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Governor Wike Presents N448.6 Billion 2021 Budget

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, has presented a N448,660,773,476 billion Budget, for 2021 fiscal year to the state’s House of Assembly for consideration and approval.

The proposed 2021 budget christened, “Budget of Recovery and Consolidation”, is made up of N305, 894, 284.061 for Capital Expenditure, while N142,776,489,415 is earmarked as Recurrent Expenditure.

Governor Wike, while presenting the Budget to lawmakers at the State House of Assembly in Port Harcourt on Wednesday said the N448,660,773,476 budget for 2021 fiscal year represents more than 20% increase over the 2020 Revised Budget of N300billion.

He said the capital expenditure, representing 68.18% of the total budget size, constituted as follows: Administrative sector N 87, 790,330,011.37; Economic sector N 105,077,364,248,.81; Law and Justice N1,742,996,000.00; Social sector – N 132, 656,033,322.35 and Deductions/Loan repayments N38,000,000,000.00.

The governor explained that the capital budget will be deployed to advance economic growth and social progress by targeting and prioritizing investments.

He said the sum of N82,957,295,248.81 has been provided for the provision of infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and completion of flyover projects at Okoro-Nu-Odo, Rumuola, Rumuogba, and Port Harcourt GRA junction.

“We will also deliver the Ogoni – Andoni – Opobo unity road, the Eastern bypass dualization, 6th and 7th flyover projects and the Wakama road as well as all other ongoing rural roads in our communities and local government areas across the State.”

The governor stated that over N6 billion Naira has been provided in the 2021 budget to stimulate economic growth through investments in commerce, culture and tourism, mineral resource development as well as address environmental challenges to improve the quality of life of all residents.

Similarly, he said N13,861,407,451.97 has been provided to fund various social and economic investment schemes to support the development of small and medium scale businesses as part of efforts to create jobs and reduce poverty.

The governor noted that economic challenges of the COVD-19 pandemic clearly exposed the State vulnerability to food insecurity. Hence, the sum of N16,107,080,000.00 will be spent on targeted investments in the agriculture value chain in a bid to create employment and enhance collective food security of the state.

In cognizance that quality public education remains the key to breaking cycles of poverty, the governor said his administration has decided to prioritize education in the 2021 budget with the provision of N30,000,000,000,00 to boost infrastructure, enhance access and retention rates and improve educational outcomes in our schools throughout the State.

The governor hinted that the State government has provided N25,111,728,000.00 for health care services for 2021 fiscal year. According to him, government will focus on completing the four zonal referral hospitals at Ahoada, Bori, Degema, Okehi and Omoku, which are all at advanced stages of completion.

Governor Wike, explained that the 2021 budget will also prioritizes security and sustains the existing efforts in combating insecurity and keeping residents safe and secure.

He said the Recurrent Expenditure of N142,776,489,415 represents 31.82 per cent of the 2021 budget. Out of this sum, he said N76,198,906,179 is for personnel costs; N18,863,016,430 is for overheads and N47,704,566,804 will be for grants and transfers to the consolidated revenue charges.

“From inception, this administration has prioritized the payment of salaries and pensions and I wish to assure our workers, including the proposed five thousand new enlistments, that they will receive their salaries as when due in 2021. Ministries, Departments and Agencies are also assured of prompt release of overheads to enable them run effectively and deliver services to the people.”

The governor, explained that Nigeria is currently in its second recession in five years with headline inflation at 14 per cent. However, he said the Federal Government has projected that the country will exit the recession in the first quarter of 2021.

Governor Wike said the policy thrust for the year 2021 budget will be to accelerate economic recovery, drive growth and create opportunities for social progress; enhance human capital development and tackle poverty; build first class infrastructures to accelerate our socio-economic development.

He expressed optimism that the measures in the budget will place the State on a stronger economic footing towards achieving the new Rivers vision for a peaceful, secure, inclusive and prosperous society.

He said the budget will be funded from Statutory Allocation, 13% Oil Mineral Fund, internally generated revenue, value added tax, refunds for federal projects and excess crude oil deductions, domestic and foreign credit as well as grants from our development partners.

Commenting on the performance of the 2020 budget, Governor Wike disclosed that at the end of October 2020, the total net revenue collected by the State was N226,522,031,922.45, representing about 75 percent overall proportional performance.

“While receipts from federal allocations declined internally generated revenue overshot the budget projections by over twenty billion naira (N20,000,000,000.00) despite the pause we placed on the payment of taxes by the informal sector and small businesses.”

The Speaker, Ikuinyi Ibani, lauded Governor Wike’s commitment towards transforming the State’s economy. According to him, generations to come will live to acknowledge his good deeds.

The Speaker further assured Governor Wike that the State lawmakers would diligently consider and pass the budget to facilitate the continued development of the state.

Present at the budget presentation were: Rivers State deputy governor, Mrs Ipalibo Harry Banigo; Secretary to the State government, Dr Tammy Danagogo; the State PDP chairman, Ambassador Desmond Akwor and members of the State executive council.

“IPOB’s Plan Is To Instigate Another Civil War” – Gov. Umahi Warns Igbos In Rivers State

Governor David Nweze Umahi of Ebonyi State has warned Igbos in Rivers State to be wary of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) because the outlawed group is working to instigate another civil war.

Umahi spoke during a meeting of the South-East governors with the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo and the Igbo community in the state at Government House, Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Sunday.

Umahi, after listening to Governor Nyesom Wike’s narration of the atrocious activities of IPOB in Oyigbo that culminated in the imposition of curfew in the local government area, warned Igbo to be wary of IPOB as the group was “bent on instigating another civil war that will result in the murder of Igbo people.”

The governor said, “I find it nauseating that IPOB could go to Benue and Rivers states to foist its flag and claim the territories belong to the Igbo people. Igbo leadership are opposed to this stance by IPOB.”

Umahi urged Igbo living in the state to respect the government and people of Rivers State adding that Ndi-Igbos cannot support any form of criminality.

Also speaking, the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nwodo, said the meeting has reinforced the existing relationship between Igbos and the people of Niger Delta and described Wike as a champion of restructuring of Nigeria and a man who loved justice.

Nwodo, said he was elated to hear from Igbo leaders that under the leadership of Governor Wike, Igbo businesses have continued to thrive.

A former Rivers State governor, Dr Peter Odili, lauded the Igbo leaders for the peace initiative and decision to visit Wike.

Earlier, Wike said the state would continue to be home to people of the Igbo ethnic nationality.

“Tell your people, Rivers people will continue to live together with Igbos. Don’t allow your sons to tell you lies. Igbos are innovative and hardworking. There can’t be Nigeria without Igbos. Nobody should take them for granted. But that doesn’t mean you must allow criminals to spoil your name.

“If I hate Igbo, I won’t appoint your son into my state cabinet two times. But you have to obey rules. Don’t allow criminals to dictate to you,” Wike stated.

Also, present at the meeting were the Governor of Abia State, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr Nkem Okeke, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Dr Ipalibo Banigo; and former governor of Rivers State, Sir Celestine Omehia, among others.

OBIGBO(Oyigbo): How Nnamdi Kanu ordered IPOB to kill soldiers, policemen, burn down facilities, by Dornubari Kiinee

I will start this short piece by running a recap of the recent #EndSARS protest in Port Harcourt chronologically.

#EndSARS organic protest started in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, 13 October, 2020, five days after it was staged in Lagos, Abuja and some parts of the country.

Protesters returned to the streets of Port Harcourt on Friday, 16 October for candlelight procession. On Saturday 17 October, prayer walk was held. The next and the last time #EndSARS protest was staged in Port Harcourt, was Tuesday 20 October. The same day Lekki shootings occurred.

These series of protests were 100 percent peaceful contrary to popular opinion on social media that Port Harcourt protest was going to be bloody.

Nnamdi Kanu made a broadcast to his IPOB followers that same Tuesday night, immediately after the Lekki shootings, telling them to burn down police stations, kill and maim those they believe are their enemies.

Getting to the next day, Wednesday 21 October, violence erupted in Oyigbo and parts of Port Harcourt, like Ikoku, Mile 1, Mile 2, Mile 3, et al during the protest staged by IPOB. Mind you, there was no #EndSARS protest in Port Harcourt that very day.

If a witch cries in the night and a child dies in the morning, we do not go to the soothsayer to ask what killed the child. Nnamdi Kanu should be blamed for this whole thing, but sadly, some people are not, rather they are shifting the blame to Governor Nyesom Wike who only did what any responsible chief security officer of a state would have done.

Following the killings and destruction of properties perpetrated by IPOB members foolishly acting on the orders of Nnamdi Kanu, who is enjoying their money in UK, Gov. Wike was left with no choice but to act on the already existing court order outlawing IPOB to arrest the situation.

Governor Nyesom Wike did not and will never order security agents to kill innocent residents of Rivers State. He only imposed curfew in Oyigbo to safeguard lives and properties from rampaging hoodlums who run a cell they use in perpetrating heinous crimes. There is a whole lot of propaganda and lies flying around, we should endeavour to verify any information before we fly with it.

The governor has directed the Executive Chairman of Oyigbo Local Government Area, Prince Gerald Oforji to compel security agents in the area to make sure the process of retrieving the rifles that were stolen during the raid on Oyigbo Police Station is devoid of human casualties and abuse of human rights.

The LG boss has also met with soldiers and police men carrying out the operation, they assured him that no innocent life would be taken. They said they are not after Igbos or any other tribe but criminals terrorising the area.

Lastly, we must all shun emotions and sentiments and summon the courage to condemn the destructive tendencies of Nnamdi Kanu, because if we don’t, he would cause big problem in this country for us while he is chilling in Europe. Let’s call a spade a spade.

Wike: The Gunshots Persist, by Odimegwu Onwumere

Your Excellency, The Executive Governor of Rivers State, Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike. Greetings, Sir.

I come to you again with a heart full of tears after my earlier open letter to you begging of you to oversee to the motiveless shootings in parts of Rivers State to immobility. Within hours of that letter, the tears of residents have gone up than they were especially in a place like Oyigbo.

We are inundated with information from residents of that area that they doubt if the unjustifiable shootings are really those from the security agents or some external intruders are using the opportunity to cash in and take over Oyigbo.

Many of the residents have fled their homes. Please, for the sympathy of the living, do make peace. This is more than the alleged hoodlums taking over the #EndSARS protest but something is fishing out from the cupboard concerning the fate of Oyigbo in this time of uncertainties.

Rivers residents – whether born natives or visitors – cannot afford to lose any part of Rivers state to any tribe, whose sole aim is to cleanse a people and occupy their ancestral homes. Some information from a place like Rumukwurushi is that there is a particular people who are guarded by those who were supposed to protect all; and the people are hiding under the cover of the protection they enjoy unleashing mayhem on the residents of Rumukwurushi. The same is applicable to Oyigbo.

Sir, you might not notice what is happening across the state at the same time except for such information like this. You have to try to save the state that you love from falling in the hands of a people who never meant well for us. You have to read history from ancient gallery and stop the neo-ethnic cleansing that is well written bold on the wall in guise of #EndSARS protest.

In a plain language, sir, Oyigbo without a doubt has fallen in the hands of wrong people while many still believe that the gunshots were only from the security agents. No. You need to act now else every genuine person living in Oyigbo and some parts of Port Harcourt will wake up from memories’ grave. It would be sacrilegious that we are dead in Rivers state while our homes are taken over by the cold-blooded killers.

In war, it is certain that the end will come but ordinary people are not certain of surviving that long. I am not pointing finger at any person but no man would stand and watch his enemies hide under the cover of security agents to unleash terror for the purpose of either vendetta or land grabbing. And if you don’t act now, parts of Rivers state may be in the hands of the enemies yet we misconstrue the gunshots as those from the ‘genuine’ security agents. Let the year 2020 not be the year we are regressing back to 1700 when lords governed fiefdoms. Someone might not be a robber but if such a person goes to the bank like a robber, he or she would be labeled a robber.

Some persons have dressed like robbers in Rivers state. They don’t care to know that time of acquiring territories by force is gone and we cannot afford to stand on the shadow of the keep. Our state cannot be taken over by force, by any tribe. You need not fold your hands because there will be no excuses and no exceptions should these shootings persist. Watch if the enemies are close, hiding under the #EndSARS brouhaha.

Your Excellency, it would be better that I slap your face with words today in lieu of you waking up tommorrow and notice that your grandparents graves have become home for people who did not buy them from you and who do not mean well to you, either.
There are screams and cry ongoing in a place like Oyigbo. It is not too late to check who are causing the residents of that area to cry. The residents can barely breathe. Don’t allow the door to slam against the wall.

The presence of heavy security men in Oyigbo and in some parts of Rivers state is not a shield. Gunshots are locating the residents more that the presence of the security agents could protect them. This has spurred my suspicion if the town has not fallen in the hands of enemies to kill as many residents as possible while we presume all happening are part of the wave from the #EndSARS uproar oblivious that some people with ulterior motive are bent to take our ancestral land.

The door is open to bring about the needed peace which that part of the state facing heavy presence of gunshots need. How can a people’s right be intruded? The language of gun is not smooth. Let the soldiers not make the residents believe that they are the injured party whereas the residents cannot tell for sure where the sporadic gunshots are coming from and the military Code of Conduct is not observed.

Sane soldiers do not wave unlocked gun recklessly in the midst of civilians. Unguided bullets flying everywhere. Sir, the language of gun is not smooth, not a political agenda. Therefore it is time you introduced and enforced basic human rights this time. Residents cannot afford to walk in their underwear and none knows it were intruders greeting them in the language of gun.

Yes. Oyigbo might not be a city but there are a people who see her as paradise. So, make sure you find out why farmers cannot go to farm because their crops are eaten by human-guided-animals and they are killed if they complain. The same thing is happening to every resident under the #EndSARS hijacked-show-of-shame.

Your Excellency, the grumbling across the state is getting out of hand. Maybe, you have to walk the towns if your security intelligence was not seeing too well. No legitimate child deserves to be called an infidel in his paternal home. The gunshots in Oyigbo are irritating pretense that Rivers state is still in the #EndSARS era. Some people have taken over that era flaunting dangerous folly. I had no difficulty in restraining myself but had to write you in order to stop this stupid importance it has become to a people to desert residents with gunshots at the Haunting Hour which is now their bloody manifesto.

Odimegwu Onwumere is a multiple award-winning journalist based in Rivers state. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com

Rivers Governor Wike sacks Elele Hausa goat market, says defiant traders to face trouble

RIVERS State Government has ordered the immediate shutdown of the nascent goat market along the Elele-Ahoada stretch of the East-West Road by Hausa herders who bring the animals from the North of the country.

Travelers on the road woke up to the presence of several goats and their sellers who are increasing in population by the day in makeshift tents and ranch at the spot over through the lockdown earlier imposed on Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor Local Government Areas (LGAs).

In a statement Tuesday by Paulinus Nsirim, Rivers Commissioner for Information and Communications, the State Government said it “has not approved any Goat Market along Elele/Ahoada stretch of the East Road.

“The Chairmen of Emohua and Ahoada-East Local Government Areas are hereby directed to ensure the illegal Goat Market along Elele/Ahoada is shut down immediately.”

The statement further drew public attention to the situation report that, “Oginiba Slaughter Market is no longer in existence for now. The government warns that anybody who goes there for any form of business will face the full wrath of the law.

“Oil Mill Market has been closed down. All those using Igbo-Etche Road as an alternative illegal market are hereby warned to desist forthwith or risk the destruction of their goods.

“Mbiama Market has been closed down. Any attempt to continue trading activities there will lead to the complete destruction of the market.”

BREAKING! Special Adviser on Media, Simeon Nwakaudu is dead

The Special Adviser to Governor Nyesom Wike on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu, is dead.

The cause of his death is still unknown, but sources at Government House Port Harcourt said Simeon may have died of cardiac arrest.

Governor, Nyesom Wike in a statement by the Commissioner for Information and Communications, Paulinus Nsirim, expressed shock over the sudden death of his Special Assistant on Electronic Media, Simeon Nwakaudu.

Wike described late Nwakaudu as a loyal and dedicated professional who contributed immensely to the implementation of The NEW Rivers Vision.

“The governor on behalf of his family, the government and good people of the State condoled with the bereaved family.

“He prayed God to grant them the fortitude to bear the great loss.

“Late Nwakaudu died today at the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH) after a brief illness,” the statement read.

Nigeria running a copy and paste government – Activist

Patrick Eholor, a social crusader and President of the One Love Foundation, a non-profit making organization, here bares his mind on trending issues in Nigeria.


About government’s non functional palliative measures

We have two palliatives that the federal government has announced. One was the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) approval of N50billion to assist businessmen so that those badly affected by covid-19 would benefit and their would be a reform in our economic system. The money is there but nobody has been able to access it. The N100billion is meant to be invested in the health sector so that we can have our own local medicine like another African country, Madagascar, that has a cure for covid-19 using a local leaf we call dogonyaro here in Nigeria. But the issue in Nigeria is that even when somebody dies and you are about to bury the person with dignity. Many Nigerians, mostly politicians, if you are not watchful will take the cloth off the dead body for their own selfish end and deny the dead body the right of dignity. I am not sure if this N100billion will get to those manufacturers who want to proffer solution to the pandemic. You also recall that the Uniben were the first to proffer a solution for the covid-19 when the Engineering Department manufactured a ventilator that was so expensive and some other universities in the South West followed suit. As we speak, the government has not fund the project. The Nigeria government is, without any apology, a copy and paste. When they hear that other governments come out with a measure they follow the measures without practicalising it. The banks are liable for this. Most of them are fraudulent. When you bring such large sum of money to invest in the health sector there thinking is to put it in fixed deposit or mutual fund to be accumulating interest to the detriment of the citizens. Those who are supposed to go after them, the police, ICPC, EFCC and others are also culpable. So, we are in a state of quagmire.

Nigeria and corruption

What has always succeeded in Nigeria is corruption. Whether in the banking sector, the church, the electricity distribution companies and government parastatals we all agree on chop my own and let me chop my own. If the Access Bank is sincere charity begins at home, it knows its customers BVN. It would have at least paid money into its customers account to cushion the effect of the pandemic. But because Access Bank knew that it was going under, that there is no more stolen money, oil is no more selling. It gave the government the money to divert attention so that when the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation(NDIC) is going after the people who have defrauded the bank and the bank know its negative effect. So that when it is going down it wants to have a soft landing as it has given billions of naira to the government. It was not giving out money for palliative measures to the citizens as it claimed. Why will you give such a huge sum of money to the government which is not responsive to the citizens and you’re firing your workers who have been dedicated to the company over the years. It doesn’t make sense.

On massive migration from the north to the south

Let us be very careful how we approach issue of the north and south. Unfortunately, the northerners, especially the almajiris, are victims of circumstances. They have a very bad leader who has been able to brainwash them with Usman Dan Fodio doctrine that when you are poor you remain poor and when you’re rich you remain rich. It is not in the Holy Koran. I have read it well though I am not a Muslim. I have also read the Bible. From the beginning of the world there has been human migration. I migrated to Canada. Why did I migrate? For economic reasons as I saw that there was no future in Nigeria. I took all the necessary risk and migrated. If the people in the north are migrating to the south they have all the rights as citizens. The constitution allows any Nigerian to seek for employment, to reside anywhere he chooses in the whole of the country. The idea that they are flooding the south as Boko Haram is nonsense. If the people who have stolen from us, own oil wells and neglected their people make them to migrate to the south for economic reasons we should accommodate them. We have always lived peacefully with the Hausa/Fulani people. It’s because of these unscrupulous politicians that we are having this tussle between us. I have a gateman in my house, Bashiru, who has worked with me for twenty years, he is a northern and I treat him like my son. There is no difference between the north and south. I schooled with some northerners and easterners who are easygoing people. When the present looters of our treasury want to cover up their trash they resort to ethnic sentiments just to cover their trash.

Wike’s despicable act in Rivers

Recently, the demolition of a hotel in Rivers State by Governor Nyesom Wike has generated a lot of reactions. Why did people not make such protest when Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai, did a similar thing. Wike is very controversial. It is only in Nigeria that he will make news. If there is anyone with a low IQ Wike is. You cannot be a lawyer and not be law abiding. He is also married to a judge. As a state governor he has law enforcement agencies under his control. They should be allowed to carry out their assignment of enforcing the law and arresting anyone not adhering to it, take them to court and secure judgment. He was elected as a governor not as an emperor. I thank God that I am from the cradle of civilization, Benin Empire. Nobody does that in my empire because we are all equal.

Activist lambasts Wike over hotel demolition, asks him to apologise within 24 hrs

Social rights crusader and Democracy Observer General of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria (OG), Comrade Patrick Eholor has lambasted the Rivers State Governor over his demolition of two hotels in the state, for violating Covid-19 lockdown rules.

An infuriated Eholor, who spoke with Jungle Journalist Media Limited on the phone, lamented Wike’s action, which he described as ‘executive rascality’, and reminded the governor that what he runs is a Democratic State, and not a Monarchy where he is an emperor.

He advised the governor to swallow his pride and as a matter of urgency, apologise to the hotel owners and make amends.

His words:

“It’s only in Nigeria that you see educated illiterates who justify what is wrong with what is wrong.

“It’s time we move this country forward Governor Wike is not a law enforcement officer, meaning he ought to allow the police do their work to arrest and persecute.

“Let’s not be bringing what El Rufai did in Kaduna to justify what is wrong in Port Harcourt.

“What he did is a clear violation of human rights and a gross abuse of office of the Governor. I advice victims to seek a redress in court and I also agree with Falana human rights lawyer that Wike should apologize to the victims within the next 24 hours, let him know this isn’t a monarchy, people of Rivers State didn’t vote for an emperor, they voted for a Governor”, he stressed.

How Governor Nyesom Wike saved Eleme people by demolishing Prudent Hotel

This is from a native of Eleme in Rivers State (name withheld). He described Governor Nyesom Wike’s action as an act of God. See his reasons below:

I have read several articles and watched videos of people condemning the River State government demolition of property ( Hotel) of Princewill Osaronwa OSAROEJIJI. I appreciate their concerns and worries as Democrats and law abiding citizens cos, I would have screamed louder if I am not an Eleme son. However, knowing Governor Wike well, they ought to ask questions and make further investigations as to know what really happened.

1. Note that the said hotel belongs to Princewill Osaronwa OSAROEJIJI of Alode in Eleme LGA of Rivers State.

2. The demolished hotel has been a hideout for criminal gangs and venue of cult meetings from where they take off for operations.

3. The hotel houses prostitutes ( Asawo)

4. The hotel was operating with the prostitutes hosting customers even during the lockdown despite State orders.

5. The hotel was not only open to customers both full and short time but was hosting parties amidst this covid-19 pandemic, the owner feeling he is above the law and indeed the Youth Leader of PDP.

6. That words was sent across to the hotel owner to close down or face demolition and he sent words back that he dares the State to try it and see if he will not bring down the State.

7. That Members of covid-19 committee monitoring hotels went to enlighten the owner and his guest that what they were doing was against the executive order of the state government and acceptable practices.

8. That he and his boys not only assaulted the Committee Members but pointed guns at them and shot and injured one of the members of the team.

9. That Eleme people who are his people are weighing a little sigh of relief concerning the pulling down of the hotel.

10. That the hotel is not money made from genuine seat as alleged but crime and human blood.

9. Do u know how many lives the boy has wasted in that hotel?

10. That Princewill was the Cause of the crisis in his community Alode in 2017/2018 that led to over 10 deaths including that of Late Isaac obe (Former Eleme Youth President and APC Zonal youth leader) as well as his sister Barrister Mary Obe.

11. That the owner Princewwill is a suspected Gun runner as he has not been convicted.

12. That he was shot on the leg during one of his escapades in the community and thus limps.

13. That he is suspected to be the Blackaxe leader in Alode and that enboldens home to live above the law.

14. That he is an alleged oil thief.

15. God just used Wike to bring some respite to Eleme Community.

16. Ask Eleme people how they feel before you make further comments or condemn the ousting of a criminal.

17. How many hotels are in Rivers State. Several have been sealed and their management arrested and charged to Court for several violations, none was demolished.

18) That the State was not just dealing with a regular hotel but a criminal den. He cup was just full.

19). That Princewill should be arrested to face the music and let Eleme have some respite.

20). We thank God for this intervention through Rivers State cos nobody dare touch Princewill in Eleme.

21). Any doubt as to any issue raised here. Please cross check with the security agencies in Eleme who Princewill Osaronwa OSAROEJIJI is and what he stands for.



Bayelsa:Warn Oshiomhole against remarks capable of destabilising Nigeria, Wike tells FG

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has called on the Federal Government to warn the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress ( APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to stop making inflammatory remarks capable of destabilising the country.

Governor Wike also berated the APC National Chairman for saying that there will be no swearing-in of the PDP Candidate in Bayelsa State, saying he has no such powers.

He said: “The Federal Government should warn Oshiomhole to stop making remarks that will destabilise Nigeria.

“What he is doing in Edo State is not proper and he should not bring it to the rest of the Niger Delta.”

He said that Oshiomhole lacks the power to make pronouncements after the Supreme Court has ruled on the Bayelsa matter.

“Who is Oshiomhole to determine who has spread in a state? Supreme Court has made a ruling. It is unfortunate for Oshiomhole to come forward to say that nobody will be sworn in ” he said.

He said that Oshiomhole is making unguarded statements because he has lost the support of APC Governors, hence he wants to curry favour through careless talks.

He said: “It is most unfortunate what Oshiomhole is doing because he wants to retain his position as National Chairman. APC Governors have rejected him, that is why he is struggling to prove that he is fighting for the Party.

“He is making statements as if he owns the country. This is the same way he is carrying on in Edo State fighting the Governor.

“He believes that he has the forces to cause crisis. He is arrogating powers to himself, which is not good “, he said.

Governor Wike described Oshiomhole as a man who preaches one thing, then goes ahead to practise a different thing. He said the situation in Edo State has exposed Adams Oshiomhole as a godfather who once preached against godfathers.

He said Oshiomhole would not be allowed to destroy the Niger Delta. Governor Wike said the rule of law must continue to prevail at all times.