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Anambra 2022: In the next Dispensation, Remember My People

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp
Ogene Igbo

The Next Governor of Anambra State, Please, hear this…..

Me, Ogene Igbo do not want any political appointments, I don’t need it, just come to Ogbunike my hometown and help in developing the town. Use me as a vessel to attract developmental projects.

Come, help my people, help the community to take it’s rightful place in the comity of nations. We have worldclass tourist center, help build our roads and develop the town.

The Anambra Airport is 20mins drive from the ancient Cave. We need streetlights, hospitals, good roads, and schools. One of the universities campuses should be cited in Ogbunike.

May the next governor take note, or I will not allow him to have peace. Remember, good governance at grassroots level is the hallmark of democratic government. Develop my town, and have peace of mind. Forget about political appointment or other gratification, I don’t need it. Come and finish the good works Our amiable inlaw Gov. Obiano has started in the town. Don’t forget ndi Ogbunike and Ogbunike in your plans for ndi Anambra.


Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp
Ogene Igbo

APGA Think, It’s Now or Never!, by Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp 


The political climate in Anambra seems to be reaching a boiling point. With the party primary elections set to open next month, currently, a lot of press and ‘beer parlour’ talk revolves around the possibility of the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA presenting the right person to lead the party to the November 6, governorship polls.

In a recent radio interview, the APGA frontline gubernatorial aspirant Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo said

“Over the past several months I have been encouraged by the number of party stakeholders, party grassroots supporters that have encouraged me to stand for the governorship election. I’m in the governorship race because Anambra needs a steady hand in these times of uncertainty. If elected as the governor, I will make ndi Anambra proud. My mission is to bring back the family values and give voice to the people. Our government will rest on the Anambra families shoulders; every family will be involved in the governance process of the state. I came prepared, and will hit the ground running. It’s going to be work, work, work.”

As the APGA gets set for the governorship primary election, the party will need a voice that listens to the people. A face the electorates would resonate with; face that would take the state to the next level of developmental governance. One who would sustain the success story the party has recorded over fifteen years of productive rule in Anambra.

Do not keep mute, do not sit on the fence, do not be discouraged, dismayed, and or dejected, APGA is not going to die. Rise up and support the man with the key to the APGA’s new world. As for the party delegates, do not waste your time and energy packaging a non-electable personality to represent APGA at the November 6 polls.

Think, time ticks, whoever wins your heart with money, would treat and use you as his property, ready to discard you at will. Bear in mind that the future of our great party APGA, and that of Anambra rests comfortably on our own hands. We have been called to save APGA, we must not be decieved by desperate politicians who see the party as “personal property”, and would prefer mobilizing their friends and families to serve as delegates at the primary election, all in a bid to impose their choice candidate. This, they planned to back up with heavy financial inducements. Biko, please, take their money but vote your conscience.

Think, and listen to the voice of wisdom, do not vote against your conscience; those who voted for monetary gains are still wallowing in abject poverty. They are no longer in the picture, many have taken their grievances to other political platforms.Those who buy your conscience today, will not need you tomorrow when they grab power. They will only use you as an electoral tool, and dump you.

Follow me, a support for Akachukwu Nwankpo is a rejuvenation of the APGA, a revitalisation and rekindling of hope for a bright and rewarding future. Nwankpo as your governor will be reachable; he will be visible, he will not shut the doors against you. He will be right in your homes, he will be with you in every situation, and will not abandon you. Think, take a bold step. It is now or never. Time ticks!


Southern governors stand: A commendable awakening

Governors of southern Nigeria in a group photograph recently in Asaba

By Patriot Patrick Eholor

Great and conscious awakening by the southern governors. In everything in life a time for reality check and self confession must surely come.

Living in denials and pretense certainly does not endure. I was highly enthused listening and understanding the communique issued by the seventeen southern governors during their last meeting held in Asaba, Delta State capital.

They agreed with one voice and a sound mind as follows, they in strong terms condemned open grazing as out of fashion and outdated. That it must be put to a stop at least in southern states. They also courageously asked for much needed restructuring. These key issues among others are the fundamentals of the present crisis that gripped our dear nation.

Injustice has an expiry date . It’s only truth, justice and equity that endures. For this courageous act of the southern governors to come to terms with the issued communique is the beginning of better days ahead. In a country filled with corrupt and self serving leaders, it’s an encouragement to experience this development. This will surely bequeath greater things. We have for so long lived a marginalized lifestyle in a country that we rightly belong because we are birthed in certain geographical location.

This perpetuated for this long stretch because of pathetic greed and ignorance of those we entrusted with leadership. Our past and present got marginalized and beaten. With this development our future looks bright if there is consistency,one mind and one voice. Let’ us arise and take advantage of this moment. We have a right to better life.

Our land can provide that. I commend our dedicated activists who are fearless and not economical with the truth in most difficult times.

Universities Theatre Arts Festival, Uturu 2021: Signs of Things to Come

The Igbo adage couldn’t have captured it better when it says that the smell of the fart is an indication of the nature of the feces.

Between 2nd and 7th May 2021, a total of 13 universities that offer Theatre, Media and Performing Arts in Nigeria gathered in Gregory University Uturu under the umbrella of Nigeria Universities Theatre Arts Festival (NUTAF).

Colourful costumes from different parts of the world were paraded, electrifying dance steps were displayed, all kinds of music were rendered, poetry, prose and drama also came to the party.

During those days Uturu, indeed Abia became the cynosure of all eyes as both traditional and new media beamed and streamed live colourful images to the world from Gregory University Uturu.

It was a welcome departure from the trending stories of insecurity as people threw caution to the wind to unwind.

Encomiums have subsequently continued to be poured on the sole sponsor of this year’s edition of NUTAF, Prof Gregory Ibe, who as Chancellor of Gregory University Uturu undertook the financial burden of hosting the entire festival.

In doing this, Prof Ibe achieved another first by being the first private University to attract the hosting right of the 40 year old festival.

On hearing that Prof Ibe is set to run for Governor of Abia, a team of journalists that covered the festival became ecstatic, stating that the state will definitely become a major attraction point for the theatre world and a Mecca of sort for the entertainment industry when he realises his vision.

Did I hear someone say vox populi box dei( voice of the people voice of God).

ProGIMA-Prof Gregory Ibe Media Associates

Anambra 2021: Nwankpo’s strategies will get him the APGA ticket – Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp 

Gubernatorial aspirants from the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA have been strategizing how to win the nomination to fly the party’s flag in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election.

The aspirants who are over six (6) in number from Anambra South Senatorial district where the position has been unanimously zoned to have rock solid convictions that the Governorship ticket will be thiers.

My investigation shows that winning the APGA faithful’s sympathy and support tops the priority of the Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo. The Guber hopeful want to be on the same page with the party leadership and delegates who are the ultimate deciders. Nwankpo wants his teaming supporters to see that he has the interest of the party at heart, as demonstrated over time through his massive investments in the party, especially at the grassroots level.

You know that at the moment, the party delegates to the primary election own the entire political space. They can retire, make or mar anyone if they want to. So for me this move by Akachukwu Nwankpo is clever although it puts the cabal in a fix as it makes it difficult for them to impose their preferred aspirant early in the day. The cabal will have to play along but one sure fact is that only one person will win the ticket in June.

Findings show that the APGA will stamp their feet on ensuring its supremacy as no aspirant will be allowed to throw mud or engage in anti party activities. The state Chairman Sir Norbert Obi has stated severally that APGA will conduct a free and fair primary election, where the best candidate will emerge to lead the party to the polls in November.

As the party sets out to fish out the best amongst the aspirants, I don’t think a lot will change on how the leader of the Party His Excellency Gov. Willie Obiano arranges his cards. You can see that the Governor has ensured that there is peace everywhere. Those who claimed they were sent to speak on behalf of the governor might be disappointed at the eleventh hour.

In APGA, nobody is fighting anyone, all the aspirants are going about mobilizing supporters ahead of the primary election, peacefully. No threats of violence, and you can see how the entire state is commending the Governor on this so I don’t think he will change in this aspect.

Another aspect that I think won’t change is that APGA will place more emphasis on marketability, electability and political viability. Aside from Party members, the APGA leadership will look at how the electorates will respond and react to its choice candidates at the polls.

This means that APGA will shop for a very saleable candidate with no political scandals; no history of abuse of public funds, no criminal record. APGA will definately pick a candidate with traceable source of livelihood, one with no dangling political baggage. You must have listened to the position of the party on its choice candidates for the gubernatorial election. The APGA leadership has stated clearly in the media that the party won’t field someone who will not sell in the governorship polls.

So my interpretation of this is that the party will prioritize marketability, electability and political viability, this is where Akachukwu Nwankpo is rated high above other contenders; for the past three years, he has been on ground, working assiduously, and have convinced the party that he will pull it through the gubernatorial election with ease.


APGA’s rebirth: Sifting facts from fiction — special attention to Victor Oye & his co-travellers

Written by the Emergent APGA Group

In the recent past, the media has been awash with misguided, but delusional claims and masturbatory publications against Chief Edozie Njoku, the National Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

Intriguingly, the ignoble campaign of calumny and distortion of facts is being led by Oye’s protégés. Prominent among them is Barr. Sly Ezeokenwa who often claim that Chief Edozie Njoku is not an APGA member.

We have therefore decided to seize this opportunity to educate Oye and his co-travellers and properly inform Nigerians about the salient facts as regards the true position of things in our great party, APGA.

Moreover, having in mind the timeworn dictum that facts are sacred and stubborn, this piece would help to dissuade simple minds from falling prey to the usual shenanigans of the erstwhile national chairman of APGA.

In the first instance, let us note from the outset that it is naïve and primitive for Oye and his co travellers to allege that Chief Edozie Njoku is not a member of APGA. That is the usual route Oye and Co take whenever they arrive at the crucial juncture, where facts and law intersect.

Not being a foundation member of APGA, Oye continued the false narrative of exclusion that has diminished the party from its full stature as an ideologically oriented political movement. Based on that convenient lie, Oye found it easy to claim that Chief Edozie Njoku is a factional leader of APGA.

It is an indubitable fact that right from 2002 Chief Edozie Njoku is among the founding members of APGA, who know where the dead bones of mischief and malicious perfidy that defined APGA’s stunted growth are buried.

Chief Edozie Njoku had also contested for the Onitsha North and South Federal Constituency seat when Chief Ezeokenwa, who is incidentally Barr. Sly Ezeokenwa’s father was chairman of Onitsha South Local Government Area chapter of APGA.

Chief Ezeokenwa, who is a friend of Chief Njoku, actually handled and disbursed logistics and funds on behalf of Chief Edozie Njoku in the said election.

National Chairman of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Edozie Njoku
Oye and co should ask questions or search records to see that Chief Edozie Njoku was APGA’s first Vice National Chairman (South East).

He was part of those that invested their personal finances, time and energy to build APGA as the winning platform it became before the locust invasion
Chief Edozie Njoku’s wealth of experience, particularly his organizational skills and sharp intellect, had been acknowledged at various points when he occupied various other high positions of authority in the party.

Some of Oye’s co-travellers would acknowledge that APGA benefitted from Chief Njoku’s leadership style, sharp intellect and humane dispositions.
It was based on those sterling qualities and democratic ethos that Chief Edozie Njoku’s perfect grasp of APGA Constitution and its internal operational dynamics came very handy in the recent legal fireworks that redefined the party’s leadership.

For instance, while Oye and his hirelings believed that they could ride roughshod over the APGA Constitution, Chief Edozie Njoku and his fellow patriots insisted that the party’s conventions COULDN’T be held without Ward, Local Government and State congresses as conditions precedent.

It beggars belief that Oye and co doesn’t know the simple processes leading to a national convention. This is the step-by-step guide in a nutshell: Delegates and party executives are elected at the Ward, Local Government and State congresses.

These calibers of party functionaries and statutory delegates converge at the Convention ground to elect all the party’s National Executives, including Ex-officio members. That is why a party’s convention is the highest organ of the party.

Extant APGA National Convention

Flowing from the foregoing, it should be noted that APGA agreed to hold Ward, LGA and State congresses on 2nd, 3rd and 6th of May, 2019; that is, to precede the end of the tenure of the party executives on 15th of May 2019 and the National Convention on May 31, 2019 at Owerri.

The Ward, LGAs and State congresses of the party were actually held in all the 36 States of the federation in 2019 as agreed.

However, in his characteristic manner, as a Church bazaar auctioneer, Oye and his gang, realizing that the congresses didn’t produce their preferred candidates, so as to facilitate their automatic reelection, quickly decided to hold an emergency NEC meeting to grant them powers to conduct fresh Congresses.

Surprised by the outcome of the congresses and in a face saving maneuver, Oye and his group of desperadoes hurriedly held an emergency NEC meeting on May 14, 2019 at the Government House, Awka.
That contemptible NEC meeting arrived at a contrary decision, which not only mocked the party’s earlier agreement, but also an affront to sanity and APGA’s grund norm.

At the hurriedly convened NEC meeting, they dissolved the BoT, cancelled the congresses conducted at the Wards, LGAs and State on May, 2, 3 and 6, 2019 respectively. In continuation of the arbitrariness, Oye and his clique decided to schedule fresh Wards, LGAs and States’ congresses for May 19, 21 and 23, 2019.

But, like a man who was in a hurry to bury his dead body, Oye and co took the despicable decisions without taking into cognizance the fact that the tenures of the party executives who are to conduct the Congress elections at the Ward, LGA and State levels expired on May 15, 2019.

Piqued by Oye’s intransigence and attempt to obfuscate the constitutional violations, the party’s BoT members approached a Federal High Court in Kwale and got a restraining order, barring Oye and Co from conducting any form of convention at Awka.
Recall that the Convention Committee had already been constituted. Based on this, the Convention Committed went on with their assigned duty at Concorde Hotel, Owerri and produced Chief Edozie Njoku, as duly elected National Chairman of APGA and the entire National Executives.

Kwale High Court Order

The Kwale Court acted in discernible sagacity, because the Oye-led exco lacked the constitutional rights, powers and privileges to go ahead with any form of convention, having derived its powers from an illegally convened NEC meeting. The Order of Court promptly halted the execution of every decision emanating from the purported NEC meeting.

Agitated by the Kwale Court Order, Samson Olalere and others, acting on the promptings of Oye ran to High Court Ibadan to give the planned illegal convention some sense of legitimacy.

Despite the clear position of the Ibadan High Court to the contrary, Oye and Co went ahead to organize a parallel Convention at Awka, without duly elected delegates; notwithstanding the fact that the party’s BoT had obtained an Ex parte Order stopping the Convention from going ahead.

Here Lies the Crux of the Matter

The fact that Oye went ahead to conduct a parallel and illegal convention, using party delegates whose their tenure had expired as at May 15, 2019 clearly rendered the purported convention null and void before the law. This fact remains Oye’s greatest nightmare.

Apparently, the judgment of the Appeal Court Ibadan on September 14, 2020, is nothing but an interment for Oye’s vaulting and selfish ambition.

Therefore, Oye’s claim that INEC’s presence at the ill-advised convention confers legitimacy on the exercise is stupefying. At this juncture, it should be noted that INEC, being a creation of the law and a law-abiding institution, couldn’t go against constituted authorities. Of course, since INEC has always respected court rulings, this would not be an exception.

Notable Expose

Having taken time to expose these facts, it is clear as crystal that the purported congresses of May 19, 21 and 23, 2019 does not exist in the eyes of the law.

In matters of this nature, the law deals with CONCRETE and VERIFIABLE facts. In ‘The Law of Evidence in Nigeria’, Akintola Aguda argues that the law relies on incontrovertible facts that are substantially unarguable to determine cases. Therefore, it is no rocket science how the Ibadan Appeal Court arrived at the September 14, 2020 judgment.

The judgment was substantially hinged on the premise that the tenures of the Ward, Local Government and State Officers that partook in Oye’s convention had expired. So, their participation in that convention rendered it a nullity before the law.

Without fear of contradiction, it is apparent that the Ibadan Appeal Court judgment confirmed the legitimacy of the Owerri convention that produced Chief Edozie Njoku as APGA National Chairman.
Perhaps, recourse to the excerpts of the referenced Ibadan High Court judgment will make the matter simpler to understand.

Before the purported Awka convention by Oye and co, a suit had been instituted at Ibadan High Court by Oye’s ally, Deacon Samson Segun Olalere to validate the convention which was stopped by the Kwale Court.
They sought for four reliefs of similar nature, among which are:

‘A declaration that pursuant to the specific and mandatory provisions of section 223(1)(a) and (2)(a) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and article 19(3) and(4) of the APGA Constitution 2014 (as amended), the Defendants are under a constituted obligation to organize congresses and national convention for the election of party officers across the country before the expiration of the tenure of the current officers on the 15th May, 2019 for the local government and state officers and on 5th June, 2019 for the National officers of the party’.

‘An Order of this Honorable Court directing the Defendants (Oye and APGA) to forthwith organize and conduct ward congresses, local government congresses and state congresses across the country for the election of new party officers before the expiration of the tenures of the incumbent officers on 15th May 2019’.

In granting these reliefs, Justice Mashud A A. Abass has this to say, ‘And after hearing Mr. A. A Babalola, counsel to the claimant who moved the originating summons dated and filed 28th day of April 2019, and Mr. Kehinde Olawumi holding brief for Ifeanyi Mbaeri, counsel to the defendants who did not oppose the application…

‘In view of the non-opposition of this application by the Respondents, particularly when the state Chairman of the party is present in Court and he expresses no desire to oppose the application, the Court is inclined to grant all the reliefs of the applicant as contained in the application. The orders are accordingly granted as prayed’.

This judgment clearly nullifies any action taken by anyone to elect party officers who purportedly went for the illegal Awka convention to elect any National officer including Oye, provided such congress officers were themselves elected after 15th May 2019.
It is common knowledge that this order of court was violated by Oye and co when they conducted Congresses on the 19, 21, and 23 of May 2019.

It may interest us to know that the legal battle that has brought us to the Appeal Court presently began when Oye sought the intervention of an Abuja High court to stop Chief Njoku from taking over as National Chairman through a fraudulent procurement of court injunction at the Jabi High Court.

This was to stop Chief Edozie Njoku from parading himself as the National Chairman. This was after he lost at the Ibadan Court. Midway into the Abuja matter, Oye withdrew unceremoniously, thus removing all the encumbrances that prevented Njoku from ‘parading’ himself as the National Chairman.

With no legal inhibition again, Njoku rightly became the undisputed Chairman. However, he refused to force his way into office but sought refuge in the law by heading to the Court to prevail on INEC to recognize him in accordance with due process.

Armed with the leave granted by a Bauchi Federal High Court, Chief Njoku took INEC to a Federal High Court in Abuja demanding his recognition after the election umpire fell short of honoring his written request.

On getting hint of the matter, Oye and his cronies applied to be joined. Oye’s application was hardly decided either way when he hastily filed an Appeal against the decision of the lower court to reserve judgment on the interlocutory application touching on the substantive matter to a future date, when the order sought and the judgment will be given together.

It is instructive at this point to note that the election of Chief Edozie Njoku as the duly elected National chairman has never been challenged in any form by anybody, not even Oye or any other member.
Those in the court with Njoku are those trying to use INEC to prevent the issuance of recognition to him, using the old and hackneyed legal trick of delaying the process through frivolous applications.
Behind the mind of these unfortunate hawks standing against Njoku is to remain in office so as to be part of the upcoming Anambra state governorship election. Their aim is to repeat the fraudulent bazaar of extortion of aspirants.

It should be recalled that the efforts made by Oye to reverse the Ibadan High Court judgment by seeking the Appeal Court to set it aside was a kill for the man who thinks APGA has become his private property.
The Ibadan Appeal Court did not only refuse to set aside the judgment of the court below but declared the application as incompetent and was ordered to be delisted from the record of the court.

The implication of this judgment falls on Oye as having no chance of any legal recognition as Chairman with the delegates who purportedly elected him on the 19, 21, 23 of May 2019 after the tenures of the officers expired on the 15th May 2019.

This detailed explanation has become necessary and important, especially the legal perspective so that a better understanding of the matter can be heard and appreciated by everyone.
This will aid honest and committed party men and women to make informed decisions and avoid regrets at the end.

It is evident that there is always an end to impunity. The end to this legal contestation is nearby and no one should live in the illusion of temporary possession of power by the opponents to plunge into crocodile infested water.
APGA shall be free and secured to the glory of God and the blessing of members.

Thank you

The Emergent APGA Group

TheOgene Igbo I know, by Prince Okwudili Emelumadu

Ogbuefi Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp, PhD (Ogene Igbo)

Ogbuefi Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp, PhD (Ogene Igbo) is my boss and I have worked and walked beside him on so many fronts; and I can boldly say that I know him too well to write this!

Ogene is one of the most honorable men I have met in my little stay in life. He would rather remain poor than meddle with things that are not honorable to enrich himself. He has chosen the paths of truth and straightforwardness in his political career. It is most honorable to speak the truth in the face of tyranny, oppression and mass corruption. He would always say to me, “Prince, what we owe these people is to speak up for them; I will always fight for them. It makes me happy and I will continue to do that”. These are Golden Words from Ogene Igbo!

It is out of compassion that Ogene speaks for the poor masses and fights for them, even when it does not Favour him. He is a philanthropist per excellence; this is evident in the number of young people in different levels of their academic careers who he has placed on scholarship. He has also sponsored a lot of young people into entrepreneurial paths and these people are doing very well. This is the man I admire so much, my Boss and my Mentor!

Have you met a man who the red cap fits more than Ogene Igbo? This is the man who understands the culture and traditions of his people. He is inherently born a leader. He makes things happen. On December 30, 2020, I was in his country home at Ogbunike when some group of men came to seek counsels from him. I listened to him advise them. He did this with ease and flamboyant show of intelligence, wit and integrity.

Ogene’s humility amazes me! He does not know the mighty nor the low. He opens his doors to all classes of people, the same seat on which the mightiest sits, the lowest amongst his visitors would sit on the same seat. He is friendly to both young and old. Ogene is indeed a man of the people!

To a man of honor,
To a man of compassion,
To royalty personified,
To an embodiment of humility,
To a jolly good-fellow,
To a master of pen,
To a Journalist per excellence,
To a custodian of our culture,
To the man of the people on his birthday.

I wish a happy birthday, Ogene Igbo. May your days remain adventurous, prosperous and long. And may you eat the fruits of your hardwork, Sir.

Cheers to a new age!

Kinetic Abia: Ikpeazu’s industrialization agenda is delivering

In 2015, then incoming Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, identified industrialization as one of the pillars of his administration with the objective of creating jobs, improving the economy and increasing internally generated revenue of the state.

To build this Pillar of Develoment, Dr Ikpeazu applied a 3-pronged strategy to deliver on industrialization:

1. Support resuscitation of moribund industries in the state.

This strategy has helped companies like Golden Guinea Breweries to return to production after decades of being closed. More than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs have been restored and created and our people are once again enjoying their favorite beverages.

2. Build new industries

When Governor Ikpeazu dispatched 30 young Abians to China to be trained on automated shoe making, his intention was to move the gargatuan shoe production business in Aba from manually operated to machine supported mass production. When the team returned, Governor Ikpeazu followed up by ensuring importation of the equipment they trained with in China and thereafter established Abia’s first ever automated shoe making factory called Enyimba Automated Shoe Company (ENASCO) with the 30 young Abians becoming the drivers.

ENASCO is already mass producing shoes for institutions like the Nigeria Railway Corporation and is set to also produce for the Nigeria Police and other military and para military organizations in the country that hitherto imported their footwears at great cost to our forex.

Recently, Governor Ikpeazu flagged off the construction of Enyimba Automated Garment Factory to drive mass production of clothing and fashion apparels in the state. It will be recalled that early in his administration the Governor traveled to Turkey, Bangladesh and Thailand with some Aba tailors to expose them to automation driven mass production.

In addition, the government established five cottage rice milling industries in the state and is currently establishing 17 agro-allied industries in all the local governments of the state. Each local government is getting industries that reflect their competitive edge in agriculture with some having palm processing industries while others are benefiting from cassava processing industries.

Meanwhile, Governor Ikpeazu proliferated four million high yielding tenera specie palm seedlings across the state as well as established the first poultry cluster to train and equip young Abians who are interested in poultry farming.

3. Encourage foreign direct investment

When Governor Ikpeazu deliberately moved to make the state friendly to foreign investors and traveled to global economic capitals to make the case for investment in Abia, many of his opponents laughed it off as “junketing”. Yet, the Governor was not deterred and went ahead to put in place security, good infrastructure and other enablers that would attract foreign investors to the state.

The efforts of the Governor are yielding dividends with the state rated as the 3rd favorite destination of choice for foreign investments in 2020 as rated by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), also with many new multi-national outfits opening shops in Aba after decades of avoiding or fleeing from the state.

Steel giants, Inner Galaxy are producing and exporting from Aba while Nibra Shoe of Brazil is actively constructing a new factory in the state. Other international brands are still investing in the state to tap into the wealth creation agenda of Dr Ikpeazu.

Recently, a man who was displaced from a northern state and forced to return to the south east found himself in Aba. In no time, he was able to settle his family, rebuild his business and is in his own words “doing better” than before. Even the streets of Aba are bustling to the brim with many new businesses opening up almost on a daily basis thereby already putting pressure on available infrastructure. In response, however, Governor Ikpeazu has accelerated and given new impetus to his infrastructure development agenda under his popular “Kinetic Abia” program and recently vowed to double his record setting 108 completed road projects in the state before the end of his tenure in 2023. He is creating new industrial clusters including at Ovom and Umukalika and working with Geometric Power Ltd to ensure the roll out of steady power supply in 9 of 17 LGAs of the state to support rapid industrialization.

These and much more are what is making Ikpeazu’s Abia thick!

Expect more.

-John Okiyi Kalu

Anambra 2021: Nwankpo Is Focused On Becoming Next Governor

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

For Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo, it has been a long-term ambition of keen preparation. Most of the aspirants just embraced the ambition to become governor, but Nwankpo had it for as far back as when he joined active politics. He has been planning to occupy the position for years and already has a master plan of how he intends to turn the state around.

Nwankpo has over 25years active involvement in politics and governance in both Anambra and at the federal level under his belt. In his early days in politics he had served previous governments in Anambra. He was the Senior Special Assistant to former President Dr Goodluck Jonathan on technical matters for years. And almost became the governorship candidate of People’s Democratic Party PDP in 2013 gubernatorial election in Anambra – but for machinations by “a third force”.

With University Degrees in Philosophy, Education, and Law, Nwankpo’s strategic focus as governor would be Education, Employment, Empowerment and Enriching Anambra Families, and the delivery strategy would be on four fronts “Tourism, Agriculture, Environment, Commerce and Industry”.

Nwankpo’s focus is on becoming the governor and working to ensure the party is successful on all fronts. He will consolidate on Gov Willie Obiano’s gigantic achievements.

Anambra APGA Guber Ticket: Nze Nwankpo Will Win Primary Election, Case Closed

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

It is obvious that any credible party who presents Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo as its flag bearer in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election 2021 will have it smooth. Oputa Ifeadi as he is popularly known is a good product, going by his antecedents. He has all it takes to become a winner.

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Organization is running a peaceful and issue-based campaign ahead of the APGA primary election. At a point, our campaign train met with that of one of the APGA guber ticket contenders known as “Mr. Option A4”. The Philosopher cum politician merely stopped his team to demonstrate his political maturity. In fact, he told the world that “Consensus Strategy” and or “imposition tactics” of his opponent would be settled based on the party’s constitutional provisions. In fact, he cautioned the political disciples and supporters of Mr. Option A4, advising them not to play God, insisting that “Madu aburo chukwu” God is not man. Nwankpo’s position on the raving issues of “annointed candidate” and or “body language”, earned him profound respect amongst APGA party faithfuls. It attracted accolades from far and wide describing him as a man of honour, and winning more supports.

The APGA guber ticket will be won because, Nwankpo has no political baggage in Anambra politics. He is loved by both the young and the old, for his generosity and his political diplomacy.
During the campaigns for power to go Southern Anambra, Nwankpo worked assiduously to ensure power is ceded to the South. He galvanised all the traditional, and religious institutions, political leaders of thoughts, elderstatemen, professional bodies and stakeholders. He ensured debates on power rotation favoured Anambra South geopolitical zone.

In all his mobilization, deep consultations exercises, and campaign speeches at different occasions and events, Nwankpo does not engage in mudslinging; he talks about what he has going for him and what he intends to do for the people. At one of such events held at the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Center, Awka, he said: “ I love APGA, I’m investing in the party because I don’t want the party to die. I believe that party is supreme. I’m going into this primary election with one thing in mind. If the party decides that I am not good enough to be the flag bearer and give to another person, and the process leading to the action is adjudged transparent and credible, I will congratulate the winner, and work with the party to win the main election. I have empowered many people in my own capacity as individual and I think I can do more if they allow me.”

Observers say he is a successful businessman and a public-spirited individual. Nwankpo has this to say about his involvement in politics: “I’m looking for a new and challenging call to publicly serve and give back to the society that shaped me; one that will allow me to make the best use of my existing skills and wealth of experience in managing people and executing projects that would be to the best of the people”.

Nze Nwankpo had held political offices as Special Adviser to late President Umaru Yaradua, and Senior Special Assistant to former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. He has proved that he has the capacity to show concern about the less privileged. He has touched the lives of people in diverse ways. His scholarship scheme is bold, as over a thousand students are beneficiaries. Nwankpo also doled out scholarships to outstanding students from high schools in Anambra state, and committed a lot of money to the empowerment of less privileged youths and elderly people in the society. He sank boreholes at various communities in Anambra State. He procured medical equipment and dispensing of medication to the aged. He sponsored a medical team from the United States of America to help the people overcome their health challenges.

Belonging to a credible political platform is very important for any ambitious politician. Nwankpo is in a credible party; he is a future governor. He has the potentials of winning.