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Emeka Kalu calls for probe of Akpabio, Okon Akwa over N22billion NDDC funds, N100m bribe

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Engineer Emeka Kalu has called for a thorough investigation of alleged squandering of a whopping N22 billion by Senator Godswill Akpabio, who is the Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, and the Sole Administrator of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Effiong Okon Akwa.

Kalu also expressed support for the ongoing investigation of allegation of attempting to bribe some officials of the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB by Akpabio.

Kalu in a statement he signed himself, and made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited via electronic mail, said that the current corruption charges against Akpabio are one too many, and must not be ignored.

Kalu who sent the mail from the United States of America, warned that the Minister and the Sole Administrator of NDDC, Okon Akwa must not be allowed to get away with the alleged massive fraud which he said has further impoverished people of the Niger Delta.

Hear him: “We are appalled at the high level of corruption cases against Misters Akpabio and Okon Akwa, who heads the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, and the NDDC. What’s really tragic in the whole matter is that the funds being squandered have been allocated for the upliftment of the people of Niger Delta.

“But these two men sit on our money and dare us. I hereby call for a thorough investigation of these men, whom it has become obvious are far from being honest. Pregnancy cannot be hidden forever, and anyone whose hands are not clean should be tried and jailed for corruption.

“I hereby call on the present administration not to relent in its efforts to curb corrupt practices in this country, and to ensure that justice is served against those who have committed fraud on behalf of the people of the Niger Delta, as well As Nigerians across the globe”, he stated in parts.

Recall that a Federal Commissioner in CCB, Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma on Monday, 22nd February 2021 told newsmen that his subcommittee is currently investigating the allegation of N100 million bribe against Akpabio.

According to media reports, Akapabio allegedly offered bribe to the CCB officials to give a “soft landing” to Sole Administrator of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Mr Efiong Okon Akwa over discrepancies in his asset declaration form.

Agbonayinma said the Bureau was looking at the accusation first made against Mr Akpabio by Jackson Ude on Twitter.

“We have been given a mandate by the bureau to investigate the allegation against some officials of CCB that we saw on social media. Let me be specific, one Mr Jackson Ude twitted, and it went viral, that money was given to some officials of CCB by Akpabio. Because of that, a committee to investigate the allegation was set up, with myself as the chairman,” he said.

The embattled Minister, Godswill Akpabio and Effiong Okon Akwa (Sole Administrator of NDDC) were recently accused of having squandered N22billion released to the agency by the Federal Government.

It was also alleged that the Minister is building a multibillion naira mansion in Abuja, and would soon take delivery of two private jets bought on his behalf by a front, one Dubem Obaze.

Oyigbo: Tension rises as youths mark buildings for demolition

Tension is building up in Umueye community of Oyigbo urban in Oyigbo Local Government Area of Rivers State, over purported circular given to property owners by natives over planned demolition of structures for an alleged proposed road construction by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

Sunday Sun gathered that a circular signed by one Elder Daniel Ogbuji (08067938139), Chairman of Umueye Community, Oyigbo, Nwankwo Chidiebere, Secretary (0803558122) Umueye Community and Michael Azuh, Youth Leader (09045657952), Umueye Community, directed concerned residents, whose property and signposts were marked within the road map to remove such property or risked demolition by the community youths.

It (circular) read: “This is to inform you that your structure/building and signboards are marked within the road map of the aforementioned name above.

“Therefore, you are advised to re-arrange/ remove that structure immediately to avoid demolishing it by ourselves for furtheristic/developmental reasons, especially the forthcoming road grading in Umueye road phase 1 and 2”.

It was further gathered that some of the residents that are ignorant of the land use act have started removing their structures out of panic.

Some of the residents confirmed that they received circular from the group directing them to remove their structures.
A resident of High Tension Area of Umueye, Oyigbo , Policarp Jonah, said that he was served notice to remove his building for a proposed grading of road.

Jonah said: “I received a circular directing me to remove my house for a proposed grading of the road. The person that brought the circular told me that Rivers State Government in partnership with Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC have awarded contract for the construction of the road. The person told me that the community have the mandate of NDDC to remove structures that fall within the proposed road”.

He wondered why youths of a community could usurp government’s power, by threatening to demolish buildings under the guise of road construction.

Also, Chikwere Onoka has called on the Chairman of Oyigbo Local Government Area and State government to step into the matter to avoid breakdown of law and order.

Onoka expressed: “I wonder what power community people have to pull down properties belonging to residents. Under what law can a community association drive power to pull down properties belonging to residents? It is only government that reserved the power to pull structures under public interest law. And they lied that they were directed by NDDC to pull down properties that fall within the proposed road.

“If actually NDDC wanted to construct road, could such government agency direct community association to remove structures on their behalf? I think this people are criminals that want to extort money from residents under the guise of road construction”, he said.

Antyer source, who pleaded annoymity, said that one of the youths that brought the circular to his house said that if he can part with N100,000, his house will not be demolished.

“Some of this Oyigbo youths came to my house and handed over a circular directing me to remove my building for a proposed road construction. The boys said that NDDC has awarded contract for the reconstruction of the road. He said that they have the mandate of NDDC to pull down properties that fall within the proposed road.

“They threatened to bring down my building if I refuse to comply. But, what baffles me was that they boys came back later and demanded N100,000 from me. They said that my building will not be demolished if I can part with the money”, he stated.

Investigation revealed that Rivers State Ministry of Urban Development and NDDC are not aware of the proposed road construction.

Rivers State Commissioner for Urban Development , Ben Chioma, told a journalist that road construction does not fall under his Ministry.

He said that individuals have no right to demolish property under the guise of road construction.

The commissioner added that it is only government that has the right to acquire property under public interest.

He said before such property is acquired, the State Government will appoint a registered valuer to work out compansation for those whose property might be affected in a proposed road project.


NDDC: Kalu urges President, NASS to stop Akpabio from appointing sibling as Sole Administrator

The National Coordinator of PDP Coalition and South East Director of Reset Nigeria Group, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has called on the President of Federal of Nigeria, President Mohammedu Buhari, the President of the Senate, Senator Ahmed Lawan and Speaker of House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila to as a matter of National interest and for the good of people of Niger Delta whose future is being mortgaged, put a stop to the plan of Senator Godswill Akpabio to turn the agency to a private investment by appointing his brother Sole Administrator for NDDC to enable them divert the 2020 budget of N453.2 billion for personal use.

In a statement personally signed by Kalu and made available to the press, he threatened that if the intended rape on the collective future of NDDC members states, which he belong to, is allowed to proceed with impunity, the concerned citizens of the region will have no option than to embark on heavy regional protests and related civil disobedience to register their displeasure of the attempt to rob their fortune in broad daylight by connivance of few cabals in the region.

He insisted that appointment of Sole Administrator for NDDC is tantamount to creating highway traffic to further loot, rape, plunder and mismanage what is left of the hemohearging ministry under Godswill Akpabio and this illegally will not be allowed to stand.

The government of President Buhari has touted much about fighting corruption, this particular corruption must be fought intoto to avoid further breakdown of peace in the already heated and fragile polity.

The National Assembly should as a matter of urgency swear in a substantive caretaker committee that will man the agency while Akpabio continue with his forensic audit of the Agency.

“We totally reject the attempt by Akpabio and his co travelers to pocket NDDC by appointing his brother as Sole Administrator who will completely hand over the NDDC budget to Akpabio and his collaborators to share while the region remains in abject poverty, thereby betraying the purpose for which NDDC was set up”

“It is utter illegality to imagine the decision by Mr. President to appoint Effiong Okon Akwa as Sole Administrator to ‘oversee the ongoing forensic audit of the Commission to its completion’. This is alien, illegal, void and seriously offends the fine provisions of Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the NDDC (Establishment) Act, 2000.

It is also a typical of a man presiding over his case if Akpabio is allowed to use his brother to oversee audit of money he is accused of embezzling, and by so doing, Mr President will be aiding and abating crime, fraud, embezzlement and encouraging corruption in the high places, unless the presidency gained from the proceeds of the undoing drama in NDDC under Akpabio.

“The fact remains that NDDC is a creation of law and cannot be operated based on the whims and caprices of President Muhammadu Buhari or any other person for that matter.

“We therefore demand that your good offices should not for any reason authorize the spending of the approved N453.2 billion
being 2020 Budget for NDDC or any part thereof by Effiong Okon Akwa for purposes of running the affairs of the Commission as this will also make the Senate President and Speaker of House of Representatives accomplices to the well-orchestrated crime against a region that has already been bedeviled by poverty, underdevelopment and neglect from the leadership of this nation.

“Let me conclude by saying that if this illegality is allowed to sail through, it means that NDDC is just a window dressing where the President appoint a man from the NDDC region as figure head for the purpose of awarding money that will be retrieved for sharing among them and not actually an Agency for development of Niger Delta Region.

“I stand to be proved wrong by the President and NASS.

‘Don’t provoke us by marginalising Edo indigenes in NDDC board appointments’-Edo Indigenes

Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), otherwise known as Edo Indigenous Movement Worldwide (EIM) has warned the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) against alleged plans to marginalise the state in its appointments.

EIM in a message said Edo indigenes deserve to get choice appointments, as a result of the state’s contributions to the oil sector.

The statement, signed by the Indigenous leader and founder of the group, Chief (Dr) Bishop Omogiade Enoyiogiere Edokpolo, said that Edo is an active member of the NDDC, having the largest gas reserve in West Africa, apart from its numerous crude oil reserves across the state.

He stated: “It will be tantamount to calumny if the stories we are hearing is true, that our Indigenes are being systematically begging denied positions we ordinarily deserve. For the records, Edo is an active member of the NDDC, having the largest gas reserve in West Africa, apart from its numerous crude oil reserves across the state. Edo people are therefore qualified to play a major role in the community development commission.

“No one should take us for granted because of our peace living nature, and try to take away our rights and give it to another. We will fight it, we will resist it, and we will get back what belongs to us.

” We have been marginalised by the NNPC, and the oil giants, and because of our demure nature, its given that we cannot act. That is far from the truth.

“The days of darkness is over. The days of marginalisation is over. The years of neglect of our communities and people, despite our numerous contributions to the wealth of the country is over.

“Those in charge must ensure that the right thing is done or else, expect our response in a way they will not like at all. Our peaceful nature must not be mistaken for cowardice”, Edokpolo said.

Ijaw youths to Buhari: sack NDDC Interim mgt now

By Mike Odiegwu, Port Harcourt

Ijaw youths have appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and inaugurate a substantive board for the commission.

The youths under the auspices of the Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) Worldwide said the IMC had outlived its usefulness and should not be allowed to remain in office.

The IYC in a statement issued in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Tuesday by its President, Peter Timothy Igbifa, said the committee led by Prof. Keme Pondei, had been lackluster and uninspiring since its appointment by Buhari on October 30, 2019.

Igbifa said the IYC and other stakeholders in the region were earlier against appointing an interim committee for NDDC following their beliefs that some powerful forces would not allow it discharge its responsibilities for the region.
He said even persons, who earlier supported the idea, had seen a huge disconnect between the present committee and the people of the Niger Delta region.

Igbifa said the initial reason that the IMC was necessary to seamlessly drive the forensic audit of the commission could no longer be justified and called on Buhari not to allow the committee stat a day longer in the office.

The IYC boss said: “The Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide believes strongly that the present Interim Management Committee of the NDDC has outlived its usefulness and does not have anything new to add to the development of the Niger Delta region.

“The lackluster and uninspiring performance of the Interim Management of the Commission is glaring for all to see.

“When President Muhammadu Buhari appointed the Interim Management Committee on the 30th of October, 2019 to oversee the activities of the Commission as the forensic auditors carry on their assignment, so many persons in the region were not pleased with the idea of appointing an Interim Management Committee, knowing that they will be hamstrung by the powers that be from effectively discharging their responsibility to the people of the region.

“Today even the doubting Thomases will agree that there is a huge disconnect between the people, their developmental needs and what the present Interim Management Committee is doing in the Commission.

“One of the primary reasons that was given for the appointment of the present Interim Management Committee by those that facilitated the installation of the current illegal contraption; which negates the NDDC Act is to the effect that, the audit assignment should be done without any interference.

“Of course we don’t have any problem with that, but as a council and a prominent voice in the region, we are at a loss to the effect that, there is no audit going on in the NDDC, even if there is, that does not stop the President from inaugurating a substantive Board.”

Igbifa recalled instances forensic audits were carried out in major government institutions without disrupting the legally established management structure of such agencies.

He said: “We have had instances in this country where forensic audits were carried out in major government institutions, yet it didn’t necessitate the appointment of Interim Management Committees.

“For instance in 2014 when the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan brought an International Accounting firm, Price Water House Coopers ( PWC) to conduct a detailed investigation into the account and activities of the NNPC, that did not warrant the then President to dismantle the substantive Board and appoint an Interim Management Committee.”

“As leaders of the region, we are greatly concerned that, successive Nigerian governments that enjoy uninterrupted flow of petro – dollar from the ancestral lands of the people of the region are always taking the people for granted.

“The essence of the commission is to develop and empower the people of the region, but it is fast becoming a mirage and the people of the Niger Delta are living in hopelessness, want , squalor and misery.”

He insisted that the youths were no longer comfortable with the IMC and threatened to occupy the NDDC if Buhari failed to urgently inaugurate a substantive board.

Igbifa warned that retaining the present leadership of the commission would provoke unimaginable reactions from the people of the region.

He said: “The council is no longer comfortable with the present Interim agreement in the commission and demands the inauguration of a substantive board.

“Failure to do that will leave the council will no other option but to occupy the NDDC. Inaugurating a substantive Board would not stop the forensic auditors or consultants from carrying out their job.

“If the intention of the forensic audit is for the benefit of the region and not for some self-serving purposes, then the people of the region are requesting that the inauguration of the substantive board should be done alongside the forensic audit of the Commission.

“The council will work closely with other leaders from the region to ensure that the substantive board when inaugurated works to fulfill the yearnings and aspirations of the people of the region.

“The inauguration of a substantive board in the NDDC is long overdue, and there are people in the region that take delight is ensuring that they perpetuate the era of strife, economic backwardness and injustice in the region.

“They thrive when there is pain, sorrow, underdevelopment and economic subjugation of the people of the region. For these set of people, the council is watching them closely and would react in due season.

“Retaining the present leadership in the Commission beyond today, with their glaring incompetence and inefficiency under any guise may trigger an unimaginable reaction from the people of the region; we need a substantive board and management that will be accountable to the people of the region.”

How we can reform EFCC, NDDC, end Boko Haram – Patrick Eholor

President of One Love Foundation and Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Patrick Eholor has enumerated ways through which the myriad of problems facing the country can be tackled, including those of corruption at the EFCC and NDDC, as well as end Boko Haram and banditry challenges in the country:

EFCC in a letter to a civil society group said that it is currently investigating corruption charges against Minister Akpabio and Pondei. Sir, do you think the EFCC will be able to do this?

I think the EFCC is an institution that’s to be compared with the FBI or KGB. The KGB or the FBI or Interpol or other serious agencies all over the world recognize that no man is above the law. The EFCC in Nigeria is a joke like every other institution is a joke without exception.

For example the chairman of the EFCC for four years was acting as the chairman without confirmation with outright disrespect to the members of the Senate including Mr speaker. This is very unfortunate unlike the international security agencies who will take investigation seriously, who will even investigate one of their own or even Mr President because they know no one is above the law. But in Nigeria, they use it to fight Yahoo boys and political opponents.

Security agencies in Nigeria including the police needs reform, we have become a laughing stock.

Recently, the President was urged to create an NDDC board to check Akpabio’s excesses. Sir, do you think this will bring to an end the issue of corruption emanating from there?

The president is part of the problem, he is surrounded by so many people that Nigerians can’t trust including Mr Akpabio. Nigerians will not forget in a hurry when they said that when Akpabio leaves PDP for APC his sins will be forgiven. The people of Akwa Ibom won’t forget in a hurry how he embezzled the common patrimony of that state and yet the chieftains of APC said his sins has been forgiven because he crossed over to APC.

Until the ordinary people seek collectively for capital punishment or life imprisonment and reform the judiciary system, we will never start to have hope that things are about to change for real.

Bandits on Tuesday kidnapped the children of a former commissioner for local government, Alhaji Dankande Bello in Zamfara State. Boko Haram also attacked communities in Borno, razing down a hospital and communication mast. In the light of this, how do you think these bandits and Boko Haram may be stopped?

What happened to Alhaji Dankande in Zamfara state is no longer news. There have been too many innocent lives that were lost in that area. There are so many children that has been displaced, there are so many women that have been raped in that area, many Nigerians have joined my voice to echo my message that the Nigerian service chiefs must resign immediately and apologize to Nigerians.

Mr president is a good man. He meant well for Nigerians, he was our messenger and we voted for him for a change. We the people are saying that if we can’t trust a messenger we can’t trust his message.

CORRUPTION: Edo Indigenes to investigate Edo NDDC, institute litigation if…

The leadership of Edo Progressive Indigenes Association (EPIA), has warned that they will institute litigation against the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Edo State branch if found complicit in the corruption galore going on in the agency.

Edo Indigenous Movement Leader and President of EPIA, Chief Dr Bishop J.O.Enoyiogiere Edokpolo gave this warning in Benin City, Edo State capital while speaking on the gravity of the NDDC scandal.

He said that the country should be embarrassed that the issue of corruption seem unending as different ministries, agencies and even national assemblies seep with the odious stink of corruption.

“I am not surprised but is obviously angry that at this stage of our national life, we are still battling with this thing called corruption. Unfortunately, its now at a level where it looks impossible to eliminate, because those who are supposed to enforce its elimination are all into the game.

“But we at EIM and EPIA do not believe in the power of corruption over our people. This is because of the strong cultural value behind every Edo indigene. We want to however warn that, as Niger Deltans, and naturally, benefactors of the NDDC projects and plans, we will not fold our hands and watch a few individuals corner or pocket wealth meant for the people.

“We warn Edo NDDC that we are embarking on a fact-finding mission, and woe betide if the agency is found wanting. Edo Indigenes will fight corruption at the level of the NDDC with all that we have got. We will not sit back and watch one man or a group of people squander our commonwealth, or pocket what is the right of our people. Let no man think he can do that here in Edo State.

“We all must play our different roles to ensure that we eliminate corruption in this country”, Edokpolo stated.

Reps give Akpabio 48 hours to publish names of lawmakers taking contracts from NDDC

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila has directed the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Godswill Akpabio to publish the names of lawmakers taking contracts from the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) within 48 hours or risks the full wrath of the House.

The Speaker directed the Clerk of the National Assembly to send a communication to the minister today. The directive followed the adoption of a point of privilege.

He also declared that the Committee on NDDC can summon the ‘slumped’ Acting Managing Director of the NDDC, Keme Pondei if it wishes so.

“I am giving the Minister 24-48 hours, to publish the names, the contracts, the companies, date, amount and the projects. I am directing the clerk to do so.

Failing which, this house will bring the full wrath of the house on him. It is important that we set this record straight. The Minister owes it to himself, to the committee, to people of Niger Delta, and the country to publish it. I will reserve my judgement. The minister came there to play games, but we do not play games here.”

We’ve recovered over N3. 7bn from NDDC contractors, directors, says Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday in Abuja said law enforcement agencies have recovered over N3.7billion as well as various assets worth billions of Naira from contractors and former directors of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The President disclosed this at the inauguration of NDDC Advisory Committee, comprising the 9 Governors of the Niger Delta Region and the Ministers of Niger Delta Affairs and Environment.

Specifically, President Buhari said: ‘‘To date, the EFCC and other agencies of Government have recovered over N3.7billion in cash as well as various assets worth billions of Naira from some contractors and former Directors of the Commission.

‘‘Furthermore, I am told that Government agencies have placed liens on over N6 billion of assets which are being investigated.’’

The President told the committee that these abuses of the past clearly show the need for strict and diligent oversight, going forward.

He, therefore, charged them to discharge the new assignment diligently and effectively, working closely with the relevant ministries, adding that he looked forward to seeing positive changes in the affairs of the Commission as well as on the ground in the Niger Delta region.

President Buhari recalled that in 2016, his administration launched the “New Vision for the Niger Delta (NEVIND)”, aimed at bringing sustainable peace, security, infrastructure and human capital development to the region.

He said the medium to achieve this noble objective was through the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, NDDC and the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP).

The President, however, expressed regret that in the past these institutions were unable to deliver their mandates due to mismanagement.

‘‘As a result, the people of the Niger Delta were left with abandoned infrastructural projects and substandard social programmes which were designed to improve their living conditions.

‘‘It is to reverse this trend that I approved, in February 2020, the constitution of a 10-Man Presidential Monitoring Committee (PMC) as provided for in Section 21 of the NDDC Establishment Act.’’

He noted that the PMC, which will be chaired by the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs and its members drawn from various MDAs, will focus on monitoring the operations and activities of the commission, and will be reporting to him.

In the same vein, the President said the inauguration of the NDDC Advisory Committee is in line with the provisions of Section 11 (I) of the NDDC Establishment Act, explaining that the Committee is charged with the responsibility of advising the Board and monitoring its activities.

Justifying the decision to inaugurate the Committee ahead of the reconstitution of the NDDC Board, President Buhari said:

‘‘This is to enable us develop insights into the affairs of the Commission which will properly guide the Board when reconstituted once the Forensic Audit exercise on the Commission is concluded.

‘‘You may recall that the Federal Executive Council, on 5th of February, 2020 approved the appointment of the Lead Forensic Auditors. I am told they are concluding their pre-engagement activities and should be ready to commence work soon’’.

Speaking on behalf of the members of the Advisory Committee, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State thanked the President for inaugurating the Committee and granting the request of the governors, from the region, for a forensic audit of the NDDC.

The Governor expressed the hope that the result from the forensic audit would help streamline activities of the NDDC with a view to putting it on course to deliver on its mandate to the people.

Underscoring the roles of the Advisory Committee, the Delta State Governor noted that for sustainable development of the region, the NDDC must perform its duties in close collaboration with the States to avoid duplication of projects.

‘‘We do not want to criticise what has happened in the NDDC for quite some time, but the fact is that the cooperation between the states and the NDDC has not been strengthened overtime and we have various cases of duplication of projects that are not properly planned.

‘‘But I believe that with the inauguration of this body we will be able to sit down, meet together, work in collaboration and supportively to bring greater developments to our people,’’ he said.

NDDC: Forum urges site visits to verify contractors’ claims

The Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum (ACIF), has called on the management of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) to visit sites of acclaimed projects to verify contractors’ claims.

The Chairman of the anti-graft forum, Mr Prince Kpokpogri, gave the advice in a statement issued in Abuja on Saturday.

Kpokpogri also advised the commission led by Dr Joi Nunie, against paying contractors for abandoned, non-executed and shoddily completed projects in the region.

“While we call for the authentication of all the documents submitted by contractors and consultants, we also want the newly inaugurated NDDC committees to visit various sites of acclaimed projects to verify contractors’ claims.

“Considering the trillions of Naira pumped into the Niger Delta region, it is disheartening that the developmental pace of the region is insignificant,” Kpokpogri said.

He said that he expected due diligence from the committee in order to ensure thorough verification and inspection of all awarded projects in the Niger Delta region.

“We express concern over the findings of the verification exercise instituted as a prelude to the forensic audit ordered by President Muhammadu Buhari, where it was discovered that some award letters were found to be fake.

“Some of the companies were not registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), while some firms were registered after they had been given the contracts,” he said.

Kpokpogri also urged the NDDC management to engage Civil Society Organisations and other relevant anti-corruption agencies in the fight which is aimed at liberating and repositioning the region for the desired development.

“Unions of Community Development Committees in the Niger Delta should rise to focus and monitor these projects.

“The NDDC has become a conduit pipe for contractors and cabals,” he alleged.

“Stakeholders in the Niger Delta region must stand to emulate good practices. We must frown at duplication of projects,” Kpokpogri said.