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BREAKING: Dangote Petitions Trade Ministry To Shut BUA Sugar Refinery Down

A major war has been raging in the Nigeria sugar industry for some time now and the bubbles seemed to have burst with Dangote’s decision to petition the Federal Government asking the Ministry of Trade to shut down BUA Group’s Sugar Refinery located in Port Harcourt.

In the letter dated 28th January 2021 signed by Aliko Dangote himself as the Chairman Dangote Industries Limited, the billionaire claimed that when the BUA Sugar refinery was opened, he warned the Government and they told him that no new refinery would be allowed to operate in Nigeria’. Dangote accused BUA of operating with impunity by contravening the laws as laid down in the National sugar policy by selling its products locally instead of producing for export alone.

BUA in its own defense sent to the Honourable Minister of Trade however clarified issues by stating that the law allows it to sell inside Nigeria. Attaching the enabling permits and approval BUA stated that because of the connivance of the two major sugar manufacturers to hike the price of Sugar during the Ramadan period, the law allows it to sell locally.

BUA also warned that the DANGOTE group and the other major player have not been involved in any backward integration project, rather they depend on 80% raw sugar allocation which is detrimental to the Nigerian economy in long-term analysis. BUA on the other hand has been involved in a backward integration project with BUA’s Lafiagi Sugar BIP set to be completed in 2022.

Over a 250million dollars is believed to have been spent on the export-focused BUA sugar refinery already and it is also employing over 1,000 Nigerians.

Meanwhile, BUA also noted that at the center of this fight to force FG to close the BUA Sugar refinery down is the price war.

Last year, before Ramadan, sugar sold for around 18,000 Naira per bag. But as Ramadan fasting started the price jumped to 30,000 per bag. The people had no choice but to buy it because they needed a lot of it during the period. So the manufacturers were smiling at the bank. BUA group noticed the trend and decided that it had to change. There was no reason to increase the price during Ramadan simply because the demand is high.

Usually, the increase happens about one month to commencement of fasting

When the other manufacturers got across to BUA, Samad Rabiu refused. They put pressure on him, saying it was the right time to make good money but he put his feet down.

After failing to do that, they petitioned the Federal Government that he was breaking the law by selling sugar locally instead of for export.

A source however claimed that already, BUA group has dragged the Trade Minister to court to ensure that the operations of the sugar refinery are not tampered with all because of the desperate attempt by Dangote Group to monopolize the sugar trade in Nigeria.

BREAKING: Controversial Ebonyi prophet says Dangote Group heading towards great calamity

Fiery and controversial prophet, Evangelist Emmanuel Chukwudi has come out to say that foremost Nigerian company, Dangote Group is set to fail. Chukwudi, who is known for his usual accurate and precise prophecies, told Jungle Journalist Media Ltd that the company is experiencing great dilemma spiritually, and is about to head to its doom. He spoke to our Ebonyi State Correspondent in Abakaliki, the state capital.

His words “I had a great revelation. There is great disarray in Dangote’s company. A calamity is coming to Dangote that will make it to be no more.

“I saw a problem that will destroy the company and it will be no more. Dangote Group is in serious trouble in the spirit realm, that is all I can say.”

When asked if the coming problem can be averted, the prophet replied

“If the people concerned are interested, they can come over here and we shall ask for the mercy of God, and the situation can be saved. But you know all these big men. They always think that with their money they can avert all things.

“So they visit witches and wizards, but what I saw is beyond witches and wizards”, he revealed.

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi who heads King of Kings Deliverance Ministry Worlwide, Gbonum Ukepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State is known to have prophesied about numerous political events that came to pass.

Prophet Chukwudi had in the past prophesied the following electoral victories: Goodluck Jonathan, Muhammadu Buhari, Donald Trump, Okezie Ikpeazu, Hope Uzodinma, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Godwin Obaseki’s first term, and a vast number of other victories.

He had also prophesied the fall from grace of Nnamdi Kanu, Senators Dino Melaye and Bukola Saraki and many others.

Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi’s contact is listed below:

Igbere TV Threatens to Sue Dangote Over Influx of Almajiris to S’East

Executive Director of popular online platform Igbere TV, Emeh James Anyalekwa, has threatened to sue Africa’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote over the influx of almajiris to the Southeast region, amid the coronavirus-imposed lockdown.

There are several viral videos on the internet, capturing moments Dangote trucks were intercepted or caught smuggling almajiris (otherwise known as Northern beggars) into Southern states, even with the ban on such travels.

But Dangote had, in a letter addressed to Igbo socio-political organization, Ohaneze Ndigbo, denied that his company’s trucks were being used to transport almajiris from the Northern part of Nigeria to the South.

In a statement made available to journalists on Tuesday, however, the Igbere TV boss said he was worried over the trend, demanding explanation from Dangote over the influx of almajiris from the North into the East via his trucks, despite the ban on interstate movement.

Anyalekwa, who doubles as National President, Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN), wondered how the almajiris, with all the subsisting lockdown rules, were “still transiting into Southeast on Dangote trucks, without being detected.”

According to him, “The open-denial by Alhaji Aliko Dangote that his trucks are not involved in this ugly trend, is not only unfortunate but not surprising. We are left without any doubt that the new invasion has truly commenced.

“I can’t comprehend what’s behind this Northern desperation in exporting almajiris to southeastern Nigeria by all means. Is there something we need to know about this move before we are caught unaware?

“It is frightening. These humans (almajiris) are packed like sardines in these trucks heading to the East. The unsightly spectacle are not hidden, they are reported all over the pages of newspapers. Is it that Dangote doesn’t read or what?”

Vowing to sue Dangote if the influx is not stopped, the Igbere TV director added, “On Thursday May 7, the Abia state government intercepted 26 people hidden in two Dangote trucks coming into the state. This was widely reported in the media; how come Dangote is claiming ignorance? Just on the 11th of same May, two truckloads of 120 almajiris were intercepted at Gakem border in Cross River State.

“In Enugu, the state government intercepted two vehicles relocating almajiris from North; this happened on the 8. Business Day also reported the intercepting of truckload of almajiris to Abia on May 5. Again on May 13 in Enugu, 15 almajiris were caught on the floor of a trailer, as reported by The Guardian; just to mention but a few.”

Blaming Dangote for the unabated influx, Mr. Anyalekwa recalled how Northern governors threatened to totally ban the Almajiri system in the region, and relocate every almajiri back to their states of origin; wondering if the East is also one of these origins.

“The Northern governors resolved to ‘totally ban’ the almajiri system in the region because of what they termed the “risk that almajiri children are exposed to because of coronavirus” and decided to “…evacuate the children to their parents or states of origin.”

“One may therefore be forced to ask if the Southeast movements are the abodes of the almajiri youths’ “parents” or their “states of origin.” We demand explanation from Dangote,” the Igbere TV boss insisted.

On the increasing rate of coronavirus figures and with more confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the North, the Igbere TV boss said “more worrisome is the health challenges the influx of almajiris pose to people living in the Southern region.”

“Just recently, Kano state returned 419 almajiris to Katsina; 524 to Jigawa and 155 to Kaduna, totalling 1,098. Weeks later, Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State admitted returning some 30,000 to their “own states, he said.

“No sooner had these almajiris returned from Kano to Kaduna arrived than El-Rufai disclosed that 65 out of the 169 almajiris tested positive for coronavirus. Other states announced similar findings too.

“Today, aside from Lagos, the epicentre of COVID-19, the next five biggest cases are from the North (FCT included): Kano, FCT, Katsina, Bauchi and Borno. Obviously, the almajiris have become indeed vectors of coronavirus as feared,” the OMPAN national president lamented.

ALMAJIRI MIGRATION: Dangote writes Ohanaeze Ndigbo

Frontline national industry, belonging to the Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, Dangote Industries Ltd, has formally distanced its firm of any connivance in the haulage of youths (Almajiri), from Northern Nigeria to the South of Nigeria, especially the South East geo-political zone of the country.

The company, in a letter it addressed to the President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, dated May 27, 2020 titled, ‘Allegation of illegal haulage against Dangote Industries Ltd.,’ profusely denied any linkage the widely reported mass movement.

Chief Nwodo had recently expressed concern at the involvement of vehicles belonging to Dangote’s Companies, in bringing the almajiris to the South East and advised him to halt it.

In an apparent response to Chief Nwodo’s admonishment, the company in a letter signed by the Group Chief Branding and Communications officer, Anthony Chiejina, said ” it categorically denies these spurious and misleading allegations, and hereby calls upon the public to disregard such reports.”

The company however solicited the assistance of the general public in the fight to rid the organisation of illegal haulage activities being perpetrated by some unscrupulous persons using its trucks.

According the Company, the Dangote trucks are permitted to transport only the following materials, Dangote cement, limestone, high grade Gypsum and coal as well as Sugar, Dangote Salt and Dano seasoning and Dangote branded sacks and bags.

In the letter to Ohanaeze, it urged the general public to report any Dangote Truck driver involved in illegal haulage supported with credible evidence of such act.

In the letter, the Company said it has alerted Police and other law enforcement agents to arrest any Dangote driver and his assistant caught in the act.

Recall that even with the lockdown, hundreds of Northern youths have been transported to the South East in trucks belonging to the Dangote firm. A lot of the youths have hidden under the cover of goods and animals cleared to be hauled around the country under the lockdown restriction guidelines.

The situation created a lot of panic in the region with some even expressing fear that the mass movement of youths Southwards may have far reaching security under tones.

Dangote Group buys 3, 500 trucks from ANAMMCO at N63bn


Dangote Group has injected about N63 billion into the economy of the South-East, after purchasing 3,500 units of articulated vehicles (trucks) assembled in Anambra Motor Manufacturing Company Ltd, ANAMMCO by Transit Support Services Ltd.

The transaction is part of a long term agreement between Dangote and Transit Support Services Ltd, manufacturers of Shacman Trucks in Nigeria. The agreement sees Transit Support Services reviving the ANAMMCO plant which has almost gone moribund.

Mr. Frank Nneji, Chairman, Transit Support Services Ltd, representing Shacman Trucks in Nigeria, disclosed this after a tour of the plant.

According to him, the plant was shut down some years ago until Shacman started production in the plant in 2016 when it signed an agreement with Dangote which led to the revival of the plant.

The production of the vehicles has seen the recall of all ANAMMCO staff, who for years, have not been doing anything as the company went moribund.

An excited Transit Support chairman said the investment had not only benefited his company, but also returned the pride of the South-East economy, which the ANAMMCO auto plant represents.

He said: “Since 2016, about 90 percent of trucks produced here are for Dangote. Right now at the dump, we have about 300 units. Since last year, we have done 800 units. Dangote Group since inception has bought about 3,500 units from us. It also patronises the Shacman trucks for its refinery currently being built in Lagos,” he said.

”This is the way the Dangote Group is keeping the South-East economy running”he said.

Nneji, who spoke with journalists on Saturday after a facility tour of the truck assembly line at the ANAMMCO plant, said the supplies amounted to over 90 percent of all Shacman trucks assembled at the factory since the revival of the plant after a long period of abandonment.

The General Manager, Corporate Communications, Dangote Group, Mr Sunday Esan, said Dangote was satisfied with the quality of Shacman trucks and assured of continued patronage.

“Dangote Group is expanding. Apart from the cement, sugar and salt factories, among others, we’re starting a petroleum refinery, the biggest in Africa. All these will require a high number of trucks. It is a long-term relationship,” he said.