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Anambra 2021: Nwankpo Hails Soludo’s Consensus Strategy, Insist On Fair APGA Primary Election

Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

The media meet on Thursday involving the governorship aspirant Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo and Journalists in his Awka Campaign Office has been sparking further controversies.

While a session of the media holds that the APGA leading governorship aspirant Nwankpo had accepted the purported consensus arrangements designed to favor Prof Chukwuma Soludo, here is our stand point at Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo campaign Organization.

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo said he was fully aware of the speculations, but said he was convinced that the governor he knew would not dare to play God with who would succeed him.

Addressing newsmen in his office in Awka, Nwankpo, a personal envoy to former President Goodluck Jonathan said both the name the mother gave him at birth, Maduaburochukwu (man is not God) and the party’s constitution would not allow the governor to impose a sole candidate on the party.

He said, “The governor has the right to promote a successor. If you make me a governor today, I’ll take interest in promoting a successor of my liking. So there’s nothing absolutely wrong in what our governor is doing. Every governor does that.

“In the case of Soludo, I don’t know how true is it, but there’s a general impression that there was even a commitment before now made by the governor to Soludo. For me, I have no controversies around the matter. If they had a deal, Soludo had the right to demand for it, and Obiano should keep his own part to retain his honor.

“The governor as a public officer, one with good disposition and a person of character, if he made a promise to Soludo, he’ll make effort to keep it. If I’m in Soludo’s shoes, I’ll demand that he keeps it. Same with Obiano.

“So why am I in the race after all? I’m here because what the governor is trying to do for Soludo is something that is not totally in his control. It’s a matter you can’t handle privately.
“One beautiful thing about our governor is that he has a unique name, which people forget. Any anytime I think about it and this issue, I look at that name, it’s Maduaburochukwu, given to him the day the mother gave birth to him. We have to go back to the governor’s history to find out why the parents gave him the name.

“This man you see today that’s called Akpukuedike with all his energy, was a weak person when he was born, in a circumstance that required that the mother would take unique steps to protect him. And it’s God that sustained him and brought him to the greatness he is which is symbolised in his name.

“So I’m sure there’s no time in the history of this state that the governor confuses himself with governor and God. Besides, the bible is clear. We’re a Christian state, the message is clear. They tell us everyday in church which the governor also listens to that it’s God that bestows kings.

“For me, that’s the first principle. I know that the governor is not playing God and people shouldn’t accuse him of that. He’s a good man just trying to look for his successor in order to keep to the promise he made. I admire him for that because it’s what a man of character should do. But God is still there.

“When governor employs people to work for him, like the Information Commissioner, who coincidentally is my friend and brother from the same local government, he’s engaged to discharge his responsibility. If his boss expects him to communicate an idea, and you know how lucid and eloquent he is, he’ll present it with all lucidity because he’s answerable to his boss and that’s what the game is all about.

“But you see, we also have a political party where we all belong to. So the governor will be lobbying and talking to the party. And I don’t think he confuses himself with the political party of which he’s the BOT chairman. There’s a rule guiding the party and the governor has the duty to sustain it.”

While advising the governor and the ex-CBN governor to seek the face of God for his will for the state, the guber hopeful not to treat him and other party contestants as outcasts but to accord them fair and equal treatment.

“So my advice to my governor and friend Chukwuma Soludo is to get on their knees and pray. We’re praying, the church is praying, everyone is praying. And make sure you don’t confuse what you’re doing with the promises of God to the people of Anambra state.

“As party members, we’re telling him, don’t forget we’re here, we fear the same constitution, we love this party, and we want it to survive. Don’t treat us in a way that, because you love one of us, we’ve become outcast. I don’t think, and I’m sure he won’t do that.

“So I understand his body language which is that he doesn’t want APGA to die and for the people of the state to know that when he took the mantle of power for APGA, that the party won’t die in his hands. He won’t do anything to break the hearts of APGA people, he won’t disenfranchise them. That’s the way I understand his body language,” Nwankpo concluded.


Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo’s Governorship Bid Receives Boost As Media Gurus Visit Campaign HQs

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

The Nigeria Union of Journalists Anambra State Council, comprising of Newspaper Publishers, News Reporters, Online News Bloggers, Print and Electronic Media Practitioners Thursday had a press parley with the APGA frontline governorship aspirant Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo at his campaign office headquarters in Awka.Coming under the aegis of Journalists for Good Governance, the journalists appraised the Nwankpo’s Manifesto, and his political exploits while serving under ex President Goodluck Jonathan and reasoned that it was in the interest of the state for all to rally support as strategic partners in the Nwankpo’s governorship bid.The Journalists whose position was made known by the State Chairman, Comrade Emma Ifesinachi said further that, they were confounded by the Nwankpo’s rich and people oriented manifesto, and believed that it will be profound for Ndi Anambra to support Nwankpo’s governorship ambition.

On the rumoured imposition of candidates in the major political parties. The NUJ Chairman said “The league of journalists for Good Governance have kicked against the imposition of candidates as party flag bearers describing it as non democratic, and repugnant to natural justice. We call for a level playing ground for all the aspirants.”They announced with great delight and sense of responsibility that the journalists in the state will monitor thoroughly all the processes leading to the guber polls and report the events, accordingly.

They urged all governorship aspirants in various political parties to make themselves available for the rigors of primary elections, to enable members of the party participate in the process of selecting the best candidates.”They pledged to partner the Governorship aspirant Nwankpo in marketing his manifesto ahead of the 2021 gubernatorial election.“As the November 6, 2021 governorship election beckons, we are committed to deploying our resources and goodwill to ensure that the right man is elected Governor of this State.”

This, they promised to do through continuous profiling of the aspirants through their respective platforms, as part of their corporate goals of promoting good governance and ensuring collective growth of the State.

The highly elated Nze Nwankpo who appreciated the media professionals on the visit, encouraged them to continue considering the state’s interest above every other sentiments.He said the success of Anambra governorship election 2021 will rebirth and berth a new dawn in the quest to make the state great. He promised to sustain the good works of Governor Willie Obiano if elected as his successor.Nze Nwankpo said he will create opportunities that would be of great benefits to Anambra families.

He said his government will boost the media industry, partner with the journalists in the state, and invest hugely in the state owned print and electronic media houses, and render massive support to the non state actors.“If elected as the governor of Anambra State, my office will be opened to partnership with any group or individuals ready to offer its services in the various programmes of the state government”

Social Media Influencers, Online Bloggers, dozens of journalists from both print and electronic media were at the Media Parley.




“From the standpoint of the APGA grassroots activists, critical stakeholders, and faith based organizations who had scrutinised the activities of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo in comparison to the other governorship aspirants in Anambra and have found out that we need a man, that is straightforward, honest, industrious, energetic, knowledgeable, intelligent, proactive, visionary, courageous, tested, trusted, reliable, and credible to add value to Anambra State and re-engineer the creative and entrepreneurial skills of our people at this auspicious moment of back-to-land.

“A good governance compliant, Nwankpo, will ensure all the elements of good and creative governance will be used to enhance and unleash growth and development opportunities on Anambra State. Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo is electable and unimpeachable with a rich and robust socio-cultural background, charismatic and influential God-Given Skills, added to a highly developed human and interpersonal skills required for attracting people of value to make the business of development smooth sailing.

“My dear Honorable National Working Committee of the APGA. The credibility and authenticity of the primary election all lies in your hand. I will as a matter of fact implore the APGA NWC to as a matter of fact ensure the primary election is free, credible and provision of a smooth level playing ground for all the aspirants.
It may interest you to know that any election that is not free and fair risks negativity in compromising party loyalists, stakeholders and supporters and it encourages sparking further conflict.”

Attack On Isuofia Civic Center: Police, Obiano get Kudos For Rescuing Kidnap Victim, Commissioner Ezenwanne

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp

Former Aide to Ex President Goodluck Jonathan, and Governorship aspirant Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo has praised the state police command for rescuing the Commissioner for Water Resources and Public Utilities Hon Engr Emeka Ezenwanne who was abducted last Wednesday when unknown gunmen invaded the Prof Chukwuma Soludo’s town hall meeting at Isuofia Civic Center.

Nze Nwankpo also hailed the executive governor of Anambra state Chief Willie Obiano for his commitment to public security, and for working with the security agencies to rescue the victim.

He commended the Commissioner of Police and expressed happiness that the police rescued the victim unhurt and recording success in the study of facts to unravel the mystery behind the despicable act. Nwankpo urged law enforcement agencies to ensure that the perpetrators of the heinous crime do not go scot-free, unpunished.

He described the collaboration between the police and Anambra state government as a beautiful example of synergy for a peaceful and crime-free society.
Nwankpo praised the governor who always provided requisite infrastructure and support to security agencies to render effective service to the people.

Nze Nwankpo advised residents to be vigilant, give security agencies information on suspicious movements and characters so that the state will become uncomfortable for criminals.

He joined Prof Soludo in thanking God for the release of his in law, Hon. Engr Emeka Ezenwanne unhurt. He once more commiserated with Soludo Campaign Organization for the unfortunate incident, and prayed for the repose of the three slained police officers at Isuofia Civic Center during the attack. “May the good Lord grant the families of the slained police officers the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss”.



Reacting to the gunmen’s attack on a Channels TV interview, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the ex CBN boss, said: “Gov. Willie Obiano and Ndi Anambra are demanding for Soludo”.

When will this name-dropping stop? Can’t Prof Soludo get along without dropping names? Can’t he run issues-based campaign without dragging the Governor into his political mercenary? Why is he consistently ingrained and unrepentantly pillorying the Governor to pick him as a successor? Is it by force by fire? Is it do or die? Why would a man, who claimed he had all the necessary contacts in the world to be whatever he wanted, be scared and panicky to face other contenders at the party’s primary election? Who is afraid of APGA’s primary election? Who?

Does it imply that without scripting Governor Obiano into his campaign drama, there’s nothing else in his manifesto? Why would ‘My Prof’ consider it a huge task convincing APGA members to support his candidature? Can’t he run the Gubernatorial race without k-leg?

Prof Soludo should change his campaign tactics, it’s not working. It’s heating up the system, and political sentiments are rife intra-par. The truth is that things have evolved; the APGA of today should not be cowed into submission with the slapstick comedy our erudite scholar is exhibiting, lately.

Meanwhile, be informed that this style of politicking is obsolete, and no longer attractive. Stop dragging the Governor along the dishonourable path; APGA does not gift tickets anymore, it is no longer business as usual. Times have changed, events have redefined the status quo. Aga atu ya atu!

APGA ticket can be likened to a bride with too many suitors, while the Governor is the father of the bride. Soludo, for four years you were admiring the bride (APGA Gubernatorial ticket), you were frequenting the bride’s home without making a proposal to her. You kept winking at the bride’s father thinking that he understood your interest in his daughter. Soludo, while you had the ample opportunity, good enough time to propose to the bride, you were busy winking at the father, and smiling like the eunuchs. In the process, other interested suitors saw the lacuna, understood the bride was without a groom, paw…they swooped in on her; in torrents, marriage proposals started pouring in, seeking the hand of the bride in marriage before you suddenly realised and jerked to reality. Funnily, you were all along busy hobnobbing with the bride’s father without talking to the bride.

Prof, you were not ready to officially declare your intention to contest the Governorship election, until other interested candidates showed up, visited the Party House before you, and made their intentions known. Perhaps you were waiting for the bride to jump into your waiting arms, or the bride’s father to woe her on your behalf. Prof Soludo get on with your Gubernatorial campaigns, but stop dragging the Governor’s name up and down. You can still attract sympathy and support without singing to the world that the Governor promised to hand over the reins of power to you. Asking for ‘Option A4’ Primary election is the biggest fraud that will happen if APGA leadership concurs to your whims and caprices. You told the world that you are a BOT member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, that you know how the party operates and have suggested that Option-A4 be adopted.

Prof you cannot be a judge in your own case. You want to create a situation where people will not cast votes based on their personal convictions rather pay lip service to the cabal you have conscientiously placed above the party members? The spirit of democracy does not reside in you our dearest Prof. Me thinks, it’s high time you stopped running the old-fashioned style of political campaign, think and rejig your campaign strategy. Extricate the ever-busy and hardworking Governor Willie Obiano from your political rhetorics.

Before Barr. Babatunde Raji Fashola became the Lagos State Governor, he didn’t tell the world that the then incumbent Governor, Bola Tinubu, promised him Gubernatorial ticket. He didn’t suggest to the party how he would like the Party Primary election to go. He didn’t make noise about it. Fashola concentrated on building his manifesto in preparation to convincing the world that he would make a good Governor.

Dear Professor of Economics, take my advice; go and learn the basic principles of politics. Consult your age long friends, who are Professors of ‘politics’, you will be afforded tutorials on how the game is played. Riding on the back of the unfortunate attack at the Isuofia Civic Centre to run a Gubernatorial campaign is desperation. May the souls of the gallant Police officers, who lost their lives in the line of duty, rest in perfect peace!
God heal the wounded hearts!


My personal opinion this minute! Make no mistakes about it! No apologies!

– Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp (Ogene Igbo, writes from Ogbunike Cave).

Nwankpo Condemns The Attack On Prof Soludo’s Town Hall Meeting At Isuofia

By Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili

The ex Presidential Aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, and All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA frontline governorship aspirant Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo has strongly condemned the attack on Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s town hall meeting with the youths of his home town Isuofia.

Prof Soludo escaped the attack by unknown gunmen on Wednesday night at Isuofia Civic Center while he was having a deliberation with youths of the area. Three of his police escorts were however reportedly killed in the attack. The Anambra’s Police spokesman Ikenganyia Tochukwu Anthony confirmed on thursday that arrest had been made and investigations were underway.

Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Organization strongly condemn the gruesome attack. In a telephone conversation with Prof Soludo lastnite, Nwankpo commiserated with him over the death of his Police escorts. He encouraged the former CBN boss not to be deterred by the antics of the enemies of the state. He thanked God he was not hurt, and for saving him from the dastardly act. He wished him quick recovery from the traumatic experience.

Whiles expressing his condolences to Prof Soludo, the Nigeria Police Force, and families of the slained security officials, Nwankpo said
‘‘This is not in our culture, ndi Anambra are peace loving people. I will continue to stress that any attack on our security forces is an attack on everyone. Our security agencies should not be discouraged in carrying out their civic duties, we should all rise to support the security agencies in the state, and help put an end to these barbaric acts. It is totally reprehensible and unacceptable.’‘

He also added
“My thoughts and prayers are with the victims & their families.”

ANAMBRA 2021: I Am the Joker –Okonkwo

Frontline aspirant of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the governorship election holding in Anambra state in November 2021, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo, has said that he is the joker on PDP’s card for the election.

He also said that he is the king on the chessboard of the party going into the election.

Speaking when he addressed the party’s National Working Committee (NWC), members, supports and associates as he submitted his Expression of Interest (EoI) and Nomination forms to the party, Tuesday, Okonkwo said that as the king on the chessboard, he will guarantee that Anambra state returns to PDP in November.

“I am the joker. I am the king on the chessboard. In the game of chess the king ought to be protected for victory to be assured”, he said.

Okonkwo, who was received at Wadata House amid fanfare from various dance groups, said he had recently concluded a tour of the 21 local government areas of the state, where he met with, and addressed the party’s stakeholders, statutory delegates, local government and ward executives.

He disclosed that from the responses he got during the tour, he was certain to deliver the state to PDP in the November election.

According to him, “Anambra people yearn to return to the PDP and they are waiting for me to lead them back. I assure you that with free, fair and transparent primary election, I will not only win the primary but go ahead to win the November election in a landslide.

“Besides, it is not only about winning the election; we shall govern the state in such a way that Nigerians will be proud of the PDP”, he added.

Noting that though several aspirants had purchased the party’s forms to contest in the election, Okonkwo however, said there is only one aspirant to beat.

“That aspirant is me. I am the best of the best”, he said.

Receiving Okonkwo’s forms at an elaborate ceremony which held at the Party’s Conference Hall, National Organizing Secretary of the PDP, Col. Austin Akobundu said Okonkwo’s capacity and suitability for the Anambra top job, was not in doubt.

Akobundu, who lauded Okonkwo for his continued support for the party, both is good and bad times, said however that the June 26 primary election of the PDP would be free, fair and openly transparent.

“I assure you that the primary election will be free, fair and transparent. The National Working Committee of PDP will not condone any act of wrongdoing that will impugn the integrity of our primary election because once the primary of free and fair and transparent, you build trust among all members even in those that lose”, he said.

APGA Guber Ticket Tussle: The Demand For A Level Playing Ground For David and Goliath, Others, by Harris Chuma-Odili

In all his previous gubernatorial outings, it is on record that the former CBN governor Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo never contested primary elections; always had his ways of getting a consensus nod, and running away with party ticket.

Same move he strategically reintroduced, reinstated, and fraternized with some cabals who are hell-bent on marketing his wares. But, the latest developments in the All Progressives Grand Alliance APGA appeared to have demystified the conservative politician, and have opened up vista of opportunities for the guber aspirants to jostle for the party’s guber ticket.

It may no longer be business as usual, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo will likely face the ballot at the party primaries. He was overheard suggesting to the party leaders to adopt an Option-A4, whatever that means, appeared alien to the APGA’s legal instrument, the constitution.

In 2010 governorship election, Soludo was said to have been endorsed by members of the National working Committee(NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP led by its National Chairman, Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, along with that of Senator Emma Anosike as his running mate. Their emergence followed a secret meeting of the NWC which was held for the purpose of picking the candidate as a result of the inability of the party to successfully conduct its state primaries.

The party had to relocate to a secret venue to meet and finally came out with a name of its candidate(Soludo).The party attempted to encourage the 47 aspirants to agree on a consensus candidate among themselves but this move also hit the rocks. Soludo armed with the PDP guber ticket ran to the polls and crashed.That unpopular decision of the scandalous “imposition” still hunt PDP Anambra till date.

Fast-forward to 2021, Prof Soludo(Goliath) is at it again, presently, he is said to be lobbying the APGA Leadership to hand-pick and super impose him on the party delegates as a consensus candidate, but the APGA “David” Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo had changed the narrative when he courageously declared his intention to succeed Governor Willie Obiano. Nwankpo is the first APGA Guber aspirant to visit the state Exco members at the secretariat where he publicly and officially declared his intention to vie for the office of the governor.

The infamous plot by some cabals to impose Prof Soludo on the party has failed as APGA continues to witness more politicians borrowing a leaf from Nwankpo, declaring their intention to be part of the guber race. In quick succession, two serving federal lawmakers Hon Chukwuma Umeoji, Hon Okwudili Ezenwankwo threw their hats in the ring, followed by notable party stalwarts Chief Thankgod Ibe, Chief Nicholas Ukachukwu, Hon Melie Onyejepu, Anambra State Lawmaker Hon Gozie Smart, and others.

Recently, events leading to the massive campaign urging the party leadership not to adopt Prof Soludo as a consensus candidate, have set the stage for the battle of APGA guber ticket.
Bookmakers, pundits have posited that Prof Soludo the “Goliath” will have Chief Nwankpo the “David” to contend with at the APGA gubernatorial primary election. Whilst other APGA governorship aspirants are not relenting effort, they are equally demanding for a level playing ground.


APGA Media Support Group Calls For Free and Fair Primary Elections In Anambra

Dr Harris Chuma

By Queen Christabel

A Media Support group on the ‎platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra, on Monday appealed to the leadership of the party to conduct a free, fair and credible primaries.

No fewer than 35 members of the APGA Media Support Group attended the all media support groups meeting held at Queen Suite Hotel, in Awka.

Speaking at the event, the convener, Dr. Harris Chuma, said he was not happy with the rumour making the rounds that an aspirant had been allegedly anointed by party leaders, even before the ‎primary.

He said ‎such an illegal act would not be tolerated and everything should be done by committed party members to resist such move, describing the rumour as baseless, comical, and at worst fairytale.

“I want to say, and I am sure, that Gov Willie Obiano has not chosen anybody to become the flag bearer of the party in the forthcoming‎ primary election in Anambra.

“If anybody is planning to jeopardise the chances of the party to conduct a free and fair election such a person should rethink”

“I wish to appeal to our party leaders to give listening ear to all the aspirants, create equal opportunity, and conduct a free and fair primary election,”he said.

Another member of the media organization, Glory Solomon, corroborated the submission of ‎Dr. Chuma, saying that imposition is old fashioned and should not be encouraged in the party.

“I have been a member of APGA for over 10 years, I am quite aware of how elections are conducted, but I want to say that we will employ all media machinery within our disposal to resist imposition, intimidation or any form of malpractice,” she said.

PHOTOS: Fanfare as APGA Ihiala LGA Meet Nwankpo, Declares Total Support, Says ‘No Going Back’

The EXCO members of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) from all political wards in lhiala Local government Area, Anambra State have unanimously declared their support for the candidature of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Oputa Ifeadi, Nwankpo is one of the leading gubernatorial aspirants of the party.The Ward Chairmen showed support on Saturday at a solidarity visit to Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Office in Awka, the state capital. Hon Gozie Chukwudum, the Chairman said they decided to support Nwankpo due to his leadership qualities judging by his entrepreneurial skills and capacity to sustain the success stories of the APGA led state government.Hon. Chukwudum who spoke with the DG Media/Publicity Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Campaign Organization, Dr Harris Chuma-Odili shortly after the declaration said Nwankpo who is an Okija born politician has been a faithful member of APGA, noting that his candidature had already been recognized by the party’s stakeholders and leaders in the zone.He maintained that the conference of the ward chairmen of the APGA Ihiala LGA decided to follow the footpath of their leaders by declaring their support for Nwankpo because of his unflinching personality.“The conference of ward chairmen in the 20 wards are declaring our stance today to support the candidacy of Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo as we head to the primary election of our great party.“We are in support of the aspirant [Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo] that has been identified to have the most fitting capacities to make Anambra greater ”, Hon Chukwudum said. The 20 wards Chairmen unanimously agreed to support Nwankpo, and called on the leadership of the party at state and national level to conduct a free, fair, credible and transparent primary election.The ward Chairman of Okija ward 1, Hon. Bath Mbadugha enjoined party leaders and critical stakeholders to ensure the conduct of the primary election would be guided by the party’s constitution. The issue of imposition and endorsement of aspirant by some cabals could polarize the members of the party with some aggrieved members organizing protest to kick against the idea. No fewer than ten aspirants are jostling for the governorship ticket, ahead of the primary election of the party.More photos from the event: