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BREAKING: Ahmed Gulak Shot Dead In Owerri By Unknown Gunmen

Late Gulak

Former presidential aide Ahmed Gulak has been killed in Owerri, Imo State.

He was reportedly ambushed and shot early hours of Sunday morning enroute the Sam Mbakwe airport after concluding a visit to the state.

Sources who preferred not to be named said he was scheduled to board the 8:30am flight to Abuja when the incident happened.

Gulak was a Special Adviser on Political Matters to President Goodluck Jonathan prior to his defection to the All Progressives Congress APC in 2014.

He was also the chairman of the Imo State APC governorship primary in which Hope Uzodinma emerged the party’s candidate.


Anambra 2022: In the next Dispensation, Remember My People

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp
Ogene Igbo

The Next Governor of Anambra State, Please, hear this…..

Me, Ogene Igbo do not want any political appointments, I don’t need it, just come to Ogbunike my hometown and help in developing the town. Use me as a vessel to attract developmental projects.

Come, help my people, help the community to take it’s rightful place in the comity of nations. We have worldclass tourist center, help build our roads and develop the town.

The Anambra Airport is 20mins drive from the ancient Cave. We need streetlights, hospitals, good roads, and schools. One of the universities campuses should be cited in Ogbunike.

May the next governor take note, or I will not allow him to have peace. Remember, good governance at grassroots level is the hallmark of democratic government. Develop my town, and have peace of mind. Forget about political appointment or other gratification, I don’t need it. Come and finish the good works Our amiable inlaw Gov. Obiano has started in the town. Don’t forget ndi Ogbunike and Ogbunike in your plans for ndi Anambra.


Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp
Ogene Igbo

BIAFRA DAY: There will be movement on May 30, Sit-at-Home will be May 31, says MASSOB

Comrade Uchenna Madu, Leader of MASSOB marches with other Biafran activists

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB)has  reinstated that Biafra Day Anniversary for this year will be a unique and special because it falls on a Sunday.

‘Observing the Biafra day anniversary celebration on a Sunday makes it more Christianized because the people of Biafra are predominantly Christians’, MASSOB said in a statement.

The statement which was signed by Comrade Uchenna Madu, Leader of MASSOB, Biafra was declared on May 30th, 1967 by General Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. According to him, May 30th is sacrosanct and sacred in the history of Biafra.

He further said in the statement “The ordinances of our greatest leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu must be jealousy and eloquently adhered to.

“MASSOB directs all the churches in Biafra land to observe a special prayers and supplication for the fallen Biafra heroes during the Nigeria –Biafra war and our comrades that were killed by Nigeria security agents including the people of Biafra that died in the hands of Islamic Boko Haram and Fulani terrorist herdsmen. Our religious and church leaders should stop praying for the betterment of Islamic Republic of Nigeria.

“There will be movements and normal social activities on May 30th being Sunday because of Christian worship but there will be a sit at home exercise on May 31st being Monday for the people of Biafra as a mark of a solidarity and honor Biafra land. MASSOB directs all markets, schools, banks and all other public offices in Biafra land to observe the sit at home exercise as a mark of respect for our fatherland

“In the spirit of brotherhood and Biafranism,   MASSOB and other pro Biafra organizations have unanimously agreed and resolved to jointly observe, commemorate and celebrate together, the 54 years anniversary of Biafra declaration by our foremost leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu on 30th May, 2021.                                    

“This year’s anniversary will be celebrated by the people of Biafra in a unique style,  it is a mark of respect and honour to our father land, it is also a reminder to the visions and commandments of our great ancestors that we are not Nigerians but Biafrans.

“We enjoin our people to get ready for the celebration of  this great anniversary which will hold to remind ourselves to continue the self determination movement for Biafra actualization and restoration.”

Ohanaeze youth wing blasts Eha Amufu COE Provost over alleged nepotism, poor management, illegal employments, harassment

Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu, Provost of Federal College of Education Ehamufu

The youth wing of Ohaneze Ndi Igbo Enugu State Chapter, led by Mazi Nnamdi Odo has written a petition against the Provost of the Federal College of Education Ehamufu, Dr. Mrs. Pauline Ngozi Ikwuegbu.

The petition, which came in a 17-point allegation against the Provost, was addressed to the presidential Visitation Panel, accusing her of poor leadership, victimization and harassment of Enugu youths, and illegalities.

Below are the allegations served before the Presidential Visitation panel by Ohaneze Ndi Igbo youth Enugu State Chapter:

“1. Eha-Amufu College of Education is a federal high institution and demands that federal laws should be used as a stepping stone but the Provost has turned it against Ndi-Enugu state by generating an association which houses all other members of staff from all other states within the federation with  #Non_Enugu_Indigene as the nomenclature. There is no denial that the Association is to syphon the rights of Ndi-Enugu to Imo.

2. Ever since 2018,  Ikwuegbu has declared war against Enugu State youths. She always says to anyone who cares to listen that she hates dealing with Enugu people because they are backward people who irritate her.
And when confronted on issues, she tells you to go do your worse as she is untouchable.

3. Dr. Mrs Ngozi Ikwuegbu  has employed more than 300 persons from her state without taking due processes of recommendation for employment. Instances abound of some newly recruited staff without the necessary prerequisites being elevated to ranks/positions beyond their certificate.  This needs legal justification.

4.  It is pertinent to note that one of the reasons why Federal Government builds institutions in different parts of Nigeria include but not limited  to creating employment for the citizens, irrespective of their locality. But Ikwuegbu does not believe in this. She believes that it is an opportunity to illegally settle her people from Imo State to the detriment of the Enugu State Youths who are directly robbed by her actions. The youths of Enugu State being the host are denied the federal character percentage of employment as enshrined by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) thereby increasing the unemployment in the state. It is a great injustice that our state feeds the institution with 97% of students but when it comes to employment we are told that we are not good enough.

5.   It is also important to note that Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu is in habit of threatening students and staff who are from Enugu State. Instances abound of several students who have been denied of their results simply because they are not in her good books. We condemn her action and continued threats against Enugu State youths working with her in the strongest terms and state that it is not evil to be from a particular place(Enugu State) and Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu or any other person whosoever, has no right to threaten to deal with our people for no reason. She claims that she has a powerful person in the Presidency who protects her from liabilities for her actions.

6.  Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu is barely seen in the school premises hence it is almost impossible to access her but the few occasions that she is around, she makes sure that persons from Enugu State do not see her and when they manage to see her, all she says is that they can go and report her anywhere, that she is connected to powers in the presidency to ‘water down’ any allegation against her and that this is the time of her people from Imo State, therefore Enugu State people must give way for her in an institution sited in Enugu State. For instance, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria who has been the legal adviser of the institution was unceremonorously removed and replaced by her Imo State brother. All  efforts by this SAN to speak with the “almighty” Provost, proved abortive until a suit was slammed against her. We hereby ask, if we should leave our land for Dr. Ngozi Ikwuegbu, where are we going to live?

7.   Dr. Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu’s terrible attitude is not limited to only the way she treats Enugu State people but even extends to the way she runs the administration of the institution. For instance, from the school gate, the decay is manifest as there is no gate and even inside the hostel, it is cassava sticks that are used as hostel beds. You should know that the institution is sitting on a time bomb and except something is done about it, it will explode beyond containment. It is not in contention that since she resumed office as the provost, the Federal College of Education, Eha Amufu has been decaying gradually and if the decay is allowed to continue unabated, even before her tenure expires, the institution will have already been grounded.

8. The living conditions of the students inside the hostels is pitiable, the roofs of all the hostels are leaking, there are no restrooms, no bathrooms, our female students are at the receiving ends as they have to bath and cook outside. In our fact finding mission, we discovered that, the windows are broken, the roofs leaking, students baths and defecate outside. The hostels have no power supply and the student have to use lamps. Can the provost keep her daughter or sister in such pig holes like the Eha-Amufu hostels?

9. What happened to the reparation fee the students paid after the demonstrations they carried out? The provost and her Imo state cabal siphoned every dime of the reparation fee without even regards to the welfare of the students.

10. There were transfer of members of staff from Avan Ikoku College of Education to the Federal College, Eha-Amufu, these people were placed above their level at the college. There must be a reason why these staff got these unlawful transfer and placements. It’s either to leave more job opportunities for those in Imo or to jump promotion protocol as to attain high positions un-merited or to remove Ndi-Enugu and place her people around her.

11. Over 400 staff have been employed by the Provost. The employments are lopsided and greatly favours her kinsmen from Imo State. Out of this number more than 300 are from Imo. Are the unemployed youths from Enugu not qualified enough to be employed at Eha-Amufu?

12. Some students are victimized with their results being seized. They have used every known legal means to get there results but every effort proved abortive as the provost swore to deal with them for demanding for a better welfare for the students. They paid reparations fees for destroying no school property yet their results are not given to them. Why are they denied of their results after taken the punishment? Can this happen at Alvan Ikoku where the provost come from?

13. Students pay N20, 000 every year by new intakes both NCE Pre -NCE, Degrees or Direct Entry meant for renovation of hostels. The management led by the Provost should give an account what this money has being used for.

14. The provost increased collection of results from N1,000 to N5,000. This is unwarranted.

15. The Provost shows she is above her own laws as she mandates and forces students to buy her text book, “Classroom Management”. For students to get points, they must buy her book. Those who fail to purchase them are threatened with serious sanctions and failure of course works. These crime is perpetrated by course coordinator ably represented by one Bro. Jude Nweze. Worthy of note is that she doesn’t teach this course.

16. The College has no adequate drug/facility at the clinic to take care of students. The Ambulance for instance is rotting away. What happens to the money allocated for the clinic?

17. There are no security for students. Village roads pass through hostels.”

Here follows the demands of the Ohaneze Ndi Igbo youth:

“Ohaneze Youths, Enugu State Chapter led by Mazi Nnamdi Odo hereby make the following demands to be met as a matter of urgency to make room for peace to prevail.

1. Unconditional release of the results of all 15 students seized.

2. The group known as ‘Association of Non Enugu Indigenes’ should be disbanded immediately.

3. New hostels should be built and while that is going on, the older ones should be renovated. Conveniences should be put in place immediately.

4. There should be no further victimization of staff or students from Enugu state by anyone whatsoever.

5. A committee to look into the students welfare should as a matter of urgency be set up.

6. Review of all appointment made by the Provost.

7. Immediate employment of 300 Enugu youths.

8. A panel of investigation should be set to look into all allegations against Mrs. Ngozi Ikwuegbu.

9. An acting Provost appointed to revamp the decaying institution.

10. Immediate removal of the Provost from office to answer for her mismanagement.”

Responding to the plea of the association yesterday on a panel set for the petition hearing yesterday, the Presidential Visitation panel thanked the Youths for coming to the panel instead of taking Laws into their hands. He went on to promise the panel will look into the grievances of the youth wing of Ohaneze. Speaking to the Panel, Ohaneze Youth leader, Honourable Nnamdi Odo emphasized that their mission is to restore peace and progress to the institution. Meanwhile, he told the panel that they are not giving up on the fight against the victimization  of Ndi Igbo youths, and would not back down until justice and peace is restored.


Since the return of democracy in Nigeria in 1999, lack of good Governance had been the bane of our democracy.

One would ask: What is DEMOCRACY?

DEMOCRACY they say, is Government of the people by the people and for the people. By this definition, one would understand that the citizens of the country are the major stakeholders in the leadership of the country. But question is, are they truly the stakeholders?

The answer is totally no!

The majority of citizens of Nigeria had been sideline in affairs of this nation. It is only few privileged individuals who are benefiting from the system that are enjoying the dividends of democracy. In a country with over 200 million population only about 10% are benefiting from the system. This is one of the reasons while there are a lot of agitations across the country because the leaders have taken the followers for granted for so long.

As Government of the people, how many times have the people been involved in the process of choosing their leaders? The electoral process has not been free of impunity. The general elections has not been free, fair and credible. A country where leaders earn millions of naira as salaries, allowances and leave but refused to pay #30,000 minimum wage. A country where the leaders enjoy the economic resources of the country for free of charge but keep hiking the prices for their followers.

Look at our electricity bill, pump price of fuel etc. All keep rising on daily basis. The country is sitting on a time bombs that if not well managed will explode and cause a very big havock. Our leaders have to make a u turn and put the interest of the citizens at heart.
The interest of the citizens are not too numerous that it cannot been achieved. The citizens need to be involved in the process of governance. What the people need is good Governance. Good Governance entails access to free and quality education, access to good road network, to good health facilities, good power supply, creation of industries, etc. The current administration can keep a track record if they will be able to implement the followings:

  1. Sign into law the new Electoral act.
  2. Make INEC to be truly independent where the selection processes of appointing the chairman and commissioners will be devoid of political considerations.
  3. Sign into law the 2014 national confab reports.
  4. Reshuffle the security network.
  5. Creation of employment opportunities for the massive unemployed youths of this country.
  6. Reduce the rate of taxation.
  7. Slash the salaries and allowances of political office holders to accommodate the civil servants.

When all these things are put in place, I believe that Nigeria will be better again.

Hon. Edeh J Arinze is a good governance advocate and currently the Director of finance of Enugu based good governance advocate group, Enugu State Citizens Support for Equity and Good Governance (ESCSEG) and write from Enugu.

Failed Lawmaker Momah, Offered Himself To Be Used, No Doubt

Ebuka Onyekwelu

There is something happening in APGA. Ordinarily, it’s all for laughs. But just look at it.

A rumour broke out that Hon. Ifeanyi Momah representing Ihiala constituency in House of Representatives, has struck a deal and likely going to be given the APGA ticket for the governorship election, for whatever reason. Now ask yourself, what can you remember Hon. Ifeanyi Momah for, aside dressing well and posing for photographs? This is not the point though. He can still leverage on his contacts to reach serious political deals. But I am yet to see or hear anyone who takes the rumour seriously.

But here is the thing.

From nowhere, U-AYA and U-AWA jumped into this rumour and did a “Press Release”, addressing the rumour, more or less on behalf of APGA.

Is U-AYA and U-AWA now the Public Relations department or mouthpiece of APGA? Is the group a parallel APGA existing under a covert nomenclature?
These are questions people have been asking.

What I have to say is that the Press Release from U-AYA and U-AWA over that matter is ill advised, in bad taste and bereft of even the slightest modicum of strategy. It in fact did not set out to achieve anything, because no response was needed to dispel a rumour. And as sure as one can be, the audacity of the group has only added even more anger and resentment within the APGA party fold, which is both unhealthy and totally avoidable. If anything, considering the interest of the group in the coming governorship election, their press release has only given credence to the rumour and from now, those close to Hon. Ifeanyi Momah can attest to upsurge in the attention he will be getting now. If I am a staker, I can bet on this.

Even more profound, this speaks to my earlier position on the question of Obiano’s preferred candidate.

It is at this point that one doesn’t find it funny any longer.

PHOTOS: Ekweremmadu, Ayogu, Utazi, Gil & Cornelius Nnaji, Nnolim, Ujam, others storm Abuja as Prince Lawrence Ezeh, 65 others become Fellows of the Nigerian Society of Engineers

It was a gathering of National Assembly heavyweights Wednesday, 19th May 2021 when Engineer Lawrence Ezeh was inducted as a Fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, FNSE.

The induction, which took place at the national secretariat of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Sanni Abacha Way, Central Business District, Abuja was well attended by top engineers across the country, their families and friends. Ezeh, who was among 66 inductees, joined other engineers at the podium of the auditorium in receiving the honours.

The event is the 17th edition of the Fellowship Conferment Ceremony. The NSE auditorium also saw a gathering of political heavyweights from Enugu State, who came en masse to rejoice with Engineer Ezeh.

Among the guests include the former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu, as well as a former senator and gubernatorial candidate in the 2019 elections in Enugu State, Senator Ayogu Eze.Others include Senator Chuka Utazi, representing Enugu North Senatorial Zone, immediate past senator to represent Enugu East Senatorial zone, Senator Gilbert Nnaji, and the House Member representing Isi Uzor and Enugu East in the Federal House of Representatives, Honourable Cornelius Nnaji.

Present at the induction include also, the House Member representing Nkanu East and West in the Federal House of Representatives, Honourable Nnolim Nnaji, along with his predecessor, Honourable Chukwuemeka Ujam.

Other notable personalities who were present include the Chairman of Easton Hill Continental Hotel, Chief Dr Mike Onu, President General of Mburubu Town Union, among others.

Speaking at the ceremony in her opening remarks, Engineer Ebele Okeke, who is the chairman, Board of Fellows/ College of Fellows, told the inductees to be proud ambassadors of the NSE.

President of Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr. Babagana Mohammed, FNSE stated that “The board has certified a total of 66 engineers who have gone through very thorough screening and acceptance processes. And found worthy in professional practice, and character, to be upgraded to the prestigious Fellowship Society”.

Your reliable news portal, Jungle Journalist Media Limited was at the event live and brings you an array of photographs taken at the ceremony:

How to document human rights violation cases in Igboland- Civil Society Coalition

On behalf of the Eastern Rights CSOs and Intelligentsia Coalition (a coalition of 40 Rights CSOs and Intelligentsia bodies), Intersociety hereby appeals and invites members of the public in the East including town union, human rights and Christian faith activists or leaders particularly in Igbo Land part of Benue, Kogi and Edo and Eastern Nigerian States of Delta, Anambra, Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Abia, Enugu and Ebonyi to report to us any human rights violation in their areas by the following: Army, Navy, Air Force (i.e. killing of unarmed and defenseless citizens through air bombings), SSS, Police and its various operational squads.

Others are joint military and police special squads, jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and their ‘Banditry’ counterparts, etc. This appeal is authorized by Emeka Umeagbalasi and Barr Chidimma Udegbunam, Board Chair and Publicity Head of Intersociety

The human rights violations being focused on include: late night abductions and disappearances involving unarmed and defenseless citizens, burning down or destruction of living houses and sacred places of worship and learning, arrest and detention of civilians by army, navy and air force, police long detention of citizens without trial, sexual violence against women including abduction, rape and death-rape; extrajudicial shooting and killing (i.e. instant or custodial killing of unarmed citizens), false labeling and trumped up charges, indiscriminate late night invasion of dwelling houses and broad day light shooting of unarmed citizens, assault occasioning grievous bodily harm and torture; Fulani Herdsmen and Fulani Bandits’ killings or destruction and seizure of farmlands and abduction, disappearance, rape and broad day and captivity murder of women and others.

Details concerning the victims of human rights violation include: full name of the victim and his/her gender, age, religion and number of kids borne (if she is a married woman), victim’s community, local government area and state of origin; time, date and location of the rights violation and type of rights abuse perpetrated; whereabouts of his/her body if killed and disappeared or name of security agency responsible for his/her body’s disappearance; name and contacts of victim’s next-of-kin; number of victims (if group victims) and name of the state actor or non state actor entity that perpetrated the human rights violation.

The purposes of this clarion call are to document and expose the atrocities perpetrated and their perpetrators for global attention and accountable-justice including trial at ICC and others as well as to safeguard the unarmed and defenseless citizens from remote and immediate operational atrocities of the Nigerian security agencies-noted globally as serial abusers and violators of human rights.

We are also determined at documenting and exposing the atrocities of the jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and their ‘Banditry’ counterparts across the East particularly in Igbo Land; being perpetrated for purpose of advancing the Government backed jihad project but deceitfully camouflaged as “rural cattle grazing”. We must not allow the ongoing grisly or ‘industrial scale’ human rights abuses and violations in Igbo Land and the rest of Eastern Nigeria to continue!

Please send your verified and verifiable details to our contacts below:

Phone/WhatsApp: +2348174090052


Our Website is:

Dated: Wednesday, 19th May 2021

6 months on, rights activist Eholor seeks legal mandate to compel Gov Obaseki to appoint aides

More than six months into Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State second tenure when he was elected on September 19, 2020, during the gubernatorial election and later sworn in on November 12, same year, the long wait by all and sundry to constitute a proper executive cabinet is brewing concerns.

Flowing from the many worries, a front line activist, Chief Patrick Eholor has summoned the state governor, Godwin Obaseki, to the Federal High Court, Benin Division, to explain why he has allegedly refused to conduct a properly constituted executive council, several months after.

In an Originating Summons, Eholor, through his counsel, TA Akahomen asked the Court to compel the Edo State Government and the Governor to explain if he is empowered to run the government without the appointment of Commissioners, and Statutory Board Members for State Corporations and Agencies.

Eholor in his views, sought an order for the governor to obey the constitution he swore to protect while resuming his second tenure in office as the democratically elected governor of the state, but not at his discretion.

While seeking the court to issue Mandatory Orders to compel the Governor to make the appointment, he argued that, it is more than six months after Governor Obaseki was sworn in on November 12, and commissioners according to the constitution, will help the governor organize effective governance.

He emphasized, the need to have an Attorney General and a Commissioner for Justice in his cabinet, a development he claimed, are very strategic to productive governance.

Chief Eholor, also known as the Ultimate Equals decried the development, saying that its very sad that Edo State is the only State in Nigeria without a State Executive Council.

Anambra 2021:Why Nwankpo should be elected by APGA: 10 solid reasons

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

It is no longer news that the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA will conduct her primary election in June, to elect a suitable candidate for the Anambra governorship election slated for November 6, 2021.

As the APGA primary election draws nearer, the Personal Envoy to Ex President Goodluck Jonathan, and APGA aspirant, Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo, who represents a generational shift, is a new face with fresh ideas tipped to win the next governorship election in Anambra.
Here are the major highlights on why APGA should pick Nwankpo as the party’s flag bearer.

1. Having Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo in charge of affairs of the APGA will provide a platform to turn things around and sustain the vision of the party’s founding fathers.

2. Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo is a fresh face with new ideas. He enjoys both the support of APGA faithfuls, and majority of ndi Anambra irrespective of political party affiliations. He has a special connect with the people. Nwankpo is not new-found, and he had long before now enjoyed ‘a great relationship’ with the APGA.

3. Akachukwu Nwankpo has no issues with APGA leaders and stakeholders. He has been a perfect “party man”.

4. Every democratic constitution is preceded by ‘We, the people’. Akachukwu Nwankpo submits himself to the wishes and the yearnings of the APGA party. He believes in, practices and preaches party supremacy.

5. Akachukwu Nwankpo is actively involved in the politics of the state.
He is not aloof to APGA’s political activities both at the state and local governments level. His primary constituency, APGA Ihiala LGA gets required support from him to run the party affairs. There’s no official APGA structures in the state that has not experienced Nwankpo’s benevolent presence.

6. Akachukwu Nwankpo is youth friendly, and has been endorsed by both the religious and secular youth bodies in Anambra. The authentic, and recognized Anambra youths and key stakeholders have all thrown their weight behind Nwankpo. They will speak for themselves in due course.

7. Akachukwu Nwankpo will run an all inclusive government where the views and opinions of the people are sought on any issues.
He will be receptive to ideas and opinions when offered. Nwankpo will carry everyone along, he is a team player.

8. Akachukwu Nwankpo will not deviate sharply from the policies and programmes of Gov Willie Obiano. He will not abandon ongoing projects of his predecessor. Nwankpo will complete the projects, and do even more.

9. Akachukwu Nwankpo has no political baggage; no scandals, no dirty public and domestic records. He served meritoriously as a Presidential aide, and was retained as a Personal Envoy.

10. Akachukwu Nwankpo is a great philanthropist, with divine mandate to help the needy, the downtrodden in our society. He brings good tidings everywhere he goes.