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Owerri: MASSOB spits fire, accuses FG of sponsoring terrorist attacks in South East

Leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has said that the Federal Government led by Muhammadu Buhari is using bandits to create tension and fear in Igboland.

MASSOB in a press release issued by Comrade Uchenna Madu (Leader of MASSOB) while condemning coordinated attacks on civilians and security operatives in Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra States, describe the incidents as a plan to turn Igbo land into another war zone like the North East.

The release said in parts: “These acts of criminal terrorism by the so called unknown gunmen being perpetrated in our land against government facilities, security agents and some prominent individuals are being sponsored by enemies of Ndigbo.

‘MASSOB condemns the terrorist attack against Chukwuma Soludo at Isuofia, we equally condemn the unwarranted killings of Ebonyi and Enugu state citizens by Fulani terrorist herdsmen. MASSOB condemned in totality, the breaking of Owerri prison by the so called unknown gunmen.

“Through MASSOB Intelligence Agency, we found out that all these attacks are being sponsored and executed by federal government of Nigeria through their protected militiamen called bandits and unknown gunmen. Their primary aim is to discredit non violence pro Biafra freedom fighters like MASSOB and IPOB. They want to create an erroneous impression that pro Biafra agitators have turned violent and militancy.

How can untrained amatures a with no military training overpower the entire security apparatus of Nigeria in South East? Why is it that there was no security resistance during the breaking up of owerri prisons and Imo State police headquarters in an operation that lasted more than one hour.

Nigeria military cantonment, Obinze Owerri is seven minutes drive to the scenes of the crime, Imo State MOPOL base is three minutes drive to the scenes of the crime but no resistance from security agencies.

The terrorist attacks in Owerri are part of the ongoing destructive measures by the President Muhamadu Buhari led administration to discredit and blackmail the pro Biafra organizations to create an erroneous impression that Biafrans are waging war against Nigeria. Igbo land is the most peaceful and unterrorised region.

MASSOB advised Governor Hope Uzodinma to stop heaping blames on IPOB or ESN or any other pro Biafra organization. Pro Biafra agitators are not responsible for all the terrorist activities in Igbo land. President Muhamadu Buhari and his Fulani cabals are responsible. The fulani commissioners of police and military chiefs in Igbo land are partners in these terrorist activities in Biafra land.

They will never stop until they achieve their desired aim. More destructive attacks will still come unless Southeast governors and other political, traditional and opinion leaders of Igbo land quickly convene a security meeting where critical stakeholders will put a a lasting strategy that will stop these devastative implosion coming to Biafra land.

The federal government of Nigeria led by President Muhamadu Buhari is plotting to militralised the entire Biafra land in disguise of searching for pro Biafra agitators. They are planning to intimidate and inflict fear on our people to frustrate Ndigbo from clamouring for2023 presidency’, it concluded.

You Have Disappointed Ndigbo – MASSOB tells Uzodinma

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) have condemned the Adolph Hitler’s style of administration of Governor Hope Uzodinma in Imo state.

According to a statement by the National Director of Information, Comrade Samuel Edeson, his uncontrollable and amature utterances shows his inability and inactiveness in governance of Imo State.

MASSOB said: “Gov Hope Uzodinma claiming that he invited the Nigeria fulanistic army to destroy our villages in Orlu province in disguise of searching for members of pro Biafra agitators shows that the governor of Imo State has join the league of Igbo political saboteurs and enemies.

“MASSOB is highly disappointed on Gov Hope Uzodinma utterances against his own people. It is very unfortunate that a sitting governor in Igbo land will descend so lowly and inferior in defense of his people because of political allegiance to the Arewa caliphate.

“MASSOB also condemned the burning down of Abayi police station, killing of some police men and looting of their armoury at Aba.

“We can never condole or support evil in our land. This is the handiwork of cultist boys who always terrorize the society. They are being sponsored by enemies of Ndigbo. They want to create artificial tension in Igbo land and erroneous impression that Aba city is not stable for economic stability. Abia State is rated the best third state for foreign investment and economic stability in Nigeria.”

Stay clear of 2023 Presidential Election, MASSOB warn Jonathan, Tinubu, Bello

Leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) have condemned the subtle political move by some Northern APC governors to lure and influence Goodluck Jonathan to vie for 2023 presidential election.

According to Uchenna Madu, Leader of the organisation who spoke to Jungle Journalist Media Limited through a Press Release, “This is a dangerous systematic way of creating and re establishing another political discord among the people of old eastern region.

His words “Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his Ijaw kinsmen should be wise enough to discern this subtle and hypocritical moves of Arewa Governors. The Sultan of Sokoto, the Aso Villa cabals, the Frontline emirs, the Arewa opinion leaders and Islamic gurus both in Nigerians/foreigners are perfectly aware and systematically pushing for a Goodluck Jonathan one tenure administration. Their ultimate political aim is to sideline and frustrate the golden chances of Ndi Igbo or Southeast zone to emerge as president of Nigeria.

“Former President Goodluck Jonathan and his Ijaw kinsmen should avoid and discard this destructive and political end of Ijaw ethnic nationality in Nigeria. The people of Southeast and the indigenous Igbos in South South region have always supported the Ijaws mostly on the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan during his political travails in the hands of Arewa leaders.

MASSOB also warned Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Gov Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to bury their presidential ambitions in 2023 because “it is sacrosanct for the Southeast zone to produce the next president of Nigeria”, he argued.

“It is not about sentiment or selfishness to support the Southeast zone, it is the turn of Southeast zone to produce the next president of Nigeria according to the zoning arrangement.

“Nigeria is already sitting on a explosive time bomb that will eventually explode in 2023 if justice and national integration are not done to the people of Southeast in producing the next president of Nigeria. The Hausa Fulanis are seriously plotting to scuttle and frustrate the chances of Southeast zone to produce the next president of Nigeria.

“MASSOB warns All Progressive Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to immediately commence picking of their presidential candidate from Southeast zone for 2023 presidential election. If the political conspiracy against people of Southeast prevail, we shall once again proove that Ndigbo have the capacity and capability to make or mar Nigeria. 2023 shall determine if Nigeria will continue to exist or not”, Comrade Uchenna Madu stated.

Ohanaeze, MASSOB blast Ango Abdullahi over utterances on killing

The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, and the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra have disagreed with the leader of the Northern Elders’ Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, for alleging that most violent acts against the northerners were perpetrated by the Igbo.

In separate statements issued on Wednesday, Ohanaeze’s President General, Chief Nnia Nwodo; and MASSOB Leader, Uchenna Madu, described the comment by Abdullahi as unsubstantiated and provocative.

Nwodo, in a statement by Media Adviser, Chief Emeka Attamah, challenged Abdullahi to make public facts to substantiate his claim, unless it was intended to set up the Igbo for another round of killings in the North.

The statement read partly, “The President General reminded Prof. Abdullahi that on the contrary, the Igbo have borne the brunt and have been victims of age-long and misguided attacks and bloody orgies by their northern brothers at the slightest upheavals in the country, sometimes even as a result of an event outside the country, and no restitution has ever been made for such losses.”

On its part, MASSOB’s Madu said Abdullahi’s statement was hypocritical and unsubstantiated.

The statement partly read, “The primary aim of Northern Elders’ Forum to Rivers State is to continue in their mission of divide and rule syndrome; they saw in Governor Nyesom Wike a willing tool of continuously perpetrating their enmity virus against Ndigbo.”

Meanwhile, NEF on Wednesday in Enugu State warned that the alleged attack on northerners resident in the Southern Nigeria during the #EndSARS protests must not happen again.

The spokesman for NEF, Dr. Hakeem Ahmed, gave the warning when the forum met with leaders of northern groups residents in the South-East.

#EndSARS: Protesters should stay stay away from Igboland for their own good, MASSOB warns

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) under Comrade Uchenna Madu has warned perpetrators of violence and public disturbances in Igbo land to put a stop to it.

According to the organisation, in a Press Release signed by Comrade Edeson Samuel, the National Director of Information, members of pro Biafra organizations and Biafrans in general have no intention or plans to be part of any protest or demonstration in Biafra land next week, during the Christmas season or any time soon.

It said “MASSOB received an intelligence report through Biafra Intelligence Agency (BIA) that sponsored thugs are being mobilized to cause violence civil unrest through an organized protest that will throw Igbo land into an unprecedented chaos and military invasion.

“Our enemies plan to use the anticipated pro Biafra protest to cause more devastative destruction of lives and properties of Ndigbo in this Yuletide season. They knew that the month of December and Christmas season is very important to Ndigbo because of our numerous festivities and homecomings. The sponsors of the protest are planning to create tension and insecurity in Igbo land which will frustrate the homecoming of our people for the Christmas festivals and reunification of kinsmen.

“MASSOB warns all the pro Biafra organizations not to allow themselves to be used in formenting trouble and violent acts that will jeopardize the lives and properties of Ndigbo. Ndigbo have not yet recovered from the Obigbo bloody massacre, the city of Aba, Onitsha, Enugu, Abakiliki and Owerri are yet to recover from the destruction of government and peoples properties including all the killings and destruction of our infrastructural establishments associated with the EndSARS protest.

“MASSOB warns that commercial atmosphere of our people should not be disturbed. We shall never allow perpetrators of violence to hold Igbo land ransom, we can no longer allow bloodsuckers to continue in their business of rendering young children to a fatherless state. Igbo land can never be sacrificed for selfish interest of some bloodsuckers who have no investment or developmental projects in Igbo land.

“MASSOB warns hired thugs and perpetrators of violence not to engage in any act of disguised protest or demonstration in Igbo land. Our people need peaceful atmosphere to flourish in their businesses in this yuletide season.

MASSOB warns sponsored and perpetrators of violence protest to stay clear of Igbo land now”, the statement ended.

MASSOB blasts Arewa Youths over attacks on Enyinnaya Abaribe

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) have blasted the Alhaji Yerima Shettima led Arewa Youths Consultative Forum (AYCF) to shut up their mouths forthwith, especially as regards attacks on Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe.

MASSOB said AYCF did not have the honour to speak in the presence of Abaribe, as their only goals in life is destruction and confusion.

Uchenna Madu, MASSOB leader said this in a Press Release it made available to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd.

It said; “AYCF’s stinking vomit against Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe is an expression of sadistic and tribalistic ethnic group in Nigeria. The northern Youths are always willing tools of destruction in the hands of their primitive leaders.

“Senator Abaribe’s stand as surety to Nnamdi Kanu was totally different from the one Senator Ali Ndume stood for Maina Abdulrasheed. Maina was a corrupt criminal that shamelessly looted public fund when he was the chairman of the defunct National Pension Task Team. He laundered money mearnt for aged pensioners. He can never be compared with Nnamdi kanu of IPOB.

“Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe’s standing as surety for Nnamdi kanu was a unanimous decision of Ndigbo, it was not a personal venture. The baseless treasonable and felonious court case against Nnamdi Kanu is closed because Nigeria government knows they have no evidence against Kanu. Any attempt or arrest on Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe will be resisted by Ndigbo.

“MASSOB warns Alhaji Yerima Shettima led Arewa Youths Consultative Forum (AYCF) to stop their systematic and calculated plan to blackmail the personality of Enyinnaya Abaribe, Nigeria’s most distinguished Senator in the Red Chambers. MASSOB will never allow Arewa people to play their hypocritical game of pulling down the best leaders of Ndigbo because of politics.”

Don’t engage in activities that could lead to killing of our people, MASSOB cautions Ndi Igbo

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) under Comrade Uchenna Madu have advised Ndi Igbo not to engage in any destructive demonstrations or activities that will endanger the lives of citizens in the hands of Hausa Fulani military force led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

MASSOB said the pathological and unrepentant hatred against Igbos in particular, and Christians in general by the president can never be measured.

It said in a Press Release sighed by Comrade Edeson Samuel its National Director of Information;
“MASSOB as the mother that gave birth to all other Pro Biafra organizations advised all pro Biafra agitators irrespective of their group to desist from actions that will lead to avoidable death and shedding of innocent Biafran blood. Demonstrations and expression of our inalienable rights are constitutional and legal but it must be in the confinement of the principals of non violence.

“We shall never engage in activities or actions that will give fertile ground for the soldiers of our oppressors to commit massacre on our people

“The three weeks old peaceful Nigerian Youths protests have been hijacked by sponsored hoodlums who derive joy in looting, maiming and destruction of public and private properties of Ndigbo. MASSOB warned Ndigbo not to exhibit tribalism in the activities of Nigeria Youths protests. Our enemies are looking for an opportunity to reduce the population of Ndigbo through express shooting, we should not give our enemies mindless opportunities to maim our people. There is enough agony in our land, our people are still mourning the unfortunate loss of lives and properties of Ndigbo in the last week carnage.

“MASSOB advises that every pro Biafra demonstration or attachments of pro Biafra agitators to the Nigerian youths protests shall pause because Inspector General of police has ordered his murderous men to shoot at sight any group of protesters found on the street protesting irrespective of what that group stand foř. That is why they are shooting sporadically, killing innocent citizens.

“Our enemies have laid siege and ambushes against Ndigbo throughout Biafra land. We are not cowards, we are not jittery, we are applying wisdom that will save the lives of our people. The people of Biafra should go about their businesses and engage themselves in meaningful activities that will promote the spirit of Biafranism”, it said.

It’s evil to accuse Ndi Igbo of destruction of property on Lagos, says MASSOB


The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) under the leadership of Comrade Uchenna Madu have reiterated our resolve to maintain our principals of non violence in our legitimate pursuit for the actualization and restoration of Biafra.

We shall never resort to violence even though we are being provoked and pushed to the wall.

The nationwide protest, destruction of public and private properties and degenerated tensions in Nigeria including the inability of the government to control the senseless killings of innocent citizens have justified the self determination struggle of MASSOB and other pro Biafra agitators. The current situation in Nigeria have vindicated MASSOB before the international communities.

The entity called Nigeria has been damaged beyond repair. The foundation that holds Nigeria is fraudulent, deceitful and hypocritical, it is going through bizarre fire now. Soon, the remaining carcasses of Nigeria will be consume by the flames of injustices, corruption and nepotism.

Ndigbo have never declared any aggression against the Yorubas or any other indigenous tribe in Nigeria.

Ndigbo did not attack or destroy any government or private properties in Lagos. It is evidently known that armless aggrieved Nigerian youths expressing their in comfortability against the Nigeria’s worst administration were massacred by Nigerian soldiers which resulted to burning of government and private properties in Lagos.

MASSOB warns the perpetrators of the falsehood that is capable of pitching Ndigbo and Yorubas into unpleasant aggression to stop it. Southwest, Southeast, South-south and Middle Beltans regions have formed a greater alliance that will emancipate them from their political subjections in Nigeria. We shall never allow the fulanis to create divisions among us again.

MASSOB also warn the protesting Nigerian Youths to stop destroying peoples properties. The armed less youths should not give room to the President Muhammadu Buhari’s military terrorists to massacre our people or cause more havoc on our people.

Comrade Edeson Samuel,
National Director of Information, MASSOB.

Nigeria is Doomed, Sitting on Time Bomb, says MASSOB

The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) described the deteriorating situation of Nigeria as irredeemable and cancerous.

In a Press Statement signed by its leader Uchenna Madu, MASSOB said that the parasitic virus affecting the Nigerian state has eaten so deep into her bones and marrows and has left it permanently on a sick bed.

It read “Nigeria as an entity can no longer stand up or walk around. Nigeria is doomed forever. Nigeria await the explosion of her time bomb.

“The current End SARS protest going on in the southern and Middle Belt regions, ravaging the already dead entity called Nigeria is just the beginning of the end of the remaining carcass of Nigeria. The protest have exposed the beneficiary of the criminal activities of police SARS and Aso Rock SARS.

“President Mohammadu Buhari and his Fulani cabals are the real and dangerous SARS terrorizing the southern and Christian dominated Middle Beltan regions.

President Mohammadu Buhari, his fulanistic cabals, Chief of Army staff, Chief of Naval staff, Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Defense Staff, Inspector General of Police, Comptroller General of Nigeria Custom Service, Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration service, the Senate president, Speaker of National Assembly and MIyetti Allah are the real and original SARS like that are terrorizing the citizens and also making public caricature of the Nigeria state.

“MASSOB reminds the youth of Southwest, Southeast, Southsouth and North Central (Middle Belt) that their counterparts from Arewa land (Northeast and Northwest) are the real beneficiaries of president Mohammadu Buhari’s partial governance. We must keep the tempo of this constitutional and legal protest. It is our inalienable rights and heritage.

“Nigeria can never be redeemed again, president Mohammadu Buhari has finally buried the remaining carcasses of Nigeria with his primitive fulani terrorist agendas. His Fulani terrorist activities unleashed against the rest of indigenous ethnic people has awoken the spirit and consciousness of their future survival and existence.

“The high spirits of self determination has engulfed the people of Middle Belt, Southwest, Southeast and South south regions respectively. President Mohammadu Buhari remains the last president of Nigeria.”

Comrade Uchenna Madu,
Leader of MASSOB.

Ezu River Killings: Our Position-MASSOB

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) under Comrade Uchenna Madu have frowned at the calculated misinformation and falsehood orchestrated by enemies of truth to deceive Ndigbo and general public on the inhuman and callous killings of members of MASSOB , whose bodies were dumped at Ezu River.

It will be recalled that on the 9th of January, 2013, nine members of MASSOB, namely, Basil Ogbu, Michael Ogwa, Sunday Omogo, Philip Nwankpa, Eze Ndubisi, Ebuka Eze, Obinna Ofor, Joseph Udoh, and Uchechukwu Ejiofor and other arrested suspects detained at the Anambra State headquarters of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), Awkuzu under the bizarre command of ASP James Nwafo(Rtd), were murdered in cold blood, their bodies were dumped at Ezu River which later become afloat.

We remember the agony and pains which MASSOB and family relations of our slain members went through. Their families have not recovered from the psychological trauma Mr. James Nwafo and murderous gang of SARS inflicted on them.

MASSOB representatives led by our leader who was the then National Director of Information and other National officials represented MASSOB at Awka during the panel of inquiry conducted by the Senate Committee on Police Affairs and National Security. MASSOB also attended another panel with the relations of our murdered members at the Senate Chambers, Abuja.

Both committees of Police Affairs and National Security of the Senate failed to uphold justice for our slain members.

MASSOB insists with evidence that Awkuzu SARS led by Mr. James Nwafor murdered our members and other arrested suspects. The killing has nothing to do with Mr Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State as alleged or the Government of Anambra State.

In fact the Government of Anambra State then was committed to unearthing the truth behind the dumped bodies, and supported the panel of inquiry through the office of Secretary to the State Government.

MASSOB urges the administration of Gov Willie Obiano to set up another Panel of Inquiry on the matter. MASSOB is willing to testify and even expose other atrocious acts of SARS and entire Nigeria Police Force against the innocent citizens.

Comrade Edeson Samuel.
National Director of Information.