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Despite Covid-19 Lockdown, Charisma University Ends 2019/2020 Session with Successful Project Defense

Charisma University, Enugu Study Centre project defense was held on August 14th, 2020 at the Oakland Hotels Enugu.

The defense, which consisted of Degree, Masters and PhD students, was a successful outing monitored by competent external examiners drawn from other Universities.In an introductory speech just before the defense exercise, the lead examiner,

Professor Enudu T. O explained to the students that their responsibility would be to convince the examiners that they the (students) are qualified to earn the certificates.

He listed out the defending students, and their groups.

Other external examiners includes Professor Akubuilo, and (Associate) Professor Orga.

Successful students who excelled in the defense exercise are listed as follows:For Group A, the following persons defended under the Department of Management –

Olachi Chuks Ronnie
Ocheola Ayele
Igatta Amaka
Chukwuma Ifeoma Callista
Igatta Thomas Ogbonna

Edeoga Cyril
Onodugo Michael Uchenna
Chukwuemeka Ijeoma

Onodugo Chinwe
Akugbue Ngozi
Chukwu Paschal
Arum Uchenna B.
Eneh Blessing
Rita Anigbo

Judith Ugwuoke
Jeremiah Adams
Edoga Nnadi Chinelo
Ochiaka Francisca
Eneh Maxwell
Ugwu Chinenye

Akpata Rachael C
Onodugo Cynthia
Okoro Daniel
Nweze Queendaline
Chikezie Emeka

Onyeledo Ijeoma
Ugwuoke Emmanuel

Eneh Vincent
Judith Ugwoke
Obinna Nnamani

In an interview regarding the exercise, Professor Onodugo Ifeanyi Chris who is the Director of Charisma University, Enugu Study Center said “It was difficult for students to be physically present during the Covid-19 period, so we adopted the online study method.

“It was very successful because the school was already licensed to do online studies, we already had a platform and a technology, so that made it much easier for us.

“The students did very well. The professors that came as external examiners were thorough, and have made the few corrections that needed to be made. And we will follow up with their instructions and ensure that they are effected.

“Our students have been very wonderful, both in learning and in character. I can vouch for them.

Jungle Journalist Media Ltd also had the privilege of speaking with a number of students.

Dr Mrs Amaka Igatta, Business Administration and Management, PhD has this to say “It was tough studying during the Covid19. Going out for lectures was quite tough and we had to learn how to study and solve problems on line. But finally, we have come to the end of it, and I must point out that God deserves our praises for helping all of us to scale through.

She also spoke about Charisma University

“At the beginning of the course, I was not very sure of studying there. I asked myself, how am I sure that this is what I need? I have a job, and going to a regular university has been a great challenge.

I did my Masters with ESUT Business School, and I also tried to go for PhD there but that did not work out.

“It was a relief for me when I found Charisma University, I was overwhelmed when I saw the quality of lecturers that they have.

“The Director is very devout and went out of his way to see that all of us are satisfied.”We are so well taught that we can defend our degrees anywhere.

“When I made further research about the school, I learnt that the school is one with very high standards, even in the West Indies where its coming from.

“The school fees is also very affordable, for the fact that if you start, you can easily say exactly when you will graduate and be sure about it.

“For degree, the fee is between 400-500 thousand Naira for the full programme.

“For Master Degree, it’s just one year and you are through with a fee of 500 thousand Naira.

“For PhD, I am encouraging anyone who wants to study to come here. I have a colleague who went to a first generation university and for 12 years now, she has not defended her project. She joined this school and is graduating. My director spent 11 years to earn his PhD. Your PhD here cannot exceed two years, unless you are academically deficient. The PhD is N1. 5 million naira.

Igatta Thomas Ogbonna, who studied Education Management (PhD) also said

“The Covid 19 pandemic lockdown actually came as a blessing in disguise, because it afforded some of us the time to attend our lectures because we were mainly working people. But on the other hand, it was a time when people had to deny themselves a lot of things.

“We didn’t have to come out but we came out. The only thing is that we observed all the rules given by the NCDC, so it wasn’t easy at all.

“At anytime, examination must present some elements of challenge. I will not say that the defence was an easy one but it was something that added to what I used to know, and I am going to improve on it.

“What you see here is an assemblage of the academia, people who are already at the upper echelon. We are only coming after them.”

In his congratulatory address to the students at the end of the exercise, Professor Enudu stated

“Most of your works are very good, some are not, because the concept the person was discussing is still retrievable, so on the corrections, am sure the director will ensure that they are taken care of.

“Because this very institution is important to us, it is in our own state, and I always expect good news from my own state. It will give people the opportunity to get foreign degrees while they are here in Nigeria.

“If we must do that, we must ensure that what we submit is comparable to what is obtainable anywhere in the world. PhD will expose you, when people hear that you are a PhD holder, they will heap all responsibilities on you. If you get it through the backdoor, you will expose your self.

“Any association you are in, they will want you to contribute.”Dr Mrs Agbo has taken very good record to ensure that this thing goes well.

“Going by our scoring, most of the students excelled. Congratulations.

“Dr Mrs Olachi Chuks Ronnie who did the vote of thanks posited

“We can all agree that this has been a very fruitful exercise. You cannot discountenance the issue of unexpected tensions when you have to face a panel, but we surmounted it all. I appreciate the thoroughness of our external examiners.

“They are people who know what they are doing, and have brought in their best to get the most out of us. I want to really appreciate your efforts, and some of you who we encountered personally in the course of our studies, and we cannot easily forget the knowledge you have impacted, and continue to impact.

“I want to specially appreciate our Prof, Onodugo Ifeanyi Chris who is the Director for all the roles he played.

“If I begin to single out some of our lecturers to thank them, it will look like I am being partial. But I know that they are very dear to us for the personal interests they took in our works.

“To all of us who have run the race, and fought a good fight, we have finished our course, so I want to congratulate us for the cooperation we had in getting to this point”.

Charisma University, British West Indies makes it possible for students and professionals to earn a degree regardless of where they live, how many hours they work, their family circumstances or how much time they spend on the road.

The priority of the study centres, like Enugu is to provide its students an education that is worth both their time and money.