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Anambra Govt Vows To Arrest, Prosecute Naked Miracle Bathing Prophet Onyeze For Alleged Fraud

Anambra State Government is poised to prosecute a fake miracle peddler, ‘Onyeze Jesus‘ of Nkpor, for suspected fraud.

Information Commissioner, C. Don Adinuba, said there are complaints that the pastor uses magic and fake miracles to swindle followers. Government according to him, is investigating the alleged victims’ claims and will prosecute the Nkpor pastor if these are verified, he said.

In viral videos streaming online, the pastor gathers followers in a stream where they are made to take a naked bath in the river. He moves round them spraying the river with various currency notes while he video records the ritual.

The recordings are thereafter gleefully shared online to recruit more gullible followers.
Adinuba said government is “appalled” at his conduct which,”has brought Anambra State into global ridicule.”

“We received reports from former disciples that Onyeze Jesus swindled them of their hard earned resources. All the promises and assurances of turning them into overnight millionaires have proved to be fraudulent. The state Government is looking into the claims. If we find merit in the claims, he will be prosecuted in accordance with the law,” Adinuba said.

Here is the full statement, released today, 25 January 2021, by the Commissioner:

“The Anambra State Government is in possession of some videos produced by one person who goes by the name of Onyeze Jesus based in Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area of the state, where he not only claims to change the economic status of his adherents by magical means but also throws a lot of Nigeria’s currency notes into the river and compels his adult followers, both male and female, to bath naked in the river and records them on video which he distributes gleefully to all manner of people through the Internet and other means.

“The State Government is appalled at the conduct of this man. Anambra people are famous throughout the world for their industry, knowledge, ingenuity, perseverance, a high savings rate and an infectious business drive, all combined to enable them to achieve tremendous success in various fields. Their success is not overnight nor through magic.

“Onyeze Jesus promotes superstition and strife in society. By telling his gullible and brainwashed followers that their misfortune is caused by family members, relatives, friends and business associates through magical powers, he is fomenting serious troubles and instigating eternal enmity in various places and businesses. Some of these troubles can lead to physical fights, bodily injuries and even deaths.

“By throwing plenty of naira notes into the river regularly as part of sacrifice to the river goddess and filming it and distributing the film to the whole world, he has brought Anambra State into global ridicule and, worse, gregariously committed a criminal offence. Burning or destroying the naira through any means is an offence criminalized by the Central Bank of Nigeria Act of 2007, and the offender is liable to imprisonment.

“By forcing his disciples to have a bath naked in a river, then film the naked adults and distribute the videos across the globe, Onyeze Jesus is guilty of denying his followers the right to self-dignity and of promoting indecent exposure, which is a crime under the Nigerian law.

“We have received reports from former disciples that Onyeze Jesus has swindled them of their hard earned resources, that is, all the promises and assurances of turning them into overnight millionaires have proved to be fraudulent. The state Government is looking into the claims. If we find merit in the claims, he will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

“The people and Government of Anambra State are irrevocably committed to fundamental rights of freedom of worship and freedom of association as well as freedom of conscience. However, observing these freedoms should not lead to a situation where heinous crimes will be carried out with impunity, whether in the name of religion or not.

“Anambra State is a modern society governed by the rule of law, civilized values and proper conduct. The government will not stand akimbo watching while an individual or a handful of individuals flagrantly abuse its values and flout its laws.

“We wish to thank numerous individuals and organizations alarmed at the conduct and claims of Onyeze Jesus and his cohorts and complained accordingly to the appropriate authorities. We assure them and millions of our people that an appropriate action is being taken.”

NDA Alerts the Public Over the Activities of Admission Fraudsters

The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has alerted the general public, especially applicants of 72 Regular Course of the existence of fraudulent syndicate purportedly claiming to be admission officers of the Academy.

According to a Press Release signed by Major Abubakar Abdullahi, Academy Public Relations Officer, these fraudsters print various fake admission letters to candidates requesting for a pay with a view to gaining admission into the Academy.

The Release was made available to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd via electronic email.

The Academy therefore strongly advised the public to disregard such letters.

It said “Such letters were not initiated by the NDA. Hence, the general public should note that selection into NDA is by merit not pay.

“The NDA use only mainstream media, its official website (www.nda.edu.ng) and its social media channels on Facebook and Twitter (DefenceAcademyNG and HQ_NDA respectively) to dessiminate public information. NDA will never direct you to call any phone number for admission or payment.

“The general public is therefore advised not to fall prey or have any dealings with said admission frausters. You are to report the activities of such frausters to the nearest Military or Police Unit”, Major Abdullahi stated.

N3.2BN CHARGE AGAINST ORJI UZOR KALU: 16th witness give details of Abia Govt House transactions

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Monday called its 16th witness before a Federal High Court in Lagos in the ongoing trial of a former Governor of Abia, Orji Uzor Kalu, standing trial on charges of N3.2 billion fraud.

The witness, Mr Robinson Imafidon, the Head of Regulatory Liaison, in a first generation bank, narrated how series of monetary transactions were carried out on the account of the Abia State Government House during the tenure of Kalu.

EFCC had on Oct. 31, 2016 slammed a 34-count charge bordering on N3.2 billion fraud on Kalu and his former Commissioner for Finance, Ude Udeogo (the second accused). Also charged is Kalu’s company, Slok Nig. Ltd. The accused had pleaded not guilty to the charges and were granted bails. The trial began the prosecution had called 15 witnesses. Leading the 16th witness in evidence on Monday, the prosecutor, Mr Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), asked the witness to introduce himself to the court. In response, the witness said he works as the bank’s regulatory liaison officer and has a work schedule of responding to emails and request from regulators such as the EFCC, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Securities and Exchange Commission among others. He told the court that EFCC had written a letter to the bank, requesting account opening documents of the Abia State Government House, Umuahia.

According to the witness, the document including the statement of account and mandate, were retrieved from the system and after due certification and verification, were sent to the EFCC. The prosecution then showed the witness a bulk document and asked him to confirm if the certification were from him to which the witness replied in the affirmative. Jacobs sought to tender in evidence the statement of account of the Abia State Government House, Umuahia, from 2002 to 2007.

The defence did not raise any objections and the court admitted the document and marked same as Exhibits U to U18. The prosecution asked the witness to identify Exhibit U14, and in response, the witness explained that it is the statement of account of the Abia State Government House, but in an old format.

He told the court that there had been a change from the old format which had the old account number, to a new format which he called Finaco, and which has the new 10-digit account number. When showed Exhibit B23, the witness told the court that the exhibit was a fund transfer form by the second accused (Udeogo) in which he applied for a draft of N50 million with the debit to be made from the Government House account. He said on May 31, 2002, there were two cash deposits by the second accused in the sums of N2 million and N7.3 million respectively. The witness told the court that on June 3, a draft of N10 million was paid by the second accused, while on July 1, there was an issue of a demand draft of N11 million and another draft of N15 million on Aug. 19. He said on Sept. 16, 2002, there were two cash deposits of N50,000 and N5 million respectively by one M. A Udoh, who was an accountant in Abia at the time.

Under cross-examination, Mr Awa Kalu, counsel to the first accused, asked the witness, “how many times have you testified in all your life ?” In response, the witness told the court that he had testified several times before law courts but could not recall how many times. On whether it is the practice for two people to append their signatures on a document as shown in some of the exhibits, the witness replied, “two people may sign, but there are exceptions. “When one of the signatories is not available then someone else can sign; more so, where the issue is not so significant, then one person may sign.”

Defence counsel then asked that the witness should be showed exhibit B, and asked the witness:

“When do you archive a transaction?”

Witness: There was no specific time to archive a transaction, adding that once a transaction was concluded and thoroughly verified, it goes to the archive.

Counsel : Do you know how many of your colleagues have testified in the instant case ?

Witness : No.

Justice Mohammed Idris adjourned cotinuation of trial until April 17.

NAN also reports that Kalu is alleged to have used his company to retain several sums of money in his account illegally derived from the coffers of the Abia State Government. His company (Slok Nigeria Ltd) and one Emeka Abone, who is said to be at large, were also alleged to have retained in the company’s account the sum of N200 million on behalf of the first accused. The accused were alleged to have retained about N2.5 billion in different accounts which funds were said to belong to the Abia State Government.

Cumulatively in all the counts, the accused were alleged to have diverted over N3.2 billion from the Abia State Government’s treasury during Kalu’s tenure as governor.

The offences contravened the provisions of Sections 15(6), 16, and 21 of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2005. The offences also contravened the provisions of the Money Laundering Act of 1995 (as amended) by the amendment Act No.9 of 2002 and Section 477 of the Criminal Code, Laws of the Federation, 1990. (NAN)