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Oyigbo: Tension rises as youths mark buildings for demolition

Tension is building up in Umueye community of Oyigbo urban in Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State, over purported circular given to property owners by natives over planned demolition of structures for an alleged proposed road construction by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Sunday Sun gathered that a circular signed by one Elder Daniel Ogbuji (08067938139), Chairman of Umueye Community, Oyigbo, Nwankwo Chidiebere, Secretary (0803558122) Umueye Community and Michael Azuh, Youth Leader (09045657952), Umueye Community, directed concerned residents, whose property and signposts were marked within the road map to remove such property or risked demolition by the community youths.

It (circular) read: “This is to inform you that your structure/building and signboards are marked within the road map of the aforementioned name above.

“Therefore, you are advised to re-arrange/ remove that structure immediately to avoid demolishing it by ourselves for furtheristic/developmental reasons, especially the forthcoming road grading in Umueye road phase 1 and 2”.

It was further gathered that some of the residents that are ignorant of the land use act have started removing their structures out of panic.

Some of the residents confirmed that they received circular from the group directing them to remove their structures.
A resident of High Tension Area of Umueye, Oyigbo , Policarp Jonah, said that he was served notice to remove his building for a proposed grading of road.

Jonah said: “I received a circular directing me to remove my house for a proposed grading of the road. The person that brought the circular told me that Rivers State Government in partnership with Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC have awarded contract for the construction of the road. The person told me that the community have the mandate of NDDC to remove structures that fall within the proposed road”.

He wondered why youths of a community could usurp government’s power, by threatening to demolish buildings under the guise of road construction.

Also, Chikwere Onoka has called on the Chairman of Oyigbo Local Government Area and State government to step into the matter to avoid breakdown of law and order.

Onoka expressed: “I wonder what power community people have to pull down properties belonging to residents. Under what law can a community association drive power to pull down properties belonging to residents? It is only government that reserved the power to pull structures under public interest law. And they lied that they were directed by NDDC to pull down properties that fall within the proposed road.

“If actually NDDC wanted to construct road, could such government agency direct community association to remove structures on their behalf? I think this people are criminals that want to extort money from residents under the guise of road construction”, he said.

Antyer source, who pleaded annoymity, said that one of the youths that brought the circular to his house said that if he can part with N100,000, his house will not be demolished.

“Some of this Oyigbo youths came to my house and handed over a circular directing me to remove my building for a proposed road construction. The boys said that NDDC has awarded contract for the reconstruction of the road. He said that they have the mandate of NDDC to pull down properties that fall within the proposed road.

“They threatened to bring down my building if I refuse to comply. But, what baffles me was that they boys came back later and demanded N100,000 from me. They said that my building will not be demolished if I can part with the money”, he stated.

Investigation revealed that Rivers State Ministry of Urban Development and NDDC are not aware of the proposed road construction.

Rivers State Commissioner for Urban Development , Ben Chioma, told a journalist that road construction does not fall under his Ministry.

He said that individuals have no right to demolish property under the guise of road construction.

The commissioner added that it is only government that has the right to acquire property under public interest.

He said before such property is acquired, the State Government will appoint a registered valuer to work out compansation for those whose property might be affected in a proposed road project.


Give Peace A Chance – PFN Tells Nigerian Youths

National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude, has charged the #EndSARS protesters nationwide to withdraw from the streets, saying that their agitations have since reached the authorities in the country.

Dr. Omobude who is also the General Superintendent of Gospel Light International Ministries (GLIM) – New Covenant Gospel Church, said the genuine protesters have made their points loud and clear enough for those in authority to hear them and do the needful.

“You should stop your street protest for now to prevent the hoodlums who have hijacked the hitherto peaceful exercise to continue with their condemnable acts of criminalities which include vandalism, arson, looting, killing, rape, amongst others”.

The PFN national president, who stated this while unveiling the forthcoming Christian programme, named Bible Alive Believers International Convention (BABIC) with the theme “Triumph of Hope”, however urged the government to be circumspect by urgently attending to the demands of the #EndSARS protesters.

Dr. Omobude who condemned the shooting and alleged killing of some peaceful protesters at the Lekki tollgate in Lagos State by security agents, called on the military high command to thoroughly investigate the incident and bring perpetrators to book.

He commiserated with the families of all those who have lost their lives during the nationwide protest, calling on the government to ensure that their death are not in vain.

Speaking on BABIC 2020, holding at His Glory of New Covenant Gospel Church in Benin City, Dr. Omobude disclosed that several top Christian clerics and delegates from across the world are expected to attend the international event.

Some of the eminent church leaders billed to deliver messages at the convention include former chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Apst. Lawrence Achudume, amongst others.

He said during the 5-day church event which commences this Wednesday, prayers and supplications will be offered to God in favour of Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians as a people for God’s intervention in the ugly incidents that have befallen the country and its citizens.

“Through prayers and supplications, we have triumphed against covid-19 and we have the hope that with God on our side, we shall also triumph over all the challenges presently bedevilling our dear nation.

“Special prayers will be offered to God to help Nigeria overcome her pressing needs and problems, particularly the challenges of economic recession, terrorism, violence, crimes, kidnapping, corruption and other vices.

“It is our expectation that Nigerians in particular and Nigeria as a whole will witness the mighty visitation of God during and after the convention as issues bothering on the welfare and safety of this nation as well as her progress and development will be handled in prayers.

“There shall be a harvest of miracles, signs and wonders. We have God’s assurance that the lame shall walk, the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear and the whole captives set free. There shall be healing galore for all manners of people and the church shall be strengthened,” Dr. Omobude added.

Names of some innocent youths murdered by SARS policemen in Nigeria

Just so you know why the youths are on the streets. This is part of it:

IFEOMA ABUGU, 20, a young lady who had just graduated and was in NYSC, was arrested in place of her fiancee at his residence in Lokogoma, Abuja. Ifeoma was sexually assaulted and later died in SARS custody a day after she was arrested. Justice has not prevailed.

GODGIFT FERGUSON EKERETE ,24 ,TONY ORUAMA ,21, HARRY ATARIA, 26, were arrested during a raid and then killed in detention that same day on 3 July 2008. They were falsely accused of being armed robbers and cultists. The police officers responsible are still freely roaming.

KOLADE JOHNSON, was killed on the 31st March 2019 by a SARS officer, for ‘looking like a fraudster’. He left his home to watch a Liverpool vs Tottenham Spurs match and never returned. The officer responsible still roams freely.

CHIBUIKE ANAMS, 23, had his life cut short on the 24th July 2009, when the Nigerian Police raided a guest house in Rivers State . After several searches at police station, his family later found out about his death. The police has refused to comment on his death and no investigation was ever made into it.

TINA EZEKWE, 16, on 26th May 2020, was hit by a bullet when a drunk police officer opened fire to disperse a crowd that had gathered after he shot a bus driver who refused to give him bribe. She was rushed to the hospital and died two days after. Justice has not been served even though it is one of the most popular police killings of recent times.

CHRISTIAN ONUIGBO, 28, A father of one was shot on the 19th March 2009 while parking his car in Jiwa, Abuja. He was then taken to the police station where he spent a night with his wounds before transferred to a hospital that could not treat him since he had no police report. He died on the 21st March.

AYOMIDE TAIWO, 20, On the 9th August 2020 was returning back home after the Eid-el-Kabir celebration in Osun state with his friend when their motorcycle was stopped by a drunk SARS .After paying the bribe they demanded, the police saw he had more money and then attacked him. He was in coma for six days before he lost his battle.

ANEKE OKORIE, 39, a father of four, was making an honest living for himself Okada riding. On 15th May 2009 he was stopped at a checkpoint in Emene, Enugu. Unable to pay the bribe, he was shot and later died on his way to the hospital. His murderer tried to frame him but was seen by a passerby, 2020 his case is still on “trial”.

TIYAMIU KAZEEM, 21, a footballer in Remo stars, on the 24th February 2020, was stopped by SARS officials and as they forcefully tried to take him into custody, fell out of the SARS vehicle and was ran over by a moving car. This sparked protests where 5 people were killed. Tiyamiu and the peaceful protesters have not gotten justice.

THOMAS MMABU NEElE, 20, in November 2011, was hit by a stray bullet while taking his bath at home. His family found his body at the mortuary which was apparently brought in by the police. Because of this, they were not allowed to retrieve his body and were unable to bury their child.

PETER CHIBUZOR OFURUM, was a UNIPORT student who was killed on the April 11, 2016 during a student protest organised to oppose the increase of school fees. His school denied him as a student even though he was the president of management science in the school at the time of his death. His killer is nowhere to be found.

DANIEL IKEAGUCHI, 20, and his friend were waiting outside a hotel for his taxi in Rivers State, when he saw SARS officers and ran away in fear of being arrested or extorted. The officers accused them of being thieves, they stopped running. As his friend was unpacking his bag for searching, the officers shot Daniel. They were then arrested and Daniel was given no medical attention, when his family finally heard, it was too late.

LINDA IGWETU, on July 4th 2018, had just finished her Youth Service in Abuja, barely a day before, when she was killed by a SARS officer, Benjamin Peters, while on her way home with friends. When rushed to the hospital, the doctor refused to treat her without a police report and she died.

CHUKWUEMEKA MATTHEW ONOVO, 22, left his father’s house on 4th July 2008. There was a shootout nearby and Chukwuemeka was hit by a stray bullet. When demanding to know where his son was, the police told his father he was an armed robber , which eyewitnesses refuted. The officer responsible was not brought to justice.

MUS’AB SAMMANI, a graduate of computer Science ,on December 4th 2019, was killed over a minor misunderstanding in Kano state. His killer is not brought to justice.



This is a drive to educate the people who aren’t on Twitter/instagram etc. We need to be united on all fronts, and that begins with sharing trusted information. Please pass this on.

Intl Youth Day: The Way Forward for Nigerian Youths -Patrick Eholor

The world celebrated the 2020 edition of International Youth Day a few days ago, amidst the pandemic.

President of One Love Foundation, and civil rights defender, Comrade Patrick Eholor in this interview, enumerates ways through which Nigerian youths can positively move forward.

The International Youth Day (IYD) has been celebrated across the globe including Nigeria, what is the Day to you?

The day is a day of sober reflection. It’s a day the word ‘betrayed’ shows on my face, it’s a day that it dawned on me how much the so called political elites have robbed the youths so blindly.

What do you think is the missing link in youth development in Nigeria?

The missing link is that the politicians hasn’t shown any manner of patriotism to this our beloved country, so the youths now also believe in getting rich quick without showing any sense of patriotism to the country.

Nigerian youths over the years have been relegated to the back-bench in the scheme of things, and are only used and abandoned or dumped, what can One Love Foundation do to assist young people stop the trend?

One Love Foundation will help in the area of public awareness to reassure them that Nigeria belongs to us all, and they should stop making themselves available for election malpractices, and also reassure them that what isn’t worth living for isn’t worth dying for.

I have advised the youths to go out there and vote for a candidate that the believe in his agenda and manifestos and also discourage them not to take the part of violence and election rigging because this election war they didn’t start it and they won’t end it. If there’s any reason to cause any civil disturbance, the politicians’ children should be at the forefront because they are the beneficiaries.

What is your vision and aspiration for young people in Nigeria?

Young people in Nigeria are very smart and blessed. When they leave this country, they excel in all ramifications. We don’t suffer natural disasters like earthquake, but one thing is for sure we’ve always had leadership disaster.

What advice do you have for young people in Nigeria?

My advice is that a better Nigeria is possible. They should get involved in politics both the men and women, otherwise they will end up having these old brainless men and educated illiterates and thugs to govern them.

You have been in the vanguard to ensure Nigerians live a better life with the abundant resources God has blessed this country with, what is your message to parents, political and public office holders, traditional rulers, community leaders, religious leaders, academic leaders in giving a better future to young Nigerians?

My advise to them is to support my campaign for capital punishment, public execution for those who steal our common patrimony whether it’s the police, military or even civil servants so they can take a clue from the Chinese government whose exploiting the whole world today because if not for the capital punishment the Chinese government chose the whole world would have been in crisis.

Ohafia residents protest release of Church of Satan pastor in Abia

Some youths in Ohafia, Abia state have taken to the streets to protest the release of Ifegwu Udo aka Lucifer, founder and pastor of the Church of Satan, from prison.

According to reports, Udo was granted bail in the sum of N1 million each with two sureties in like sum. He was, however, released after meeting the bail conditions.

Speaking to reporters on the protest and banishment of the evil master, the president of Ohafia youths, Obasa Ohafia, described Udo as a persona non grata to the community.

His words, “After the incident in Ohafia in which the police station, high and magistrate courts were burnt, we discovered after investigation that the policeman who killed the trader apprentice that triggered the protest came out from Lucifer’s brothel where he got himself drunk before he shot dead the young man.

“Since he was arrested, calm returned to Ohafia, but on Monday we heard he (Lucifer) was released, the same day, an okada rider in Ohafia was killed and his motorcycle made away with. The youths then said if Lucifer could be released and the same day somebody was killed, it then means there will not be peace in Ohafia if he

Obasi said since creation, nobody in Ohafia has been known by the name Lucifer, adding that since the name was strange to Ohafia, it means the person bearing it is a stranger and “this is why the youths are saying no to Lucifer, we don’t want him again”.

Obasi said Ndi Eze Ogo (ruling chiefs) in Ohafia were in support of the protests and have authorized them to deal decisively with Lucifer wherever he is seen in Ohafia.

“The Eze Ogos are in total support of our action, we embarked on the peaceful protest to tell Lucifer he has been banished from Ohafia. We are saying no to Lucifer, he is a bad influence to youths in Ohafia.

The youth leader foreclosed any brokering of peace between Ohafia youths and Lucifer, insisting that if the founder of the Church of Satan could be pardoned and allowed to return to Ohafia, it will be after 10 years according to the custom of the people.

“Ever since he was taken away, our people have been sleeping with their two eyes closed, so, there is no point wanting him back”, Obasi said.