chidimma Okoye, Mmesoma Nnaji, Sandra Mgbafulu Stephanie Anozie, and Chinyere Iheator were led by their mentors, John Onuigbo and Kyrian Obikwelu.

The team won a $1500 cash prize including other prizes, further mentorship for the students among other opportunities. Dyslexia Genius, a China-USA team came second. The announcement was made yesterday at the Diamond challenge award’s ceremony which culminated the weeklong Diamond Challenge Global Summit from 11th to 16th of April 2021 and had various national teams battling it out on the global stage while also receiving entrepreneurship trainings from renowned entrepreneurs. Queen of the Rosary College, Onitsha had on March 11, 2021 at Senator Albert Bassey Hall, Uyo came first place, beating 9 other teams from various states in Nigeria at the National competition qualified to represent Nigeria in the Global semifinals.

It is important to note that this same team were the National champions of the Beyond School Community Challenge 2020 sponsored by the US Embassy and organized by the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association Nigeria, MWFAAN.

OAU, Gregory University emerge Nigeria’s outstanding varsities

The Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, has emerged the outstanding public university of the year, while Gregory University, Abia State, is the outstanding private university.

The year’s outstanding state-owned university was won by the Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso, Oyo State. These were made known at the first-ever Education Awards and Lecture, held virtually on Friday.

According to a statement on Monday by the Chairman, Screening Committee for the SNEAWARDS, Rev. Honey Olawale, the programme was organised by the southwest, northwest and southeast Awards, a Nigerian regional socio-economic assessment body, in collaboration with a South African-based, Africa Skills Centre.

Also, no fewer than 27 dons won the award of outstanding lecturers of the year, while many other distinguished Nigerians emerged as Ambassadors of Education.

At the virtual education award programme, no fewer than 20 professors cutting across various fields, 10 holders of the Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) and several captains of industry, participated.

Other winners at the award programme include, Prof Gregory Ibeh who received the National Education Icon of the year.

The statement added that the Birthright Academy, Port Harcourt, Hallmark Secondary School, Info-Chrystal Land School, Markurdi, jointly won the outstanding schools of the year.

It added that Prof Ladokun Olusola of the Lead City University Ibadan, Prof Ajayi Adetutu of the Augustine University, Prof Babatunde Ajayi of the Federal University of Technology, Akure and about 20 other lecturers were honoured at the outstanding lecturers category.

Members of staff of Brainford Educational Consult, Delizon and ElveeGroup Dr Livinus Nosike, Glory Ajie, Rois Ola and 25 others were also honoured under the category of Education Advancement Ambassadors.

A leading guest speaker at the occasion, the Deputy Senate Leader, Prof. Ajayi Boroffice, urged Nigerians to dignify hard work, as it was the only way to enhance humanity.

He said, “While the development of the education sector takes the front-burner in government concerns, the fact remains that it is through a collective effort that we can advance knowledge and grow our national economy.”

Borrofice particularly canvassed the private sector involvement in educational development in Nigeria.

Ighodaro Family, Group Partners To Build Six Classroom Block In Edo

Cross section of Ighodaro family, members of the community and pupils of school completed by Nigerian South South Women Forum, and commissioned by its former president, Mrs Adesuwa Ighodaro Haney of Adagbafi Family

As part of its resolve to give back to the society, Ighodaro family in partnership with the South South Women Forum, Michigan, USA have built and, commissioned a six classroom block in Irhigon community of Uhunwode Local Government Area, Edo State.

Mrs Adesuwa Ighodaro Haney who was the former President of the Association during the project commissioning said, “Education is a right and the children needs to be able to learn in a conducive environment with good facilities.

“Also if everyone can support government things will get better quicker than we expected. Hence the reason the family and the forum contributed this very little quota”.

Elated with the execution of the project, High priest Chief Eghafona Ugiagbe (The Ohen Adagbafi of Irhigon village)
Said, “This is a very wonderful and exciting moment to see that this project is been completed and commissioned.

“We have waited for so long for the government to help us but now a very few individuals and this organisation of The Nigerian South South Women Forum have done it for us. Words are not enough to Express our gratitude but I pray that God almighty will refill your pocket a million times over. And for our daughter Adesuwa may God and Our ancestors continue to bless you and protect you and your household including your association members in all of your endeavors”, he said.

Mrs Adesuwa Ighodaro Haney expressed optimism that the family and forum will execute more projects in the community.

According to her, “We hope to see this village, the school and indigenous people becoming great men and women of industries also that leaders both local, state , national and world shall come from this village”.

Clifford University, the journey so far 

By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu

The axiom that” nothing good comes easy” perfectly fits the story of Clifford University, Ihie in Isialangwa North local government area of Abia State.

The institution owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church has grown from strength to strength. With an initial students population of 80 at inception to over 700 students population currently, there is no better success story to describe the institution’s giant stride.

The highly- elated Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chimezie Omeonu of the university while announcing the events that would characterise the institution’s forthcoming maiden convocation that will span between March 24 to 28, disclosed that not only that the students population of the institution has expanded but the faculties have expanded from initial two to five to accommodate the expanding students population.

What excites the VC most is that the institution in its maiden convocation will be graduating 65 with 11 first class graduates. At Clifford University, other social challenges that characterise and bedevil the Nigerian University system pose no concern. Cult activities are no go areas as students caught involving in such face expulsion.

This has checked cult activities in the institution to zero as there is zero tolerance to this. So is drug addiction as any student caught in this behaviour risk suspension. On the other hand, academic hard work is the hallmark of Clifford University.

There is also zero tolerance for examination malpractice as the penalty attracts suspension. The institution’s strength, according to the VC lies in carving a niche in the areas of law studies and computer, expanding their medical base, and strengthening their entrepreneurial pursuits. Research is another area of their strength. And to achieve this, there is an ongoing research in the institution that would introduce the use of leaves treated with chemicals in the preservation of food. If this happens, the over reliance on refrigerators to preserve food will be reduced.

If one asks about Unique Selling Point (USP) of Clifford University, the answer is not far- fetched- the fees are pocket-friendly other privately owned or missionary tertiary institutions in the country.

ABIA: Ikpeazu honours Sam Mbakwe, renames road after him

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has renamed Faulks Road, Aba, after the Governor of Old Imo State, Late Dr Sam Mbakwe.

This development followed a request made by a student of DANIJOY International Schools, Umuahia, during Governor Okezie Ikpeazu’s lecture on “Building a New Nigeria through Democratic Leadership” at the DANIJOY International Schools, Umuahia, during which he said that Late Dr Sam Mbakwe was one of the greatest leaders in the history of The Old Imo state.

Governor Ikpeazu who described public perception as critical to solving to a great extent the myriads of problems facing Nigeria, insisted that the society must learn to appreciate and promote leaders who served the public creditably.

The Governor said that our society must also promote the virtues of honesty, integrity and service, adding that the journey for a new Nigeria is a collective one as everyone is guilty of contributing to the many challenges bedevilling her.

The State Chief Executive also made a case for the inculcation of democratic priciples and norms in citizens from the contact with education as this will help in the reorientating the mindset of the younger generation towards building a society of our dreams.

Governor Ikpeazu equally described early child education as key to the development of the child and called for the inculcation of same into the educational system of the country.

Earlier in an address, the Head of Schools, DANIJOY International Schools, Ambassador Anthony Ororho, said that DANIJOY International Schools is an institution where parents of Igbo extraction living in the Diaspora in particular can bring up their wards in the enviable Igbo tradition with sound moral upbringing and lauded Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for his commitment to bequeathing qualitative education to the state.

In a speech, the Senior Prefect of the School, Jenifer Ogbunamiri lauded the humility and generosity exhibited by the Governor during their recent visit to his country home on excursion and promised that the school will always make Abia State proud in learning and in character.