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Anambra APGA Guber Ticket: Nze Nwankpo Will Win Primary Election, Case Closed

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

It is obvious that any credible party who presents Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo as its flag bearer in the forthcoming Anambra governorship election 2021 will have it smooth. Oputa Ifeadi as he is popularly known is a good product, going by his antecedents. He has all it takes to become a winner.

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Organization is running a peaceful and issue-based campaign ahead of the APGA primary election. At a point, our campaign train met with that of one of the APGA guber ticket contenders known as “Mr. Option A4”. The Philosopher cum politician merely stopped his team to demonstrate his political maturity. In fact, he told the world that “Consensus Strategy” and or “imposition tactics” of his opponent would be settled based on the party’s constitutional provisions. In fact, he cautioned the political disciples and supporters of Mr. Option A4, advising them not to play God, insisting that “Madu aburo chukwu” God is not man. Nwankpo’s position on the raving issues of “annointed candidate” and or “body language”, earned him profound respect amongst APGA party faithfuls. It attracted accolades from far and wide describing him as a man of honour, and winning more supports.

The APGA guber ticket will be won because, Nwankpo has no political baggage in Anambra politics. He is loved by both the young and the old, for his generosity and his political diplomacy.
During the campaigns for power to go Southern Anambra, Nwankpo worked assiduously to ensure power is ceded to the South. He galvanised all the traditional, and religious institutions, political leaders of thoughts, elderstatemen, professional bodies and stakeholders. He ensured debates on power rotation favoured Anambra South geopolitical zone.

In all his mobilization, deep consultations exercises, and campaign speeches at different occasions and events, Nwankpo does not engage in mudslinging; he talks about what he has going for him and what he intends to do for the people. At one of such events held at the Prof Dora Akunyili Women Development Center, Awka, he said: “ I love APGA, I’m investing in the party because I don’t want the party to die. I believe that party is supreme. I’m going into this primary election with one thing in mind. If the party decides that I am not good enough to be the flag bearer and give to another person, and the process leading to the action is adjudged transparent and credible, I will congratulate the winner, and work with the party to win the main election. I have empowered many people in my own capacity as individual and I think I can do more if they allow me.”

Observers say he is a successful businessman and a public-spirited individual. Nwankpo has this to say about his involvement in politics: “I’m looking for a new and challenging call to publicly serve and give back to the society that shaped me; one that will allow me to make the best use of my existing skills and wealth of experience in managing people and executing projects that would be to the best of the people”.

Nze Nwankpo had held political offices as Special Adviser to late President Umaru Yaradua, and Senior Special Assistant to former President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. He has proved that he has the capacity to show concern about the less privileged. He has touched the lives of people in diverse ways. His scholarship scheme is bold, as over a thousand students are beneficiaries. Nwankpo also doled out scholarships to outstanding students from high schools in Anambra state, and committed a lot of money to the empowerment of less privileged youths and elderly people in the society. He sank boreholes at various communities in Anambra State. He procured medical equipment and dispensing of medication to the aged. He sponsored a medical team from the United States of America to help the people overcome their health challenges.

Belonging to a credible political platform is very important for any ambitious politician. Nwankpo is in a credible party; he is a future governor. He has the potentials of winning.


Nigeria, the field of blood, by Chief Patrick Eholor

Security of lives and properties is the number obligation of any responsible government.

If the leadership does not guarantee this all-important duty, it becomes a scary exposition of a system failure which could as well be interpreted as anarchy. Security degeneration started with a gradual progression in the North West and North Central and unfortunately, have spread like wildfire into other regions like North Central, South West and more recently South East and South South. No region is spared. Insecurity is everywhere. Nigerians are sleeping with one eye open.

How did we get into this whole mess? Every region has got it’s own brand name of perpetrators of mayhem on the peace loving citizens of this nations. The label bandits, kidnappers, herdsmen, Boko Haram ,IPOB militants, unknown gunmen etc are now common household names.

The economic situation of these perpetrators is a common factor that has evolved in this ugly monster. A hungry population is a dangerous population.

People of this nation have lost the taste of lifelong. Common question prevailing is it worth living any longer in the midst of unprecedented economic hardship. Leadership failure at all levels is quite bizarre. Food security which is the barest is very remote. A lot of the population go to bed on empty stomach. Where would solace come from, minding the gross insensitivity of the leadership?

We as a people need serious awakening to this deliberate abandonment of responsibility by the leadership. The oath they swore on assumption of office or during the swearing in should be the bond between them and the people.

If they consciously renege on this basic oath of office it becomes an expressway to disintegration, no holds barred.

Wonders Governors Umahi, Ugwuanyi are doing and why Governor Obaseki needs to sit up

By Patrick Eholor

Yesterday afternoon, I left Anambra State, and arrived Enugu. And I see the wonders Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is doing in Enugu State. Roads are tarred into the villages, but in Benin, you cannot even drive to the palace of the Oba. What an abysmal failure!

I have also been to Ebonyi on this tour, and what I saw is out of this world!

Governor Dave Umahi has transformed a bush state into a modern metropolis.

This is not about party. There are bad Governors in PDP, and there are bad governors in APC,but there are winners among the individual governors.

Chief Patrick Eholor(One Love Foundation), Chief Emeka Kalu(PDP Leader), Dr Nkem Okeke(Anambra Deputy Governor) and Mazi ThankGod Ofoelue(Jungle Journalist Media Ltd) in Anambra State yesterday

Governance is continuation, and is about the people. No matter what the issue is with your predecessor, you must build for the people.

We are living with Gov Obaseki who is acting as a sole administrator, instead of an elected governor, forgetting that government is for the people, we the people. He has not nominated his commissioners as of today, he has not created any boards, he has not rewarded his political chieftains with personal assistants in his cabinet. He has not created an enabling environment to accommodate the unemployed army of youths who are derailed into different acts of criminality due to bad governance.

Well tarred and neat Nsukka road

We didn’t vote for Oshiomhole, we didn’t vote for Ize Iyamu, so be very careful when you attack me on my honest observation for a better Edo and Nigeria.

It’s unfortunate that the heartbeat of Nigeria is in coma.

We now seem to be living in the city of the blind, where the one eyed man has is the king.

I honestly think that’s its time for men of impeccable character to get involved in politics, otherwise, strangers touts, and thieves will govern the honest and responsible citizens.

Another section of the road in Nsukka town

Am sure there are very good men who should be in politics, but are shying away because they think it’s dirty.

Its now or never for you to get involved. If not for your sake, for the sake of your children, and the coming generations. We can collectively rewrite our history and posterity will be on our side.

Let our past guide us to our future. We should stop lamenting about our present.
It is not because the Governor is smarter than us that he got elected, it is because of the will and grace of God. But you cannot have two captains in one ship. If he can do it, you can do better. Because he is not God, don’t forget. He was only elected to pilot the affairs of Edo State.

Am certainly hopeful that the best is yet to come for Edo State.

Some will say, Godwin Obaseki has tried his best, and I and others will say his best is not good enough.

Let’s get involved to ask them questions. There are reasons we voted them into power.

This is not an attack on the Governor, but an attempt to criticize constructively in order to move our state forward.

Very neat and well tarred roads constitute Nsukka town in Enugu North Senatorial Zone

Recently, I talked about accountability of Constituency Projects. It’s our projects. We have a right to ask questions, that’s why they were elected.

I talked about Buhari Administration failing to provide adequate security to its citizens. I talked about some governors who have failed to provide their citizens with security. I talk about local government chairmen who don’t know their responsibilities. I talk about police who have failed in all ramifications, and many other issues concerning state of the nation.

Yes sir, yes sir can never be my friend.

It’s time for you to be asking for the dividends of democracy for electing Godwin Obaseki, or history will judge you.

I wish it was about Obaseki but it clearly isn’t. I am a patriotic citizen. Am hoping and believing its possible for a better Nigeria.

Let us all join hands together and criticise government and give credit when due.

Comrade Patrick Eholor is a freedom fighter for the masses and is the founder and Chairman of One Love Foundation, a human rights network.

The fulanisation of Nigeria’s commonwealth, by Chief Patrick Eholor

Nepotism begets mediocrity. Mediocrity begets dysfunctional and half baked systems which results in colossal failure of the system.

The consistent and glaring nepotistic approach by the present regime in appointments is very worrisome. The Fulani hegemony and its control of our commonwealth have created a big divide and suspicion among us.

All the sensitive and plum positions in the government of the federation have consciously and systematically favored one tribe while other tribes and sects have been marginalized and relegated or reduced to second class.

The criteria and qualification for high end government positions have become the name of your tribe. The big question is are the Fulanis more qualified than other tribes to hold these positions or is it a deliberate effort by the leadership to colonize sensitive positions in the government of the Federation?

In reference to the published listing of persons occupying the most sensitive positions in the government by Jungle Journalist Media Limited today, it was Fulanis all the way.

This publication xrayed and exposed the calculated and deliberate nepotic indulgence by the leadership. This trend if not addressed holistically will arouse divisiveness and separation tensions.

Federal character must reflect in all facets of our national life, if a united one Nigeria will be sustainable. This country belongs to all of us.

Chief Patrick Eholor, a human rights defender is the Chairman of One Love Foundation.




“From the standpoint of the APGA grassroots activists, critical stakeholders, and faith based organizations who had scrutinised the activities of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo in comparison to the other governorship aspirants in Anambra and have found out that we need a man, that is straightforward, honest, industrious, energetic, knowledgeable, intelligent, proactive, visionary, courageous, tested, trusted, reliable, and credible to add value to Anambra State and re-engineer the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our people at this auspicious moment of back-to-land.

“A good governance compliant, Nwankpo, will ensure all the elements of good and creative governance will be used to enhance and unleash growth and development opportunities on Anambra State. Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is electable and unimpeachable with a rich and robust socio-cultural background, charismatic and influential God-Given Skills, added to a highly developed human and interpersonal skills required for attracting people of value to make the business of development smooth sailing.

“My dear Honorable National Working Committee of the APGA. The credibility and authenticity of the primary election all lies in your hand. I will as a matter of fact implore the APGA NWC to as a matter of fact ensure the primary election is free, credible and provision of a smooth level playing ground for all the aspirants.
It may interest you to know that any election that is not free and fair risks negativity in compromising party loyalists, stakeholders and supporters and it encourages sparking further conflict.”



By Ifeanyi Okali

The police as the foremost law enforcement agency oftentimes come under fierce attack and destructive criticisms as a result of unprofessional conduct of few persons who have continued to portray the force in a bad light.

Most often also, when they deliver incredible milestone in an effort to make the rest of us and our entire family sleep with our eyes close, it faintly make headlines in the newspapers. Irrespective of the angle from where we may view them, the police are the number one law enforcement body and the first point of protection for the civil populace.

Have you thought of a situation where you are being randomly harassed, molested and trampled upon, yet no organ or instrumentality of the state to lay you complains to?

Have you imagined how often we will be at the mercy of those wielding iron fist and physical power in the absence of the police?

Interestingly, the force is made up of our brothers, sisters, friends, fathers and uncles. They are no strangers but part and parcel of the society. They are humans and as such feel the same way we feel.

They receive and feel all social problems bedeviling us in one way or the other. They go to the same market with us, send their children to the same school with our children, use the same road with us and live in the same neighbourhood with us. In all these, they put their lives at risk to ensure the corporate security and protection of the weak and strong, the rich and poor and indeed all manner of people.

There is hardly a day a policeman does not get killed in the course of performing his tasking duty of protecting us. In Abia our state for instance, the recent vicious series of attacks launched against officers and men of the force really got the governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu concern when he declared and demonstrated total support to ensure that the criminal elements behind the unjustified killing of policemen and stealing of their rifles are apprehended and brought to book. He did not stop there. He went ahead to place a bounty on the killers to aid their easy arrest. From Aba, to Omobo, Isuikwuato to Ohafia, Ukwa and indeed virtually all parts of the state, the stories leave a sour taste in the mouth.

Even with the constant felling of their colleagues, these gallant officers and men ensure they do not rest on their oars in protecting our lives and investments. While this intervention is not aimed at deodorizing the police of their ailings, it is important to state that appreciation for excellent work is a virtue and indeed a morale booster. The peace we enjoy in the state today is largely on the account of the vigilance, commitment and sacrifices of men of the Nigerian police and other security agencies who stake their lives for the country they love.

Kidnapping and arm robbery that was in the past a recurrent decimal across the state has largely reduced. The Isuikwuato Akara road that was a den of criminality has now become a safe haven, creating the leeway for our people to move about their legitimate businesses without fear of harassment and intimidation. The constant attacks on POS operators around Aba and Umuahia is rapidly on the decline. We cannot forget in a hurry how Miss Ezinne Iroh, a 23-year-old POS operator in Aba was callously killed in cold blood by a deadly gang after robbing her. She was just one of the many who were dispatched to early grave by these blood-thirsty men of the underworld. Cheeringly, the police have launched an aggressive manhunt against them and indeed dealing them series of bloody nose. This is commendable and worth our support. A number of them have been arrested and cooling off at the moment, waiting for their day in court.

Undoubtedly, the 2020 #EndSARS protest was an eloquent testimony that the police need to do more in the area of checkmating extra-judicial killing, flagrant human right abuse, extraction of ‘confessional statement’ through duress and torture as well as bribery. This was not only necessary but its speaks volume to the humongous power citizens wield in making their voices count in matters that challenge them and wave unanswered questions in their face on daily basis. Of course, this was followed by prompt action from the police top hierarchy that announced the immediate dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) accused of largely perpetrating most of the abuse of human rights against citizens.

An effective policing system requires the active support of all citizens through prompt provision of intelligence report. Without the support and collaboration of the community, the police cannot perform magic to serve the populace better. The fear overtime has always hinged on the protection of the identity of those who volunteer information to the police. The new, reformed police under the leadership of IGP Adamu Mohammed have never hidden their willingness to give all citizens who assist with information with the maximum identity protection. This they have demonstrated and continue to uphold.

While we were all at home at the peak of COVID-19, these security agencies were out there protecting us. A little act of kindness, like the provision of non-pharmaceutical interventions such as face mask, hand sanitisers and whatever we have to encourage them is all they need to let them know how much we cherish and appreciate their good work. As stated earlier, it is true that few bad eggs may have soiled the image of the force with adversarial behaviour. However, it will be an unfair judgment to slam all policemen with the paintbrush of bad eggs.

Our state Abia is really becoming extremely unconducive for criminal elements to perform their evil enterprises. The tempo can be sustained if all citizens offer maximum support by knowing who their neighbours are and what they do. Well-to-do individuals as well as corporate bodies can assist by donating patrol vehicles so that security can be enhanced in our society. Alhaji Aliko Dangote and others have set the pace in this regard.

Office equipment such as tables, computers, to pens and rulers can be a very significant support in helping the police serve us better.
Lastly, security is the duty of everyone and we must not lose our guard by leaving it at the doorstep of the Police, Army, Civil Defence, Immigration, Customs etc alone. A peaceful, secured and safe society can only be made possible when the people own their security.

Ifeanyi Okali writes from Ohafia, Abia state.

OkomuOil: Endangering Okomu National Park and Edo future

Tony Erha

Since about 35 years of a troubled existence as a former Wildlife Sanctuary and now Okomu National Park (ONP), the inestimable conservation enclave hadn’t suffered deadly violations as had been unleashed on it by the Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC (OkomuOil for short), under over two decades of tenacious stay by Dr. Graham Hefer as its Managing Director.

Surely, conservationists and villagers of the host communities of ONP, OkomuOil and others would readily be flabbergasted that Hefer, a South African immigrant to Nigeria, had supervised the extensive plundering of ONP by OkomuOil, a gigantic multinational plantation firm and Nigerian franchise of Socfin, the Octopus agro-allied conglomerate which was originated in faraway Belgium and Luxembourg in Europe.

Indeed, the plundering by the Hefer’s OkomuOil had encouraged the selfsame loggers and poachers, who Hefer, recently turned around to condemn as the real violators of the park.

Through choreographed and monotonous insertions of a news item that competed for choice spaces in the Nigerian media, Hefer, in a rather sanctimonious overcook attempted to misinform the public and whitewash his company. Titled “Another Lucky Elephant Rescued For National Park By Okomu Oil Palm PLC”, it added a sub-title, “…MD calls on Govt. to rescue Park and forest reserve from illegal loggers, total lack of law”.

Hefer was said to have “led a team of his staff to rescue a second elephant on behalf of the Okomu National Park, the first being in October 3, 2019”. He also appealed to “the Nigerian Government and other relevant authorities to rescue the Park and forest reserves from illegal loggers and others who have cultivated the habit of desecrating the natural habitat”.

ONP is a globally acclaimed conservation centre and valuable ecotourism destination, managed by the National Park Service (NPS), a Federal Government’s agency.

ONP is the last vestige of a (“protected”?) lowland rainforest habitat; the smallest in size amongst the old seven national parks, until recently when more of the parks were created. The park 200 sq. km by size and is situated at Okomu-Udo, in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State, on about 50 minutes road distance from Benin City, the state capital. It is very rich in biodiversity and other attractions, with the said endangered African Lowland Rainforest Elephant (Loxodonta Africanna cyclotis), as one of its unique fauna flagships.

The wakeup call by Hefer though suitable, appeared lacking, coming from OkomuOil, a conservation-unfriendly business concern and a boss, who professes to love ONP and nature conservation principles, but soon reverses to do the opposite. Once beaten twice shy. If after confessing to conservation niceties and the overriding need of protecting the park in the past, OkomuOil sooner go ahead to plunder the same, what is the exactness to trusting the latest display of fickle love by its boss?

Firstly, it was outright falsehood that the multinational company “saved a distressed Elephant for the park on October 3, 2019”. Instead and evidently, OkomuOil was serially condemned by a preponderant public and a key civil society group, the Coalition Against Landgrabbing and Deforestation (CALD), after a thorough investigation that workers of the company did attacked with cutlasses and cudgels, the said Elephant, which strayed into its newest plantations, the original home and wandering range and buffers of the park, which the company had grabbed and converted into oil palm plantation. This led to the death of the Elephant at the park’s quarantine, where it received medication. (“Okomu National Park’s Elephant” ThisDay: December 7, 2019: 12/07/okomu-national-park-elephant/)

Dr. Heifer as the boss, brought about the ‘casual workers’ rule, where thousands of OkomuOil’s workforce, especially the unskilled, are hazardously employed by contractors. They are un-gainfully employed, even without ‘pensions’ and willfully sacked, as against the labour laws. The army of sacked and new casual workers, who swell the population of the host communities, easily resort poaching in the park and illegal logging, where the company fails to train them to imbibe conservation principles and support the park.

Again, Dr. Hefer was off-point that the recent Elephant was trapped in the mud, inside the park, as he sought for praises over its exaggerated accounts of helping the park’s management to bring the bulldozers and other earth moving equipment to rescue the Elephant! Was the Elephant a mountain to be bulldozed? A photograph clip of the endangered Elephant would purely show that it wasn’t stuck in a pit in the park, but one bulldozed and not de-silted by OkomuOil, on the same land it had grabbed and turned into a new plantation. Instructively, there are no bulldozed pits in the park’s main land.

Revealingly, OkomuOil had been the most violator of the park and plunderer of the park and Edo forest reserves. For instance, a tiny stream is all that separates the park and the old oil palm plantation of the company (to the left from its main entrance), making the open to poaching by its workers.

If not grandstanding, how come that Hefer, who assisted the company to grab and convert over 16,000 hectares of the original designate land areas and buffers of the park, that it bought from the Iyayi Group of Companies, is the same accusing others of desecrating the park? If Hefer and his company want to be taken seriously for making genuine and redemptory outbursts, they should hand over to the park and the host communities of Okomu forest and the Owan forest zone the 13,750 hectares of lands, which Iyayi sold to it, wherein about 8,000 hectares of the land revoked by Sdo State Government, was from Okomu forest reserve. (See Edo State Government of Nigeria Gazette No. 16 Vol. 19 (page 48-50), published on 5th November, 2015)

Irrefutably, OkomuOil is the single largest driver of land-grabbing, deforestation and livelihood loss in Edo State, regarded as the highest incidence of the just-mentioned threesome scourges, amongst the 36 states of the Nigeria country. Of the total 1081 sq. km land area of the now depleted Okomu Forest Reserve, that was the largest rainforest reserve in Nigeria, OkomuOil alone had the rare benefit of having been ceded with vast land areas and the other vastness it had grabbed from it, in addition to the over 16,000 hectares of Iyayi’s grab.

Had the state government properly catalogued and protected Okomu and other forest reserve estates of the state, OkomuOil would not cash in on the loophole to grab and destroy Okomu and the threesome forest reserves of Ehor, Owan and Ora-Iueleha-Ozalla (sometimes called Owan Forest Zone), thereby causing acute deforestation and livelihood losses to the villagers, the land owners.

Which other forestry laws did Dr. Hefer want government to establish, when he exhibits daylight impunity, by his refusal to obey existing state and federal laws, with his company’s slipshod operations in Okomu locale and Owan forest zone, where it had forcibly established its so called Okomu PLC Oil Palm Extension II? And isn’t a sheer mockery of the Nigerian jurisprudence, which tended to prostrate to the whims and caprices of a foreigner, on Nigeria soil? Has Nigeria submitted her sovereignty to him?

Why did Okomu Oil often ridicule and ignore the Environmental Impact Assessment Law, especially by disobeying severally directives from the Federal Ministry of Environment, on two letters to Dr. Hefer, by the Environment Minister dated 8th January, 2014 (Ref: FMEnv/EA/ 2712/Vol.1/82 and the other dated 22nd December, 2015 (Ref: No FMEnv.123:271/Vol.1/28), that it must follow the due processes of acquiring the Owan forest lands? Is it not shameful that OkomuOil now parades the same EIA certification, even though it burgled the due process?

Yet, OkomuOil craves for lofty praises over its tokenistic or mere cosmetic activities, which it often amplifies as justifiable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offers to the park and host communities, despite excessive annual dividends from its huge investments in oil palm and rubber plantations, premised on the forest reserves, including the gigantic processing industry situated in Okomu forest.

Amusingly, Hefer, in the same media commentary flaunted the Roundtable Sustainable Palm (RSPO) certification as authorization to commit such heinous atrocities against the ONP treasure and poor Edo communities, in the same manner of the outlaw Apartheid of Dr. Hefer’s South Africa, where lands are still wrested from the local owners, by fastidious settlers.

Alas, the OkomuOil boss had also audaciously poked to our faces that a certain Billy Ghansah, a Ghanaian and Operational Director that goaded the grabbing of lands from the Owan Forest Zone, is the same who had also been recruited to obliterate the Okomu National Park, so that the company’s oil palm and rubber trees could take over the sacred land.

Those who destroy a global monument, like the priceless Okomu National Park, grab and terminate the people’s land heritage are destroyers of their pride and future.

Tony Erha, a journalist, conservationist and Forest Certifier of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO), writes from Benin City, Edo State.

Independence of the Judiciary is a Serious Matter

This Morning, the Legal Team of the One Love Foundation was to go to the Edo State High Court Headquarters at Sapele Road,Benin City to file a Suit against the Edo State Government and others to Compel for the Independence of the Judiciary in Edo State, only to hear that all Courts in Nigeria have been closed down due to to the JUSUN strike to ensure and compel the Independence of the Judiciary in Nigeria.

Governors leave our Judiciary alone,face your executive and let the Judiciary operate independently with financial autonomy.

-Chief Patrick Eholor,
One Love Foundation.

Danladi Umar Attack on Banex Plaza Security: An Xray

By J. S Okutepa SAN, (This article is published based on the efforts of Chief Patrick Eholor, founder, One Love Foundation

On 30th of March 2021, one Ibraheem Al-Hassan said to be Head, Press and Public Relations Unit, CCT HQ, issued press statement in defence of what appears to be assaults committed by or against the Chairman of Code of Conduct Tribunal, Mr Danladi Umar.

In the said Press Statement by the media aide to the Chairman, Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Umar it was stated that it was rather the CCT Chairman that was assaulted.

Because of what I intend to say I will set out in full the press statement as reported in the media.

It reads:
“Our attention was drawn on a report from some online publication with a video cliff suggesting Hon Chairman, Justice Danladi Y. Umar assaulted a Security Guard at Banex Plaza.

To start with, the said plaza has been his usual place of visits for the past 18 years for shopping and repairs of his phones, and in all these periods there have never been any time he had any turmoil with anybody.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s altercations started over a packing lot, which Chairman met vacant and it was directly opposite a shop he want to make a purchase and to fixe his phone, when the young Security guard sighted him, he ordered that Chairman should not pack his car in that particular empty space, but Chairman asked why, the security guard couldn’t convinced chairman, though Chairman didn’t identify himself, because to him is needless and is a place he visited often, but the boy was rode in his approached and threaten to deal with Chairman if he refuse to leave the scene.
Again, if Chairman had went there to cause trouble or intimidate some one, as suggested in the report, he would have gone there in his full official paraphernalia, but he went there alone with his younger brother.

The Police men seen in the video cliff were not the Chairman’s police team, they were policemen operating around the plaza whom at first instance intervened before the arrival of police team from Maitama Police station. As the few policemen in the complex were apparently overwhelmed by the mobs, consisting of BIAFRAN boys throwing matches and shape object to his car, which led to deep cut and dislocation in one of his finger, causing damage to his car, smashing his windscreen.
At a point he attempted to leave the scene, these same miscreants, BIAFRAN boy ordered for the closure of the gate thereby assaulting him before the arrival of police team from Maitama police station.

An incident like this when it happened, sympathy usually goes to the low personalities. Though is unfortunate as I said, it ought not to have happened.

Ibraheem Al-Hassan,
Head, Press & Public Relations.
March, 30th 2021”

To start with this press statement if truly it came from CCT, is an admission that the chairman of CCT went to Banex Plaza on the day in question and there were altercations.

It also admits that the Chairman Mr Danladi Umar, parked his car in a place which was not meant for him to park.

The Chairman was approached to re-park his car.
He challenged the authority of the security man to request him to re-park his car. Instead of respecting himself and obey the instruction of the security man, the Chairman refused to obey.

The Chairman argued with the security man. That arguments led to fight and assaults and the Chairman was wounded. Police were invited.

Without attempting blames or passing judgment on any of the parties, and even the grammatical and other errors in this press statement, it is necessary to point out that the Chairman of CCT is not an ordinary Nigerian.

He occupied a position which is not only sensitive but a position that is clothed with garments to enforce code of conduct against public officers.
See item 3 of the 3rd schedule to the 1999 constitution as amended.The Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act under which the Chairman of CCT was appointed expected the highest degree of unimpeachable integrity from the chairman and by the law the chairman is indeed to mirror the aims and objectives of the Bureau in public.

The Chairman was expected to display highest degree of standards of morality and to ensure that his behaviour and actions in public conform to the highest standards of public morality. Apart from that, the chairman is a lawyer and as lawyer he has a duty to endure that he uphold and observe the rule of law, promote and foster the cause of justice, maintain a high standards of professional conduct and shall not engage in conduct unbecoming of a legal Practitioner.

Clearly from the press statement, the Chairman was told not to park in the place he parked. He refused on the arguments that the space was free. How did the Chairman know that the place was free. He disobeyed lawful orders of the security man.

The Chairman by his position ought not to engage in public altercations and arguments which has the capacity and was capable of putting his position and office into public approbium, odium and ridicules.

From the press statement of the CCT which cannot be issued without the approval of the chairman and which press statement has not been denied by CCT HQ, it is my respectful view that the Chairman’s conduct in the circumstances in engaging in public altercations with security man was undignified of the office of Chairman of CCT. That conduct ought not to be celebrated by any right thinking members of the society. As lawyer and chairman of CCT no reasonable person should celebrate the conduct of the chairman as corroborated by the press statement. The government must not allow this matter to be swept under the carpets. It is not one of those issues that should be treated with levity.

The HAGF and FGN must not condone this conduct. It must take action.The Chairman cannot be allowed to be sitting over conduct of other public officers when his conduct is in public court. Justice is rooted in confidence and this confidence will be destroyed if nothing is done to restore confidence in the credibility of CCT.

APGA Guber Ticket: The ‘David and Goliath’, by Dr Harris Chuma-Odili

Without mincing words,the coast is increasingly becoming clearer ahead of the governorship primary election. And from all indications, critical permutations, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo has been, apparently favoured, despite the odds to clinch the ticket of the APGA at the party primaries.

The “David” of the APGA, will no doubt get the positive nod of the real party faithfuls, who would rather have him as the best choice candidate largely due to his astute leadership qualities, unblemished records, adjudged electability, and acceptability.

Nwankpo’s delectable mein, civility, and humility is self evident, his respect for the party structures, leadership and constitutional principles have endeared him to the APGA party loyalists, and foot soldiers. Unequivocally, The governorship ticket appears to be hanging between the Goliath(Soludo) and David(Nwankpo).

APGA will Get it right! The Game is Still Open!