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Breaking News: One Love Foundation Sets up Legal Team to Compel Lawmakers Render Account on Constituency Projects

One Love Foundation, led by Chief Patrick Eholor also known as Ultimate Equal has set up yet another Legal Team to tackle Senators and Members of the House of Representatives on the Transparency and Execution of Constituency Projects.

In his avowed desire to ensure transparency in governmental processes in Nigeria, Chief Patrick has constituted a Special Legal Team to interrogate the process of the contracting and execution of Constituency Projects among Legislators in Nigeria.

Senator Matthew Urhogide

The Legal Team will work with the Freedom of Information Act to unravel the following:

Nature of constituency projects, location, sums budgeted with evidence of the appropriation act, evidence of monies released to the contractors, particulars of directors of companies that execute same, and state of completion of each of the constituency projects.

Senator Francis Alimikhena

Others include evidence of completion of the constituency projects, evidence of handing over of same, nature of the constituency projects in 2021 budget, location of same and particulars of directors for the purpose of monitoring, etc.

The Legal Team shall hit the ground running by Tuesday the 6th April, 2021, and will begin with lawmakers from Chief Eholor’s home state, Edo.

Senator Clifford Odia

These include:
1. Senator Clifford Odia,
Senator Representing Edo Central Senatorial District in the Senate ,
Constituency Office ,

2. Senator Francis Alimikhena,
Senator Representing Edo North in the Senate,
Constituency Office,

3. Senator Mathew Uroghide,
Senator Representing Edo South Senatorial District in the Senate ,
Constituency Office ,
Benin City.

Honourable Ogbeide Ihama

Others include the Edo State House of Representatives members, beginning with Honourable Ogbeide Ihama who represents Oredo/Ikpoba Okha Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives.

One Love Foundation, activists, celebrities to storm Abuja High Court for #EndSARS protesters vs Okeke case

One Love Foundation(OLF), a human rights organization will tomorrow, 30th March 2021 storm the Abuja High Court for the hearing of a case instituted by one Kenechukwu Okeke against #EndSARS protesters.

According to Chief Patrick Eholor, President of OLF, members of the organization will be at the court in solidarity with the protesters who were sued to court by Okeke.

Activists and celebrities expected at the hearing include
Deji Adeyanju, Omoyele Sowore, Falz, Davido, Yemi Alade and Yul Edochie.

The FCT High Court is to hear all applications and determine whether or not the suite in CR/49/2021, is to be quashed or not in this regard.

There have been insinuations that Minister of State for Labour, Barrister Festus Keyamo is the one sponsoring the lawsuit against the protesters.

However, this insinuation has not yet been confirmed as calls put across to him were neither answered nor returned.

One Love Foundation sets up Legal Team to tackle Independence of Judiciary, Legislature and LG Autonomy

A Policy Think Tank that fights for the good of Public Interest has set up a National Legal Team (to be revealed later, due to strategic planning), to fight for the Independence of the Judiciary ,the Independence of the Legislature and Local Government Autonomy. A Statement by the Founder of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor, otherwise known as Ultimate Equal states thus:”Nigeria is not living in a State of Nature, but a Society governed by Laws and Statutes.Section 121 (3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ,1999 (As Amended),by the 4th Alteration states that all monies standing to the Credit of the Judiciary shall be paid directly to the Heads of Court . Executive Order 10 of 2020,issued under the hand and seal of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria ,President Muhammadu Buhari further reinforced the Financial Autonomy of the Judiciary. Ditto to the Legislature and Local Government AutonomyGovernment should get ready.The Chicken is coming home to roost !

Patrick Eholor leads Abuja Anti-Corruption Protest, as Group Demand Capital Punishment for Corruption

By Ebriku John Friday, Abuja

A group of Nigerian students and activists under the auspices of Joint Action Committee, JAC, Wednesday, embarked on peaceful protest at the popular NICON Junction, in Maitama District of Abuja to demand capital punishment for corrupt public officials including other issues.

The protest which was organised by One Love Foundation, initially was billed to hold at Unity Fountain, opposite Transcorp Hilton, but was stopped by security agents from using the venue.

Speaking on the reasons for their protest, the Founder, One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor, said Nigerians are indeed taking for a ride and the common patrimony that belongs to them are on daily basis carted away with impunity, and they can no more sit and watch.

He also lamented that worsening insecurity situation in the North East region, which has claimed over 37, 000 lives of innocent Nigerians, therefore called for the resignation and apology of Service Chiefs.

He said: “Our demands include capital punishment for who loot our common patrimony, and this is our first demand. In order to eliminate corruption is to introduce capital punishment because Buhari said if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us.

Founder of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor, speaking with journalists

“We are also saying that Nigerian institutions should reverse what they call admittance fee for the sake of the poor people. We are saying the Nigerian Police should be given adequate package to stop the aggression towards us, the Nigerian Customs Service should leave our streets and go to the borders, the Nigerian Immigration Service should stop giving citizenship to Lebanese, Indians and Chinese, and women should get more involved in politics.

“Service Chiefs have done us a disservice. We have lost over 37, 000 people in the North and the statistics are very correct. They should retire and apologise. So we must change the Service Chiefs because they have done us a disservice.

“We call on the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amechi, for putting Nigeria’s sovereignty in danger over his signing of agreements that we just know about.

“We warn that if there is no change we all will become unruly and outlawed.”

He further stated that the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Sen God’swill Akpabio, mention all names of those who have milked the nation as far as the National Assembly probe on Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, is concerned ., which he aqlso alleged that the NDDC has not funded any project in Edo State, where he hails from.

“I approached my Member House of Representatives, who was allegedly mentioned by the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Sen God’swill Akpabio as a contract beneficiary to show me where in the constituency he executed the projects, but he denied categorically, saying Akpabio must be day-dreaming. NDDC has not being funded in my area since 2018. Akpabio must mention to us those with him that milked Nigeria”, he added.

Speaking further, he (Eholor) called for peaceful and fair election in Edo State governorship election.

“My advice the governorship candidates of the two political parties, PDP and APC respectively is to ensure free and fair electoral process and think of the electorates, and who the cap fits should wear it, there is no loser or winner, who wins should be saluted and whoever lose should be embraced”, he said.

However, he said that, “I am not partisan because there have been accusations of god-father left and right. If we say former Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, and former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, was a god-father for instance, the son who is my friend and present Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, benefited from that god-fatherism.
Comrade Sunny Idika speaking during the protest

“So he who has not lived or sin let him cast the first stone. They all have one interest and don’t have interest of the people. We must stop that and people must be educated to go out there and register and truly vote. We must not sacrifice ourselves for these ‘bandits’.”

Meanwhile, other leaders of the protesters, including Nigerian Students and Youth Activist, Comrade Osemudiamen Ogbidi, National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Chapter, Comrade John Michael, and others said President Muhammadu Buhari, should not leave those people who siphoned Nigeria’s money, eaten what belongs to the Nigerian youth and citizens should surely pay heavily for it, and ensure that anybody caught siphoning Nigeria money should be sentenced to death.

“Whether it is any institution or individual to siphon the money that belong to the public by private individuals it is not in the interest of Nigerians to continue to fight corruption that has no effect on the well-being of fellow Nigerians.

“Every day in our lives we have people who are dying because of poverty what has caused it is not more than corruption. We are here as Nigerian students, activists, advocates and conscience that anyone found wanton of corruption should die by corruption. Corruption is now a ‘Nigerian’ living with us but we say no to corruption.

“The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, should provide the N80 billion spent within four months. The NDDC must tell us the N128 million they used to send drivers to driving schools. Where on earth is that done? Today everybody wants to travel to Dubai, but what did it take the people there to establish and develop their country? It was less than N1 billion. We hear billions of Naira budgeted for schools and others and yet our country is retrogressing. We say enough is enough!

“The reason why the Nigerian students have not resumed school is because of corruption. How long are we going to live like this in poverty, Diaspora, suffering, and if there is no change we are going to contain Nigeria”, they alleged.

Human Rights Group to IG: Resign now or compel FG to end underfunding, under training of police officers

A human rights organization based in Benin City, Edo State, One Love Foundation (OLF) has tasked the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Idris Ibrahim to compel the Federal Government of Nigeria to make budgets that are police-officers-friendly, and implement them, along with similar policies.
The human rights organization, whose activities are domiciled in Schedule of Amnesty International, in a petition signed by its founder, Chief Patrick Eholor said the call became necessary, following ‘what has become unending abuse of the public by the Police through all sorts of unprofessional conducts, ranging from illegal detention , sudden deaths of detainees in cells, accidental discharge, open search of members of the public without warrants to lack of prompt response to distress calls.’
Defending police officers in the document, OLF said some of the non-friendly actions of police officers is due to poor budgetary allocation and implementation, non adequate support by key stakeholders, underfunding, under-training, and consequent under-equipping.
It therefore urged the IG to ‘to resign forthwith or make a statement and compel the Federal Government to take necessary action to remedy the situation’.
The petition read in parts “we are compelled to send you this letter owing to what has become unending abuse of the Public by the Police through all sorts of unprofessional Conducts, ranging from illegal detention , Sudden deaths of detainees in Cells, Accidental Discharge, Open search of Members of the Public without Warrants to lack of prompt response to Distress calls.
“We are more worried by inability of the Police to solve many Cases of Rape especially that of the One hundred level Microbiology Student of the University of Benin ,Miss Uwa Omozusi and John was also murdered in cold blood and several others.
“We also bemoan the incessant attacks by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen targeting largely unprotected Farming activities and recall that most of the victims of the terror attacks are women and children who were hacked to death while the Police exhibit reluctance to act.
“After due investigation, we understood that the Nigeria Police is bugged down with myriad of Problems including Poor Budgetary allocation and implementation, non adequate support by other key stakeholders as well as outright Public apathy which hinders positive information flow and collaboration.
“Chronically underfunded and under-trained, the police are too often unequipped to deal with local security issues, forcing the Nigerian military to step in and establish order.
“The army is now deployed in thirty of the thirty-six states, mostly doing police work and undercutting the credibility of the NPF.

“Arising from the ineptitude of the Police which are mainly no faults of the Personnel, we hereby request that the Inspector General of Police Mr Idris Ibrahim whose primary duty is to prevent these sorts of shortcomings to resign forthwith to make a Statement and Compel the Federal Government to take necessary Action to remedy the situation .

“We are worried that if nothing is done to stop these unprovoked attacks in Edo state and the country at large , Nigeria may be thrown into a state of anarchy as the victims may be left with no option than to take laws into their hands”, it said.