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See full list of vaccines each state will get from 100, 000Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccines

The Federal Government has listed conditions for states to meet before the 100,000 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses being expected by the end of January would be released to them.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited learnt that the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), during a webinar tagged “Sensitisation Meeting with Media Gatekeepers on Covid-19 Vaccine Introduction”, at the weekend, said no vaccine would be release to states until facilities such as cold chains were in place.

According to the Director, Logistics and Health Commodities, NHPCDA, Kubura Daradara, the vaccine must be administered within five days of receipt for it to remain potent, and only the states that show commitment would receive the doses when available.

She added that the 100,000 doses would be administered to 50,000 people, because each person has to take a second dose 21 days after taking the first.

The NPHCDA also released the details of how the first batch of Covid-19 vaccine doses would be distributed across states.

According to the Programme Manager, National Emergency Routine Immunisation Coordination Centre (NPHCDA), Bassey Okposen, the country would receive 100,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine at the end of January.

Okposen, who stood in for the Executive Director of the NPHCDA, Faisal Shuaib, during his presentation at the webinar, said the vaccines would be administered around the last week of January or early February.

He explained further that, states with higher percentage of confirmed cases would be given additional doses.

He also noted that frontline health workers would be prioritised, while other batches would be administered to the elderly and vulnerable persons with co-morbidities based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

“We have other sources of vaccine that are non-mRNA, like the COVAX vaccine. The country and other stakeholders are working towards how they can get additional vaccines from the other countries like Russia and USA,” Okposen said.

“We want to assure all Nigerians that the vaccine is safe and effective. The vaccine will be introduced in four phases and this is due to the availability and quantity of the vaccine that will come in at any given time.

“When the vaccine arrives, in the plan, there’s going to be the prioritisation of persons to be given the vaccination so as to optimise the available resources and vaccines that will be received and this will be based on global best practices.

“In the first priority, when the limited doses first come in towards the end of this month and early February, will be the frontline health workers like immigration, airport, police and military on essential duties, those working in the labs and other medical practitioners.

“Those states with higher number of cases will be given additional doses. We’ve mapped out the health workers in each state and locations where these vaccines will be deployed as soon as we receive them. All the states in the country have cases and we need to get the vaccine to them all if we want to achieve herd immunity.”

In a data shared by NPHCDA, Kano, Lagos, Katsina, Kaduna, Bauchi, Oyo and Rivers would receive higher doses for health workers.

The breakdown is as follows: Kano, 3,557; Lagos, 3,131; Katsina, 2,361; Kaduna, 2,074; Bauchi, 1,900; Oyo, 1,848; Rivers, 1,766; Jigawa, 1,712; Niger, 1,558; Ogun, 1,473; Sokoto, 1,468; Benue, 1,423; Borno, 1,416; Anambra, 1,379; Kebbi, 1,361; Zamfara, 1,336; Imo, 1,267; Ondo, 1,228; Akwa Ibom, 1,161.

Others are: Adamawa, 1,129; Edo, 1,104; Plateau, 1,089; Enugu, 1,088; Osun, 1,032; Kogi, 1,030; Cross River, 1,023; Abia, 955; Gombe, 908; Yobe, 842; Ekiti, 830; Taraba, 830; Kwara, 815; Ebonyi, 747; Bayelsa, 589; FCT, 695; Nasarawa, 661.

This brings the total number of doses to be administered in the first phase/batch to 48,786.

It is, however, not clear what the Federal Government plans to do with the remaining 2,428 doses of the vaccine, out of the total 100,000 expected by the end of this month.

Okposen added that the Federal Government intends to administer the vaccine to, at least, 40 per cent of Nigerians in 2021, and another 30 per cent in 2022.

NPHCDA, NCDC announces plan for COVID -19 vaccine distribution in Nigeria

The National Primary Health Care Development Agency, NCDC, has announced a distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine in the country, saying that the rate of infection in each state was the criterion used in the distribution.

It revealed the plan alongside the publication of the latest infection rates for the disease by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on its verified website.

Based on the rate of infection in the states, the distribution list of the COVID-19 vaccine indicated that Kano State will receive three thousand, five hundred and fifty-seven the highest, followed by Lagos, three thousand, one hundred and thirty-one.

The least vaccine, six hundred and sixty-one will go to Nasarawa State while Anambra State will receive one thousand, three hundred and seventy-nine among other states.

The NPHCDA said that though all of the states were getting less than four thousand vaccines from the first batch, the federal government had advised that frontline workers, like those in the health and security sectors, be given priority, as well as the elderly.

The agency said that the vaccine, expected to be administered in January and February, would be done in compliance with WHO standards as the federal government was also sourcing for more vaccines from other countries like Russia.

#EndSARS: Anonymous takes down NNPC, Lagos State Govt, NCDC websites

In addition to the government owned websites it had pulled off the radar, notorious hacker Anonymous has yanked off the websites of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the Lagos State Government and National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Anonymous accused them of corruption in its announcement tweets.

More details to follow.

They lied that a man stung by bees has Covid-19, Kogi Govt accuses NCDC

The government of Kogi has maintained that the state is free of COVID-19, accusing the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) of having an agenda to spread the disease across the country.

On Wednesday, NCDC had announced that Kogi recorded two cases of the virus.

But Haruna Audu, Kogi health commissioner, had said the state government would not accept any “fictitious” claim from the NCDC.

Speaking on Channel Television’s Politics Today on Thursday, Kingsley Fanwo, commissioner for information, described the cases reported in the state as a “beautiful fraud”.

Fanwo alleged that one of the patients, an imam was stung by bees before he was transferred to Abuja from the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja, where he was tested and declared positive for coronavirus.

“As far as we are concerned, the declaration of those cases is fraudulent and fails the major credibility test, it is a backdoor declaration that is laden with a lot of fraud,” he said.

“A patient was admitted to the FMC Lokoja for symptoms far from ‪COVID-19‬ but they were not attended to there. They were brought to National Hospital in Abuja where they were tested and declared positive within 24 hours.

“We do not only think this is a beautiful fraud, but we also think it is a very bad script acted by bad actors.

“The man is a chief imam, they went for a burial and he was attacked by bees and it affected his sight. He went to a clinic and when he was not recovering fast he was referred to the FMC Lokoja.

“We got wind that they were attempts to take the man to Abuja without following the NCDC protocol, we sent our people so as to test to know if he fits into the criteria, on getting there the FMC officials said the man ran away from the hospital.

“Only for us to hear that their ambulance and the staff of the FMC followed the man to Abuja for them to say they have conducted tests and say he was coronavirus positive.

“NCDC should stop defrauding this country. I am not one of those people who think NCDC is helping, I think NCDC has an agenda to spread ‪COVID19‬ to the federation and when there was no case in Kogi, they did all they could to ensure that Kogi has a case.”

We may start discharging Covid-19 patients who are yet to recover, says FG

The Nigerian federal government says it may consider discharging COVID-19 patients earlier than their required treatment and isolation period, even when they are still positive.

The director-general of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Chikwe Ihekweazu, said this on Thursday, May 21, at the daily briefing by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19.

According to the report, the NCDC chief said new evidence shows that it is safe to discharge recovering COVID-19 patients even when they still test positive.

“New evidence is emerging that even when the test is still positive after that patient has been in care for a certain amount of time, it is possible and safe to discharge that patient to home isolation.

“So we are looking at the evidence and we might change our guidelines over time,” Ihekweazu was quoted to have said.

The NCDC’s decision may not be unconnected with the reality that treatment centres across the country are getting overwhelmed.

The NCDC chief had earlier said Nigeria lacks adequate bed spaces to accommodate COVID-19 patients in isolation centres across states.

He said the federal government was considering the option of home-care treatment for COVID-19 patients.

As at Thursday, May 21, Nigeria has 7016 cases of COVID-19 out of which 1,907 have been discharged after recovery while 211 have died.

COVID-19: Before the next round of national lockdown

By John Okiyi Kalu

There is no doubt that locking down helps to slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus especially when applied stringently with other measures such as regular washing of hands under running water, wearing of face mask and social distancing.

But it is not a silver bullet that ends coronavirus and also has other deleterious socio-economic implications that must be considered even while taking the necessary measures.

This note was provoked by an article I read concerning the projection that Lagos will likely record 120,000 cases of COVID-19 by July 2020. Of course, that projection must have come out of some modeling system being used by the authorities in Lagos State. Yet, I beg to disagree with the numbers and will later share my reasons.

While media reports suggest that the Federal Government is mulling another round of national lockdown, permit me to suggest what I consider the most urgent priority for us in the fight:against COVID-19 which is the availability of accurate testing facilities in all the senatorial districts of Nigeria as a minimum.

According to Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), so far, we have tested 23,835 samples from our population of about 200 million people. Out of that meagre figure tested, we have confirmed 4,151 cases of COVID-19 in the country with about 3,278 cases currently active. That means that 17.41% of those tested returned positive results. When we extrapolate to the national population it means that if we test 200 million Nigerians we MIGHT likely find about 34,820,000 positive cases in the country.

I capitalized the word might to show that other variables will likely come to play with regard to the numbers. For instance, the stringency of the case definition means that only those that are very likely to be positive would have been tested thereby giving rise to high positive outcomes. On the other hand, the stringent case definition might also allow many positive cases to escape the loop. For instance, if the stringent case definition existing at the time had prevailed with the two index cases in Abia State, who are above 70 years old, home bound with underlying medical conditions usually associated with senior citizens and no recent travel history, they would have been missed even though they had the virus.

It is my considered opinion that while locking down is good to slow down the spread of the virus, it is even more important to be able to test as many people as are willing to be tested to know exactly what we are dealing with in order to prescribe the right solutions and in time, too. On its own, locking down is not an end and indeed comes with numerous deleterious socio-Economic consequences.

Above all, I was personally taught in Business School to ensure I see the end before taking a dive. Where exactly is the end we are seeing with the lockdown strategy? We can’t possibly lockdown the country forever.

Before we declare the next round of national lockdown, let’s do the following:

1. Establish one testing center in each senatorial district of the country. That should give us 109 new testing centers or a little less because of the existing ones.

2. Ensure total closure of inter state boundaries to stop people from spreading the disease far and wide. Circle the disease wherever found and deal with it there. All our states need not record cases and, indeed, if we had implemented this measure earlier, we would have been dealing with lockdown in only Lagos and FCT whereas other states would have continued with production to support the entire country.

3. Fund large scale research on local drugs to manage patients of the disease. While COVID-19 is a novel disease, there are previous infections that mimick its biochemical attributes. A good starting point is to find out how those past outbreaks were managed with local herbs before the coming of the white man?

4. Enforce national wearing of face masks to minimize the spreading of the disease. If we achieve 80% compliance with face masking in the country, we would have reduced the likelihood of spreading the disease by more than 60%.

At the moment, it makes little or no sense to impose curfews when we cannot enforce inter-state movement restrictions. Granted that people need to spend as much time as possible locked down at home, our peculiar situation with absence of steady power supply and adequate security makes it a fortuitous measure, in the main.

It is also an indisputable fact that the number of cases we have recorded so far is directly proportional to the number of tests we have conducted. My private investigations indicate that some states recording low or zero infection rates may not have been testing as much as others like Lagos and Abuja. If some of those states do not start testing as many as need to be tested, let’s start building morgues and mass graves early enough.

Finally, it is laughable that we are yet to identify what exactly is killing Nigerians in Kano. The resort to paper surveys as against autopsies is a joke. If we say that it is unIslamic to conduct autopsies is it also the case that only Muslims in Kano are affected by this so called “strange” illness? Can’t we examine corpses of the non Muslim victims and use the result to pinpoint what is killing our people? And if, like many suspect, it is actually COVID-19 that is on rampage in Kano, Gombe and Bauchi, why won’t the authorities say so and then take measures to contain the situation before things nosedive further south?

In all these, I accept the risk of being called a fear monger if it will make us think harder as a nation, but what I am seeing is not good and it is not the product of malaria induced dream or “odumbaka” prophecies. I see tens of thousands of Nigerians being camped in open fields as isolation centers because no state can afford to build a 120,000 bed capacity isolation facility fast enough. Not even Lagos that is conservatively projecting the “meagre” infection figure of 120,000 by July 2020. Large swathes of residential areas might have to become isolation zones as we navigate through the months of June and July. Let’s wake up before it is late.

-JOK (John Okiyi Kalu) is the Abia State Commissioner for Information

NCDC to quarantine APC members who conducted mock primaries – Party official

Factional members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Edo state, who allegedly conducted a mock governorship primaries last week would be soon be quarantined by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

Factional state publicly secretary of the party loyal to Governor Godwin Obaseki, Mr. Joseph Osagiede, made this known on Wednesday while responding to Edo People’s Movement (EPM)’s paid publication to deny a mock primary that took place in Benin.

Recall that five aspirants allegedly gathered at the private residence of Lucky Imasuen, a former Deputy Governor of the state, under the directive of the national chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole, to pick a consensus aspirant to wrestle the party’s ticket from incumbent Governor Godwin Obaseki, in the election coming up later this year.

The mock election tagged ‘family meeting’ however ended in deadlock, with one of the leading members of the party in the state, Barr. Henry Idahagbon, alleging non-transparency on the part of the organisers of the meeting.

Osagiede alleged that the over 50 delegates gathered against the directive of the federal government’s social distancing policy and prohibition of public gatherings of more than 20 persons, to check the spread of Covid-19.

He added that the large congregation of persons which took place at a time when collaborative efforts are being put in place to curtail the spread of Covid-19, contravenes the NCDC’s guidelines.

“The information did not reach us in time that there was such a gathering, by the time the information got to us, they had started fighting within themselves and that was what led to their dispersing.

“We have since informed the NCDC, whose responsibility it is to arrest, quarantine and isolate them to determine if they are safe to be in the society,” he said.

Osagiede described a statement in the said publication that Obaseki has merely scratched the surface and played to the gallery in his effort at fighting Covid-19″, as mischievous, noting that Edo state is the flagship in the fight against the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, EPM members are too blind to see all of these Governor Obaseki’s management of the pandemic, his well-articulated and structured lockdown and curfew management has become a national model,” he added.

COVID-19: FG, NCDC haven’t contributed 1 kobo or 1 grain of rice to Abia- Commisioner JOK

The Abia State Commissioner for Information, Chief John Okiyi Kalu (JOK) has dismissed insinuations from some quarters that Abia State has received financial and material assistance from the Federal Government, and the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

Kalu said that, apart from donation of essential items and monies by good-spirited individuals and organisations to the State, everything distributed by the state has come from the state coffers.

He also explained that a new isolation center being built in Ogbor Hill, Aba was not an NCDC project, but 100% sponsored by the state government.

These were contained in a Press Statement signed by the Commissioner, and made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited.

His words “All the palliative food distribution done in Abia State as well as the construction of new isolation centers are projects of Abia State Government led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu.

“Please ignore the sponsored lies and propaganda from those who live by propaganda.

“Our state has also not received any money from the social investment fund as we are among the four states yet to benefit.

“It is also not true that NCDC is constructing the new isolation center in Ogbor Hill, Aba. That project is 100% funded by Abia State Government and we hope to hand over the facility to Abia State University Teaching Hospital afterwards. No single living Abian is contributing one kobo to the construction and equipping of the new isolation center. It is the same for the others previously readied by the administration.

“Abia State Government led by Dr Okezie Ikpeazu is investing all the resources required in preparing our isolation centers, provision of PPEs, ventilators etc for the safety and protection of our people against coronavirus.

“No single grain of rice or any other food stuff has been received by the state from the federal government as rumored by same propagandists. Abia State Government procured the rice and other foodstuff distributed to the needy through the churches and added the 850 bags of rice donated by Prof Greg Ibe. So far, we have procured more than 8,000 bags of 50kg rice and other items such as beans, yam, face masks, hand sanitizers etc. We have also distributed the 2,000 cartons of Indomie donated by our brother Chrisnak.

“Distribution of palliatives to our people will continue today and run throughout the lockdown period. Aside from Churches, we are also distributing through the state’s geriatric services agency, traditional rulers and presidents general of communities in our state”, Kalu stated.

COVID19: 99 discharged, as 19 new cases are confirmed by NCDC

Edo, Akwa Ibom, Kano, Lagos and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) are among the states to record new cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), 19 cases were confirmed on Tuesday.

A statement on the verified twitter handle of NCDC on Tuesday night said Nigeria now has 362 confirmed cases in the country.

It said one death was recorded bringing the total number of deaths to 11.

Of the cases, Lagos State had 14, FCT recorded two while Kano, Edo and Akwa Ibom had one respectively.

NCDC, however, said a total of 99 patients had been discharged from isolation centres.

“Nineteen new cases of #COVID19 have been reported as follows: 14 in Lagos, 2 in FCT, 1 in Kano, 1 in Akwa Ibom and 1 in Edo.

“As at 09:20 pm 14th April there are 362 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. 99 have been discharged with 11 deaths”, it stated.

Covid 19 cases jump to 343, as NCDC confirms 20 more cases

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC said 20 new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic has been confirmed in the country.

The NCDC through their official twitter account said 13 of the cases was reported in Lagos, 2 in Edo, 2 in Kano, 2 in Ogun and 1 in Ondo state.

The centre also stated that; “As at 09:50 pm 13th April there are 343 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. 91 have been discharged with 10 deaths

Number of states with confirmed cases are 19 and they are as follows;

Lagos- 189

FCT- 56

Osun- 20

Edo- 14

Oyo- 11

Ogun- 9

Bauchi- 6

Kaduna- 6

Akwa Ibom- 5


Kwara- 4

Ondo- 3

Delta- 3

Kano- 3

Enugu- 2

Ekiti- 2


Benue- 1

Niger- 1

Anambra- 1