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Nigerians must rise up against terrorist herdsmen now, or lose the country

A public affairs analyst and human rights activist, Comrade Patrick Eholor has cried out that the war against terror herdsmen must be taken very seriously by every Nigerian before it consumes the whole country.

Eholor was reacting to a series of kidnaps, murders, rapes and robberies being committed by the herdsmen, from all of northern Nigeria to the whole south of the country.

The activist who was particularly irked by the rape and murder of a woman, recorded and posted online by the herdsmen, sounded the alarm that it was a matter of urgency as the herdsmen were making life a living hell for all Nigerians. He also made reference to the heinous killing of an Edo prince, Chief Dennis Abuda who had returned to Nigeria to celebrate Christmas with his family. He was on his way back to the United States, when they were kidnapped and and taken into the forest, where he was allegedly shot by the kidnappers.

“His only crime was that he was ill and could not walk fast. That was why they shot him in cold blood!”, he lamented.

Eholor, who is also known as ‘Ultimate Equals’ stated: “they are coming for you all, it’s only a matter of time. If you don’t rise up right now, their mission is to completely destroy Nigeria”.

He also stated “I watched a recorded video excerpt with anger and disgust the manner and way women are being dehumanized, debased and raped by Fulani herdsmen in our territorial bushes and forests. It has become a reoccurring issue with no foreseeable intent by the authorities to proffer sustainable and permanent solution. This horror is worse than what we see in the animal kingdom. Subconsciously we as a nation are dragging our image to rubble by failing to speak up and act adequately to condemn horror.

“The worst risk is doing nothing. By this, we are postponing worst catastrophes. Well minded Nigerians must rise to the occasion and defend the country. There is no going to sleep on this matter. We all should arise and defend the fundamentals of our very existence.

He also made reference to the liberation movements of Eastern Security Network of the Indigenous People of Biafra in the South East, and that of Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba leader who has been calling for the outright sacking of gun-wielding killer herdsmen in the whole of Southwestern Nigeria.

Eholor said the sacking of herdsmen in the South East and South West should spell a total uprising for the rest of the country, who must take up arms and battle the Fulanis, since the security and the government have failed woefully to do that.

EPIA set to offer free legal services for rape victims

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), known as Edo Indigenous movement said modality has been put in place in providing free legal services to rape and domestic violence victims in Edo State as well as seeking justice against the perpetuators of the act in the State.

This was contained in a release made available by the Edo Indigenous Publicity and Research Committee (EIPRC). The movement strongly condemned the rising cases of rape and domestic violence in the State and called on the state government led by Governor Godwin Obaseki to brief Edo Indigenes on the measures or actions currently in place by his administration to put an end to curtail the spread of the menacs.

The movement condemned the rape and murder of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, a 22-year-old microbiology student, in a Church in Benin City, Nigeria, and called on the Police to fish out perpetrators of the act.

“Authorities in Nigeria have not done enough to combat sexual violence. The method the state has been using over the years, clearly has not moved with the intensity required to deter rapists and potential rapists and to protect women and girls. EPIA is going to do everything possible to upturn this ugly trend”, the release said.

“Gang-rape is now a common problem in Nigeria with most cases affecting the poor socio-economic class. It is on increase in Edo State. Gang rape cases in the state has created so much negative impact on the legal outcome.

“There is a need to provide a holistic support to the victims and to review Nigerian laws on sexual offences for the good of all. This is why we are offering free pro bono to victims and seek legal action against perpetrators”, the release said.

Ebonyi police arrest 2 minors for gang-raping teenage girl

Two teenage boys are now in police net in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital for gang-raping another teenager.

According to the information, the two boys, Chidubem Onwe (14 years) and Chidiogu Okonkwo (15 years) were said to have gone to the family house of the girl, Mmesoma Nwoye (15 years), when they noticed everyone had left the house, overpowered her, tore her dress and raped her.

The ugly incident happened at Ishieke, Abakaliki on Tuesday, 16 June, around 1:00pm, when the compound of the victim was lonely.

AJM NEWS gathered that Mmesoma’s father alerted the police when he came home from the day’s business and got information about what happened, as narrated by his daughter.

The police immediately swung into action, got the boys arrested and took the raped girl to the hospital for medical checkup.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer in Ebonyi, DSP Loveth Odah, confirmed the report and said that the suspects had been arrested and had confessed to the crime.

The PPRO said: “On June 16th, 2020, at about 1:15pm one Fidelis Nwoye of Nkelegu in Ishieke community, in the company of her daughter, Nmesoma Nwoye 15yrs, came to the station and reported that at about 12pm June 14, one Chidiogu Okonkwo, 15yrs and one Chidubem Onwe, 14yrs, all of the same address went to his house while he was at his shop at Ishieke and tore his daughter’s cloth and raped her.

“So Police in Ishieke quickly swung into action and arrested the suspects and all of them confessed to the crime.
“I know that the only thing that can make children of that age do that kind of a thing is cultism and drugs.

Though they are minors, we have where we keep minors and they will be charged to court as soon as we are done with the doctor’s report”.

It is of note that recently, there had been several reported cases of rape in different parts of the country, as many suspects had also been arrested in connection to that.

AJM News

UNIBEN STUDENT RAPE/MURDER: Police must be professional to ensure justice is done – Activist

The founder of One Love Foundation and Observer General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Patriot Patrick Eholor has condemned the rape and murder of Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, even as he described it as one too many.

He sympathised with her family, even as he called for thorough and professional investigation to arrest the criminals;

‘I want to express my profound sympathy to the family of the deceased. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

“May her soul continue to haunt the perpetrators, until they are found, until justice is done. We are going to commemorate her memory, we are going to light a candle for her. We will send people to the State Commissioner of Police, to the DSS, so that the culprits will be brought to book.

“We will also send a message of condolence to the family, to express our sympathy.

“But however, this is a time to sympathize with the entire church of God and the genuine Christian race and followers of Christ, who are bereaved over the gruesome murder of this innocent girl.

On investigations, Eholor called for professionalism on the part of the police;

“I remember when I was growing up, we had an efficient security apparatus. They had finger print readers for security. When you go to Alagbon, they will finger print you. When you go to the station, they will caution you before they take your statement. Today, you don’t caution people before you take their statements. You don’t have finger print experts, you don’t have forensics, these are basic needs for crime management in modern societies.

“But now you arrest people randomly, SARS torture you, they will beat you, they will rape you, insult your mother, and then you confess to crimes you didn’t commit. That’s double jeopardy, that is injustice and that’s why I want to see the CP because I am concerned.

“We want to ensure that the police carry out extensively their investigation in an orthodox manner.

“As a matter of fact in countries like Japan, they have gone beyond DNA, the last person the person saw will be detected using the person’s eyes. Unfortunately, Nigeria doesn’t even have a place you can do a DNA test.

“I went for DNA a few days ago and my samples were taken from here to Australia. A country with over 200 million people with all our abundance of resources we don’t have such things. It’s a a shame” he said.

My husband rapes me in front of our children, woman tells court

“My husband rapes me in the presence of our children,” a 40-year-old trader, Bolanle AbdulKareem, told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday.Bolanle said her husband, Olasunkanmi, with whom she had three children in their 17-year-old marriage, molests her whenever he got drunk.

She said: “Whenever my husband comes home drunk, he will want to make love to me by fire by force and I will caution him not to do it in the presence of our children.

“He will beat me and make love to me by force, while the children watch us.

“There was a day I came back from work and I met my children, one on top of another doing what they always see their father do to me.”

The petitioner also said her husband always threatened to kill her.

She said: “My husband derives pleasure in beating me.

“There was a day he beat me and broke my leg.

“One day, he threatened to kill me, so I ran to one of my relative’s house.

“My husband came there, he met my sister’s husband ironing his clothes, he snatched the iron from him and started chasing me with it.

“Seeing his desperation, I ran into the street and my husband still chased me with the pressing iron.

“Anytime, I reported him at the Police Station, the Police always tell me that it is a family matter and refused to caution him.”

Bolanle described her husband as an irresponsible husband and father, who did not care about the welfare and education of the children.

According to her, Olasunkanmi neither cares for her nor the children, adding that she is the one paying the school fees of the children.

She said: “He has a tricycle that he is using for business, but he always uses the proceeds to drink to stupor and usually loses self control.”

She begged the court to dissolve their marriage, adding that she was no longer in love with the husband.

However, Olasunkanmi, who did not deny the allegation of raping his wife, however, begged the court not to dissolve the union.

He said: “Please, do not dissolve our marriage, I still love my wife, I know I have made a mistake; I will make amend.”

The 42-year-old commercial tricycle operator admitted that he used to beat his wife, whenever she flouted his orders.

Olasunkanmi said: “I don’t derive pleasure in beating her, but I only beat her whenever she disobeys my instruction.

“The day I snatched the pressing iron from my in-law, I only wanted to use the iron wire to beat her and not to burn her.”

He said he was not a drunk, but that he drank moderately.

The President of the court, Adegboyega Omilola, ordered the couple to come along with three members of their families for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

‘I was beaten to the altar on my wedding day’ –domestic violence survivor recounts ordeal

This is a true story. Feel free to share your own experiences too to bring awareness and save lives.

Write to us: junglejournalist @gmail.com

Following the tragic death of Ronke Bewaji Shonde, who was a victim of domestic violence, more and more women are sharing their own experiences. Below is Nkiruka’s survival story as shared on her Instagram.

“The domestic violent story that led to the death of Ronke Bewaija Shonde today broke my heart  and took me back to memory lane. Yes that is my ex husband and I, I was just 19 years on that photo. you can see the innocence in my eyes.

We were perfect , very perfect , outside but we fought inside .

You see that smile on that picture was plastic .

I was beaten to the alter on my wedding day .

What happened because I was tired and refused to pack plate .

I swallowed it and matched to the alter .

With tears In my eyes the pastor asked will you take him as your husband for better for worse , till death do you part?? Tears rolled down my eyes but the crowed clapped , screaming tears of joy.

I embarked on the journey of marriage .

At the age of 19 years I endured like a lion .

This fine young man here is an animal .

He beat me up and even beat up my younger once . The day he beat me to coma , he was beating my lifeless body before he was stopped and I was rushed to the hospital .

Do you know what my mother in law told me as I gained consciousness , she said (Nkiruka, Lucky will beat you again o, get ready cause the father beat me too )

I went back into coma .

He begged and I went back home .

This continued until I decided to face reality .

But the truth is , do you know why we women endure domestic violence ??? 1) financial security . Yes I was scared to leave because I did not know how to begin financially .

2) society .. Yes after bragging to my friends , and society see you as a lucky perfect girl you will want to keep it that way .

3) loneliness … Yes you are scared if u will find someone better . I was saying who will marry me again , with my boobs like this , stretch marks , milk was still coming out of my boobs as of then , my big tommy etc , I was insecure , so I stayed .

Until one day , I woke and took a strong decision to walk away .

And when I left I left with nothing .

I left empty handed and embarked of this journey .

I kept repeating my name , Nkiruka , Nkiruka , Nkiruka (my future is bigger ) until I reached my destination .

Now I can hit my chest and tell myself I took the right step, even tho I never knew where I was going”.

from Blogger http://bit.ly/1q8plZl

Rape victim chops off victim’s p***s with teeth

In a classic case of bush meat catching the hunter, a man alleged to have raped a lady was about two weeks ago in Lagos relieved of his raping tool.

It was reported that the young man took his girl friend to his friend’s a house. A few hours after, the lady was said to have rushed out of the house with blood on her cloths shouting that she had been raped and calling for help.

While people were still coming together and getting her clothes to cover herself properly, the young man also came out crying for help. People were confused because he was drenched in blood. Upon closer examination, it was discovered that his manhood had been severed. He was rushed to the hospital in the hopes of saving the mutilated organ.

Doctors however discovered that the severed part was missing. By the time the missing part was searched for and found, it was already dead. The doctor was however said to have gone ahead to sew on the severed part.

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