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Stop tainting Senator Abaribe’s image, Igbo Group warns

Pan Igbo sociopolitical organisation, Igbo Renaissance Forum (IRF) have warned social media users against sending fake messages about the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe to the public.

IRF in a Press Release frowned at an information circulating in the social media that the Senator is against the coming of Chinese doctors to Igbo land.

Signed by its International Coordinator, Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi) and made available to Jungle Journalist Media Limited, the statement, the statement wondered the goal of the proponents of the said information, while noting that the faceless scoundrels behind the message even went as far as claiming that the Senator berated other Igbo political leaders, and eulogized Nnamdi Kanu.

It read; “The Igbo Renaissance Forum would want to use this medium to send a very strong warning to those who have preoccupied themselves with sending out fake messages on social media in the name of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, the Senate Minority Leader to stop henceforth.

“We do not know what these people concocting these LIES want to achieve.

“We place a very high premium on Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, who has so far distinguished himself, both as a Senate Minority Leader and a typical nwa afọ Igbo.

“We shall not fold our arms and watch as such unfortunate falsehood targeted at tainting his person and creating unnecessary controversy that would distract the Honourable Senator at this time that we are all trying to contribute our genuine efforts towards containing the rampaging COVID-19 PANDEMIC barraging through nations.

“Those behind these fake news should desist from such shameful action”, it concluded.

Igbo group calls on FG to declare state of emergency over coronavirus

Igbo Renaissance Forum, an Igbo political organisation has urged the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency declare a state of emergency across the country. According to the group, the global pattern of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic ‘suggests that Nigeria should be prepared for the worst after cases in the country recently entered the double-digit zone’ .

It said that since Nigeria failed to shut down the nation’s borders weeks ago when the world was doing so, no time should be wasted in locking down the whole country and stopping every public activity, in order to save the population from total breakdown.

The statement, signed by Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi), its Coordinator read in parts

“We missed the opportunity to shut down our borders weeks ago, when the rest of the world was doing so. We have missed the opportunity to test aggressively, testing that would have enabled the NCDC and Ministry of Health identify and isolate virus hotspots. We are again wasting valuable time in locking down the country, and outlawing large social gatherings.

“Let us be clear, COVID-19 is no longer a health crisis, it is now a matter of national security. This is the greatest national security threat Nigeria has faced since the Nigerian Civil War.

“Unfortunately, the present leadership – political, religious, and socio-cultural, have failed to recognize this clear and present danger, and have failed to protect Nigerians and Nigeria.

“We are extremely concerned that the threat of COVID-19 has yet to be officially designated as a national security issue by the President and the 36 governors, requiring emergency funding and the use of their security votes to acquire necessary medical kits and equipment. We must understand that time is critical here. The lapses in response time and the gaps in preparedness are the reasons why even developed countries are battling very hard to fight the pandemic.

“It is therefore unthinkable that, having had a reasonable time to prepare for what was inevitable, a country of 200 million people only has five Laboratories to test for Coronavirus. Even worse, there is none in the entire Southeast and Northern zones. We demand that this is an emergency that must be addressed in a matter of days and we shall not give up this call until these facilities are made available to these zones. We must also put on record that the pace of testing is almost criminally negligent. The UK is being criticised for doing 8000 daily. As a nation we have not done 800 tests since the crisis started.

“Tough times demand tough measures, therefore, our leaders must immediately halt the merriment, their unthoughtful religious assertions, and learn from countries that have declared this pandemic a war which must be confronted and defeated. The decision of a special advisor Garba Shehu to attend a pubic event in Kaduna State stands condemned.

“The decision of Gov. Nyesom Wike to hold a political rally in Rivers State stands condemned.

“The decision of President Buhari to attend public Jumat prayers stands condemned.

“The statement from Gov. Ikpeazu that Abia is protected because the state is mentioned in the Bible stands condemned.

“The world has changed and it will leave behind countries that are unwilling to act with responsibility and do the needful in the interest of their citizens.

“We are also asking the Federal Government and the Central Bank to put aside politics in the utilization of the announced economic stimulus packages to be provided, by giving special priority to business and industrial hubs in Lagos and the Southeast, in the fashion of the Anchor-Borrower Scheme.

“The distribution of the funds must be transparent, and steps and criteria for accessing the funds clearly spelt out and made publicly available. With income from oil hitting rock-bottom, every naira and kobo must be spent on things and in areas that can help to re-flate the economy, and not on vanity projects.

“As a matter of urgency, the $22 billion loan instrument must be withdrawn, restructured and represented to the National Assembly by President Buhari as an economic stimulus package to address the economic challenges the pandemic will bring. The $500 million that will be wasted on Digitization of NTA must be immediately scrapped and diverted to support small businesses. Government must face the bitter truth that the years of waste are over.

“Considering the exposure of Igbo business players to global trade, and trade within Nigeria, it is our demand that the leadership in the Southeast, including the South East Governors and Ohaneze, immediately convene an emergency meeting to assess the global/local threat of COVID-19 on Igbo investments and propose measures on how to protect Ndi Igbo from being destroyed by this virus.

“We make bold to say that this Government under President Buhari has failed to provide leadership at a time when Nigerians need it most. President Buhari has failed to address the nation in a manner that will built confidence in the citizens, and has failed to give a terrified and confused nation hope and direction. A responsible leader would have declared a state of emergency, and we call on President Buhari to wake up from his slumber and attend to a nation in need.

“Most importantly, we also want to put our governors in the South East on notice, that In the face of incompetence and criminal neglect from the Federal governmentl, that Section 8 of the Quarantine Act empowers governors to execute emergency powers when faced with an infectious disease outbreak.

“We call on all Nigerian governors to rise to the call of leadership by enforcing social distancing measures and banning large public gatherings under the legal authority of the Quarantine Act.

“The absolute failure of the federal government to protect the lives of Nigerians in this health crisis, after their failure to provide security to Nigerians, once again brings to the fore the argument for a restructured Nigeria. But this is not the time for that debate. We must come together as a nation to defeat this threat”.

“The destructive path of this virus in countries across the world gives us an idea of what to expect: infections in Nigeria will continue to rise exponentially, and sadly lives will be lost. But we can slow down the spread by being sensible and following health advice”.

Igbo Group Condemns Continued Detention of 122 IPOB Women

The Igbo Renaissance Forum is shocked at the arrest and detention of over one hundred women of various ages by the police in Imo state and treated less than humans. We want to state categorically that this is condemnable, undemocratic and dehumanizing.

While there are real concerns about their safety, personal health and hygiene, this is just scapegoating a people that are already targeted for victimization and suppression.

We’ve resolved to make a case for their release, and for the prison authorities to allow them receive sanitary towels, water and food, and not to be treated like animals the way they are doing currently.

Still having these women remanded in prison custody under very inhuman conditions after the magistrate declared that she has no jurisdiction to try them is cruel and inhumane.

We demand that this action of brutality and aggressiveness towards #OurMothers be stopped NOW!

We all need to come together to highlight these gory stories and the human impact of the incarceration of these women and the current deplorable state in which they are kept in prison.

It is very humiliating and debasing to find that these women are refused basic necessities, and are menstruating on the floor because the authorities have barred visitors who come with sanitary pads for them. The prison officials have made it impossible for them to have access to water to even wash themselves, and are forced to sleep on the floor with their clothes that are soaked in blood!


Many of these women are lactating mothers, some are elderly women with health challenges, and yet are denied medication and food, while being treated less than animals. Some of these women are traumatized and need urgent medical attention, which the authorities do not pay heed to. Many are widowed and are bread winners of their families, and this action has exposed their children and wards to all kinds of dangers and risks, including hunger and psychological trauma. Their families are destabilized and whole communities have been thrown into deep sorrow.

We are calling on all well meaning citizens who believe in the rule of law and the sanctity of life to join hands with us to raise our voices to call for the unconditional release of these 112 women who are being tortured psychologically and physically.

We MUST as a people build solidarity, and call people to action to protect the fundamental human rights of these 112 women being subjected to inhuman conditions.

We are by this communication reaching out to individuals of sound mind, who know the value of womanhood to rally together and resist such actions that are targeted at debasing our womenfolk.

Igbo Renaissance Forum would in due course be staging various actions to protest this attack against *#OurMothers*.


*Nze Ugo-Akpe Onwuka (Oyi of Oyi II)*

*International Coordinator, IRF*