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Anambra 2021: Nwankpo Hails Soludo’s Consensus Strategy, Insist On Fair APGA Primary Election

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

The media meet on Thursday involving the governorship aspirant Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo and Journalists in his Awka Campaign Office has been sparking further controversies.

While a session of the media holds that the APGA leading governorship aspirant Nwankpo had accepted the purported consensus arrangements designed to favor Prof Chukwuma Soludo, here is our stand point at Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo campaign Organization.

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo said he was fully aware of the speculations, but said he was convinced that the governor he knew would not dare to play God with who would succeed him.

Addressing newsmen in his office in Awka, Nwankpo, a personal envoy to former President Goodluck Jonathan said both the name the mother gave him at birth, Maduaburochukwu (man is not God) and the party’s constitution would not allow the governor to impose a sole candidate on the party.

He said, “The governor has the right to promote a successor. If you make me a governor today, I’ll take interest in promoting a successor of my liking. So there’s nothing absolutely wrong in what our governor is doing. Every governor does that.

“In the case of Soludo, I don’t know how true is it, but there’s a general impression that there was even a commitment before now made by the governor to Soludo. For me, I have no controversies around the matter. If they had a deal, Soludo had the right to demand for it, and Obiano should keep his own part to retain his honor.

“The governor as a public officer, one with good disposition and a person of character, if he made a promise to Soludo, he’ll make effort to keep it. If I’m in Soludo’s shoes, I’ll demand that he keeps it. Same with Obiano.

“So why am I in the race after all? I’m here because what the governor is trying to do for Soludo is something that is not totally in his control. It’s a matter you can’t handle privately.
“One beautiful thing about our governor is that he has a unique name, which people forget. Any anytime I think about it and this issue, I look at that name, it’s Maduaburochukwu, given to him the day the mother gave birth to him. We have to go back to the governor’s history to find out why the parents gave him the name.

“This man you see today that’s called Akpukuedike with all his energy, was a weak person when he was born, in a circumstance that required that the mother would take unique steps to protect him. And it’s God that sustained him and brought him to the greatness he is which is symbolised in his name.

“So I’m sure there’s no time in the history of this state that the governor confuses himself with governor and God. Besides, the bible is clear. We’re a Christian state, the message is clear. They tell us everyday in church which the governor also listens to that it’s God that bestows kings.

“For me, that’s the first principle. I know that the governor is not playing God and people shouldn’t accuse him of that. He’s a good man just trying to look for his successor in order to keep to the promise he made. I admire him for that because it’s what a man of character should do. But God is still there.

“When governor employs people to work for him, like the Information Commissioner, who coincidentally is my friend and brother from the same local government, he’s engaged to discharge his responsibility. If his boss expects him to communicate an idea, and you know how lucid and eloquent he is, he’ll present it with all lucidity because he’s answerable to his boss and that’s what the game is all about.

“But you see, we also have a political party where we all belong to. So the governor will be lobbying and talking to the party. And I don’t think he confuses himself with the political party of which he’s the BOT chairman. There’s a rule guiding the party and the governor has the duty to sustain it.”

While advising the governor and the ex-CBN governor to seek the face of God for his will for the state, the guber hopeful not to treat him and other party contestants as outcasts but to accord them fair and equal treatment.

“So my advice to my governor and friend Chukwuma Soludo is to get on their knees and pray. We’re praying, the church is praying, everyone is praying. And make sure you don’t confuse what you’re doing with the promises of God to the people of Anambra state.

“As party members, we’re telling him, don’t forget we’re here, we fear the same constitution, we love this party, and we want it to survive. Don’t treat us in a way that, because you love one of us, we’ve become outcast. I don’t think, and I’m sure he won’t do that.

“So I understand his body language which is that he doesn’t want APGA to die and for the people of the state to know that when he took the mantle of power for APGA, that the party won’t die in his hands. He won’t do anything to break the hearts of APGA people, he won’t disenfranchise them. That’s the way I understand his body language,” Nwankpo concluded.


APGA, APC loses big as 3000 members dump parties, join PDP in Abia State

About 3,000 decampees from APGA and APC and other Parties from the 13 wards of Bende LGA have been received into the People’s. Democratic Party (PDP) with an assurance that their interest will be highly protected. Speaking while receiving the Party faithfuls during a Bende PDP Unity Rally held at the Practising School Uzuakoli, in Bende LGA, the Governor, Dr Okezie lkpeazu commended their forsight in coming into the PDP fold and assured. them that having taken the bold step, they will enjoy all the rights and privileges other members have been enjoying.Dr. Ikpeazu represented by his Deputy Sir Ude Oko Chukwu reiterates the resolve of his administration to replicate the tremendous transformation and infrastructural development currently going on in Aba to other parts of Abia.The Governor urged the new PDP members to see the total winning of PDP in subsequent elections as a great challenge that they must surmount and pointed out that having been accepted as full fledged members of PDP , they should embark on winning more docile members into the fold so that together, they will take the Local Govt Area to greater heights.In their remarks,. The member representing Bende South State Constituency, Chief Emmanuel Ndubuisi, the Chairman Bende LGA, Chief Emmanuel Onwuchekwa , the State PDP Chairman, Chief Asiforo Okere represented by Chief Gebriel Elendu and Bende PDP Chairman, Chief Dike C Dick while welcoming them said PDP is a party that believe in equity and capable of accommodating all and assured them that they will never regret coming into the PDP.Also contributing, the Deputy Chairman of Bende LGA, Mr. Promise Uzoma, former Commissioner for Tourism, Mrs Loveth Ojo Adimoha, Chief James Okpara , Chief Ukwu Rocks Emma ,Chief P.C. Mba, a PDP Chieftain Chief Iheanyi Chinasa and Chief P.C. Onyegbu while unanimously welcoming the decampees to a democratic party and assured that they are determined to take back Bende State and National Constituencies come 2023.In their various remarks, the leaders of the decampees, Mr. Alaeligwe of All Progressive Grand Alliance( APGA) Prince Emeka Igwe from All Progressive Congress ( APC) and an APC woman leader, Mrs Mercy Abraham on behalf of others said they decided to join the PDP having witnessed the kinetic and tremendous development the Governor is doing across the StateThe event which featured the formal renouncing of their membership of their former Parties by the decampees attracted the presence of top Govt Officials and PDP chieftains from Bende LGA.




“From the standpoint of the APGA grassroots activists, critical stakeholders, and faith based organizations who had scrutinised the activities of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo in comparison to the other governorship aspirants in Anambra and have found out that we need a man, that is straightforward, honest, industrious, energetic, knowledgeable, intelligent, proactive, visionary, courageous, tested, trusted, reliable, and credible to add value to Anambra State and re-engineer the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our people at this auspicious moment of back-to-land.

“A good governance compliant, Nwankpo, will ensure all the elements of good and creative governance will be used to enhance and unleash growth and development opportunities on Anambra State. Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is electable and unimpeachable with a rich and robust socio-cultural background, charismatic and influential God-Given Skills, added to a highly developed human and interpersonal skills required for attracting people of value to make the business of development smooth sailing.

“My dear Honorable National Working Committee of the APGA. The credibility and authenticity of the primary election all lies in your hand. I will as a matter of fact implore the APGA NWC to as a matter of fact ensure the primary election is free, credible and provision of a smooth level playing ground for all the aspirants.
It may interest you to know that any election that is not free and fair risks negativity in compromising party loyalists, stakeholders and supporters and it encourages sparking further conflict.”


Dear Party Faithful, I hope this letter finds you in good health. Please, permit me to congratulate you all for being the latest asset in the Anambra State political sphere.Once again the spotlight is on you, the future of our darling party All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA is in your hands. Do not throw away credibility, competence and sell your VOTES to the highest bidder.Think of the future of Anambra, your children and grandchildren and pitch your tent with the most credible candidate. However, you all have an arduous task to accomplish, a very difficult task, a task in which you stand to change the narrative and shape of Anambra State politics.As party faithfuls, there is no doubt that you want APGA to retain power in Anambra State. However, there should be an introspection by everyone of you to remember where the rain started to beat the party which led to its unexciting success in 2019 general elections. I am very sure of the facts that all the governorship aspirants are rushing all of you.Have you been lodged in hotels, lobbying and treating you all with special treats, which includes but not limited to Ofe Ogbono? And I dared to ask Awagolu gi oji- have you received your own kolanuts from the aspirants? Have you signed the popular MoU not to support any other aspirants except the last godson of the selfstyled APGA Supremo? Are you scared of losing your political appointments, or your envious position as members of the Exco in your Wards, LGAs, and State level? Are you afraid of the unknown- Egwu eji gi? Be brave! The good news is that, it’s no longer business as usual. Nothing will happen to your jobs, no one will expel you from the party. Believe, the reinvigorated APGA frowns seriously at primordial sentiments, and witch-hunting. Make no mistakes about it, nkea bu nke anyi…not nke otu onye.The solemn reason for this letter is to implore all would be delegates to realize the enormous task before you. Your one vote may be the vote that will retain the APGA in Agu Awka or the one vote that will ruin the party. All the aspirants have their campaign massages and all must have reached out. Let the goal be to elect the most formidable, sellable and most acceptable aspirant by the masses who by all indications can defeat the opposition come November 6, 2021.I understand that during the last general elections, some of you who participated in the primary elections either as delegates or stakeholders went home with thousands, and millions of naira in your pockets. I quite well understand that the depth of one’s pocket can easily secure him the ticket to be a party flag bearer, but what’s the wisdom of being rich for one day and spending the next four years in poverty and regrets?Dear party faithful, stakeholders, delegates and national working committee, your decision will determine how well the next four years would be. Today, you are the most sought after people by politicians, but have you asked yourself if you would be sought after the primaries, and main election.Forgive me for coming hard on you, but the candidate you will give ndi Anambra will not only bear our fate but yours as well. Before you pitch tent with any gubernatorial aspirant, please ask yourself what your candidate will do for ndi Anambra; will he be better than the incumbent Governor Willie Obiano? Will he continue his good works, complete ongoing projects or abandon them for white elephant projects? Will he sustain the successes recorded by Governor Obiano, in quality health care, education, security, human capacity developments, jobs creation, infrastructural developments, workers welfare, will he pay them as at when due? What will his policies be like? Will they favor the common man on the streets or just the elites? Will he turn his back at both you and Akpokuedike? Will he start witch-hunting Chief Willie Obiano and his lieutenants? Will he become intoxicated with power and start chasing our illustrious sons out of the state? Will he become a tyrant, unapproachable, stubborn, stingy, “chop alone”,selfish, wicked, arrogant, demigod and “Eze onye agwana mu”? Will he be running after big-nyash, and ara umuaka anyi, as governance suffers?Dear APGA faithful, I implore you not to sell your conscience for any kind of gratification which is not good governance, but if you must, do not collect peanuts. Remember, an aspirant who pays you at the primary election won’t be accountable to anyone because he has settled you, he paid for your support, and doesn’t owe you anything, going forward. Let’s rally round a candidate who will build the Anambra of our dream. Let’s throw our weight on the credible candidate, let’s give our support to the real man. One who has no godfather, one who has no political baggages, one who will unite our party, bring all the aggrieved members back to the fold. Let’s support the peacemaker, not a troublemaker, not a pompous, arrogant and selfish politician. Don’t be deceived into believing there buckets of lies else you will be disappointed at the last minute.From the standpoint of the APGA grassroots activists, critical stakeholders, and faith based organizations who had scrutinised the activities of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo in comparison to the other governorship aspirants in Anambra and have found out that we need a man, that is straightforward, honest, industrious, energetic, knowledgeable, intelligent, proactive, visionary, courageous, tested, trusted, reliable, and credible to add value to Anambra State and re-engineer the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our people at this auspicious moment of back-to-land.A good governance compliant, Nwankpo, will ensure all the elements of good and creative governance will be used to enhance and unleash growth and development opportunities on Anambra State. Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is electable and unimpeachable with a rich and robust socio-cultural background, charismatic and influential God-Given Skills, added to a highly developed human and interpersonal skills required for attracting people of value to make the business of development smooth sailing.My dear Honorable National Working Committee of the APGA. The credibility and authenticity of the primary election all lies in your hand. I will as a matter of fact implore the APGA NWC to as a matter of fact ensure the primary election is free, credible and provision of a smooth level playing ground for all the aspirants.It may interest you to know that any election that is not free and fair risks negativity in compromising party loyalists, stakeholders and supporters and it encourages sparking further conflict.EkenemDr. Harris Chuma-Odili FCMsp
Ogene Igbo, Ijiji eji nma achughari, isi okpukpu 1 of Oyi na Omambala.
Eze Ogbono Ndigbo. Writes from Ogbunike Cave

APGA Guber Ticket: The “David and Goliath”, by Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

Prof Soludo

The Anambra governorship election scheduled for November 6, 2021 has set the political events revolving around major political parties in the state. In All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA, the intrigues surrounding who emerges candidate appears to be deepening.

According to those who claim to understand the body language of the powers that be, and decision makers in the APGA party Prof Chukwuma Soludo had appeared ready to take the party’s flag in the primaries, but, lately the intrigues within the party have chucked him out. The move to impose any gubernatorial aspirants has been kicked against vehemently by democrats in the APGA party, and have been jettisoned; the move to coopt, rattle and force the party stakeholders to believe that the APGA leadership cadre had endorsed any candidate was also jack-booted, and thrown out of the window; the sinister plot that saw some unsuspecting government appointees aggregated under one roof to sign a referendum was rejected, torn to shreds, and dissed by the party’s brave hearted loyalists who dared the proponents to a wrestling bout. The latest maradonic dribble of subjecting all party ward chairmen to sign a document endorsing Prof Soludo was aggressively challenged and discarded by the real lovers of the APGA, men and women who stood against the desperate attempt at trading their conscience, dignity on the alter of unholy political patronage, defective partisan innuendos, and wanton rhetorics.

Nze Nwankpo

As it stands, the APGA “Goliath”, Prof Soludo, would have sailed through the tides without worries, but APGA is not, and cannot be PDP where a man with the highest connect with “Abuja Lords” snatches guber tickets, fluke like a faulty aircraft and land-crashes at the polls. In the APGA, the stipulated democratic principles would apply, the party members,stakeholders, and leadership should be on the same page in any given events. The political energy needed to fight against opposition elements should not be dissipated trying effortlessly to impose anyone on the people, the ticket must not go to anyone unchallenged, uncontested.

Without mincing words,the coast is increasingly becoming clearer ahead of the governorship primary election. And from all indications, critical permutations, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo has been, apparently favoured, despite the odds to clinch the ticket of the APGA at the party primaries. The “David” of the APGA, will no doubt get the positive nod of the real party faithfuls who would rather have him as the best choice candidate largely due to his astute leadership qualities, unblemished records, adjudged electability, and acceptability. Nwankpo’s delectable mein, civility, and humility is self evident, his respect for the party structures, leadership and constitutional principles have endeared him to the APGA party loyalists, and foot soldiers. Unequivocally, The governorship ticket appears to be hanging between the Goliath(Soludo) and David(Nwankpo). However, speculations are rife that the group pushing the Goliath are running helter skelter with agreement Forms obtaining cosmetic endorsements under duress, and have concluded plans to move for the disqualification of the “David” of APGA following his rising popularity amongst the party people, and across all divides, and platforms. The plot has been designed to deny the David access to Nomination Forms by the superimposers. I will advise that they should not be wary about David and his almighty catapult. Such desperate move should be put under check. The story is rather funny, indeed.

Tension has been building up within the APGA ahead of the governorship primary election in the light of the impending fallout between the Cabal pushing the Goliath and literarily the underdogs supporting the David. Following this development the party leadership, should not be distracted with the antics of the former. The APGA leadership should ensure a level playing ground for the David and Goliath, conduct a free, transparent and credible primary to select its governorship candidate.


APC, APGA lose 3000 members to PDP as mass defection hit parties in Abia

More than 3, 000 members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Abia State have decamped to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Making this known in his address during a well attended PDP stakeholders meeting held at Okpara Auditorium, Government House, Umuahia, under the leadership of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Chairman of the PDP in Abia, Rt Hon Asiforo Okere while giving account of the recent tour of Abia LGAs embarked upon by the party leadership in the state said, “we rebuilt the confidence of our members and strengthened their tiers of unity. The hallmark of that was our harvest of not less than 2,000 opposition members particularly of APC and APGA stock across the state.

“In addition, new members numbering over 3,000 came up at different LGAs across the state and declared openly for the party.”

In his remarks, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu who congratulated members of the party on the successful recent local government elections in the state, assured them that his administration will not allow itself to be distracted by the opposition who, according to him, are bent on attempting to lure him into joining issues with them politically and abandon the ongoing rapid development of the state.

He briefed party members on ongoing projects of his administration assuring that he intends to complete all projects started by his administration before 2023. “Abia is a PDP state and the other party has nothing to offer our people now or in future, hence, their resort to propaganda of defection”, he said.

Continuing, Governor Ikpeazu said, “our people know that they are better off with PDP and will never agree to return to the dark days represented by those now masquerading as APC leaders. We know their pedigree and footprints in this state and when it is time I will challenge them to come forward and show the people of the state what they have done for them both in the past and present”.

Also speaking, Senators T. A. Orji and Enyinnaya Abaribe called for unity of purpose among party members to ensure that the party consolidates in the state and expressed appreciation to Governor Ikpeazu for his focused efforts to deliver quality infrastructure to the people of the state.

The National Organising Secretary of the PDP, Colonel Austin Akobundu, announced that the party was set to embark on fresh membership registration drive in the country and called on members to treat all new members as equal members.

Others at the well attended meeting include the Deputy Governor, Rt Hon Ude Oko Chukwu, current and former PDP members of the National Assembly. Speaker of Abia State House of assembly, Engr Chinedum Orji, and members of the state House of Assembly, members of the state Executive Council, Local Government Chairmen, party leaders and stakeholders from all the LGAs, including Chief Emma Nwaka, Chief Tony Ukasanya, Prof Greg Ibe, among others.

I left APGA because of Its Incompetent Leadership  — Alex Otti

By George Samuel, Abuja

Former gubernatorial candidate of All Progressives Grand Alliance( APGA) and former Managing Director of defunct Diamond Bank, Dr Alex Otti, OFR, in this interview with ‘The Nigeria Daily’ revealed his reasons for dumping his former political party, APGA. According to Otti, the executive Governor of Anambra State who doubles as the national leader of APGA refused to consider the complaints of party stakeholders against the national Chairman, Chief Victor Oye and returned him for a second term . The former Bank chief also discussed his new political party among other issues.


Your article on the mismanagement of monies saved by former Governor of Anambra state, Mr Peter Obi by his successor Gov. Willie Obiano was controversial, considering you belong to the same polital party with him. Is there any rift with the governor?

First of all, the article in question did not mention Governor Willie Obiano and I am not in a position to discuss the management of Anambra funds by Obiano. The article was on Leadership and the six ‘Cs’ of leadership. I used the example of Peter Obi to celebrate Prudence as against Profligacy.

As a former CEO of Diamond bank I knew about the money Peter Obi invested in Nigerian banks for Anambra State. The money were in Tier 2 capital of three banks: Access Bank- 50 million dollars, Diamond bank- 50 million dollars and Fidelity Bank- 55 million dollars. I concentrated on dollars only to drive home my point. I chose to ignore the Naira savings for the purpose of the write up.

The exchange rate at the time of these investments in 2014 was about N160 per dollar. In 2019 when the investments would have matured, because they were Tier 2 capital of these banks exchange rate had moved to about N360. If you add the Naira equivalent to the interest rate of about 9%, the net balance would be about N95B.

So, what was I trying to say? My point was that if you are able to cut your coat according to your cloth, you will be able to save. There is no need pretending that we are rich when we are poor. I gave an example with Peter Obi, he could have been flying private jets, but you will see him all the time in the economy cabin of planes both local and international and he would travel alone, I was not saying that everybody should do that. I was just saying that you need to look at the resources available to you, and that applies to the federal and local governments too not only the state governments.

Today we spend over 70% of our budget on recurrent expenditure so we have less than 30% for capital expenditure and I dare say that that is why we have infrastructural decay everywhere. We can’t develop with that kind of arrangement. Today we are owning about N79.3billion dollars, we are still going to borrow anywhere between 10 and 15bilion dollars this year to fund the budget, even though it has been reviewed. We are spending close to 60% of our revenue on servicing debt, no economy runs that way.

So, the essence of that article is that we need to hit the reset button and think of our economy again, can we afford funding up to 469 legislators in National Assembly. Can we cut it down, can we even afford 36 states? Why can’t we re-organize ourselves into regions and save on the cost of governance? It is the cost of governance that wouldn’t let us breath and the corona virus has given us the opportunity to look at it again. Look at healthcare, we spend about 6%-7% of our budget on healthcare. World Health Organization requires us to spend a minimum of 15% of our budget on public healthcare. I had written extensively on this.

Today we are all on lockdown, nobody can go anywhere, people are dying daily, and the public healthcare is decrepit , so we just need to change things. That my article was about leadership and unfortunately people have left the issue I was talking about and they are talking about governors, I am not interested in that narrative.

You ran for governor twice under All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA) , What’s your relationship with Governor of Anambra state who is the leader of the party?

I don’t have any issue with Governor Obiano as a person, I only disagreed with him on the way he returned the former chairman of the party, Victor Oye who messed up the last primaries in some states, particularly Imo and Abia. Many people complained about being extorted by the former Chairman promising to hand them tickets which he failed to do. There were a lot of protests against the former Chairman and but the leader of the party insisted on imposing him for a second term. That action led to the factionalisation of the party. Unfortunately, two other people are laying claims to the Chairmanship of the party at the moment. I sincerely believe that if we sat down to organize ourselves, the party wouldn’t be having the problems it has today. But he insisted that he wanted to give Victor Oye a second tenure as the leader of the party, so it’s for members of the party to decide how they want to react to that. I have taken my own decision. There is an election coming up in Anambra soon and I believe that if the party continues to carry on with impunity ignoring many voices that have raised objections against the way things are done, it will be a miracle for the party to hold on to the State. Other than that, Obiano and I have great relationship, we are friends, we were in the banking industry together and I gave my little support to his second term bid.

Your Excellency, you are a political leader in Abia state, you are very popular and people are still looking up to you for this leadership we are talking about. Recently there is this rumour that some of your loyal members from APGA decamped to APC and there is this rumour going around that Alex Otti is now an APC member. Is it true? Are you now an APC member?

Well, when I’m going to join any party, I’ll be the one to make the announcement. Until that announcement is made, people should not railroad me into any political party. Everybody has the right to join any political party that they wish to join , some of my members that joined APC have the right to. When the time comes for me to make a public announcement about my future politically, I’ll do that. That is where I’ll leave for now.

So, are you trying to say your loyalists decamped without consulting you?

If you understand politics, it is about choice and freewill. People decide what they want to do, you can advise them but at the end of the day, they take their decisions. So, if anybody has joined APC based on their dissatisfaction with the present party, I can’t hold them. So at the appointed time like I said, I’ll make an announcement. But what I know is that I have already indicated my intention to leave APGA, that one is clear. Where I’m going to, I’ll make the announcement at the appointed time.

Are you satisfied with the current leadership in Abia? You have ran for governor twice and came out unsuccessful. Would you still run for governor in 2023?

As a mark of respect for the governor who had been sick in the last few weeks, I will make no comment on the leadership of the state.

On 2023, it is a whopping 3 years from now. Nobody knows what is going to happen in 2023, I think it is still too early to decide . For now, we are contributing our little quota by giving advise and suggestions in our fortnightly column, “Outside The Box”. We also give pieces of advice both solicited and non-solicited to ensure that our governments work. That is what we are doing. So, when the time comes for decisions to be made, you will be amongst the first to know.

BREAKING! Otti Alex dumps APGA for APC

All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Abia State governorship candidate in the 2015 and 2019 elections, Dr. Alex Otti has dumped the party he financed in the past five years for the All Progressives Congress (APC).Otti’s political associate, Chief David Ogba (Bourdex) who contested the Abia North senatorial zone seat in 2015 and 2019 on the platform of APGA, had already joined APC, while another of his political associates, Chief Chris Nkwonta, who vied for the Abia South senatorial district seat on the platform of APGA in the last election, is also expected to join APC alongside Otti.Otti, former managing director/chief executive of defunct Diamond bank, contested the governor of the state on the platform of APGA in 2015 and 2019 is believed to have joined APC with his numerous supporters in the state.The ex-banker investigation revealed had already registered in his ward and was waiting for the appropriate time to make his move and that of his supporters over to APC public.A chieftain of the APC in the state who wouldn’t want his name in print confirmed that Otti had joined the party, although it had not been made public due to logistics reasons.The party chieftain said but for the coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown, APC in the state could have received the former APGA governorship candidate into the party in the first week of April, stressing that plans are still afloat to formerly receive Otti and his group into APC.According to the party chieftain, “APC Abia chapter had concluded plans to receive Alex Otti and his supporters into the party in the first week of April at the Umuahia Township stadium, but for the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, after this period of the coronavirus, we are going to formerly receive him and his supporters into APC at an elaborate reception”.When contacted, Otti’s media aide, Ferdinand Ekeoma could not confirm or deny the report.Ekeoma said his principal would in due course make public his decision on the issue.

OPINION: Abia APGA, a conflicted party in search of redemption

Our attention has been drawn to a recent press release credited to a faction of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in Abia State, endorsed by one Nkem Okoro who masqueraded as Chairman of the Party, over the widely acclaimed and celebrated confirmation of erudite Prof Mkpa Agu Mkpa as Chairman of Abia State Independent Electoral Commission (ABSIEC).

For the avoidance of doubt, we wish to state that the legal proof of membership of a political party is the due registration and enrollment into the party’s register. As at today, Prof Mkpa’s name is not in the PDP membership register in his Amaeke Abiriba ward. He is therefore not a member of the party in the state or at national level regardless of whatever sentiment he has towards any politician. Prof Mkpa who is a nationally celebrated academic of distinction and award winning scholar was the Vice Chancellor of Abia State Universty, Uturu, and also served as the State Commissioner for Education and later the Secretary to Abia State Government under different administrations in the state. He is not the first technocrat to serve his people and service to the people of Abia state must be distinguished from service to a political party.

That the APGA faction formulated their theory of his membership of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on the basis that Prof Mkpa was named among the members of the “Governor Okezie Ikpeazu Advisory Council” is laughable and speaks to shallowness of reasoning. A cursory review of those in that same list will reveal that most of them are elder statesmen in Abia State whose primary assignment was to advise the Governor on how the 2019 polls would be conducted peacefully and seamlessly. That council whose Membership included many who previously supported APGA and APC in 2015 must be distinguished from the PDP Campaign Council which is made up of card carrying members of the PDP. It is also instructive to note that in 2015 Dr Ikpeazu raised a similar council that included technocrats like Chief Emeka Onwuka and Dr Enelamah who helped to define the economic and political course of the Governor that has seen Abia experience economic growth while maintaining a pride of place as the most peaceful state in the country today.

Furthermore, that Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, eminent lawyer, Femi Falana and Prof Chukwuma Soludo expressed public sentiments seemingly in favor of President Buhari as a candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the run up to the 2015 general elections does not in any way make them card carrying members of APC. Again, the constitutional proof of membership of a political party is ownership of a duly issued political party’s membership card.

The most laughable part of the release from Nkem Okoro whose antecedents are well known to Abians is the following statement: “Professor Mkpa was the Secretary to the State Government under the former PDP ignoble rule of T. A. Orji that gave birth to the present regime”. Incidentally, Mazi Nkem Okoro also served as an appointed Transition Council Chairman under the same administration he has now described as “ignoble”. He should therefore immediately resign his membership of the factional APGA over his self confessed ignoble activities during that administration and that of Orji Uzor Kalu where he benefited from a “return return” LGA election against the will of Arochukwu people. Apparently he saw the Ochendo administration from the view point of his ignominious personal activities and must therefore be called out publicly. It is instructive that the Ochendo administration promptly sacked him as a Transition Council Chairman.

More so, we are aware that the Reverend Augustine Ehiemere-led faction of APGA expelled Nkem Okoro from the party last year, hence, his endorsement of a press statement as “State Chairman, APGA” amounts to criminal impersonation as highlighted by the factional APGA Secretary,
Barr Onukwubiri, who recently wrote:
“Nkem Okoro does not and can not represent APGA Abia state, he has since last year been expelled from the party. He should stop impersonating the state chairman of our party REV’D AUGUSTINE EHIEMERE. Nkem Okoro ceases to be member of APGA since 2019.”

It is heartwarming that Nkem Okoro and his band of Coronavirus-like Politicians did not doubt the fact that Prof Mkpa is a highly competent Abian with capacity to conduct the best possible LGA election in the state and beyond. Obviously, they were rankled by the fact that the erudite Professor vowed to disqualify those who invade our political space with fake and forged certificates. Apparently those are the type of characters associated with the Nkem Okoro faction of APGA as evidenced in those fielded by the party in many state elections in 2015 and 2019.

In all, the statutory power to confirm a nominee for the position of ABSIEC Chairman rests with the Abia State House of Assembly. That House unanimously, with elected members of APGA participating, confirmed Prof Mkpa as a fit and proper person to serve in that capacity. That is the end of discussion!

Chief Mrs Love Ezema FCIPM mni.
Acting Publicity Secretary
Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Abia State Chapter

APGA Anambra State Holds Retreat

Valentine Mbadugha

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Anambra State chapter is holding a retreat in Awka.

The one day retreat is organized for all the State Executive, elected members of House of Assembly and National Assembly members.

The ongoing event at Royal Garden Hotel and Suites, Nibo, Awka South Local Government Area kicked off with accreditation and registration of participants.

The party’s National Chairman, Chief Victor Oye has arrived the venue and undergone the accreditation process.

Expected to address the participants is the Executive Governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano.

The maiden edition of the Anambra State APGA retreat has it’s theme as, “Thirteen years of APGA glorious government in Anambra State: Need For Sustainability “