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Almajiri Migration: Governors have failed to account for security votes given to them-Activist

Patrick Eholor the Patriot.

Patriot Patrick Eholor in this interview, analyzes the sudden influx of of northern youths to the south in the wake of the Covid-19 interstate lockdown:

We have become very worried about the sudden and unprecedented repatriation of young northerners down south in this period of interstate lockdown. There is a rumour too that they are members of Boko Haram running from the onslaught of the Nigerian army. What’s your take on this?

If its established that these people are truly coming, then it’s a difficult issue to approach because they are Nigerians. You cannot restrict Nigerians from moving around the country or tell them where to work or where to live. It’s very clear in our constitution, especially when he or she has not violated any laws. But the issue is that, at this time of Covid-19, if its true, especially when they had to pack them like sardines to come to Southern Nigeria, its reprehensible, its inhuman, its sick and it’s sad. But then, perhaps, this Covid-19 has become a money making machine for our irresponsible governors and governments. First of all, they were supposed to be a restriction of interstate movement.

South East Governors

So how did they pass our security men manning the state boundaries? How do they get from the north to the south when there is a curfew, and a restriction of movement? That’s to tell you that most of our governors are irresponsible, very inactive.

You can see what Governor Wike is doing. He is not my type of person, he is sometimes seen as an extremist in his attitude. But I commend him for impounding trucks, for arresting and detaining those who break the law, and quarantining them. Other governors should emulate that.
If you are a transporter and you know that your car will likely be confiscated or impounded and auctioned, that he is going to get paid for a day and lose his truck for ever, I think the other governors should wake up and do something very quick.

If they don’t do that, whatever they are expecting from IMF as palliative measure for this Covid-19 from the west they probably will have difficulty in cashing in to that money. The west are also watching and seeing that we are not showing signs of irresponsibility.

I understand there are demonstrations going on in my Edo State by Covid-19 positive patients. They are protesting. There are also protests in the North. I think the IMF, WHO, and others should investigate Nigeria if they are actually doing what they should be doing.

Regarding Edo, it was reported that over 600 youths were stopped and sent back to Kogi State in trucks and bikes, and the vigilantes felt overwhelmed. They felt the Edo State government is not giving them enough support to check the borders. What’s your input on that?

South south governors

Basically, this is a matter that the security votes cover. Since the coming of Gov Obaseki, the security votes have been increased and he gets more money than other governors. So where is the security money going to? What is happening with the DSS in our state? What about the police and the military, because these are all combined teams that secure our state. We also have the state police corp, Waibaizinga. So what are they all doing? A friend told me he was going to Lagos and I told him its not possible. He said it’s possible. He just paid the money and bribed the police on the way. He went to Lagos yesterday and came back to day. Where did he pass when there is an inter state lockdown?

Either these people don’t know what they are doing or they think everything is a joke.

You can’t have the police, army, DSS, Waibaizinga and they will not be able to monitor people who left the North as far away as Kano, Zamfara, Kaduna, all those places, and they will travel all the way from that area with a trailer load of human beings.

Again, my concern is not about the northerners coming from the north, but am worried that if there is a restriction that people should stay where they are and there should be social distancing, I think its morally irresponsible, morally bankrupt of Edo State Government not to be able to checkmate this movement.

COVID-19: FG, governors disagree over lockdown

The Federal Government is not disposed to the call by State Governors for the relaxation of the current lockdown in the country on account of the coronavirus pandemic, The Nation gathered last night.

The federal authorities, sources said, are much in favour of partial restrictions in 33 of the 36 states with a view to mitigating the effects of the current lockdown in many parts of the country as against the relaxation being sought by the governors.

Governors Willie Obiano of Anambra State and Seyi Makinde have already relaxed the restrictions in their states.

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 which President Muhammadu Buhari relies on principally for advice on the pandemic is not in agreement with the governors that government should soft pedal in the FCT, Lagos, Ogun and Kano States.

Buhari who is billed to address the nation tomorrow is said to be weighing the options before him.

Members of the PTF were locked in a marathon meeting yesterday on the format of the partial restrictions to put in place in 33 states without fueling the spread of the Coronavirus.

The task force considered the status report on COVID-19 spread in each state of the federation, the input of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) and local and international technical evaluation of the pandemic in the country.

A top level source said: “We are inching towards partial restrictions in some states and the Federal Capital Territory. There is clamour for the partial lifting of the lockdown. This is why the PTF is meeting.

“The PTF has received many suggestions but we are being careful not to reverse the gains of the last few weeks in the battle against Coronavirus.

“One of the knotty issues is a recommendation by the NGF that there should be internal free movement but with restrictions on large gatherings and assemblies nationwide.

But the PTF took exception to partial lifting of the lockdown in the FCT, Lagos, Ogun and Kano states.”

When contacted, a member of the NGF said the Forum was on the same page with the PTF on the input of the governors except for one recommendation.

The source said: “I don’t think they (the PTF on COVID-19) have serious objection except with internal free movement where they believe that we should not relax the lockdown in the epicentres of Lagos, Kano, FCT and Ogun. They may be right.

“We have done our bit by presenting our input. You can contact the Chairman of PTF on COVID-19, Mr. Boss Mustapha for details.”

The NGF in the Friday letter to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Boss Mustapha, said: “Please refer to the above subject matter and to our Teleconference meeting with the Vice President on Wednesday, 22 April 2020.

“Recall at that meeting it was agreed that the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF) articulates the issues that it would want to be included in the next Presidential Pronouncement on Covid-19 so as to have a Uniform and Coordinated Policy on Covid-19 at both the national and sub-national levels.

“Subject to Mr. President’s approval, the NGF would want the following incorporated into Mr. President’s Pronouncements:

*Inter-State lockdown excluding movement of essential supplies foods, beverages, medical and pharmaceuticals, petroleum supplies and agricultural products:

*Internal free movement but with restrictions on large gatherings and assemblies;

*Overnight curfews;

*Lockdown of flights, and

*Compulsory use of face masks/ coverings in the public.

Another top source said last night that the NGF’s letter was “inexplicit on what qualified as internal movement.”

The source said: “We may end up with tough advisory on partial restrictions. We cannot allow the governors to reopen schools; there will be no wedding, funeral outings; churches and mosques cannot operate and we will only allow access to markets in the neighbourhood.

“Don’t forget that the Federal Government and the PTF only locked down the FCT, Lagos and Ogun States. We did not lockdown the remaining 34 states. But we cannot close our eyes when Coronavirus infections get out of control in any state.

“This is why we believe the governors must be cautious in putting in place partial restrictions. We should avoid creating a situation where the pandemic will get out of control in any state.

“For instance, Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State did not consult with the PTF or Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) before directing that churches should resume normal activities. No technical or empirical basis for his decision. Does the state have the where withal to manage the consequences of exposing its citizens to Coronavirus spread?

Responding to a question, the source added: “The PTF members will still meet on Sunday. We may come up with tough advisory if there will be internal movement in any state as part of the conditions of partial restrictions.”

Build independent power supply, rail system across southwest, Adams urges govs

Aare Onakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams yesterday urged all the southwest governors to build an independent power supply and rail system that will link the entire region.

Adams made the new call-in Epe, Lagos State, during the 2020 edition of Grandmothers’ Festival, organized by the Olokun Festival Foundation.

The Aare Onakakanfo highlighted the need for uninterrupted power supply across the region, saying the new initiative will enhance commerce, tourism and drive the desired development across the southwest.

He pointed out that issues of security, power, and transportation are most critical to the development of a nation, urging the governors to look forward to creating a conducive atmosphere for investors in the southwest.

“All over the world, businesses thrive where the security and safety of the citizens are guaranteed.

“Stable and uninterrupted power supply is key to the development of every nation. In South Africa for example, the transportation system is amazing because of the effective rail stations between Johannesburg to Pretoria.

“Nigeria is a great nation, our leaders travel abroad and they see the kind of development spreading across the United Kingdom, America, Asia and Africa.

“With the passage of Amotekun bill this week, I am fulfilled that part of our dreams have been realised.

” This is a victory for all Nigerians. It is our victory in the southwest because 25 per cent of residences in Lagos and other southwest states are non- indigenes.

“In the southwest, we have all it takes to set the pace for the development of our region. That is why it is very important for everybody to brace up for the take-off of that laudable project”

In his remarks, the Oloja and Paramount of Epe Kingdom, Oba Kamorudeen Animashaun applauded Aare Gani Adams for spreading the gospel of cultural transformation to Epe.

The monarch said Epe traditional institution has always been supportive of any initiative that can boost Yoruba culture and tradition. He, however, urged members of the OPC to be focused on sustaining the core values of the Organization.

“I commend Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams, for promoting our cultural identity and heritage. Aare has made a strong impact in Yorubaland and he will always remain a key player in the progress of our race” he said.

The guest lecturer from Lagos State University, Associate professor, Kolade Adams, implored the guests to emulate the unyielding spirit of the chief promoter of the Olokun Festival Foundation, and the Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Abiodun Adams, in sustaining the festival for over a decade.

“This is eco-tourism, it is usually one of the best means to improve the tourism potentials of every country. So what we are doing today, will definitely translate to improving the economic prosperity of Epe and its environs”

Aare Gani Adams also urged the Lagos state government to continue the development process embarked upon by the last administration.

“We can all testify to the various infrastructural developments around the town. The highlight of this transformation was the construction of modern roads in the town, making it a city of pride for all and sundry.

“Thanks to the former governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode for bringing development to the doorsteps of the people of the ancient town”

“We cannot rule it out that Epe had enjoyed the unprecedented transformation in Lagos during the Ambode government”.

“Ambode’s Midas’ touch and influence was visible with the present infrastructure in Epe.”

Epe has also turned out to be one of the emerging stories of a visionary government. So, with Governor Olusola Sanwo- Olu on the saddle in the state, I know Lagos is up to the task.”It now behoves on the new government in the state to ensure that all these projects are completed in due time” he said

Other monarchs present at the event, include: Oba Shefiu Adewale Bangbopa, the Olu of Epe Fiwagboye Aareonakakanfo, Chief Ebudola Odedina, OPU member in Italy, Titi Hassan, and Epe Council of Chiefs, members of the National Executive Council, and. National Coordinating Council among others.



The provocative idea “cattle colonies” is the logical consequence and climax of a policy adopted by the caliphate while the early leaders of NDIGBO either went to sleep or wanted to be more Nigerian than Igbo. If this is doubtful, let us go back to history.

“The new nation called Nigeria should be and estate of our great grand father OTHMAN DAN FADIO, we must ruthlessly prevent any change of power. We use the the minority in the north as willing tools and the south as a conquered territory. We must never allow them to rule over us. We must never allow them to have control over their future” -Sir Ahmadu Belly (Sarduana of Sokoto) October 11, 1960

“Time has come. We must show these intellectual fools that we are only in the morning of our leadership of this country. Our only obstacle are the Ibos. They have overplayed their cards. They will sink”. – Excerpts from the Manifesto Of The Northern People’s Congress (NPC) for the1964 General Elections.

If a party would write this in black and white in a public document as open as a manifesto and if the leader of a people would make this kind of daring statement in a country that took 10 years (1950-1959) to fashion a federation, then why are we surprised by what brilliant and clear headed analyst, Chinweizu has properly called “Caliphate Colonialism” Caliphate Colonialism for him is the “taproot” of what Chinue Achebe had called “the trouble with Nigeria” The cause of Caliphate Colonialism is nothing but what I can call “IGBOPHOBIA”, an unnecessary, unfortunate and uncanny disdain and dreadful hatred of Ndigbo and anything Igbo.

Who is turning Igboland into a colony, a colony, not for human beings but for animals? Why have private cattle rearing become of imperious importance to a federal government that has Boko Haram terrorists to contend with? Is this an attempt to claim and occupy their “Estate”? Before the 1804 OTHMAN DAN FODIO jihad in Northern Nigeria, were Ndigbo living in fear of cattle as we are today?

This blatant, brazen and arrogant “cattlelization” of Igboland began after that war called Nigeria – Biafra war. Before the war, Ndigbo were not feeding on Fulani cattle. We had our own sweeter and stronger cattle breed. But they were massacred during that war along with their owners – Ndigbo.

After the war, we lost many of our people and cattle and allowed the north and their cattle to graze openly on our lands and on the process we lost our crops to Fulani cattle rearers and it began to appear that it’s a calculated attempt to compel us to look up to the North for daily food. Why not? Oil wells from Igboland have been exploited and their proceeds used to set up gigantic dams in the North for agricultural products. Cattle are then sent on starvation mission to destroy thousands of hectares of farm lands in Alaigbo, while their men brutally kill and rape the people for even as little as daring to complain. Yet, many of our leaders watched almost helplessly, or made beggarly and apologetic statements.

Having penetrated and ready to occupy our lands with their cattle, while our leaders watched, hands and minds akimbo, our masters toyed with the idea of a “grazing bill” that would make it legal for fulani cattle farmers with their private trade, to demand and chose any grazing site anywhere in Nigeria that they so wish. The outcry against it from the South was, as to be expected, deafening! It failed.

Then came “Cattle Colonies”! The idea again is dying. But we can not continue to pretend that it is normal. The mere fact that these ideas were conceived is annoying. It is a rape on the sensibility of a people who had spent over a thousand years within the Nigeria space before other ethnic nationalities began to arrive. If Nigeria to have an “owner”, it would be Ndigbo. For not only did we arrive first, our people have developed every part of this country. Besides no other people have made more sacrifices for the survival of this wobbling Republic as much as Ndigbo. These constant, callous and castrating confrontation of Ndigbo in Igboland have reached a crescendo. And do I need to remind everyone that every rubber has an elastic limit?.

Our governors are busy campaigning for second tenure while Igboland is under invasion by FULANI terrorists.
Governors in Igboland – ABIA, ANAMBRA, EBONYI, ENUGU, IMO, DELTA AND RIVERS – need to arise and do something before their people are totally destroyed in a country that appears to be turning into one gigantic human abattoir. They need to as a matter of urgency, prepare anti – grazing executive bills to their various Houses of Assembly for passage into law. Governors of Igboland MUST ARISE NOW before their people would make them politically irrelevant.

This rescue mission should also be of interest to members of the Houses of Assembly in Igboland. If they discover any governor that is playing agency role for the FULANI caliphate, such governor should be impeached.

Let the Fulanis also know that igbo land belongs to Ndigbo and that any other person coming to stay or live here must abide by the tradition and custom of our people and in line with the international best existential and social practices.

A stitch in time they say, saves nine.!

Eberechukwu Anigbogu

UPP commends SE,SS governors on regional integration

The United Progressive Party (UPP) commends the South-East, South-South Governors on the success of their recent meeting in Enugu on regional integration.

It is a welcome development that will boost social, economic and political development of the geopolitical zones. It will also foster love, peace, and unity among the people and strengthen old ties needed in building a strong, virile, progressive and prosperous democratic society.

The need to address the infrastructural decay, security challenges and provide dividends of democracy to the longsuffering people of the region cannot be overemphasized. This is in tandem with the provision of Section 14(2)b of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) which states, “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”.

The Governors should articulate policies and implement developmental projects that will raise the people’s standards of living and make the region the great arsenal of democracy in Nigeria and economic nerve centre of Africa.

The public clamour for the restructuring of Nigeria may begin to have expression from the synergy of the nine states that constitute the South-East, South-South geopolitical zones. We recommend that the region may embark as a matter of urgency on the energy needs of the area by disengaging the collaborating geopolitical zones from the malaise of the so-called national grid and install a more productive and economically enhancing electricity projects for the zones that will definitely trigger off economic growth and job creation of unprecedented proportion.

There are definitely other areas of mutual benefits that will make the region an investment destination and tourist attraction to foreigners and Nigerians alike. This wonderful initiative and opportunity must not be lost. History will be kind and generous to the present Governors of the South-East, South-South geopolitical zones who have demonstrated the wisdom to embark on this mission.

The United Progressive Party congratulates the two geopolitical zones and promises to contribute its own quota in actualizing the vision and mission of this initiative.


Chief Dr. Chekwas Okorie

National Chairman