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Benin Chief Dares Oba of Benin, Edo Govt Over Land Matter… I Determine What Happens in My Community – Ohen

The Oba of Benin

The Community Development Associations CDA in communities and villages in Edo State seem to have staged a deadly comeback against the backdrop of the position of the the palace of the Oba of Benin and Edo State Government on land allocation, land grabbing and double dealing on land matters.

The latest, among hundreds of such victims who are helpless and have lost their lands and property to the avarice of the CDA leadership is the Former Chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Edo State Council and Principal Editor, Sparknewsnaija, Otunba Mike Aladenika, who at a press conference in Benin City alleged that the Ohen of Okhuoromi village in Benin City, Chief Ovbokhan Igbinovia trespassed “on my land measuring 100 × 100 feet at Okhuoromi, destroyed the foundation of two blocks of three bedroom flats built up to DPC level and sold the land to someone else”.

Otunba Mike Aladenika who was presented a video playback of relics of the destroyed property, his petition to relevant authorities among other documents said “I am forced to cry out now because I have realized that there are hundreds of Otunba Mike Aladenika out there who have suffered the same victimisation but were helpless”.

“Can you imagine that the same Ohen validly allocated the said land to his cousin, Uyi Enadeghe, who sold the said land to me, to the knowledge of the Ohen as he personally facilitated the documentation and signing of the deed of transfer, years back”.

“The Ohen collected his traditional respect and acknowledgement from me, while the Okaighele (youth leader) collected the sum of hundred thousand naira (100,000 Naira) from me in lieu of the required traditional cooking and they asked me to commence work on the land”.

“All these happened about three years ago. Between then and December 2020, there was no contention on the land until the Ohen, Chief Ovbokhan Igbinovia, came to encroach, destroyed and resold the land to one Uche”.

The former NUJ Chairman while fielding questions from journalists on efforts made to retrieve his property before now said “I have approached so many well meaning Edo citizens to talk to him to make him see reason. A principal officer of the Benin Traditional Council (BTC), top political leaders and some of his friends who were privy to my ownership of the land called and severally met with him all to no avail”.

“Rather for him to retrace his steps even when some people told him that his action to have demolished foundation is a forbidden act, he said he is the one that can determine whatever happens in his domain, stressing that he is not subject to any other authorities”.

“My fear now is that my life is been threatened because I am asking for what rightly belongs to me but I have my mind made up that I will not give up on this crusade as this will also liberate many who are currently suffering the same issue.”

Calls put across to the Ohen to get his own side of the story were neither answered nor replied.


…As alleged Edo crime kingpin Osakpanwan “Nomoless” perverts & converts IG Monitoring Unit to IG Monsters Unit and VP Osinbanjo charges new IGP to restore public confidence in Police.

By Anta Amatoe, International Reporter for Global Media Radar for Endangered Citizens (GloMREC), Africa Region, with Associate Reporters Usman Bugaje, Yusuf Hauwa and Amber Momodu

A shattering petition to Nigeria’s Presidency and several federal redress commissions has shaken the foundation of the Buhari Administration, some of its international development partners, and called to question again before the international community the integrity of the Nigerian Police, arising from alleged corruption rot and justice perversion for cash by the IG Monitoring Unit under the nose of the new Acting Inspector-General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba.

At the heart of the graphic petition and devastating scandal is one Osakpanwan Eriyo, alleged top-notch political thug, strong-arm land grabber and carnage-for-hire gangster said to be known in his police corruptive and society corroding world by the mobster alias “Nomoless.”

The petition portrays how the office of several IGs before the current one supplied Nomoless a retinue of personal police bodyguards whom the accused deploys without restraint as an extension of his violent strong-arm enterprise. For these shocking crime aiding services Nomoless reportedly pays handsome monthly royalty to every sitting IG in other to ensure unfettered impunity in the plying of his menace against society, from his Edo state primary territory to other parts of the country.

Osakpanwan Eriyo, alias Nomoless

Copies of the petition obtained by our news media dated April 6, 2021 were addressed to the President through the Secretary to the Federal Government, Boss Mustapha, the Police Service Commission and the National Human Rights Commission, amongst others. The petition’s chilling content, like many others before it by victims of Mr. Osakpanwan across the country, especially Edo state, points to a long standing multi-million naira mafia-style crime franchise the illegal proceeds of which a ring of senior investigation officers and colluding ranking superiors attached to the IG’s office allegedly mine daily into their private pockets. With these, some conscientious insiders in the police force headquarters who loathe what they say has been going on for years in the Nigeria IG’s office, say that they build across the country mansions way above their official salaries which successful industrialists of advance countries would envy.

The image cost to the Nigerian police and consequences shifted to the nation by such high-impact corruption in the highest towers of the country’s police command is best exemplified by the devastating #EndSARS protests and carnage of October last year which spread across most parts of Nigeria and led to irreplaceable loss of lives of both innocent members of the police force and the public, as well as arson, looting and destruction of private and public properties worth billions of naira.

Mafia Type Mayhem

According to the petition signed by Patrick Osayande for Paul Osarenkhoe Chambers and Tony Agu Chambers, on the 28 of February this year, the said Osakpanwan Eriyo “Nomoless,” a near-patent illiterate connected by lakes of cash to the heart of the nation’s Police Force Headquarters, Abuja, led a deadly platoon of his police orderlies and thugs to Uzebu community, one of the many co-joined municipal delineations that form main Benin city metropolis.

👆Above is the petition

As they fanned out towards their targeted circle of residential buildings they opened fire from pump-action rifles like a mafia strike force ahead of a Caterpillar Bulldozer and a second rag-tag band of Mr. Osakpanwan’s hoodlums. The hoodlums made straight for parked vehicles and set them ablaze while the Bulldozer roared into long standing residential buildings and brought them down.

Osakpanwan claimed that the long-standing buildings were developed on his land, without the slimmest strip of paper or court judgment document to show the entire community of Uzebu, an ancient municipal residence.
Several persons scampering for life from the scene of roaring artillery and mayhem were shot in the crossfire of Nomoless’ police minions and his thugs. One of them was ferried to and hospitalized at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) where he was treated of injury and post-incident trauma. That grand old elite institution stands till date to testify about the hospitalization and treatment of one of the victims.
When the dislodged residents returned to the scene, it was with the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Evbotubu Police Station, the nearest police precinct to the scene of incident, where they had fled and officially lodged complaint of the broad-day mayhem.

Police Area Command Zone 5 simultaneously stepped in at the distress invitation of the triple-trauma victims of violent eviction, arson and demolition, infractions meted to them in broad daylight without recourse to any shadow of the law. For evidence, ample pellets and spent cartridges from the avalanche of Osakpanwan’s police orderlies and thugs were recovered from the scene by the contingents of investigating cops.

Investigation Subversion

Shortly after the police’s recovery of artillery evidence from the scene, matters suddenly got mysterious. The police formation in entire Edo state began to treat the heinous felonies committed by the accused like history of another age that never happened. The victims told our reporters that it became clear to them that Osakpanwan’s open boasts to them during the entire episode were manifesting under their eyes. He is said to have told them that with his “money and connection” with the nations’ top police hierarchy, he was beyond reproach. According to them, it dawned on them that the ugly lava of compromise wrapped in Nigeria’s classical disease of corruption had flowed under the bridge between Osakpanwan’s boated lake of money and the police in Edo territory.

Alarmed, the victims led by one Mr. Fidelis Owen who is the Uzebu community’s secretary, Martins Obakpolor, Sunday Ogbonwan and Victor Omoregbe, lodged the felonies with the office of the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID), Force Headquarters Annex, Lagos, which promptly invited the accused. Not once but thrice. The accused blatantly ignored and dismissed Alagbon’s invitation.

The community secretary told our reporters, “Throughout this ugly nightmare, Osakpanwan repeatedly boasted to our faces that the overall Inspector-General of Police of any administration and his Abuja Force Headquarters personnel feed from his palm and are in his pocket. So, again, true to his boast that no police formation in the country could bring his actions to question, it was clear to us that somehow he had again employed superior Abuja Force Headquarters to scuttle Alagbon’s independent investigation of his atrocious brigandage against Uzebu community.”

Lous Edet House, “House of Compromise…”

In a most dramatic twist of events police of IG’s Force Headquarters, Abuja, suddenly invited notable indigenes of Uzebu community who have been in the forefront of baying for justice against Osakpanwan Nomoless. As obedient, law-abiding citizens who thought that relief and justice had come at last from the zenith court of the Nigeria police authority, they eagerly made the journey from Benin to Abuja on March 29, 2021. And walked right into the trap of Osakpanwan’s paid police personnel under the IG’s office.
The investigation and justice subversion syndicate in the IG’s office alleged to be under Osakpanwan’s payroll for mayhem, carnage and immunity from prosecution are led by ACP A.A. Elleman, SP Usman Garba and DSP Aminu Sokoto. These officers ordered the Uzebu community leaders from Benin to be stripped to their pants and herded them into detention where they have remained incarcerated to this hour of going to press. Without so much as a glance at the victims originating complaints and petitions.

Our reporters were told, “That is how it works in the office of the Police Inspector-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria where ACP A.A. Elleman, SP Usman Garba and DSP Aminu Sokoto imperiously reign as prosecutors, judges and executioners.”

Our reporters went to town and spoke to a cross section of civil society, NBA, foreign embassy watchers of the Nigerian government and officials of some of Nigeria’s international development partners, including the United Nation Developent Fund, European Union Commission and the German Goethe Institute. Most of them who spoke on conditions of anonymity were unanimous in their disgust.
At a Western embassy whose country has vital trade, military training and hardware pipeline, a senior diplomat, shook his head after perusing our obtained copy of Barr. Paul Osarenkhoe’s petition to the Presidency and said, “The nefarious activities of the Nigerian Police is fairly known to the world. It is the principal reason Nigeria had the grueling #EndSARS protest across your country last year, which spread to some major countries of the world, including mine.”

He continued, “Your police authorities are also the reason why your country (Nigeria) will not leave the dishonorable corrupt nations index list of the world for a pretty long while.” Then he added with a surprising note of hope, “You know, you have a new Inspector-General of Police who was appointed only a few days ago. He could cut a different path for himself, especially now that your country is on edge in many fronts. It does happen in the history of nations. A top government fella comes along that turns the apple cart of corruption for a new dawn, keeps his nose clean and resolutely sets up new ways of doing things. Let’s see how it goes with this one. Afterall your Vice President charged him with the responsibility to restore public confidence in your police. Let’s hope this case will meet your VP’s expectations and put him in the spotlight as a reformer.”

“IGP Alkali & Uzebu 4.”

Many civil society groups across the country have come to learn in the last five days about the tragic travesty of the latest victims of Osakpanwan Nomoless’ police manipulation in the Inspector-General’s office. They have also learned of the latest intrigue of Nomoless, the actual perpetrator of obstruction of police investigations and justice perversion. On March 8, 2021, Nomoless instructed the IGP’s squad alleged to be on his payroll to urge his detained victims to beg him (Osakpanwan) for forgiveness as one of several haughty conditions if they wished to taste freedom or see their families again in the nearest future. And the news is spreading.

Well acquainted with the character of Nomoless and his modus notoriety in the game of turning victims to accused with what they describe as “Osakpanwan’s ill-gotten and ill-deployed money,” they are currently coming together across the geo-political zones of the country to take a common position.

This is a red flag for the new Acting IG to personally and thoroughly investigate what is now being called across social media platforms as “IGP Alkali and Uzebu 4,” akin to the trumped-up Ogoni-9 Victim-to-Condemned Saro-Wiwa travesty of November 10, 1995, a watershed in world history of judicial verdicts which the then Prime Minister of Britain described as ‘judicial murder.”

A large section of the Nigeria media is also watching. Before going to press we learned that they are also making the same demand of the new Acting IGP, Usman Alkali Baba. A really simple demand. Investigate the real Osakpanwan Eriyo, alias Nomoless now, and Usman Alkali might just find a deep appalling can of worms in the best friend of Elleman, Usman Garba and Kabiru Sokoto.

© Global Media Radar for Endangered Citizens (GloMREC)

Benin Storm-water project: Obaseki’s limitless diatribe to anarchy

By Tony Erha

A man who claims to be immune against tuberculosis doesn’t have to lick the saliva of its patient” – An Edo parable.

Returnee governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, is at it again! The reason is not always for the good of it than for a penchant for rebellion. Making reckless public statements which often polarize the political class and put the state to boil! One would have thought that the tempestuous governor had finally abstained from his inclination to “filaga filogo”, a Bini euphemism for public disorderliness, as coined by the very wordy persona, Patrick Obahiagbon, a.k.a Igodomigodo.

Once more, the Edo populace is about being reengaged to an advanced version of the titanic duels of the “Torgbas” against the “Torkpas”. The former, is the governor’s posse of foot soldiers (Men Friday), who gleefully do the ‘fire and fury’ street and social-media brawls with the Torkpas, a composite political group; to heat up the Edo polity, to no end.

Lately, the governor, in his usual sarcastic blurts, somewhat, improperly lashed out at Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, his predecessor in the office of the governor and Clem Ikanade Agba, the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, who a two-time commissioner in the state. But, a preponderant of the Edo people and public watchers, who dislike renegade politics, which pervaded the Obaseki’s first tenure of four years, are becoming fed up with the governor’s style of unprogressive politicking. This is at the backdrop of months after his reelection, where the governor failed woefully to appoint his cabinet and ensure the desired statecraft actions.

Whilst at a construction site of the Benin City Storm Water project, the governor’s spat was that the scheme was ill-designed and constituted a scam, vowing to retrieve the ₦30 billion fund he allegedly said was defrauded (through the project) by the immediate-past government before his. And he impliedly alluded to ex-governor Oshiomhole and Agba as the conceivers and executors of the project.

But this isn’t the first time, neither the last that Obaseki would incite such convicting innuendoes, which is widely regarded as intent to malign and crucify Oshiomhole and Agba. For over two years, the governor frequently cried the blue murder and threatens the brimstones that the duo must be probed and made to cough out the allegedly embezzled ₦30 billion, without making true his threats?

Downrightly, the governor could have endeared himself to the Edo taxpayers if he summarily instituted an ideal probe panel to its logical conclusion, unlike a similar investigation of the Specialist Hospital’s project once set up by him whose finding, because it failed to attain the governor’s witch-hunt intention, was swept under the carpet. Recently, a bemused Dan Osi Orbih, a leader of the governor’s People Democratic Party (PDP), showed his frustration in a press statement, by similarly urging the governor not to kill the said Hospital’s report and make good his threats to investigate the water storm project.

Ordinarily, most Edo public, including Clement Agba are upended that even though the governor grandstands about a just-probe, which they readily welcome, his underbelly is one voided where the governor is altogether the accuser, persecutor and a judge over a project he was alleged to be a partaker and beneficiary, with his personally owned Afrinvest company collecting ahead a whopping ₦1.5 billion as consultant fee. The question begging for answer is whether Obaseki will like to probe himself?

Agba narratively took the veils off the project in an open letter to the governor, which he also copied notable stakeholders. He readily agreed with the public-spirited interests, who felt concerned that Obasek’s was on an orchestrated and well-oiled campaign of calumny only calculated to embarrass him and impugn his unblemished public service to Edo State and the Nigerian nation. Otherwise, where is the veracity impetus of the governor’s accusation which Agba called ‘unnecessary controversy…that is outlandishly erroneous, misleading and patently mischievous’. Thereupon, Agba revealed that the ₦30 billion the governor peddled as expenditure on the project was actually ₦22 billion paid to the contractor, with ₦8 billion balanced payment left for the next government to pay, in view of the additional work and periodic maintenance to be carried out.

How come the governor turned around to indict and feign ignorance about the project, in which he was a useful part as (then) a Chairman of the Edo State Economic Team, who was privy to the conception, planning, execution and expenditure on the project?

Pertinently, is the governor also unaware about Mr. Agba’s further claim that a first part payment of ₦22 billion was made to the contractor, as ordered by a resolution of the then State Executive Council, where Obaseki once belonged, thus mandating the then Commissioner for Finance to make the said storm water payment and of all other projects directly to contractors of the state government? As protocol demands, is Obaseki, being the succeeding governor and an insider of the same project not also aware of the facts of the project in his possession, but only to misinform the public that a total ₦30 had been paid to the contractor by his predecessor?

Why should Obaseki accuse Agba of defrauding the state, whereas the fund was not paid from the coffer of the state’s Environment Ministry as he served as its Commissioner? Obviously, the Ministry of Works, with Osarodion Ogie as Commissioner only served as joint supervisors the project. Did Obaseki similarly indict Osarodion Ogie, who incidentally is the current Secretary to Government of the Obaseki’s Edo State? Did he also accuse Anselm Ojezua, a former Chairman of Obaseki’s political party and Frank Evbuomwan, the current Managing Director of Edo State Geographic Information Service, who also served as Commissioner of Works cum supervisors at different times?

The public was also informed that Obaseki’s government failed to meet the other commitments of this project of a long gestation period, despite that he had adequate financial resources to sustain its momentum, with the balance ₦8 billion. Is it not now evident that the current sorry state of the project, owing to its neglect by the governor, raises concerns about its negative impact on the wellbeing of the people?

By and large, these are the jigsaws begging for the answers, even as the _public awaits Mr. Obaseki’s responses to the illuminated responses by Agba and those of the discerning public. Governor Obaseki; over to you!

Tony Erha, a journalist and development oriented activist writes from Benin City, Edo State

Ighodaro Family, Group Partners To Build Six Classroom Block In Edo

Cross section of Ighodaro family, members of the community and pupils of school completed by Nigerian South South Women Forum, and commissioned by its former president, Mrs Adesuwa Ighodaro Haney of Adagbafi Family

As part of its resolve to give back to the society, Ighodaro family in partnership with the South South Women Forum, Michigan, USA have built and, commissioned a six classroom block in Irhigon community of Uhunwode Local Government Area, Edo State.

Mrs Adesuwa Ighodaro Haney who was the former President of the Association during the project commissioning said, “Education is a right and the children needs to be able to learn in a conducive environment with good facilities.

“Also if everyone can support government things will get better quicker than we expected. Hence the reason the family and the forum contributed this very little quota”.

Elated with the execution of the project, High priest Chief Eghafona Ugiagbe (The Ohen Adagbafi of Irhigon village)
Said, “This is a very wonderful and exciting moment to see that this project is been completed and commissioned.

“We have waited for so long for the government to help us but now a very few individuals and this organisation of The Nigerian South South Women Forum have done it for us. Words are not enough to Express our gratitude but I pray that God almighty will refill your pocket a million times over. And for our daughter Adesuwa may God and Our ancestors continue to bless you and protect you and your household including your association members in all of your endeavors”, he said.

Mrs Adesuwa Ighodaro Haney expressed optimism that the family and forum will execute more projects in the community.

According to her, “We hope to see this village, the school and indigenous people becoming great men and women of industries also that leaders both local, state , national and world shall come from this village”.

Activist Eholor warns land speculators, illegal transactors, against encroachment on his property

The president of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor, has warned land speculators and illegal merchants from encroaching on his lands, especially a particular piece of land measuring 1000 feet by 1500 feet, situated along Benin Sapele Road, Iyanomho, Benin City.

Eholor also called the attention of the general public against getting duped by fake land agents who will direct them to his lands, pretending it’s their own, only for them to dupe the unsuspecting person.

In a public notice made available to our newsroom on Friday, 26th March, 2021, Eholor, also known as Ultimate Equals directed the public to Mr Amiolemen Noah, whom he has given the Power of Attorney to conduct transactions regarding the land in question.

A Caveat Emptor was also made available to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, and it read thus:

“This is to inform the general public that the land measuring 1000 feet by 1500 feet, lying and situated along Benin Sapele Road, Iyanomho, Benin City, belong to Chief Patrick Eholor.

“He became the owner first through purchase and thereafter by court judgement in suit no B/239/2011, delivered on the 10th day of December, 2018.

“The attention of the owner of the land, Chief Eholor has been drawn to the activities of persons trespassing on various portions of the land obviously without the consent of the owner. This action is illegal, criminal and actionable in civil suit.

“Please take note that any land purportedly transferred to anybody by a person or persons other than the owner, Chief Patrick Eholor, or his appointed attorney is null and avoid.

“Please call Comrade Idemudia, (09073333893) or Barrister Austin (08185785368) for the avoidance of doubt.”

INSECURITY: Edo Indigenes visit new Edo CP, as Commissioner promises crime free state

A team of members of the Edo Indigenous movement have paid a courtesy visit to the new Commissioner of Police in Edo State, Mr Ogbadu Philip Aliyu.The team, led by the founder and president of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association, (EPIA) Chief Dr Bishop J.O.E Edokpolo, said it’s worried about the high level of insecurity in the state, and needed the police to become more proactive in its fight against crime.Speaking during the meeting at the Police Headquarters in Benin, the Commisioner said that since he took over as the Commisioner of a police, adequate security has been put in place to ensure the protection of lives and property. He said all the patrol forces has been put on 24 hours alert to comb all parts of Edo State. CP Philip Ogbadu said that since kidnappers like striking on Sundays, adequate security has been put in place in churches.The Commissioner added that a lot of kidnappers and armed robbers have been arrested at the Benin by pass, and harper on the need to rid the by-pass of criminal elements.In his speech, the leader and president of Edo Progressive Indigenous Association, Dr Bishop Omogiade Edokpolo said few months ago, the state witnessed very serious security challenges. He commended the Police Commisioner for his zeal and effort to check criminal activities.Edokpolo urged the police to put in place effective measures to protect farmers due to the frequent at tacks by bandits.He said: “As we all know, the level of insecurity in Edo State in the past 6months has gone beyond the amber level to the red light level. As you can see, we have our fathers, our mothers who are from the rural areas and the vice presidents representing the 3 senatorial district are well represented. But we are highly disturbed by the insecurity. That’s the area of our primary concern. It’s not just about meeting with you, but also listening to you and looking into other challenges.”But as far as we are concerned, we are not yet satisfied. We want to see a lot of progress, we want to see a lot of prosecutions, not only to arrest, because the reality of it is that justice must be served.”So, we must be up and restore normalcy, as we will do everything it takes to stabilize our state, its unity and peace.Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Operations, DCP Dantawa was thereafter invited by the CP to serve as a Liaison officer between the Police Command and the Edo Progressive Indigenous Association.

Why we are demolishing property belonging to former political office holders – Edo State Government


On December 21, 2020, the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, revoked the Certificates of Occupancy (C-of-O) of 11 government properties within the Government Reserved Area (GRA) which were allotted to former political office holders, companies and private individuals as parting gifts on the eve of the exit of former Governor Adams Oshiomhole from office.

One of the properties was allocated to Governor Obaseki and was also revoked.

The properties have been revoked and recovered and therefore automatically belong to the original owner, which is the Government of Edo State. Therefore, the persons occupying the said properties are doing so illegally and are trespassers.

The action taken by the Edo State Government on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, was to evict the trespassers and squatters from these properties and effectively take possession of the assets. Therefore, the claims by the affected persons that their personal properties were demolished are false and baseless.

It is instructive to note that one of the properties in question to which a former Deputy Governor of the state, Dr. Pius Odubu, lays claim is actually the official Lodge of the Secretary to the State Government of Edo State (SSG). The implication of this is that all SSGs after Comrade Adams Oshiomhole’s administration will not have an official residence.

Some of those affected, including a former governor, have now resorted to media blackmail when in fact they forcefully ejected senior academic staff of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) from these government properties, only to convert them to their own private use.

Contrary to insinuations that government embarked on the recovery of the properties out of vendetta, the truth is that these are the only remaining properties in the GRA that belong to the state government. If they are allowed to be taken over by these private individuals, it means that when government wants to embark on any project within the GRA, it will have to resort to purchasing from the open market.

The governor has a fiduciary responsibility to protect and act in the best interest of the people of Edo State and will never betray the public trust they have reposed in him.

Osarodion Ogie Esq.

Secretary to the Edo State Government

March 25, 2021

Edo NBA Human Rights Committee calls for restructure of Police Stop and Search Operations

… Says Attitude of Police Officers Hostile and Intimidating

The Chairman and members of the Human Rights Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) the Lion Branch, has paid a courtesy visit on the Commissioner of Police, Edo State.

The Chairman of the Committee seized the opportunity to inform the Commissioner of Police of the persisting problem of stop and searches in the state and that the attitude of a lot of officers conducting stop and searches are abhorrent and in violation of the fundamental rights of the citizens of Edo State amongst other things.

While welcoming the guests, the Commissioner agreed that while they do their best in the course of performing their tasks, there might be random actions which might fall short of the mark and a collaboration between the Human Rights Committee/citizens and the Nigerian Police force will go a long way to bridge this gap.

He described Edo State as a State where the indigenous love peace and are hardworking, contrary to his expectations when he was transferred here and affirmed that he ever available and ready to resolve complaints of human rights violations against his officials and perform his duty of protecting the State.

Certificate forgery case: Obaseki hails Appeal Court ruling, praises Judiciary

The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has hailed the Appeal Court judgement which cleared him of a certificate forgery case preferred against him by the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the Edo 2020 gubernatorial election.

The governor, in a statement, said the ruling by the Court of Appeal vindicates him and reiterates the fact that the suit was, from the onset, a facetious attempt to swindle Edo people through the backdoor as it was without any merit whatsoever.

According to him, “The judgement today by the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja is a victory for democracy, equity, fairness and justice. It further reassures confidence in the judiciary as an impartial umpire.

“From the content of the judgement, ab initio, all Edo people knew there was no merit in the case. It was ill-willed. It is comforting that the judiciary has upheld the truth and the verdict of Edo people.”

In the judgment by Court of Appeal, Abuja on Thursday, March 18, the court ruled that the lower court has not made any mistake and that the plaintiff and witnesses did not pin the 1st Respondent to have forged the certificate.

It held that the judgment of the lower court is apt and very clear, noting that the appellant performed abysmally and has not proved any case.

Certificate Forgery: Appeal Court dismisses APC’s suit, upholds High Court ruling in favour of Obaseki

The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja has upheld the ruling of the Federal High Court, Abuja, which held that Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki did not forge his certificates to contest for the 2020 gubernatorial election.

The members of the Appeal Court panel, which delivered the judgement in the case with suit no CA/ABJ/CV/71/2021 between All Progressive Congress (APC) & anor v. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki & 2 Ors., are Hon. Justice Stephen Adah JCA (PJ), Hon. Justice Ige JCA and Hon. Justice Mohammed Mustapha JCA.

In the judgment given by Court of Appeal, Abuja on Thursday, March 18, the court ruled that the lower court has not made any mistake and that the plaintiff and witnesses did not pin the 1st Respondent to have forged the certificate.

It held that the judgment of the lower court is apt and very clear, noting that the appellant performed abysmally and has not proved any case.

“The findings of the lower court cannot be faulted,” it added.

The court therefore dismissed the appeal, noting that it was unmeritorious.
Upholding the judgment of the Federal High Court, the Appeal Court awarded the cost of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N250,000) to be paid to the 1st Respondent and Fifty Thousand Naira (50,000) each to the 2nd and 3rd respondents.