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I Didn’t Hand Over A Collapsed Nation To Buhari – Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has replied his critics who accused him of handing over a nation at the verge of collapse to his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari.

Jonathan recounted the achievements of his government to include, handing over a country that produced the richest man in Africa.

Jonathan said, “I took over a Nigeria that was the second largest economy in Africa with a GDP of $270.5 billion in 2009, I handed over a Nigeria that had grown to become the largest economy in Africa and the 24th largest economy in the World with a GDP of $574 billion.

“I inherited a Nigeria in which the trains were not working, and handed over a Nigeria in which citizens can safely travel by trains again.

I inherited a Nigeria that was a net importer of cement, and handed over a Nigeria that is a net exporter of cement.

In 2009 the richest Nigerian was the 5th richest man in Africa, but I handed over a Nigeria that produced the richest man in Africa.

”The former President stated that democracy will continue to grow in the African continent if leaders value the process of elections more than the product of the process.

He said, “Even in the 2015 general elections in my country, Nigeria, there was potential for major crisis if I was not a President duly elected by the will of the people.

“The campaigns leading to the elections almost polarized the country into Christian vs Muslims and North vs South divide.

Most World leaders were worried that our elections will result into major crisis.
Some pundits even from here in the United States said that those elections would spell the end of Nigeria and that we would cease to exist as a nation because of the polls.

That is where the leadership question comes into play.

As a leader that was duly elected by the people, I considered the people’s interest first.

How do I manage my people to avoid killings and destruction of properties?

With the interest of the people propelling all the decisions I took, we were able to sail through.

Indeed, we sail through because I refused to interfere with the independence of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, having appointed a man I had never met in my life to run it.

My philosophy was simple. For elections to be credible, I as a leader, must value the process more than the product of the process. And the citizens must have confidence in the electoral body.

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Some Chibok girls killed in military air strikes

Some of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls have been killed in Nigerian military air strikes, according to a new video appearing to come from Boko Haram Islamic extremists, which shows one of the alleged victims pleading for authorities to release detained militants in exchange for the girls’ freedom.

The video posted Sunday on Twitter shows a girl, covered in a hijab with just her face showing, identified as one of the 276 students abducted from a remote school in northeastern Nigeria in April 2014. In the video, she claims that some of her kidnapped classmates died in aerial bombardments by the Nigerian Air Force. She also said that 40 have been “married” to Islamic extremist fighters.

The video shows a fighter warning in the Hausa language that if President Muhammadu Buhari’s government battles Boko Haram with firepower, the girls won’t be seen again.

“Presently, some of the girls are crippled, some are terribly sick and some of them, as I had said, died during bombardment by the Nigerian military,” the fighter says, appearing before a group of more than 40 young women in hijabs, some holding babies.

No Igbo listed among CNN’s 20 most corrupt Nigerians

A recent report of the American Cable News Network (CNN) gave the names of Nigeria’s 20 most corrupt leaders.

The list which went viral, showed, sadly, how several of those who were on the corridors of power looted the treasury and are still around to dictate the direction the country goes. Top on the list is two time president, Olusegun Obasanjo. 
However, no single Igbo is on this list, despite being labeled lovers of money more than every other ethnic group in the nation. 
In a recent publication, CNN has gone ahead to publish a list that shows how corrupt our former leaders are and how much they looted from our treasury.
Here is the list, if you have not seen it yet: 
Oluesgun Obasanjo – He stole $25 billion from 1999-2007 ($16.4 from power sector alone)
Ibrahim Babangida – He stole $15 billion from 1985-1993 ($12.4 billion from oil wind fall in 1990
Abdulsalam Abubakar – He stole $9 billion from 1998-99
Sani Abacha – He stole $7 billion from 1993-1998
Ahmed Bola Tinubu – He stole and continues to steal from Lagos State treasury since 1999 till date. It’s estimated that he has stolen $6 billion so far.
TY Danjuma – He fraudulently got enriched through oil blocks from the Niger Delta worth $20 million in the 70s after the counter coup. Those oil blocks worth billions of dollars in today’s value.
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – He stole $1.2 billion as CBN Governor from 2008-2014.
Bukola Saraki – Through his father, Olukola Saraki, their bank, Societe Generale and as a governor of Kwara State (2003-2011) he stole $1.1 billion
Nasir El Rufai – Before he was made the FCT Minister, El Rufai was broke, homeless and was looking for loan to import taxis from the UK. After he was made the minister, he seized landed properties that belonged to Nigerians and resold them with huge profit. It’s estimated that he stole $1 billion from 2003-2007.
Tunde Fashola – He is the poster boy of Tinubu. Boht of them looted Lagos dried and left it in debt of about N1 billion. Fashola, among other thing built his personal website for N78 million, drilled borehole for over N100 million per each and built a kilometre road for N1 billion. He stole $900 million from 2007-2015. He’ll soon be a minister to continue the looting.
Chubike Rotimi Amaechi – From 2007 to 2015, he stole $700 million and $150 million from that money was used to sponsor Buhari and APC.
Atiku Abubakar – When he as asked by our reporter how he made his money, he simply said “he was always at the right place at the right time.” Atiku is an astute businessman, but through shady deals, he stole $500 million from 1999-2007.
James Ibori – He stole $150 million from 1999-2007 as governor of Delta State. He’s serving his term for money laundering in the UK.
Amina Mohammed – This woman was the founder of Afri-Project Consortium (APC) that was in charge of all PTF Projects during Abacha’s regime. About $125 million was stolen from PTF accounts from 1994-1998. Buhari has just nominated the same woman as a minister to continue to stealing.
DSP Alamieyeseigha – He stole $120 million and was arrested for money laundering. He pleaded guilty and long served his term.
Sule Lamido – He stole $110 million between 2007-2015 and out of that amount, $50 million was found in his sons’ bank accounts. He was arrested and detained for days together with his sons.
Rabui Kwankwaso – He stole $100 million as a governor of Kano State. EFCC has arrested many of his aides and they are “singing” how they siphoned the money
Kashium Shettima – this governor has stolen about $80 million and still counting.
Rauf Aregbesola – he has milked Osun State to the tune of $60 million.
Kayode Fayemi – this former governor stole $40 million and stashed some part of the loot in Ghana. He was reportedly bought a bed for N50 million.

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Niger Delta Avengers are giants, Nigerian Army cannot fight them -soldier

A soldier who claimed that he was among 52 kidnapped by the Niger Delta Avengers earlier this year have said that the Avengers militants he came face to face with are nothing like any humans he has ever met in actual life. 

He said that they are actually about 10 to 12 feet in height, and very heavily built. The soldier who didn’t give his name also informed our reporter that the Nigerian Army does not have the kind of weapons needed to fight the militants, and even if they do, cannot face the fierce, fiery looking men who abducted him and other 51 soldiers and held them for two weeks.
The soldier claimed that he was with 51 other soldiers, all of southern extraction save for one, and were sent to the creeks of Delta State to search for the militants and arrest them. “While we were moving, we didn’t really know exactly what happened, and all we heard is ‘drop your weapons!’ Then we saw them. They were giants. They were so large and fearful-looking, and they carried very large guns. Each of these guns can only be lifted by three soldiers, but each of them held one. My brother, they can break you like a stick”. 
He further added that the militants took them to their camp, and allowed them to stay with them for two weeks. They also fed them, and returned their guns to them at the end of the two weeks. 
“They returned our guns to us. They also gave us a comfortable sum of money and referred to us as ‘hungry Nigerian soldiers’. They said we should use the money to cater for our needs because the army is not paying us enough and we needed the money”. 
When asked how the militants can be defeated, based on his observations, he said; “those people cannot be defeated. At least not by the Nigerian Army or any army like ours. Those guns, each of them had one, and the ones who arrest us alone are about 200. But there are less than 50 of such sophisticated guns in the whole nation. That’s probably why the president was begging them to take it easy with the bombings”.
The soldier also said that the only non-southern soldier that went with them on that mission was killed by the militants. 
“When we were brought in to their camp, they began to ask us where we hailed from. Each of us mentioned our states of origin. But when the young soldier said he is a northerner, they picked him up and dumped him into a giant pot of boiling oil. I felt pity for him. Me, if I have a chance, I will join those boys”, the soldier ended. 

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Biafrans launch Biafrexit referendum to leave Nigeria, after success of Brexit

Following today’s global shocker, the Bretix vote, a new referendum campaign, Biafrexit, has been launched that could, potentially, also shock the world.

A referendum known as Bretix was held on Thursday, June 23, 2016, culminating in the decision by Britons to quit the European Union.

Perhaps, inspired by this turn of events, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Friday, June 24, 2016 afternoon announced the official launch of a campaign slogan, Biafrexit Vote, for a referendum on independence for Biafra.

An IPOB spokesperson, Clifford Iroanya said in an e-mail to The Trent, “The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu hereby officially launch the campaign slogan titled: BIAFREXIT VOTE.”

Iroanya also shared the campaign’s logo (below) said an official statement on the new referendum campaign would soon follow.

Biafra is a short lived republic carved out of the old Eastern Nigeria region in 1967. Its declaration of independence sparked a civil war in Nigeria and was reclaimed back into Nigeria when the Biafran forces surrendered to the Nigerian government in 1969. The secession was led by the late Emeka Ojukwu, a colonel in the Nigerian Army and administrator of the Eastern Region at the time he declared independence from Nigeria.

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Yoruba lawyer sues Nigeria over shooting of harmless Pro-Biafrans

Lagos-based lawyer, Ebun-Olu  Adegboruwa, has urged a Federal High Court in Lagos to order the immediate release  of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra who are being allegedly detained unlawfully by the Federal Government.

In a suit he filed on Thursday, Adegboruwa accused the Federal Government of trampling on the constitutional rights of the pro-Biafran protesters to freedoms of expression, assembly and association.

The lawyer claimed that the invasion of IPOB gatherings by the Nigerian military and the killing of the pro-Biafran protesters was a violation of sections 39 and 40.

He is urging the court to restrain the Federal Government and its agents from further interfering with activities of the pro-Biafran protesters and unleashing terror on them.

The lawyer wants the court to declare that the pro-Biafran protesters are “entitled to assemble together in any part of the country, for the purpose of demanding for self determination, without any permit or licence.”

Joined as respondents in the suit marked, FHC/L/CS/775/2016, are President Muhammadu Buhari, the Attorney-General of the Federation, the Inspector-General of Police, the Chief of Army Staff, the Chief of Naval Staff and the Chief of Air Staff.

Adegboruwa prayed the court to hold that the police, the army or any other security agencies were not entitled to invade the gathering of the pro-Biafran protesters, or to shoot them or to arrest and detain them.

He claimed that inasmuch as the Federal Government of Nigeria is entitled to organise and hold the “Armed Forces Remembrance Day” in remembrance of the soldiers that died during the civil war, the IPOB also has a right to organise and hold the “Biafra Heroes’ Remembrance Day” without any threat to their liberty and freedom.

The lawyer is seeking, among other reliefs, a declaration that ” the statutory duties of the respondents does not cover or extend to the interruption of peaceful and lawful assembly willingly organised by the citizens of Anambra State, Enugu State, Imo State, Abia State and Ebonyi State to honour their fallen heroes and therefore they are not entitled to arrest, detain or kill any innocent and unarmed citizen on account of International Biafra Heroes’ Remembrance Day.”

He is also seeking a court order compelling the Federal Government to immediately release “all the innocent citizens of Anambra State, Enugu State, Imo State, Abia State and Ebonyi State held in their custody in respect of the International Biafra Heroes’ Remembrance Day.”

The suit filed on Thursday has not been assigned to any judge.

Source: Punch

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BIAFRA HEROES DAY: Several killed as soldiers open fire in Catholic Church in Onitsha

Several people have been killed and over 20 injured this morning as men of the Nigerian army shot into a Catholic Church at Nkpor Junction, Onitsha, South East Nigeria.

Jungle Journalist learnt that the incident, which occurred at about 6 am this morning, is likely to be connected to today’s rally to commemorate people kiled during the Biafra War between 1966 and 1970.

However, witnesses say they do not know why the attack took place since worshippers were still in the church for morning mass.

30th of May is marked the world over by Biafrans (South East/South South Nigeria) as Biafra National Holiday to pay tribute to over 3.5 million Biafrans that died during Nigeria Civil War.

The day is celebrated all over the world as Heroes Day.

According to reports, there are rallies currently going on across the major cities of the South East, while in the major countries of the world, the rallies are also heating up.

Since last night, people of the former Biafra region who believe in the struggle for an independent state of Biafra have been posting millions of photos, videos and texts on the social media walls to reflect the celebration.

The celebration this year, coincides with this year’s Democracy Day celebration in Nigeria, which is observing a public holiday today, Monday 30, since yesterday, the main Democracy Day is a Sunday.

Every year, colourful processions are held by these peoples, calling on the Nigerian government to release it’s members in detention, and allow it’s citizens run an independent government of self determination.

Emmanuel Yahgozie, who spoke with Jungle Journalist from London two days ago said the theme for this year is the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has been held by Nigeria’s government since last year.

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Prophets says he sees Nigeria will break up, Biafra will come

*says OBJ will die, IBB ‘ll suffer stroke

A Nigerian prophet has given damning prophecies about the future of the country, which he says does not look too well.

Prophet Olagunju, who accurately said that The country’s President Muhammadu Buhari would emerge ruler after the 2015 election also predicted that the North will refuse to relinquish power for 12 years.

He also foresaw the impeachment of Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, if he does not pray very well, as well as the death of ex president Olusegun Obasanjo.

He listed 50 prophecies among the things that would come to pass:

1. It will take the greatest miracle of the century for the current Senate President Bukola Saraki to complete his term as Nigeria’s Senate President.

2. The time for Seyi Makinde to rule Oyo State as governor is at hand as revealed to me by Almighty God, but he needs fervent prayer.

3. In Ondo State, Governor Mimiko and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party PDP should forget ruling the state in the next governorship election.

4. Rapture is very near.

5. Nigerians should pray for Oba of Benin and the Olubadan of Ibadan land.

6. Break-up is imminent in Nigeria. Another generation is coming that will break Nigeria without any war.

7. There is going to be retrenchment in NTA and FRCN.

8. Nigerians should commence serious prayer now to forestall death of prominent emirs, obas and someeminent Nigerians in 2016. Nigerians should also
pray against fire and motor accidents.

9. The ruling APC should be careful so that the race for 2019 presidential election will not break it and take Nigeria back to square one.

10. Rasheed Ladoja should pray seriously against terminal sickness.

11. During one of my prayers for the nation, I saw Buhari in thick darkness trying to bail out the country from disaster. God said, we should commence prayer now for the President that God should rise in his defense and rescue him from the antics of wicked and corrupt people.

12. God said we should commence serious prayer for Buhari that God should grant him good health and long life, so that he will be able to accomplish God’s purpose.

13. Almighty God warned that President Buhari should be careful not to allow favoritism, religious sentiment,nepotism and regional corruption to spoil his government and make him lose the love Nigerians demonstrated in voting for him.

14. Buhari should be careful so that what happened to Murtala Muhammed will not happen to him. He should rely more on God for his security and should not joke with the physical.

15. For equating former President Jonathan with our Lord Jesus Christ, God said Fayose’s days as Ekiti State governor are numbered. God said He has torn his government and has given it to whom He wants and the government will henceforth be
moving from one crisis to another until he gets out of office.

16. The controversial governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, will end up in failure if he fails to pray now, for God revealed him to me in handcuffs.

17. God said He will, beginning from 2016 begin to vent His anger against those false prophets and pastors using demonic powers to perform miracles because they are not sent by Him.

18. God says for legalizing the sin of fornication and adultery, He will stir up serious adversity and dreaded disease against the American nation very

19. God says the end of Boko Haram in the northern part of Nigeria is at hand.

20. Failure of President Buhari to set up a balanced national confab and restructure Nigeria will pave way for another militant group that will terrorize
the nation.

21. Nigerians should commence prayer for IBB against stroke and death.

22. Sunday Oliseh, as revealed to me by God, is not the right coach for the Super Eagles.

23. The ruling APC should not laugh because some of those that decamped to it will soon go back to their original home, PDP.

24. God said the only solution to Nigeria’s problem is for the President to mobilize the entire nation for a 3-day repentance crusade to seek the face of God for His favour in the fight against corruption.

25. Serious misunderstanding will arise between Buhari and some APC leaders, for Buhari will favour his Hausa tribe above others. Yoruba leaders should therefore pray against their marginalization.

26. Nigerians should pray fervently for the Vice President and his wife and rebuke the spirit of sickness in their lives. They should also pray against misunderstanding between the President and his Vice.

27. Opposition will be seriously noticed against Buhari and his government before the 2019 Presidential Election.

28. There is going to be worldwide plane crash in 2016.

29. There is going to be merger of PDP and some other mushroom parties before 2019 General Election.

30. Concerning the 3SC of Oyo State, God Says unless they pray and beg their former coach Niyi Akande, they will remain in the problem facing them.

31. God says the poor masses in Nigeria will enjoy his mercy.

32. There is going to be early rain in 2016.

33. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has completed his divine assignment on the planet earth.

34. A new generation of men of God is coming on board to replace those who misrepresented God.

35. As revealed in my 2013 prophecy “The looting we have witnessed in the past is nothing compared to unabated massive looting which we will begin to
hear about. The God of Christians who is a unique and supreme God said, the present exposure of looters is not a surprise to Him and He purposely kept President Buhari alive till this time to use him to expose and deal with the perpetrators in holistic manner.

36. God ask me to warn Buhari to be very careful with those looters who are very smart, clever and are advancing not only scientifically, but also physically and spiritually. God said those looters will stop at nothing to cover their tracks which according to God include consultation with Alfas and Bishops to help them out.

37. God revealed that Nigerians should pray now for former Interim President.

38. God said 2016 is a year of tsunami war against corruption and the perpetrators for Buhari will shake Nigeria and reveal his true colour against corruption.

39. The God Almighty who revealed to me in my 2013 prophecy to warn the former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke to pray against cancer again revealed to me that she should be prayed for against untimely death.

40. God promised unlimited blessing for every Godly people in 2016.

41. Regardless of what is currently happening in Nigeria, God revealed that Buhari will try his best for the country and his government will perform.

42. God revealed to me that there is no agape love within the All Progressives Congress.

43. God revealed that the Peoples Democratic Party will bounce back in a big way before 2019 General Election as those members who defected to the APC will go back to their original home.

44. God revealed that there is going to be mass retirement of top military and police officers.

45. As revealed to me by God of ancient prophets, except by accident, presidency will remain with
the North for the next 12 years.

46. The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress Chief John Oyegun should pray and be
very careful for there is going to be serious gang up against him for his removal.

47. God warns that Nigerians should not put their hope on Buhari as he is not the messiah but only
being used by God as a saving grace to rescue the country from the hand of looters. As revealed,
Buhari will try his best for the nation but, he is not the messiah.

48. Serious crisis will soon break out in the All Progressives Congress. The enemies within and outside the party will soon commence their scheming to get rid of Tinubu and Buhari whom they have identified as pillars of the party. Once this is achieved, that will be the end of the party.

49. As revealed to me now by God Almighty, Biafra nation is real and those behind it have accomplished
70 per cent of their dream. God warns that Buhari should be careful about their agitation because the
unity of Nigeria is in the balance.

50. God said the newly elected Governor of Kogi State will not enjoy that seat. This is because in the sight of God, James Faleke was cheated.

NOTE: These prophecies were given on December 31, 2015.

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Phone numbers of Nigeria’s ministers

These are the phone numbers of Ministers of Nigeria. Call them if you need to.

Suleiman Adamu (Water Resources)

Aisha AlHassan (Women Affairs) 08033144044

Dan Ali (Defence) 08032016183

Solomon Dalong (Sport) 08037877267 and

Rotimi Amaechi (Transport) 08127770777

Osagie Ehanire (Health State) 07035977101

Chris Ngige (Labour and Employment)

Lai Mohammed (Information and Culture)

Kemi Adeosun (Finance) 0807742770

Ibe Kachikwu (Petroleum, State) 08022903416

Hadi Sirika (Aviation, State) 08098941717

Kayode Fayemi (Solid) 08055556655

Fashola Babatunde Raji (Power, Housing et al)

Adebayo Shittu (Communication)

Abubakar Malami (Justice) 08034512381

Abubakar Bawa (Solid, State) 0805550050

AbdulRahman Danbazau (Interior)

Udo Udo Udoma (Budget and National
Planning) 08053045602

Mustapha Shehuri (Power, State) 07037747959

Geoffrey Onyeama (Foreign) 08102462705

Audu Ogbeh (Agriculture) 08030820002

Anthony Anuka (Education) 08028672558

Amina Mohammed (Environment)

Source: Sahara Reporters

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Ebonyi State bans cattle rearing, warns herdsmen to pen their cows henceforth

Ebonyi State Government yesterday banned the arrival of cattle into the state by herdsmen. Governor David Umahi told newsmen that the decision to stop cattle rearing in the state was because 

there is tension in the state over the recent activities of herdsmen in the country.  

He made this known during a meeting with security chiefs in the state at the state Police Command. He further stated plans to implement laws that would restrict movement of cattles and other animals such as goats and sheep.

Umahi added that those who have been resident in the state for years as cattle rearers should henceforth pen their cows, and made it clear that nomadic rearing has become illegal in the state.

The number one citizen of Ebonyi added that it has been observed that the herdsmen who move their cattle from place to place were the ones posing security threat and not their innocent Hausa/Fulani brothers who have settled in the state for years.

He said as the chief security officer of the state, he was concerned about the life of every Nigerian living within and outside the state and had the duty to always strive to protect it including lives of those who are not Nigerians. He said there was need to nip the situation in the bud to prevent an escalation. “Every state must put in place what will guarantee peace for both indigenes and non indigenes. I want security agencies to take note because there is high tension now in Ebonyi state”, Gov Umahi said.

Leaders of the Hausa community in the South East region attended the meeting. 

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