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Igbo Presidency: Mazi Ohuabunwa to run for president in 2023

Renowned Pharmacist, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, has declared interest to run for the office of the President of Nigeria in 2023, saying that every Nigerian who wants peace and unity must support power shift to the South-East.

According to Ohuabunwa, he would ensure equity, justice and fairness in all his dealings as the president of Nigeria, which will create equal citizenship rights, where there will be “no special privileges and sacred cows”.

Ohuabunwa, who made the declaration in Enugu, promised to tackle poverty which he said would largely solve the problem of corruption, pledging also “to remove all forms of discrimination or marginalization”, insisting that under his watch “no criminal will go“ free and no innocent person will be criminalized.

”He lamented that “the country is being run in opaque manner” and needs to be redirected for the good of all.

Ohuabunwa, who is the convener of ‘The New Nigeria Group’ , observed that the Government as presently constituted “is so lopsided and Nigeria cannot work like that.

On the issue of powershift to the South-East, the presidential aspirant said: “Every Nigerian who wants unity must support power shift” pointing out that “Igbo Presidency will stop Biafra agitation; Biafrans asks for equity, fairness and freedom. Even other agitations will stop. Igbo are for justice and equity.“

“We are not coming with anger and recrimination, but with equity; we need to come out and make Nigeria work. God has put it to my heart to come and contest for the office of the president of Nigeria.

“I am making myself available; it must not be me, but an Igbo of character. Ndigbo must present their best. God has given me the motivation and what it takes to lead Nigeria to get a country that works for everybody. It is not about the South-East, it is about Nigeria”, Ohuabunwa said.

2023: Agitation for Igbo presidency gathers momentum

A Pan-Ohanaeze Ndigbo socio-political organisation, Conference of Igbo Professionals Worldwide, (COIPOW), said it has commenced an intensive campaign with series of meeting and lobbying, to enable the South-East region produce the next president in 2023.

The group, however, expressed concern that the formation of a security outfit by the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, would thwart the plan as most leaders from other zones would perceive it in a bad light and withdraw their support.

COIPOW’s National President, Prof. Patrick Kalu, and National Secretary, Dr Uche Mbaka, in a statement on Wednesday, described the Security Network as Illegal, and appealed to the people of the region not to take Kanu and his security structure seriously.

Prof Kalu said: “We wish to express our profound appreciation to the key Igbo leaders who attended our just concluded emergency meeting in Akwa, Anambra State, where we deliberated and agreed on pushing for Igbo presidency come 2023.

“This is the sure way to go and not the way the acclaimed leader IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, wants, through the barrel of the gun. The gunpoint approach by Mr Kanu is certainly not the way-out and he must be told so loud and clear.

“We cannot be demanding president of Nigeria on one hand, and on the other hand, supporting IPOB which is being fraudulently financed by Kanu and his agents to destabilise a united Nigeria through cessation and a parallel security organisation.”

Obasanjo/Igbo man: Anthony Adefuye, a mischief-maker, sycophant, unintelligent, says Chekwas Okorie

Founder of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and the United Progressive Party (UPP), Chief Chekwas Okorie has dismissed claims made by Senator Anthony Adefuye that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is an Igbo man.

Okorie described Adefuye as a mischief maker and sycophant, and stated that Adefuye’s ‘unintelligent attempt’ through such claims to justify Yoruba’s clamour for president has failed.

Chekwas, who has since joined the All Progressives Congress (APC) said these words: “I have known Anthony Adefuye since our days in the United Nigeria Congress Party- UNCP, during the Abacha era. He has always been sycophantic and mischievous.

“In his unintelligent attempt to rationalise why the Yoruba are justified to clamour for the presidency of Nigeria, not long after President Obasanjos’ 8 years rulership of Nigeria, Senator Adefuye chose to descend into the gutter depth of logic. He is so unscrupulous and shameless to deny President Obasanjo his Yoruba indentity and citizenship all in the attempt to humour his pay master who is chasing the presidency of Nigeria come 2023 as a matter of life and depth.

“Senator Adefuye conveniently forgot that the retired military cabal that midwifed the transition to civilian democracy in 1999, released Gen Obasanjo from prison just to manipulate him into power after shortchanging late Dr Alex Ekwueme, the former Vice President of Nigeria in the 2nd republic, an Igbo man, to assuage the Yoruba, in compensation for denying late Moshood Abiola his victory in a free and fair presidential election.

“I am as sorry for President Obasanjo as I have pity for Senator Adefuye for casting doubt on the true identity of a former President of Nigeria because of the exigency
of the 2023 presidential encounter. This is the kind of dirty politics that the present generation of Nigerians should not be exposed to.

“Senator Adefuye should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. The only path of honour left for him is to publicly apologise to President Obasanjo who does not deserve this crisis of identity brought upon him by the unconscionable Senator Adefuye”, Okorie stated

Before it’s too late: Emeka Kalu reacts to Eastern Security Network

Last week, precisely 12th of December, 2020, we were greeted with surprise (though not unexpected), of the launching of a new security outfit called Eastern Security Network by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The display was a full military parade that got me thinking aloud, where are we heading to in Nigeria out of our own lackadaisical attitude towards every sensitive issue?

The part that surprised me most was the staggering truth that this is a result of failed system under the auspices of APC and President Buhari who in their wisdom and inaction had put Nigeria to the option of self defense to keep existing when insecurity of lives and properties have become a certain culture, a norm.

It brought us down to the reality that if the Eastern Governors had acted promptly to set up even a local vigilante to compliment our ever ready police, we wouldn’t have got to this pedestrian, the dilemma of this oversight is that this IPOB outfit has been greeted with much accolade and acceptance that any attempt to quash it will be counter productive, that means we are all sitting on top of a ticking time bomb built by our own hands.

This same cluelessness of the center dominated and controlled by the North in a bid to show strength above other regions as people in total control had equipped and empowered Hisbah Security and legalized it even when the same Government under the care of Northerners were against regional policing. A case of ‘different strokes for different folks’ while hunting down and incarcerating IPOB, pardoning repentant Boko Haram soldiers, they also unleashed the Fulani Herdsmen who brandish sophisticated weapons in a country where arm is not legalized. The said herdsmen maim, kill, rape and attack people at will since 2015 without any condemnation from the Federal Government. They sack villages and move on as if nothing happened.

Irked by this lopsided treatment of other citizens by the Northern folks, Yoruba people of the Western Region who feel threatened, birthed Amoteken, which has come to stay.

The political class of the South East continued to sound politically correct not to offend the Northern region and didn’t act, yet within her ranks lived those who placed lives over political interests and today we have the Eastern Security Network.

That is not even the least of my concern at the time being. My trouble stem from the fact that while Nigeria is battling with Boko Haram in the North whom we are yet to know the source of their sophisticated weapons, the bandits operating in the same North are not less armed.

Yesterday I watched a troubling video where Nigerians were asking questions “How were the ESN suddenly armed with AK47 within days of formation”, even as Amotekun, Hisbah, Niger Delta Avengers, etc are all armed?

It will be foolhardy for the present government to believe that all these issues will just varnish without concrete solution. It will be even worse mistake for the North to think they can continue to hold unto power endlessly in the present condition of Nigeria without consequences. This is time for retrospection.

I believe that the best thing the North can do at this material time is to yield to the call for dialogue and possible restructuring of the system where everyone’s interests can be protected in peaceful manner rather than endlessly living in a false unity that has only retrogressed us.

The fact remains that Nigerians are not giving in their best to build her as a result of the sense of alienation prevalent in the polity where others believe the nation is for the North while the North believe it is their right to lead in perpetuity.

The sanest approach now is for the North to rally support for Nigeria President of Igbo extraction come 2023. I am of strong belief that once this compromise is reached, it will give the Southerners a new sense of belonging that change is possible and this will give room for true dialogue, reconciliation and progress.

I have not given up on hope that most of the daunting challenges being faced in Nigeria will naturally resolve itself when every entity works in favour of Nigeria with the commitment and belief that tribes exist for Nigeria and not the other way round.

Chief Emeka Kalu is the National Coordinator PDPCO and Southeast Director, Reset Nigeria Group.

2023: How Igbo Presidency can Be Achieved, by Ekweremadu

Ike Ekweremadu, the former Deputy Senate President has said that the Igbo presidency can only be achieved in 2023 if the South East engages in negotiations with the Northern region.

Ekweremadu said this on Wednesday, November 25, when he spoke at the 2020 edition of the Brandish Meeting of Minds Colloquium.

“There is a clamor for Igbo presidency today. And I believe it can only be realized if we engage ourselves in conversation with northern Nigeria to buy into our initiative. There can never be a universal decision of any ethnic group and the rest of us in this country. It is only dialogue and conversation that can be equity to all parts of the country.” he said.

‘Nigeria must make the right decision now, only Igbo man can fix her’

The Lagos Branch Spokesperson of Global Initiative for Good Governance (GIGG), Comrade SunnyChuks Isaac, has opined that only an Igbo man can fix Nigeria at this point because she has gone very deep into tough times that unless something is done fast, our condition may get out of hand.

SunnyChuks while speaking on a TV program on Wednesday said that the present recession could’ve been avoided if the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari had taken professional advice, engaged the services of seasoned economists that would’ve given us a better chances of defeating recession, notwithstanding the Coronavirus pandemic we experienced. This is not time to defend economic policies on paper that never translated in our lives, this is time to hand over to proven entities to help Nigeria survive. I am certain that we have not run out of solutions. This is why I have cued into this clarion call to use wisdom to save our nation.

As a matter of clarity, I was among the few that insisted that Nigeria don’t need a president of Igbo extraction, but events of recent have made me to reconsider that position because the diversity of the Nigerian entity is such that until equity and fairness is applied, Nigeria will continue to crawl in the woods when other countries are developing at a flashlight speed.

The issue of agitation, insecurity and dwindling economy has continued to escalate the precarious situation and unemployment is at its peak like we never had it at any other time simply because we have been expecting to keep doing the same thing to get a different result.

But I stand to argue that the Igbos have been the only race in Nigeria that has proved that they can turn around desperate situations when the need arises, and so we need that tenacity to bear in Nigeria now. The managerial experience of the Igbo race will turn around Nigeria, therefore we must not keep sacrificing our chances of recreating a progressive Nigeria on the alter of Igbo-Phobia.

“I am calling on every well meaning Nigerian to rally support for the quest to have Nigeria President of Igbo extraction in 2023 as this will help address a lot of factors that had held Nigeria down on its knees.

“I do not believe that any nation can progress with infighting and acrimony among the composing entities and we have seen that this particular cankerworm have continued to eat up our fabrics and unless we do something to address it, Nigeria may have worse challenge in the nearest feature.

“We must first of all give a sense of belonging to Igbos to reintegrate them back into the mainstream as part of the Nigeria project which will help to bury the notion that Nigeria belongs to the Norrh alone.

“This is not a time to pretend that all is well, we all know that Nigeria’s unity lies in her diversity and it was on these principles that the founding fathers instituted the concept of Federal Character and broke her down into geopolitical zones. This must be a pattern to adopt and salvage her as a nation. This is the time to borrow the wisdom of our founding fathers because our own wisdom have not fared us well.

The Rambunctious Brouhaha called Igbo Presidency; a misplaced priority?

The arguments for or against Igbo Presidency has been such that no Nigerian can feign ignorance or deny the import, albeit, the continued unity and possible existence of Nigeria as a nation which many pundits have reasons to believe that Nigeria is sitting on keg of a gun powder because of the way this sensitive issue have been handled all along and if nothing is done about it, may not last for much longer.

The topic is so complex and complicated that one cannot just delve into all aspects thereof, but I will try as much as possible to stay on the course of the question of the much discussed topic of “Igbo Presidency”, I therefore crave your indulgence to be patient and read to comprehend this school of thought, the ideas driving it, and the inevitability thereof, as the panacea of a United Nigeria.

The term “rambunctious” as used in this context is tilted towards the two conditions the word can represent, either “negative” or “positive”, but in this case, both can righting be said to be in parallel to the argument either against or in favour of this quest for “Igbo Presidency” in Nigeria after over 60 years of independence and 30 years of a bad civil war that almost ended Nigeria.

The quest for Igbo Presidency is a direct product of marginalization, disenfranchisement, and lack of respect for Federal Character in the administration of a multi-ethnic union like Nigeria. Other attendant aftermath of this lopsided and systemic twist includes the much heated quest for self determination, referendum through plebiscite, restructuring and incessant call for total balkanization of Nigeria. Therefore this realities cannot be overlooked or wished away as they have come to stay with us.

Then question then becomes: Is this call a misplaced priority?

To address this question, I must foremost xray what the problem had been and juxtapose how Igbo Presidency might not be the solution to the Nigeria question. Then again, I’ll crave your indulgence of patience.

According to history, Nnamdi Azikiwe was one of the champions of an independent Nigeria and he became the first President of Nigeria, after them, we have had other leaders who played one role or the other to get Nigeria to wherever we found ourselves now, but on a more secondary position. But the fact remains that no Igbo after Zik had been given the chance again because somehow, many people from the Northern part are still living with the mindset that the Nigeria Civil war is not over and so Igbos must never be trusted for attempting to break out of Nigeria and must be made to continue to pay the ultimate price of a united Nigeria. But these school of thought forget that the generation being punished now were not privy to what happened between 1967-70 which makes it a more dangerous keg of gun powder as witnessed in the suppressed EndSARS protests that rocked Nigeria.

As a matter of priority, to avoid sounding as if the call for Igbo Presidency is misplaced. We must begin to look inwards to ask pertinent questions like trying to know why the status had been set against the Igbos in the first place, what informed it, why are other tribes apprehensive of this idea and what can be done to douse this apprehension to pave way for a calm and collected agreement for a paradigm shift to exploit other possibilities available to us as Nigerians.

We watched with trepidation when Major General Muhammadu Buhari fought tooth and nail for Hausa Presidency, he got it in 2015 and created the 97% to 5% philosophy. But to the chagrin of the both percenters, the suffering and maladministration is with equal measure. Therefore I am not an advocate of Igbo Presidency but a supporter of “Nigerian President of Igbo extraction”.

My position is that notwithstanding the economic disadvantage of the Igbo race in Nigeria occasioned by obnoxious policies aimed at strangulation, they have proved to be innovators and good administrators, creating survival out of nothing. The Hausas has proved to be knowledgeable in politics while the Yourbas are rooted in academic. A situation where management harnesses politics that is exported by intellectualism, we will have a progressive nation unlike the present setting where only the North are happily running everybody aground.

I am a supporter of “Nigerian President of Igbo extraction” because a lot of solution to Nigeria problems lies within it. We don’t need an Igbo President that may end up further dividing Nigeria like Buhari.

We must set the priorities right by identifying the sickness of Nigeria and applying every possible options, including but not limited to producing “Nigerian President of Igbo extraction”. That way, we would’ve solved the problem of agitation and call for balkanization among other simple challenges we are faced as a Nation.

The problem of Nigeria is never the masses, it is never the question of Hausa, Igbo or Yoruba. Our problem is the reality of elitist group of people that have continued to devide the masses along these fault line to continue to hold them in perpetuity because only by so doing will they be able to continue exploiting them for their pleasure and betterment of their generations.

Nigeria President of Igbo extraction is the priority now. The South East must be allowed to lead to keep the unity of Nigeria.

Comr Amos Kalu writes from Abuja, Nigeria.

INTERVIEW: Agitation for Biafra will end when Igbo man becomes president — Prof. Ibe

Prof. Gregory Ibe is the founder of Gregory University Uturu (GUU), Abia State and one of the people eyeing the governorship seat for Abia under the platform of PDP in 2023. In this interview with MADUAKO ELEWEKE, he speaks on EndSARS protests, Abia State charter of equity, Nigeria presidency of Igbo extraction among other things. Excerpts:

What is your take on the state of Nigeria, especially the just concluded EndSARS protest?

EndSARS came like a surprise to everybody and they hash- tagged it,, which switched all over the world and everybody decided to follow the challenge, because it was a challenge.

In the modern time, you must see this kind of thing because of one injustice or perceived injustice along the line. They went for the police to the extent that they took the matter so far and what came out of it was surprising to every right-thinking person.

Yes, there is right for agitations, which the president said was provided for in the Constitution. If I may say, we ran it to a point that hoodlums took over it and we couldn’t meet the aim again. The aim of the agitation was to develop a template to speak to the authorities, but as far I was concerned it was a total confusion because I don’t know if we actually achieved anything apart from the responses the president or the government gave.

If it was coordinated well, it could have led to sitting down with the government and bringing out something reasonable for the system. People bought into it and it became marketplace and what we are left with today is that our critical infrastructures have been reduced to nothing.

Police cannot operate in a vacuum; they need buildings, vehicle to carry out their duties. I think, we have left more vacuum, more dangerous vacuum than we tried to cure.

Every community needs police and security men, and they are not having it now. Police is your friend and now, how can police be your friend under this condition?

I think, there must be a reform system that would reform whole Nigeria. The police code of professional conduct ought to be put in place so that an average person would be watching what the other is doing. What led to American problem was American police sitting on a black man’s neck till he died.

So, I think we continue to reform police until they get where they ought to be. They were not like this some 20- 30 years ago. This is a lesson to Nigeria. Police and government should be reformed totally. I should also call for different forms of police in the country.

Let create railway police, school police and others to reduce the pressure on the main police and their duties should be enshrined in the Constitution.

I will also want the police to be decentralized and give state some level of autonomy. If there are traffic police, they should not do the work of civil police.

In some states, there is complain that police have refused to return to duties. What is your take?

With the vacuum, the state governors will have to create state police, which everybody has been clamouring for over the years. I know that Federal government will not allow that vacuum to be, because it is very dangerous. Two wrongs do not make a right.

So, I appeal to our brothers and sisters in the Police to return to work and function according to the laws that guide their operations. It was the police extrajudicial killing that triggered off the protest.

In some states, Covid-19 palliatives were hoarded, while people were dying of hunger, what does that portend about our leadership?

When Covid-19 started, you could recall that Federal Government shared a lot of seized rice from customs to different states government.

Some state governors complained that the rice was not good for human consumption. Some states still shared them to their people to eat that way and they ate and by God’s grace they survived. I want to look at few scenarios before any other thing.

Those states they found these rice and food items, were those food items part of the Federal government palliatives given to states? Two, when were these food items received? Some states claimed that they just received those items, and they were waiting for another outbreak to share them.

Again, federal government gave each governor N1billion for the Covid-19 pandemic. What did the governors do with the money? The Kogi State governor stated this and I am quoting him. Federal government should ask them to give account of how they spent the money. How many molecular laboratories did we have in each state done by the federal or state government during the Covid-19? Without National Centre for Diseases Control NCNC, I don’t think we would have survive it. We should critically review what the governors did with one billion naira and additional money from the various donor agencies across the country.

N1billion is not a small money. If you have an existing
building, to build a molecular laboratory it will not cost
more than N25 millions and with N100 millions, one will do
about four molecular laboratories in each state and
everybody would have been tested. VTM is between N800 to N1000 for single probe and N1500 to N1800 for double
probe. Tell me why government could not flood the country with all these materials to test every Nigerian?

For me, they made wrong excuses. The foods that were meant for hungry people and you kept them without giving to them. If the epidemic break out again, there is a government and system, there should be another provision.

Why allowing people to suffer hardship when there was provision to soften their challenges? Those states making such excuses and statements should stop that and find another excuse to give.

It was possible because federal government responded quickly and timely by sending N1billion to governors.

Where are all these monies? Federal Government should institute a panel to investigate all these things and find out what happened.

The Israeli government, my company Skill G and my University Gregory University Uturu in Abia state jointly produced materials and donated to Federal Government. We also did palliatives in Abuja, Imo and Abia States and if I have opportunity, I would have done it to the whole country.

Again, during Covid-19, I made sure that people have food on their tables. That is what we called responsiveness when it comes to emergency. I want us to be our brother’s keepers. I am looking at the situation where all the rich men will be their brother’s keepers, not just for their constituencies but to everybody.

Recently, one Nigerian national newspaper Daily Trust honoured you, as Unsung hero. How do you feel?

It was a surprise, that a newspaper could honour me with that. When somebody drew my attention to it, I was looking at the pictures; I could not recognize anybody. I also believed that many people looking at my face may not recognize my face. I appreciated the honour and those who were honoured along with me as well as those who are yet to be identified in the same honour that have done well to human development and bringing succour to people.

My philosophy in life is that, do what is right for the people and for the alleviation of poverty. Support one another, build capacity of other people so that their tomorrow will be better, and they will investigate you and you will live a life of fulfillment.

That was what I feel that has happened and it has been my guiding principle. I appreciated the newspaper, the people that wrote about me. If I still have the opportunity, I will continue to do good for the people for societal good.

Ebonyi State House of Assembly recently gave PDP 7 days ultimatum to zone it’s 2023 presidential ticket to South East or face court action. Again, the Igbo youths are agitating for Biafra, while the elders are calling for Nigeria presidency of Igbo extraction. Which way Ndigbo?

Freedom of expression and politics is guaranteed in the Constitution, but when it is taken too far, one begins to ask questions. A party prompted you up and suddenly you decided to give it warning that if it doesn’t give you presidential ticket the worst would happen.

I think 7 days have elapsed and we are waiting for their worst to happen. As far as I am concerned, the PDP national should disregard the threat and let see how to achieve our dreams of South East producing president of Nigeria. It is surprising that such statement was coming from the South East and with these kinds of utterances our chances of producing president of the country keep getting narrow by the day.

I for one I have been promoting president of Nigeria from South East. I have been on it over the years. I founded a coalition to make sure that the dreams of every Igbo man, that Igbo man become of the country is actualized.

You see our condition is very precarious and somebody who wants to be president is given ultimatum to the party that prompted him up or move to other party. This running from pillar to pole in politics gives me a lot of concern;
it weakens the position of Ndigbo in Nigeria politics.

As it stands today, Ndigbo is ripe, qualified and the right people to produce the president of this country come 2023. Nigerians should give Ndigbo the opportunity as given to others to lead this country.

Nigerians should disregard all the agitations by some group. If the Igbo is made the president of this country, Nigeria will develop faster because their views, thinking and God’s blessings on them. Other tribes have ruled the country and I hope if the opportunity is given us, we shall deliver effectively to the surprise of many.

Are you saying that if the Igbo man is made president of Nigeria, the Biafra agitations will die?

It will. There is nothing to worry about, it will just fizzle away any day Igbo become president of Nigeria. Let me give an example, when the governor of Zamfara state introduced Sharia law and people asked Obasanjo, who is my boss about what he had to say, he said he has nothing to say, rather he will allow market forces to determine the operation.

You know that strength of the governor was dependent on monthly allocation from federal government and the internally generated revenue.
He invested heavily on buses for commercial purpose for women and for men. Under two years, he could not handle the buses carrying women again and the women started joining the men in the same buses. The market forces played it roles, and everything died naturally.

So, the issue of Biafra agitations will fizzle out the day the Igbo man is made the president of Nigeria.

In Abia state where you are aspiring to be Governor under PDP platform, the Ngwa people are still insisting on continuing in power, what is your reaction?

There are a lot of permutations going around, but everybody seems to be playing blind eye on what Abia charter of equity says.

The Abia state charter of equity says at whatever situation, we find ourselves and if the three senatorial have a shot, the I (Isuikwuato) must have it.

This is the guiding document, the elders have said it should be enacted as a law in the state, but those who have tested the power from our district sat down on it because they can manipulate it.

Whatever is of God, is whoever that is going against this, must also know that life doesn’t belong to anybody. Whatever that is in this world comes from God.

Whatever, we are doing we must remember that there were people who made sacrifice for the state. After these people have taken their turn, Isuikwuato must have their turn to lead Abia State.
Why would people want to change the rules of the game at the middle of the game? They should remove selfishness, anything that should bring rancour in the zoning arrangement and let us have a state that is called a state.

APC is making serious in-roads in South East, especially Abia. do you think APC is a threat to PDP in Abia State?

APC is a political party and the more you spend the more visibility you get. Politics is all about creating impression, even when all is not good, you keep telling people that all is well Whether, APC is coming up or not, there are more people in the state that believe in PDP.

Abia is PDP and majority of ndi Abia believe, trust, and have confidence in PDP. PDP will certainly get all votes and supports of Abians any time and any day.

However, that does not mean a downtrodden party cannot come take over the state because at the end, there must be minus and plus. If your government is not doing well, you can lose out from the seat and APC become the bride for the people.

APGA can also become the perfect bride of the state depending on circumstances If the PDP can maintain it’s structure and all the seamless zoning formula that has been working in the state, the way it has been working, then it becomes more formidable and the pride of the state.

News Echo

Attack of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB callous, barbaric, primitive – MASSOB

The leadership of the Movement for the Actualization of the African Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has condemned what it described as ‘the unwarranted and callous killing’ of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) of in Enugu on Sunday.

MASSOB, in a Statement issued by its Leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu, said that it is the worst barbaric and primitive reactionary measure of a combined security agents of Nigeria against ‘the perceived enemies of President Muhammadu Buhari’s kinsmen called the fulanis’ .

The Statement, sent to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, read in part “The loose venom of pathological hatred by this present administration against Ndigbo and Christians in general on Sunday in Enugu further proved our earlier revelation of conspiracy and plot to push back the political emancipation of Ndigbo in Nigeria.

“It is a well-known fact that all pro Biafra agitators including MASSOB, IPOB, EPC, BNYL, BIM, MOBIN etc are non violenct and do not use arms. It is also on records that none of these groups have indulged in any act of terrorism, violence or killings.

“Why should the Nigerian Fulani led police embark on a deceitful mission of blackmailing the peaceful and non violent members of IPOB that they were engaged in firing spree with the agents of DSS that led to the combined team of Nigeria armed security forces to heavily descend on them in a war like scenario during their meeting at Emene, Enugu on Sunday which resulted on the death of innocent and defenceless citizens of Biafra?

“What happened in Enugu on Sunday between IPOB and combined security forces of Nigeria was not a clash or a confrontation but a systematic plot, an act of terrorism, hatched and orchestrated by the presidency to inflict fear that will demoralize the surging rise, clamour and support for Biafra and Nigerian president of Igbo extraction.

“They fronted the DSS to provoke members of IPOB to an assault but IPOB members refused to fall into their trap, but because it was a designed mission that must be accomplished, the DSS opened fire on defenceless citizens, the police, army and Air Force immediately joined them in the brutality of IPOB members and terrorizing the inhabitants of Enugu City.

“MASSOB calls the attention of Igbo political leaders, irrespective of their political party or affiliation that they are the main target of this latest assault. It is against the political emancipation of Ndigbo in Nigeria they seem to lead, it is about 2023 general election. It is all about wounding the morale of Igbo socio political leaders. It is about creating fear among the Igbo populace towards 2023. Ndigbo must rise now in defence of our father land. Injustice to an Igbo is injustice against all Igbos irrespective of political differences.

“The presidency is using pro-Biafra agitators as their testing ground of wounding and inflicting injurious blow that will demoralize the chances of Igbo political emancipation in 2023. They knew that pro-Biafra agitators are a heavy factor to be reckoned with in 2023 towards Igbo political emancipation.

“MASSOB reiterates its earlier resolved decision that no amount of treachery and subtle clampdown, attacks, killings, arrest, mesmerization, prosecution by the Nigerian state will deter us from the Biafra actualization and restoration struggle”, the statement ended.

CAN: Igbo presidency will be Nigeria’s political solution

The Imo State Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Rev. Dr. Divine Eches Divine, has said that Igbo presidency in 2023 is incontestable, arguing that it will be Nigeria’s political solution.

The cleric spoke to newsmen on Monday in Owerri, the state capital.
He said that it would amount to injustice if Igbos are denied the opportunity to produce the next president of Nigeria, describing it as long overdue.

“We are laying a serious foundation for people to understand that the Igbo presidency is not a zoning issue. Every agitation should surrender at the feet of the Southeast presidency as a doctrine of necessity.

“Southeast leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria, as well as other religious groups, are seriously consulting. There should be a fair share of power where all the ethnic groups will benefit. For instance, the North, the West and the south have taken a turn in government. The southeast has been marginalized. It is our turn to take a stand in the corridors of power.

“I can beat my chest to tell you that Igbo presidency will go a long way in solving the country’s political problems,” he added.

Meanwhile, he has called on the political and religious leaders from southeast to come together in chatting a way forward, insisting that it is now or never.