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Human Rights Group to IG: Resign now or compel FG to end underfunding, under training of police officers

A human rights organization based in Benin City, Edo State, One Love Foundation (OLF) has tasked the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Idris Ibrahim to compel the Federal Government of Nigeria to make budgets that are police-officers-friendly, and implement them, along with similar policies.
The human rights organization, whose activities are domiciled in Schedule of Amnesty International, in a petition signed by its founder, Chief Patrick Eholor said the call became necessary, following ‘what has become unending abuse of the public by the Police through all sorts of unprofessional conducts, ranging from illegal detention , sudden deaths of detainees in cells, accidental discharge, open search of members of the public without warrants to lack of prompt response to distress calls.’
Defending police officers in the document, OLF said some of the non-friendly actions of police officers is due to poor budgetary allocation and implementation, non adequate support by key stakeholders, underfunding, under-training, and consequent under-equipping.
It therefore urged the IG to ‘to resign forthwith or make a statement and compel the Federal Government to take necessary action to remedy the situation’.
The petition read in parts “we are compelled to send you this letter owing to what has become unending abuse of the Public by the Police through all sorts of unprofessional Conducts, ranging from illegal detention , Sudden deaths of detainees in Cells, Accidental Discharge, Open search of Members of the Public without Warrants to lack of prompt response to Distress calls.
“We are more worried by inability of the Police to solve many Cases of Rape especially that of the One hundred level Microbiology Student of the University of Benin ,Miss Uwa Omozusi and John was also murdered in cold blood and several others.
“We also bemoan the incessant attacks by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen targeting largely unprotected Farming activities and recall that most of the victims of the terror attacks are women and children who were hacked to death while the Police exhibit reluctance to act.
“After due investigation, we understood that the Nigeria Police is bugged down with myriad of Problems including Poor Budgetary allocation and implementation, non adequate support by other key stakeholders as well as outright Public apathy which hinders positive information flow and collaboration.
“Chronically underfunded and under-trained, the police are too often unequipped to deal with local security issues, forcing the Nigerian military to step in and establish order.
“The army is now deployed in thirty of the thirty-six states, mostly doing police work and undercutting the credibility of the NPF.

“Arising from the ineptitude of the Police which are mainly no faults of the Personnel, we hereby request that the Inspector General of Police Mr Idris Ibrahim whose primary duty is to prevent these sorts of shortcomings to resign forthwith to make a Statement and Compel the Federal Government to take necessary Action to remedy the situation .

“We are worried that if nothing is done to stop these unprovoked attacks in Edo state and the country at large , Nigeria may be thrown into a state of anarchy as the victims may be left with no option than to take laws into their hands”, it said.