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The fulanisation of Nigeria’s commonwealth, by Chief Patrick Eholor

Nepotism begets mediocrity. Mediocrity begets dysfunctional and half baked systems which results in colossal failure of the system.

The consistent and glaring nepotistic approach by the present regime in appointments is very worrisome. The Fulani hegemony and its control of our commonwealth have created a big divide and suspicion among us.

All the sensitive and plum positions in the government of the federation have consciously and systematically favored one tribe while other tribes and sects have been marginalized and relegated or reduced to second class.

The criteria and qualification for high end government positions have become the name of your tribe. The big question is are the Fulanis more qualified than other tribes to hold these positions or is it a deliberate effort by the leadership to colonize sensitive positions in the government of the Federation?

In reference to the published listing of persons occupying the most sensitive positions in the government by Jungle Journalist Media Limited today, it was Fulanis all the way.

This publication xrayed and exposed the calculated and deliberate nepotic indulgence by the leadership. This trend if not addressed holistically will arouse divisiveness and separation tensions.

Federal character must reflect in all facets of our national life, if a united one Nigeria will be sustainable. This country belongs to all of us.

Chief Patrick Eholor, a human rights defender is the Chairman of One Love Foundation.


Reacting to the gunmen’s attack on a Channels TV interview, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the ex CBN boss, said: “Gov. Willie Obiano and Ndi Anambra are demanding for Soludo”.

When will this name-dropping stop? Can’t Prof Soludo get along without dropping names? Can’t he run issues-based campaign without dragging the Governor into his political mercenary? Why is he consistently ingrained and unrepentantly pillorying the Governor to pick him as a successor? Is it by force by fire? Is it do or die? Why would a man, who claimed he had all the necessary contacts in the world to be whatever he wanted, be scared and panicky to face other contenders at the party’s primary election? Who is afraid of APGA’s primary election? Who?

Does it imply that without scripting Governor Obiano into his campaign drama, there’s nothing else in his manifesto? Why would ‘My Prof’ consider it a huge task convincing APGA members to support his candidature? Can’t he run the Gubernatorial race without k-leg?

Prof Soludo should change his campaign tactics, it’s not working. It’s heating up the system, and political sentiments are rife intra-par. The truth is that things have evolved; the APGA of today should not be cowed into submission with the slapstick comedy our erudite scholar is exhibiting, lately.

Meanwhile, be informed that this style of politicking is obsolete, and no longer attractive. Stop dragging the Governor along the dishonourable path; APGA does not gift tickets anymore, it is no longer business as usual. Times have changed, events have redefined the status quo. Aga atu ya atu!

APGA ticket can be likened to a bride with too many suitors, while the Governor is the father of the bride. Soludo, for four years you were admiring the bride (APGA Gubernatorial ticket), you were frequenting the bride’s home without making a proposal to her. You kept winking at the bride’s father thinking that he understood your interest in his daughter. Soludo, while you had the ample opportunity, good enough time to propose to the bride, you were busy winking at the father, and smiling like the eunuchs. In the process, other interested suitors saw the lacuna, understood the bride was without a groom, paw…they swooped in on her; in torrents, marriage proposals started pouring in, seeking the hand of the bride in marriage before you suddenly realised and jerked to reality. Funnily, you were all along busy hobnobbing with the bride’s father without talking to the bride.

Prof, you were not ready to officially declare your intention to contest the Governorship election, until other interested candidates showed up, visited the Party House before you, and made their intentions known. Perhaps you were waiting for the bride to jump into your waiting arms, or the bride’s father to woe her on your behalf. Prof Soludo get on with your Gubernatorial campaigns, but stop dragging the Governor’s name up and down. You can still attract sympathy and support without singing to the world that the Governor promised to hand over the reins of power to you. Asking for ‘Option A4’ Primary election is the biggest fraud that will happen if APGA leadership concurs to your whims and caprices. You told the world that you are a BOT member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, that you know how the party operates and have suggested that Option-A4 be adopted.

Prof you cannot be a judge in your own case. You want to create a situation where people will not cast votes based on their personal convictions rather pay lip service to the cabal you have conscientiously placed above the party members? The spirit of democracy does not reside in you our dearest Prof. Me thinks, it’s high time you stopped running the old-fashioned style of political campaign, think and rejig your campaign strategy. Extricate the ever-busy and hardworking Governor Willie Obiano from your political rhetorics.

Before Barr. Babatunde Raji Fashola became the Lagos State Governor, he didn’t tell the world that the then incumbent Governor, Bola Tinubu, promised him Gubernatorial ticket. He didn’t suggest to the party how he would like the Party Primary election to go. He didn’t make noise about it. Fashola concentrated on building his manifesto in preparation to convincing the world that he would make a good Governor.

Dear Professor of Economics, take my advice; go and learn the basic principles of politics. Consult your age long friends, who are Professors of ‘politics’, you will be afforded tutorials on how the game is played. Riding on the back of the unfortunate attack at the Isuofia Civic Centre to run a Gubernatorial campaign is desperation. May the souls of the gallant Police officers, who lost their lives in the line of duty, rest in perfect peace!
God heal the wounded hearts!


My personal opinion this minute! Make no mistakes about it! No apologies!

– Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp (Ogene Igbo, writes from Ogbunike Cave).

Benin Storm-water project: Obaseki’s limitless diatribe to anarchy

By Tony Erha

A man who claims to be immune against tuberculosis doesn’t have to lick the saliva of its patient” – An Edo parable.

Returnee governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, is at it again! The reason is not always for the good of it than for a penchant for rebellion. Making reckless public statements which often polarize the political class and put the state to boil! One would have thought that the tempestuous governor had finally abstained from his inclination to “filaga filogo”, a Bini euphemism for public disorderliness, as coined by the very wordy persona, Patrick Obahiagbon, a.k.a Igodomigodo.

Once more, the Edo populace is about being reengaged to an advanced version of the titanic duels of the “Torgbas” against the “Torkpas”. The former, is the governor’s posse of foot soldiers (Men Friday), who gleefully do the ‘fire and fury’ street and social-media brawls with the Torkpas, a composite political group; to heat up the Edo polity, to no end.

Lately, the governor, in his usual sarcastic blurts, somewhat, improperly lashed out at Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, his predecessor in the office of the governor and Clem Ikanade Agba, the Minister of State for Budget and National Planning, who a two-time commissioner in the state. But, a preponderant of the Edo people and public watchers, who dislike renegade politics, which pervaded the Obaseki’s first tenure of four years, are becoming fed up with the governor’s style of unprogressive politicking. This is at the backdrop of months after his reelection, where the governor failed woefully to appoint his cabinet and ensure the desired statecraft actions.

Whilst at a construction site of the Benin City Storm Water project, the governor’s spat was that the scheme was ill-designed and constituted a scam, vowing to retrieve the ₦30 billion fund he allegedly said was defrauded (through the project) by the immediate-past government before his. And he impliedly alluded to ex-governor Oshiomhole and Agba as the conceivers and executors of the project.

But this isn’t the first time, neither the last that Obaseki would incite such convicting innuendoes, which is widely regarded as intent to malign and crucify Oshiomhole and Agba. For over two years, the governor frequently cried the blue murder and threatens the brimstones that the duo must be probed and made to cough out the allegedly embezzled ₦30 billion, without making true his threats?

Downrightly, the governor could have endeared himself to the Edo taxpayers if he summarily instituted an ideal probe panel to its logical conclusion, unlike a similar investigation of the Specialist Hospital’s project once set up by him whose finding, because it failed to attain the governor’s witch-hunt intention, was swept under the carpet. Recently, a bemused Dan Osi Orbih, a leader of the governor’s People Democratic Party (PDP), showed his frustration in a press statement, by similarly urging the governor not to kill the said Hospital’s report and make good his threats to investigate the water storm project.

Ordinarily, most Edo public, including Clement Agba are upended that even though the governor grandstands about a just-probe, which they readily welcome, his underbelly is one voided where the governor is altogether the accuser, persecutor and a judge over a project he was alleged to be a partaker and beneficiary, with his personally owned Afrinvest company collecting ahead a whopping ₦1.5 billion as consultant fee. The question begging for answer is whether Obaseki will like to probe himself?

Agba narratively took the veils off the project in an open letter to the governor, which he also copied notable stakeholders. He readily agreed with the public-spirited interests, who felt concerned that Obasek’s was on an orchestrated and well-oiled campaign of calumny only calculated to embarrass him and impugn his unblemished public service to Edo State and the Nigerian nation. Otherwise, where is the veracity impetus of the governor’s accusation which Agba called ‘unnecessary controversy…that is outlandishly erroneous, misleading and patently mischievous’. Thereupon, Agba revealed that the ₦30 billion the governor peddled as expenditure on the project was actually ₦22 billion paid to the contractor, with ₦8 billion balanced payment left for the next government to pay, in view of the additional work and periodic maintenance to be carried out.

How come the governor turned around to indict and feign ignorance about the project, in which he was a useful part as (then) a Chairman of the Edo State Economic Team, who was privy to the conception, planning, execution and expenditure on the project?

Pertinently, is the governor also unaware about Mr. Agba’s further claim that a first part payment of ₦22 billion was made to the contractor, as ordered by a resolution of the then State Executive Council, where Obaseki once belonged, thus mandating the then Commissioner for Finance to make the said storm water payment and of all other projects directly to contractors of the state government? As protocol demands, is Obaseki, being the succeeding governor and an insider of the same project not also aware of the facts of the project in his possession, but only to misinform the public that a total ₦30 had been paid to the contractor by his predecessor?

Why should Obaseki accuse Agba of defrauding the state, whereas the fund was not paid from the coffer of the state’s Environment Ministry as he served as its Commissioner? Obviously, the Ministry of Works, with Osarodion Ogie as Commissioner only served as joint supervisors the project. Did Obaseki similarly indict Osarodion Ogie, who incidentally is the current Secretary to Government of the Obaseki’s Edo State? Did he also accuse Anselm Ojezua, a former Chairman of Obaseki’s political party and Frank Evbuomwan, the current Managing Director of Edo State Geographic Information Service, who also served as Commissioner of Works cum supervisors at different times?

The public was also informed that Obaseki’s government failed to meet the other commitments of this project of a long gestation period, despite that he had adequate financial resources to sustain its momentum, with the balance ₦8 billion. Is it not now evident that the current sorry state of the project, owing to its neglect by the governor, raises concerns about its negative impact on the wellbeing of the people?

By and large, these are the jigsaws begging for the answers, even as the _public awaits Mr. Obaseki’s responses to the illuminated responses by Agba and those of the discerning public. Governor Obaseki; over to you!

Tony Erha, a journalist and development oriented activist writes from Benin City, Edo State


Dear Party Faithful, I hope this letter finds you in good health. Please, permit me to congratulate you all for being the latest asset in the Anambra State political sphere.Once again the spotlight is on you, the future of our darling party All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA is in your hands. Do not throw away credibility, competence and sell your VOTES to the highest bidder.Think of the future of Anambra, your children and grandchildren and pitch your tent with the most credible candidate. However, you all have an arduous task to accomplish, a very difficult task, a task in which you stand to change the narrative and shape of Anambra State politics.As party faithfuls, there is no doubt that you want APGA to retain power in Anambra State. However, there should be an introspection by everyone of you to remember where the rain started to beat the party which led to its unexciting success in 2019 general elections. I am very sure of the facts that all the governorship aspirants are rushing all of you.Have you been lodged in hotels, lobbying and treating you all with special treats, which includes but not limited to Ofe Ogbono? And I dared to ask Awagolu gi oji- have you received your own kolanuts from the aspirants? Have you signed the popular MoU not to support any other aspirants except the last godson of the selfstyled APGA Supremo? Are you scared of losing your political appointments, or your envious position as members of the Exco in your Wards, LGAs, and State level? Are you afraid of the unknown- Egwu eji gi? Be brave! The good news is that, it’s no longer business as usual. Nothing will happen to your jobs, no one will expel you from the party. Believe, the reinvigorated APGA frowns seriously at primordial sentiments, and witch-hunting. Make no mistakes about it, nkea bu nke anyi…not nke otu onye.The solemn reason for this letter is to implore all would be delegates to realize the enormous task before you. Your one vote may be the vote that will retain the APGA in Agu Awka or the one vote that will ruin the party. All the aspirants have their campaign massages and all must have reached out. Let the goal be to elect the most formidable, sellable and most acceptable aspirant by the masses who by all indications can defeat the opposition come November 6, 2021.I understand that during the last general elections, some of you who participated in the primary elections either as delegates or stakeholders went home with thousands, and millions of naira in your pockets. I quite well understand that the depth of one’s pocket can easily secure him the ticket to be a party flag bearer, but what’s the wisdom of being rich for one day and spending the next four years in poverty and regrets?Dear party faithful, stakeholders, delegates and national working committee, your decision will determine how well the next four years would be. Today, you are the most sought after people by politicians, but have you asked yourself if you would be sought after the primaries, and main election.Forgive me for coming hard on you, but the candidate you will give ndi Anambra will not only bear our fate but yours as well. Before you pitch tent with any gubernatorial aspirant, please ask yourself what your candidate will do for ndi Anambra; will he be better than the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano? Will he continue his good works, complete ongoing projects or abandon them for white elephant projects? Will he sustain the successes recorded by Governor Obiano, in quality health care, education, security, human capacity developments, jobs creation, infrastructural developments, workers welfare, will he pay them as at when due? What will his policies be like? Will they favor the common man on the streets or just the elites? Will he turn his back at both you and Akpokuedike? Will he start witch-hunting Chief Willie Obiano and his lieutenants? Will he become intoxicated with power and start chasing our illustrious sons out of the state? Will he become a tyrant, unapproachable, stubborn, stingy, “chop alone”,selfish, wicked, arrogant, demigod and “Eze onye agwana mu”? Will he be running after big-nyash, and ara umuaka anyi, as governance suffers?Dear APGA faithful, I implore you not to sell your conscience for any kind of gratification which is not good governance, but if you must, do not collect peanuts. Remember, an aspirant who pays you at the primary election won’t be accountable to anyone because he has settled you, he paid for your support, and doesn’t owe you anything, going forward. Let’s rally round a candidate who will build the Anambra of our dream. Let’s throw our weight on the credible candidate, let’s give our support to the real man. One who has no godfather, one who has no political baggages, one who will unite our party, bring all the aggrieved members back to the fold. Let’s support the peacemaker, not a troublemaker, not a pompous, arrogant and selfish politician. Don’t be deceived into believing there buckets of lies else you will be disappointed at the last minute.From the standpoint of the APGA grassroots activists, critical stakeholders, and faith based organizations who had scrutinised the activities of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo in comparison to the other governorship aspirants in Anambra and have found out that we need a man, that is straightforward, honest, industrious, energetic, knowledgeable, intelligent, proactive, visionary, courageous, tested, trusted, reliable, and credible to add value to Anambra State and re-engineer the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our people at this auspicious moment of back-to-land.A good governance compliant, Nwankpo, will ensure all the elements of good and creative governance will be used to enhance and unleash growth and development opportunities on Anambra State. Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is electable and unimpeachable with a rich and robust socio-cultural background, charismatic and influential God-Given Skills, added to a highly developed human and interpersonal skills required for attracting people of value to make the business of development smooth sailing.My dear Honorable National Working Committee of the APGA. The credibility and authenticity of the primary election all lies in your hand. I will as a matter of fact implore the APGA NWC to as a matter of fact ensure the primary election is free, credible and provision of a smooth level playing ground for all the aspirants.It may interest you to know that any election that is not free and fair risks negativity in compromising party loyalists, stakeholders and supporters and it encourages sparking further conflict.EkenemDr. Harris Chuma-Odili FCMsp
Ogene Igbo, Ijiji eji nma achughari, isi okpukpu 1 of Oyi na Omambala.
Eze Ogbono Ndigbo. Writes from Ogbunike Cave

Revealed: Why Abia State needs “Mr Fix It” Prof. Greg Ibe (conclusion)

Prof Gregory Ibe

Aside from the unprecedented exploits of Professor Gregory Ikechukwu Ibe, OFR succinctly adumbrated in the first part of this serial, do not tell us that you are not aware that he also pledged $1 million to COVID-19 research.

What about his company called Skill ‘G’ Ltd.that produces education solutions and also built laboratories in universities across Nigeria?

Certainly, a man who works with 73 federal and state universities, 62 polytechnics and monotonic schools and whose equipment and science laboratories 104 unity colleges are adoring, and whose mathematics kits developed with his Israeli partners are in use across Nigeria must be self-sufficient.

So, why does he want to be the Abia State governor? Some cynics — who care little about the impact his emergence will have on Abia — may want to ask that question. Well, the Deputy Registrar (Media) of Gregory University Uturu, Sleek Ogwo, provided the answer thus:

“It is not Prof Ibe that needs the governorship of Abia State today. It is the state that actually needs Prof Ibe. It is the backlog of the things he has done in his personal life, his track record, that made people call him to come and replicate the same positive development in the larger society.”

He explained that Prof. Ibe’s astuteness and the successes he achieved in less than 10 years of establishing Gregory University Uturu are products of age-long preparation.

“What you see in Gregory University Uturu today is a later development. Prof Ibe’s achievements started when he was working with other people. He worked for companies where he was marketing manager.

“He was the marketing manager of the first company that sold air conditioners in Nigeria. He was the one that innovated how they could make ACs work with the kind of low power that we had in the country at the time.

“That was the first major thing he did after leaving the construction company where he worked. He has been a success story in so many areas. Then, he came to replicate that success story with Gregory University Uturu”.

Ogwo said people see these scores of successes and tell him to use the same experience and passion to develop Abia State.

“They believe he will do a great job. I think Prof Ibe is suitable for the job of governance,” he said.

He also added, “Abia State is in crying need to match and possibly surpass her neighbours in the area of development. So, here we have someone with experience, passion and connection to meet that need. There is no doubt that the complaint about paucity of funds in the quest to develop Abia state will be a thing of the past under his watch as governor, since he will attract foreign collaborations and partnerships that will stimulate development.”

Speaking further, on the impacts and benefits Abia State would enjoy under his watch when elected governor, Prof. Ibe challenged those in doubt of his capacity to come and see the pictures of how he transformed (and is still transforming) Uturu with personal money.

“I take challenges and I succeed with them. At the time I served the Nigerian Army during the toughest period, trying to secure certain things for Nigeria which I succeeded in doing.What I have accomplished in education, business, administration and even the development of my community are attestations that with centralised government in Abia state, every community will be proud to say I’m from this local government area,” Prof. Ibe concluded.

ProGIMA-Prof Gregory Ibe Media Associates.

Clifford University, the journey so far 

By Okechukwu Keshi Ukegbu

The axiom that” nothing good comes easy” perfectly fits the story of Clifford University, Ihie in Isialangwa North local government area of Abia State.

The institution owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church has grown from strength to strength. With an initial students population of 80 at inception to over 700 students population currently, there is no better success story to describe the institution’s giant stride.

The highly- elated Vice Chancellor, Prof. Chimezie Omeonu of the university while announcing the events that would characterise the institution’s forthcoming maiden convocation that will span between March 24 to 28, disclosed that not only that the students population of the institution has expanded but the faculties have expanded from initial two to five to accommodate the expanding students population.

What excites the VC most is that the institution in its maiden convocation will be graduating 65 with 11 first class graduates. At Clifford University, other social challenges that characterise and bedevil the Nigerian University system pose no concern. Cult activities are no go areas as students caught involving in such face expulsion.

This has checked cult activities in the institution to zero as there is zero tolerance to this. So is drug addiction as any student caught in this behaviour risk suspension. On the other hand, academic hard work is the hallmark of Clifford University.

There is also zero tolerance for examination malpractice as the penalty attracts suspension. The institution’s strength, according to the VC lies in carving a niche in the areas of law studies and computer, expanding their medical base, and strengthening their entrepreneurial pursuits. Research is another area of their strength. And to achieve this, there is an ongoing research in the institution that would introduce the use of leaves treated with chemicals in the preservation of food. If this happens, the over reliance on refrigerators to preserve food will be reduced.

If one asks about Unique Selling Point (USP) of Clifford University, the answer is not far- fetched- the fees are pocket-friendly other privately owned or missionary tertiary institutions in the country.

Anambra Airport: From Rumour to Reality

By James EzeStanding on the tenth floor of the Control Tower of the Anambra International Airport, Umueri two days ago, I felt a tremor ripple through me. Six months earlier, the spot where the tower stands was a wrinkled patch of earth. Now upon it stands a towering monument to the resilience of a proud and enterprising people. It suddenly dawned on me that sometimes; the thin line between dream and reality is fear…fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of being caught on the wrong side of history. And beyond this overcast of fear, success waits in silvery brightness.It is heartwarming to think that Governor Willie Obiano did not give in to fear…that he kept his eyes on the prize and that on account of that, a monument is sprouting out of the soil of Umueri today in his name. In fact, if Obiano had given in to fear, the airport project would have assumed all the attributes of a malaria dream; indistinct, unrealistic and finally…vaporous. But today, Anambra International Airport has moved from rumour to reality. And as we mark Obiano’s 7th Anniversary, we pay a modest tribute to the resolve of purposeful leadership to break free of mediocrity.In clearer terms, Willie Obiano is currently completing one of the most modern airports in Africa. At 3.7 kilometers long and 60 meter wide, the Anambra International Cargo and Passenger Airport, Umueri has the second longest runway in Nigeria, next to only Muritala Muhammad International Airport Lagos. But since it was designed and built to enable landing from either side, the runway has a slight edge over Lagos. It is a CAT 2 type of runway with a ground lighting of 270mm.The airport terminal is designed to accommodate 400 persons. It has three floors fitted with escalators and lifts for smooth and easy movement. It was designed with the possibilities of a future expansion in mind. The Apron measures 300x200m x560mm of reinforced concrete that can take six sizeable aircraft at once. The Apron is serviced by two standard Taxiways that measure 35m wide with shoulders. It also has three ultramodern firefighting trucks and three 6×6 Crash-tender with 770hp. The car park can comfortably take 400 cars. The outstanding thing about the airport is that it will be equipped with an Instrument Landing System (ILS) which will guarantee a safe landing for airplanes at night. Impressive!The most interesting thing to note about this airport is that it is almost ready barely one year after construction commenced on the site. Work began on the site in January 2020 but the world soon slid into a dark tunnel when COVID-19 struck. Doubts rose over it like the pungent smell of a cheap Arabian perfume as folks wondered how the dream would survive the global shutdown. But it did. Work went on at the site; day and night, all through the shutdown and the recrudescence of the pandemic early this year. Work is still progressing at a blistering pace. The basic structures are all set. The central access road to the airport which leads to Enugu-Onitsha Expressway has a bridge and a big culvert which have both been constructed. Sooner than later the road will be completed.Interestingly, against the expectations of some critics, Governor Obiano chose to mark his 7th Anniversary in absolute solemnity even when he has so much to celebrate for. However, when the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo paid him an unsolicited visit, Obiano decided to take them to the airport construction site to acquaint them with the progress of work. Needless to say, led by Prof George Udozor, the members of Ohanze were thoroughly impressed with what they saw. They said so in unmistakable terms. Speaking his mind about the airport, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, owner of the defunct Oriental Airlines said “I have been hearing about the airport; but there is a difference between what you hear and what you see. Today, I have seen the airport and I am impressed. As most of you know, I am an engineer. I specialized in highway and hydraulics. I built the Enugu Airport as a very young engineer. I want to say that what Governor Obiano is building here is not for Anambra State but for the entire South East. This is very important.” Chief Iwuanyanwu should know. After all, he was also deeply involved in the building of the Owerri Airport.The most fascinating thing about the Anambra airport is not just that it is set to blaze a new trail in Nigerian aviation but that it is one airport whose viability is guaranteed even before it starts operations. There is hardly another state in Nigeria that has Anambra’s large number of restless, always-on-their-feet population. These people love convenience. They would rather fly to Umueri than any of the nearby airports. Anambra is the leading economic hub in the South East with 63 active markets and the largest retail market in West Africa located just a few kilometers to the airport. The cargo wing of the airport will meet their needs perfectly. Similarly, at the moment, the leading airline in Nigeria; Airpeace is owned by onye Anambra. He already has place reserved for his airline at the airport. Lately, two other entrepreneurs from the state have also floated new airlines.They are Dr Obiora Okonkwo of United Airlines and Chief Chidi Anyaegbu, CEO of Chisco Group who floated Havila Airlines a few days ago. These airlines are sure to open offices at the Anambra airport. The National Bureau of Statistics also announced that Anambra is the state with the least poverty rate in Nigeria at 15%. This means that many people from the state can afford the slightly steep cost of air travels.Sincerely, it is difficult not to see that once again, Governor Willie Obiano has shown incredible vision with the Anambra Airport initiative. It is impossible not to accept, even if reluctantly, that things are indeed falling together for Anambra State, under Willie Obiano.

SEXUALITY: What Men Want In Bed: 10 Ways To Drive Him Wild

Yes, we all know men like getting blow jobs, fantasize about threesomes, and generally just love sex and want it all the time. But let’s delve in a little deeper into what men really want in bed and wish women knew.

What Men Want In Bed

1. It’s All About The Attitude

Guys want to have sex with a woman who is actually into it. Eagerness and enthusiasm go a long way. A lot of women have the attitude that just letting a guy have sex with her is some kind of gift, and guys hate that.

If you are just going through the motions, or doing it out of obligation, as a favor, or because you want something in return, that’s a major turn off.

The ultimate turn on to a guy is being with a woman who is enjoying the sex just as much as he is.

2. Make Him Feel Wanted

Men have a strong need to be sexually wanted. Just telling a man “I want you” can do all kinds of things for his ego.

Letting him know how much you enjoy sex with him also works great. Try telling him, “I love having you inside me.” If you’re too shy to say that aloud, try texting him.

If you don’t want to be that direct, you can let him catch you staring at his butt or any other part of his body that turns you on. Perhaps even touch him more than usual, especially in naughty places.

Objectify him a little, lust after him, and let him know how much he turns you on. You’ll catch him off guard and make him feel like he’s so sexy you just can’t control yourself.

3. Initiate Once In A While

Traditionally, men are the ones who initiate sex. They’re wired that way as a result of their ancient hunter ancestors.

Most men love to take charge and are cool with initiating sex most of the time. But it can get old when he has to be the one to do it every time.

Remember how guys need to feel wanted? When you never initiate sex, your man might start to feel like you’re not attracted to him.

Whisper in his ear how badly you want him inside you, or stick you hand down his pants. If you really want to rock his world, wake him with a morning BJ.

However you decide to initiate sex, it’s guaranteed to make your guy happy because for once he doesn’t have to be the one to do it.

4. Take Control

Although men love to be in charge, they like to be dominated every once in a while too. It can get boring after a while to be the one who is always in control.

It drives a guy wild when a woman grabs him, pushes him down, and has her way with him. A woman who knows what she wants and goes after it is a huge turn on.

If you tend to let your man take control all the time, try turning the tables and taking the reins once in a while. Not only will your man be in for a surprise, but he’ll know without a doubt how much you want him.

5. Confidence Is Key

Confidence is the sexiest trait a woman can have. Whatever insecurities you have, remember that your man is with you because he’s attracted to you and wants to have sex with you.

A woman who can take her clothes off with confidence is much more attractive than a woman who asks her man to turn the lights off first. Men are visual creatures and get off on seeing you in all your naked glory.

If you are uncomfortable, try soft lighting that will hide any flaws you’re stressing over. But in all likelihood guys would never notice those little jiggles or that cellulite you’re so worried about. They’re just so thrilled to be there with you, naked!

6. Be Vocal

Guys love it when you let loose and get loud. A woman who can express herself in the bedroom is a huge turn on.

Whether it’s moaning and groaning or uninhibited screaming, they appreciate the feedback that whatever they’re doing is working. Guys need to know they’re doing a good job. They want to know that they’re driving you so wild that you can’t help but scream in ecstasy.

Throw in a little dirty talk and you’ll send him over the edge! Give him a filthy play-by-play or let him know what you want to do to him next.

7. Give Instructions

Every woman is different when it comes to what they like. Guys appreciate a little guidance on how to pleasure you, otherwise it’s a lot of trial and error on their part.

You are the one person who knows exactly what it takes to get you off, so help a guy out and give him some instructions to set him in the right direction. Don’t be shy about it!

Whether you guide him with sounds or words of encouragement when he’s on the right track, or flat out tell him what to do when he’s not, most guys will be thankful. If you want bonus points, get a little dirty when you’re telling him what you want him to do to you.

A woman who knows what she wants is a turn on. Plus, guys get a lot of sexual gratification from pleasing their partners. Anything you can do to help him please you is a win-win for both of you.

8. Worship Him

For men, sex is very much about feeding their egos. They want to feel desired, appreciated, and worshipped.

And this is why oral sex is so important to men. They are fixated on it so much because they want you to worship their cocks just as much as they do.

The key to giving a mind-blowing BJ is actually enjoying it. Having the power to send your man over the edge with a knee-buckling, thigh-quivering orgasm should make you feel sexy as hell.

Make eye-contact with your man and let him see how much pleasure it gives you to please him. You’ll make him feel like a rock star!

9. Be Adventurous

Men love women who are open to trying new things in the bedroom. Everyone has a different sexual appetite, so be adventurous and willing to try new flavors. It’s boring to do the same thing all the time anyways.

It’s also important not to make a guy feel bad about anything he wants to do. When you’re open to his fantasies, he’ll feel safe to express himself sexually and connected to you on a deeper level.

If you’re not comfortable with whatever it is he wants to do, that’s fine. Just don’t judge him for it or make him feel like a pervert. Negotiate and try to find something that works for both of you.

10. Don’t Fake It

Women usually mean well when they fake an orgasm. They don’t want to bruise their man’s ego so they just let him think he finished the job.

However, you’re actually giving positive reinforcement for something that didn’t work. If your man isn’t pleasing you, tell him how he can. Above all, your man really does want to please you and faking it doesn’t it allow him to be the best lover he can be.

If you know you aren’t going to come and you are ready to finish, you can just tell him. A direct instruction such as, “I want you to come now,” will let him know he’s free to let himself go without worrying about whether it’s been long enough for you.

OPINION: Poor Public Image of National Assembly: A Self-inflicted Injury

By Law Mefor

Since the return of the country to democracy in 1999, the Legislature has been at the receiving end, taking all the heat from Nigerians who have been anxiously waiting for the dividends of democracy.

This is understandable for the reason that the Legislators are the closest to the people and deliverables of government or lack of them are often gauged through the lawmakers by the citizens. The same thing goes for public perception of the malfeasances in governance, which are also held against the Legislature by the people in most cases.

Yet, the role of the Legislature in the nation’s democracy cannot be played by the other arms of government and it is the legislative arm of government that is the actual delineator of democracy. This is undeniable since the Executive and Judiciary Arms of Government were never disrupted in the days of military interregnums in the country. Both arms therefore have enjoyed continuity, deep and rich institutional memories and capacities garnered from the colonial times to date, unlike the Legislature, which was truncated each time the military hijacked the government in Nigeria. This is the very reason the Legislature has very shallow institutional memory and weaker capacity and therefore has to do much more than the other arms of government to catch up and discharge its responsibilities more credibly and creditably.

Despite the herculean task assigned to it by the Constitution, the Legislature or, if you like, the National Assembly has remained largely reactionary, doing very little to set an agenda for a healthy public perception of its functions and performance. For instance, since the return to democracy, the National Assembly has passed hundreds of Bills but only very few Nigerians are aware of this, and know about the institutions it has created such EFCC, ICPC, FERMA, etcetera, and dozens of other legislative interventions, which have strengthened democracy and democratic governance in Nigeria.

Though it is not yet uhuru, democracy in Nigeria has made significant progress and the National Assembly has been pivotal in making these landmark achievements possible and as such, the arm should be celebrated and made more virile and NOT vilified and demonized as is presently the case.

What is mostly out there in the public domain, in the main, are talks about the Federal Legislators enriching themselves and awarding themselves humongous remunerations to become millionaires and billionaires overnight. This sustained negative narrative and the poor image buildup created against the National Assembly ought to be confronted and dealt with decisively so as to set the record straight and get the Nigerian citizens to gain proper perspective about this most important arm of government in a presidential democracy.

Indeed if Nigerians really want democracy, they have to position and strengthen the Legislative arm to be able to effectively serve as the buffer and to check the inherent tyrannical tendencies of the executive arm, which easily occurs even in advanced democracies as the United States witnessed under Donald Trump.

There has been equally the blackmail of the National Assembly being a rubber stamp of the Executive. There is therefore equally a need to educate the Nigerian public on the real meaning, essence and quintessence of the principle of separation of power, and why legislative independence does not in any way mean the same thing as antagonism of the Executive arm by the legislative arm. After all, the arms are of the government and do not have to be on a warpath or in an adversarial relationship to check one another or prove its independence and essence.

Apart from putting out there the correct information and facts about the Legislature at the federal level, the message needs to be psychologically crafted and deployed to be able to make the desired impacts. If the image and public perception of the National Assembly is not redeemed, it will continue to impede its place in the nation’s democracy as the foundation of democratic governance hence the urgent need for the National Assembly to really engage the Nigerian public deliberately and constructively.

Lai Mohammed as Minister of Information unsmilingly has been up and about telling both who cares to listen and who doesn’t why Nigeria is best governed today and why Buhari is the best deal Nigeria has ever had since colonial times for making happiness and life much more abundant. Despite his claims being largely delusional (since there is abundant evidence and facts existing to the contrary) the old man has a job to do. Yet, the National Assembly, which actually needs such aggressive information dissemination more, has virtually nobody speaking for it or making its case. For instance, nobody can tell who the Director of Information of National Assembly is if there is anybody like that. The last one heard was when David Minima held the position and retired a decade ago or more.

Bottom-line is: the National Assembly has NOT been proactive with engaging Nigerians, thus creating the lacuna easily exploited by the Executive to run rings round it and paint it in bad light. Each time the National Assembly comes under the hammer, it is seen running from pillar to post, offering very feeble defence of its activities and actions.

For example, what a senator takes home has been a matter of controversy and public debate and needlessly too. The National Assembly has never offered any coordinated response to the allegations of primitive accumulation of wealth by the Federal Legislators at the expense of Nigerians and has allowed the wild speculations on the so-called humongous amounts each federal legislator takes home. Some sources even presented a Nigerian federal legislator’s total take-home as more than the salary of the President of United Sates.

A proactive response ought to lay bare the issues concerning the Federal Legislator’s total emoluments long ago and compare same with their counterparts in the Executive and the Judiciary. The capital budget of the Legislative arm and those of the personnel and agencies under the National Assembly are often lumped together and given as what the legislators share among themselves. This is laughable; yet, for not engaging proactively, such claims have been bandied about, and as uncharitable as these presumptions are, they are allowed to stick to the public consciousness as facts. This is happening largely due to the laidback approach of the National Assembly leadership towards a healthy image and perception for the critical arm of government.

The reason the National assembly must engage and become proactive towards a healthy image of the arm is obvious: as the most important arm delineating democracy, its functioning indicates how well Nigeria’s democracy is working. As things stand today, the Legislature inspires very little hope and that reinforces how fledgling the nation’s democracy still is.

Let the Legislature nay the National Assembly claim its place so that Nigeria’s democracy may stand.

Dr. Law Mefor is an Abuja based Forensic/Social Psychologist and Journalist; email:; Tel.: +234-905 642 4375; tweet: @LawMefor1.

To Kwara Govt: Alleged Killing of 5 Drivers By Soldiers In Kwara And The Need For Justice

By Busy Brain

My heart bleeds profusely as I could not hold back the tears rolling down from my eyes when I read the news of five (5) drivers allegedly killed by Soldiers at Ilesa Baruba, Baruten Local Government Area of Kwara State.

On what condition should innocent souls whose daily food revolve around their daily income be murdered cheaply, leaving their family and beloved ones into deep agony and somberness.

News Agency of Nigeria reported earlier that five commercial drivers were shot dead by soldiers in a dispute over N200 bribe.

NAN, quoting sources in the area said the incident was triggered off by a driver who refused to pay the usual N200 “booking” bribe to soldiers at a checkpoint they mounted Ilesha-Baruba/Chikanda highway.

The driver reportedly told the soldiers that he had already ‘booked’ earlier in the morning.

But the claim was said to have infuriated the soldiers who subsequently slapped and ordered the driver to do frog jumps.

According to the sources, the vehicle was also seized.

The driver later left the spot and complained to officials of the transport union in the area.

NAN learned that members of the union subsequently followed the driver to talk to the soldiers on his behalf.

This however allegedly degenerated into unpleasant arguments, leading to the alleged shooting of some drivers with three allegedly dying on the spot and two dying later from gunshot wounds.

The peak of brutality and wickedness displayed from the above reports have portrayed the Kwara State Government as one who cares less about justice for the civilians. The gong to demand justice should have started clanging since the day of that gory incident by Kwara State Government. This reminds me of Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum. The man that would never watch his people killed extrajudicially. Had the incident happened in Borno, Prof. Zulum would have dragged the killer soldiers and called them out for justice to reign. It is a message to the Kwara State Govt to act beyond condolence messages to the deceased families and the paramount ruler of Ilesha Baruba Kingdom and press for justice.

Although, many things have gone wrong in Nigeria and the personnel charged with the sole responsibility of protecting lives have been killing innocent like fowls without concrete justice for the victims.

Like many other extrajudicial killings that had happened in the past, here is another version in Kwara State, and the justices in our court have journey traveled to exile in Nigeria. As I pray for the soul of the deceased to rest in peace, I equally pray for our justices to come back and rescue us. Justice must be served.

Don’t only read it, share it as well for Justice.

Busy Brain Writes From Maiduguri


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