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SENATE: Prince of Mburubu Congratulates OUK

PHOTONEWS- Prince Lawrence Ezeh pays courtesy visit to Senator-elect Dr Orji Uzor Kalu, congratulates him on his election to Senate.

Prince Lawrence Ezeh is the Senatorial candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), for Enugu East Senatorial Zone.

My First Assignment At Senate Is Access Roads Across Enugu East Senatorial Zone -PRINCE LAWRENCE EZEH

9d4f1dbd-dfb1-4a85-9ff5-a20922885c03Engineer Lawrence Ezeh, the Prince of Mburubu is running for the office of the senate to represent Enugu East Senatorial Zone, in Enugu State. Having embarked on several projects in Nkanu land to alleviate the sufferings of his people, neglected by the government, Ezeh got his ticket to senate by popular mandate.

Despite opposition to his ambition by the PDP led Enugu State Government, Ezeh’s chances are very bright as he is a darling of the people across the zone.

In this interview featured at Urban Radio FM, Enugu, he bares his mind on what he intends to do when he gets to the senate, and clarifies on why he had to jump ship with the PDP to emerge the candidate of the APC.


People feel that you are not a stable politician. You jumped ship with your party because it didn’t favor you. How do you react to this?

When you talk about about people who are unstable, you should be talking about politicians who are unstable. But when out of sheer conspiracy, a set of people try to kill the dreams of your entire people, then obviously we should not be talking about being unstable here. I believe that the people of Enugu East Senatorial zone desire a change on the floor of the senate. They have had some people who did well, and those who did virtually nothing. And they have seen me as a very vibrant young man who have done a lot for the people of Enugu East senatorial zone without any form of government power. They are convinced that I am going to do more when put in the position of authority. I also know that I have the backing of these people. You need to understand that politics is a game of numbers, and these numbers is not the number of biscuits or sweets, but the number of the people. And i have got this number, the entirety of my people are aligned behind me. They are waiting to vote for me.

I have said this before, put the politicians aside, those who are looking for their meal tickets, who will tell you that even if PDP says we should vote for goat, we will do it. Its a party thing. the typo who see party as a meal ticket, and not for the betterment of the lots of their people.

So they see it as their own personal business  to put food on their table. Besides them are the ordinary other people whop believe that what they need are people like me who are young and vibrant enough to do better. They believe in me, and looking at all those people, and someone says its a party thing, for goodness sake, I don’t  see anything unstable about that.

So you are saying that what happened was injustice?

Yes, 100 percent injustice.

But some people think you didn’t do enough engagements with the people to deserve the ticket at the primaries

The entire delegates were aligned behind me. It took a whole lot of coercing, threats, a whole lot of things to be able to couple them to vote for a candidate who for once never came to any of them to canvass for votes. The man never for once approached an singe delegate, never approached any party stakeholder, and up till today, he has never come out open to tell anyone that he is running for senate. That is the political experiment they want to use our people to play, which is already falling like a pack of cards.

In the 6 local governments of your senatorial zone, what do you think is the major needs of your people?

Let me take it local government by local governments, and since chatty begins at home, let me begin from Nkanu East. If you take the route from Agbani to Ugbawka, to Nara to Mburubu and to Nomeh, its a death trap. If you also take it from Nara to Nkerefi, its also a death trap. they need roads. If you also take it from Agbani down to Amagunze and Ihuokpara, if not for the federal government ongoing project that President Muhammadu Buhari gave to the people of Nkanu East and West running to the boundaries of Ebonyi state, there is no other ongoing project from the state government. So when you veer off at the Three Corners, from there to Ihuokpara is also a death trap. So, the first major thing the people of Nkanu East needs at the moment is access roads, good access roads. If you just give us that, you have just give us like 50 percent of what we need. This is because it will help our women to convey their farm produce to the cities to sell.

In my place, when people die, nobody considers going to bury them until after rainy season. This is because there is no road. You take the corpse here you get stuck in the mud along with the corpse. This has been on since before 1999 till now, and since 1999, several other governments keep coming and making bogus promises and tell stories.

We heard you built roads in some areas. is that true?

Yes, the roads I built are internal roads in my community. If you also come to Nkanu West, besides this major road that is going there to Amagunze, being handled by the federal government, there is no other meaningful road project there. The Akpugo axis which they say the state government is doing, how ca you see a road that is 16 kilometers and you just do a singe kilometre in between?

Aliero, The Man For Kebbi, By Efemena Okpolokpo

Anyone who has been reading or has read Moises Naim’s The End of Power would come to one conclusion immediately: the political terrain is inundated with individuals with little or no idea how disadvantaged their ambitions for power will pan out. Naim has said that at the end of the last century, certain global situations and events have assisted more people, more circumstances, more institutions to unpack the very essence of what power truly is for the one seeking it. According to Naim, with more and more people moving from one point to the other in order to change their circumstances, with more and more people living better lives, and with more and more people upgrading their social and mental statuses, more and more asymmetrical tactics begin to emerge and challenge orthodox belief systems about power.

With the emergence of asymmetrical and centrifugal forces challenging the power superstructure, and with politics continuously becoming a situation where power becomes a chore and an infatuation, why would anyone still invest energy and time seeking to wrest and control power? Moreover, to what end in itself? There are many reasons why certain politicians still struggle to be there, and this is in spite of the fact of the erosion of the essence of political power. One, there are many politicians out there who seek power just for the nonce and for very, very selfish reasons. If the real ones do not challenge them, we will find ourselves playing out that certain quip which says that evil succeeds because the good sit mum and watch from the periphery. Second of all, most of the politicians without an inkling of the essence of power have often confessed that they were not really ready for high office, but it was thrust at them by godfathers who prop them up as business investments. Third of all, most have no record of accomplishment of community service or volunteerism.

All of this cometh at a time Nigeria is in dire need of men who have been consistent, and who have demonstrated that given the opportunity they will deliver and will respond to the clarion call of their people. They are men who have prepared mentally, physically and cultured themselves to realise that politics can still be the game of the great compromise. Take Muhammad Adamu Aliero, former governor of Kebbi State in Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. Prior to this time, he was a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,and was appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory by President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in December 2008.

This former FCT Minister is politically a well-baked bread. Born and bred in Aliero Local Government Area of Kebbi State, Muhammad AlieroAdamu received his primary education at an Islamic school and proceeded to build a solid academic foundation in 1965 and at that time in Nigeria when elementary education was not considered prerequisite for future leadership. From the Aliero Town Planning School, he got admission to the Government Secondary School in Koko and graduated in 1976with flying colours.
But from May 1999 with civil rule, Nigeria found herself inflicted with an unready and ill-prepared crop of politicians who often made Nigeria move one leg forward but three legs backwards. Most blamed it on the ‘learning processes’. But not Adamu Aliero. He had prepared himself for the tasks of future governance with a degree in political science from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University in 1980. That act of foresight has separated the distinguished Senator from the many wannabes and charlatans who without relevant training and tutelage are seeking to call the shots today.
Many are wont to point fingers at Senator Aliero and accuse him of political prostitution. They do this because the Senator seems to understand, more than his contemporaries do that politics, rather than a dirty game, is the fine art of the compromise. He decamped to the PDP after spending about a year in CPC in early 2012 and moved from PDP to APC in 2014. But these traducers must recall that our betters in the US are the greatest defectors ever if we consider political interests as against the mundane interest. Recall that two very prominent American politicians – Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell – the one, the first Black female US National Security Adviser & Secretary of State and the other the first Black Secretary of State and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff under Republican administrations. Powell was a very well-known Democrat who had been put forth as potential Vice President nominee in the 1992 US Presidential election. However, in 1995 Powell defected to the Republic party, and was touted as possible Republican opponent to run against Bill Clinton. Powel once said that leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible. For Senator Adamu Aliero, this is the mantra and doctrine of political reasonableness. Look at Rice too. She was a Democrat until 1992. She changed her political affiliation, defected to the Republican Party first out of respect for her father who was a Republican, but mostly after a disagreement with the Jimmy Carter administration which she served.
In the coming days, intense political activity would trigger an effervescence of political movements. Our constitution allows freedom of association, as long as that freedom does not break the law. Senator Muhammad Adamu Aliero, a well-informed political scientist who knows his political onions has indicated his interest to serve his people at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for the third time. With that expression of interest, the Senator aligns himself with heavyweights like John McCain of blessed memory who served his people at the US senate for more than two decades as a detribalized politician. His people, and especially Nigerians, best rally round him with the Kebbi Central mandate.

Efemena is programme officer with the Civil Empowerment & Rule of Law Support Initiative, CERLSI, Abuja