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CHRISTMAS: Activist Patrick Eholor harps on the virtues of kindness

Nigeria Political Observe General and President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has called on people across the globe to realize the true meaning of kindness, ans apply it in dealing with others.

Eholor stated this in a Christmas and New Year message he sent to Jungle Journalist Media Limited.

He stated “Kindness means making people feel loved. You can be kind in all sorts of different ways, whether it be out of generosity, maybe nice words to brighten someone’s day, or helping out a friend in need.

“When you show kindness to someone, it can make them feel valued and cared for and brighten their day. It can make them happier. When we show kindness we also spread it. Let’s show a little kindness and forgot about animosities.

“We have survive the worst of COVID-19. Let’s forget about those who we
think have knowingly or unknowingly wronged us,
you cannot drink poison for your enemy.

“Starting from you, let’s stop the bitterness. I pray God grant you all your heart desire this coming year”, Eholor stated.