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A rabblerouser like Nnamdi Kanu cannot hijack our genuine struggle for a new Nigeria – Patrick Osagie Eholor

Says, ‘We will flush out all the bad leaders’

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu cannot come in disguise to hijack the genuine #endsars protest. We will not allow him to do that. People fought for one Nigeria. We are going to remain one Nigeria. Our problem is not about tribe or ethnicity. Our problem is about bad leadership. Now the people have finally wake up to say they want their right because their right is their life. That’s what we should focus on not on Nnamdi Kanu. For me, I don’t take him serious. If you’re a serious person who wants to agitate for your people you should be here for the struggle just like as I am here for the struggle. That’s what they call a patriot and a democrat. Kanu is just a rabble-rouser.

You reap what you sow. Tinubu has not been a good person. He is finally reaping what he sowed. He is not the only thief we have. But the problem we always have in Nigeria is about ethnicity. When we were pursuing Abacha, the northerners would say “is it only Abacha that stole?” A thief is a thief. Tinubu is a thief. He has been taking money and milking the Nigeria citizens. That’s what has finally caught up with him. I have no sympathy for him. And don’t forget that most of these people are going to pay a very severe price especially for those who are there now who have not condemned the justification of the military shooting the unarmed civilians (at the Lekki Toll Gate).

Let me tell you, Nigeria is going to be a pacesetter because the world is watching Nigeria. I can assure you the commander, President or whoever gave the order(to shoot) because soldier doesn’t shoot without order. They are all going to the Hague. The International Criminal Court of Justice(ICCJ) and they are going to spend time with Charles Taylor(former Liberian President) and other notorious criminals who are already there (in jail). That’s going to be their last vacation point. Believe me. It is never going to be business as usual.

Let me come back and focus on Edo State. We saw Governor Godwin Obaseki and his security team patrolling everywhere which is commendable. It is good for our safety. Most of the soldiers are zombies same with the police. That’s why we want the police to be reformed. So, Obaseki patrolling the town with security agents cannot solve the problem. We don’t want the massacre that happened in Lekki to happen in Edo State. What he should do is to engage the people, not through Crusoe Osagie(the Special Adviser on Media and Communication Strategy to the Edo State Governor). We don’t need Crusoe to talk to us. We need the man we voted for to come and address the people. You will see the likes of Donald Trump who has issues with Americans, taxation, election rigging, Chinese, Covid-19 etc still address the press on a daily basis. When was the last time Godwin Obaseki addressed the press? There is what they call Meet the Press when you have to talk to the press and the press have to transmit what you are saying to the citizens to them. I am not the governor of this state but I speak more than the governor authoritatively.

Yesterday, I had a confrontation with the military men. They were going to whip me and I said they cannot do that as they’re going to repeat what happened in Lekki here. Soldiers are supposed to defend our sovereignty. They’re not supposed to police us. Police are supposed to police the people and the people are supposed to police the police. That’s the right thing in an ideal society. But because we have lost it here we don’t know what we’re doing. Thank God that finally we are going to flush out all the bad leaders. We don’t have environmental disasters. What we have over time is leadership disaster. Now, people are ready to take back power because power belongs to the people.

Patriot Patrick Eholor is the founder of One Love Foundation, a civil rights group advocating for a better Nigeria.
Over the years, One Love Foundation has taken proactive steps towards the reform of the Nigerian Police.

It’s irresponsible to attack #ENDSARS protesters – Eholor

Following attacks on #ENDSARS protesters across the country, social crusader and President One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has condemned the attacks demanding an end to police brutality and all related abuses nationwide.

According to Eholor, the peaceful protest is fast yielding results with the disbandment of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and setting up a judicial panel of enquiry by state governments.

He maintained that the protests were legitimate, and young people who ignited the movement have a right to express their grievances using the weapon of protest.

Eholor, in a statement endorsed by him urged the government to protect the peaceful protesters instead of attacking them.

The leader of One Love Foundation noted that the protest is an affirmation of the readiness of the youths to resist bad governance in all its ramifications.

“This protest is the result of accumulated anger of the Nigerian youths over decades of failure in the delivery of basic social services, unemployment, systemic corruption, impunity by those in powers and disobedience to the rule of law which has precipitated distrust and lack of confidence in the state and its institutions.”

According to him, these frustrations are visible in the faces and attitudes of the Nigerian youth who have no job nor shelter, good hospitals nor schools, good road nor electricity.

“I affirm the validity of the protests and the grievances driving the mobilization and organization of popular anger. Police brutality in particular, and the brutality of security, armed forces, and law enforcement agents towards citizens, in general, is a fact and a reality that cannot be contradicted.”

Eholor also reaffirmed the readiness of One Love Foundation to drive the message of good governance and reorientation of the Nigerian youths. He further urged the federal government to reduce the cost of governance and increase the salaries of men of the Nigeria Police Force. He noted that poor welfare of the officers were the resultant attacks the masses were getting from them.

“One Love Foundation as a group is ready to assist the government in reorienting the masses about patriotism especially in having confidence of the Nigerian State. A lot of people believe that the nation is drifting to a failed state but if the government assure us of their readiness to invest in youths and attend to their request, we are capable of engaging them.”

“I have said it severally that we cannot police Nigeria without proper funding and motivation. The government should increase the salaries of the police for effective service delivery. You cannot be paying an Officer less than $200 and expect the person to perform magic.”

Eholor Sues FCT Minister for Banning #EndSARS Protests in Abuja

President and convener of One Love Foundation, has filed a suit against the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the Nigeria Police Force for proclaiming the #EndSARS protests banned in the city of Abuja.

Eholor told Jungle Journalist Media Ltd that his lawyer has since filed the suit at the FCT High Court.

Our Abuja Correspondent learnt that the legal counsel to Patrick Eholor, Ihensekhien Samuel Junior, a popular Abuja-based public interest lawyer and activist, in his comments thanked Eholor for taking this bold step in protecting the constitutional rights of all FCT and Nigeria citizens of their rights to peaceful protest vide the suit.

According to him, the suit is to restrain the FCT Minister and Nigeria Police Force in general from violating the rights of protesters in the #EndSARS/# EndSWAT debacle.

He further implored security agencies to respect the fundamental rights of peaceful assembly, association, and the right to freedom of speech of all #EndSARS protesters in this regard.

As at press time, steps were being taken to serve Nigeria Police Force and the Minister with notices of the suit.

Patrick Eholor leads Abuja Anti-Corruption Protest, as Group Demand Capital Punishment for Corruption

By Ebriku John Friday, Abuja

A group of Nigerian students and activists under the auspices of Joint Action Committee, JAC, Wednesday, embarked on peaceful protest at the popular NICON Junction, in Maitama District of Abuja to demand capital punishment for corrupt public officials including other issues.

The protest which was organised by One Love Foundation, initially was billed to hold at Unity Fountain, opposite Transcorp Hilton, but was stopped by security agents from using the venue.

Speaking on the reasons for their protest, the Founder, One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor, said Nigerians are indeed taking for a ride and the common patrimony that belongs to them are on daily basis carted away with impunity, and they can no more sit and watch.

He also lamented that worsening insecurity situation in the North East region, which has claimed over 37, 000 lives of innocent Nigerians, therefore called for the resignation and apology of Service Chiefs.

He said: “Our demands include capital punishment for who loot our common patrimony, and this is our first demand. In order to eliminate corruption is to introduce capital punishment because Buhari said if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill us.

Founder of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor, speaking with journalists

“We are also saying that Nigerian institutions should reverse what they call admittance fee for the sake of the poor people. We are saying the Nigerian Police should be given adequate package to stop the aggression towards us, the Nigerian Customs Service should leave our streets and go to the borders, the Nigerian Immigration Service should stop giving citizenship to Lebanese, Indians and Chinese, and women should get more involved in politics.

“Service Chiefs have done us a disservice. We have lost over 37, 000 people in the North and the statistics are very correct. They should retire and apologise. So we must change the Service Chiefs because they have done us a disservice.

“We call on the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amechi, for putting Nigeria’s sovereignty in danger over his signing of agreements that we just know about.

“We warn that if there is no change we all will become unruly and outlawed.”

He further stated that the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Sen God’swill Akpabio, mention all names of those who have milked the nation as far as the National Assembly probe on Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, is concerned ., which he aqlso alleged that the NDDC has not funded any project in Edo State, where he hails from.

“I approached my Member House of Representatives, who was allegedly mentioned by the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Sen God’swill Akpabio as a contract beneficiary to show me where in the constituency he executed the projects, but he denied categorically, saying Akpabio must be day-dreaming. NDDC has not being funded in my area since 2018. Akpabio must mention to us those with him that milked Nigeria”, he added.

Speaking further, he (Eholor) called for peaceful and fair election in Edo State governorship election.

“My advice the governorship candidates of the two political parties, PDP and APC respectively is to ensure free and fair electoral process and think of the electorates, and who the cap fits should wear it, there is no loser or winner, who wins should be saluted and whoever lose should be embraced”, he said.

However, he said that, “I am not partisan because there have been accusations of god-father left and right. If we say former Chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC, and former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, was a god-father for instance, the son who is my friend and present Governor of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki, benefited from that god-fatherism.
Comrade Sunny Idika speaking during the protest

“So he who has not lived or sin let him cast the first stone. They all have one interest and don’t have interest of the people. We must stop that and people must be educated to go out there and register and truly vote. We must not sacrifice ourselves for these ‘bandits’.”

Meanwhile, other leaders of the protesters, including Nigerian Students and Youth Activist, Comrade Osemudiamen Ogbidi, National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Chapter, Comrade John Michael, and others said President Muhammadu Buhari, should not leave those people who siphoned Nigeria’s money, eaten what belongs to the Nigerian youth and citizens should surely pay heavily for it, and ensure that anybody caught siphoning Nigeria money should be sentenced to death.

“Whether it is any institution or individual to siphon the money that belong to the public by private individuals it is not in the interest of Nigerians to continue to fight corruption that has no effect on the well-being of fellow Nigerians.

“Every day in our lives we have people who are dying because of poverty what has caused it is not more than corruption. We are here as Nigerian students, activists, advocates and conscience that anyone found wanton of corruption should die by corruption. Corruption is now a ‘Nigerian’ living with us but we say no to corruption.

“The Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, should provide the N80 billion spent within four months. The NDDC must tell us the N128 million they used to send drivers to driving schools. Where on earth is that done? Today everybody wants to travel to Dubai, but what did it take the people there to establish and develop their country? It was less than N1 billion. We hear billions of Naira budgeted for schools and others and yet our country is retrogressing. We say enough is enough!

“The reason why the Nigerian students have not resumed school is because of corruption. How long are we going to live like this in poverty, Diaspora, suffering, and if there is no change we are going to contain Nigeria”, they alleged.

State Police Stations should establish Public Complaints Channels-Social crusader

The founder of One Love Foundation, and social rights activist, Patriot Patrick Eholor has tasked the Nigerian Police Force to establish public complaints mechanism across the states in order to enable the general public get responses to issues speedily.

Speaking to journalists, Eholor observed that the police force have a public complaint mechanism in Abuja with social media platforms and phone numbers.

According to him, this has made it somewhat difficult in responding to complaints by citizens in real time due to to its far distance.

He further said “To this end, it is suggestive and appropriate that every state police command should have a public complaint desk manned by Senior police officers, member of the civil society and NBA.

“This complaint desk is to entertain reports from citizens on unprofessional dealings by police officers. Members of the complaint desk should have the power to summon any police officer to respond to accusations by a citizen and the appropriate sanctions in line with the Police Act and regulations with recommendations to the authority for further action.

“There should be social media handles and active phone numbers with which citizens can send complaints to for quick attention. Wide publicity should be given to the existence of the complaint desk for citizens to know and access”, he stated.


It should now be a serious offence for any officer or group of officers to collect money and let go a self confessed suspect to an offence. The punishment for such financial exchange to the detriment of the societal security should attract a replacement of such officer(s) to inherit the offence so committed by the suspect. For instance, if an officer collects money to release a self confessed kidnapper, such an officer should be charged to court for conspiracy, aiding and abetting and the punishment that goes with kidnapping should apply to the officer.

Activist Eholor demands total overhaul of Police, Prisons, removal of immunity clause

A senior member of Amnesty International and the Enobore of Utako Dukedom,Chief Patrick Eholor has called on the Federal Government to urgently put measures in place to expunge the immunity clause from the nation’s constitution, carry out a total overhaul of Nigerian Police Force and Prisons or Correctional Centres, as well as embark on massive orientation of the populace to better equip them with relevant skills to exercise their fundamental human rights as and when due.

The human rights activist who spoke to journalists on the state of the nation at his Freedom Castle, GRA, Benin City during the weekend expressed regret that the operations of the Police and the Correctional Centres are largely hindered by underfunding and gross mismanagement, putting the lives of majority of the People at great risk.

Chief Patrick Eholor equally observed that the attitude of state governors towards the management of security votes greatly compounds the worsening national security as the money in many instances are misappropriated.

He called for a referendum to expunge the immunity clause from the 1999 Constitution so that more concerned Nigerians can sue governors who embezzle security votes in competent courts of jurisdiction.

He said ‘elsewhere Chief Security Officers like Police Commissioners resign from offices when they are deprived of adequate funds, manpower, equipment as well as logistics to discharge their fundamental responsibilities to the public.

The Senior Member, Amnesty International said it was too disappointing that as often as when every succeeding Inspector General of Police disbands police road blocks, they return to the roads obviously for financial survival and to fund logistics, and enjoined Nigerians to rise up to champion advocacy for provision of conducive environment for the police to work.

He said a police personnell needs to be guaranteed that he/she as well as their dependants will not be abandoned in any mishap in the line of duty to put his life at risk for the public, adding outside proper Funding,training and re-training of personnel should be vigorously pursued as it is practised in other other nations like Norway, Sweden and Ireland where even the mental capacity of would be police officers are ascertained before they are recruited.

The Human Right Activist who single handedly organized a one million man protest under the administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan that compelled the Federal Government to address failed road infrastructure across South-South and South West urged the Federal Government to set aside unnecessary arguments over decentralization of the police, take a bold step, and political will to actualize the security architecture, while measures be also taken by the constituents to check abuse of the system by the executives, especially the State Governors.

He also called for massive decongestion of the Nigerian Prisons or Correctional Centres especially as the index for the novel coronavirus has been on progressive increase, adding that detainees under misdemeanor offences could be let off the hook but with bracelets on their wrists to enable security personnell or welfare officers monitor their activities.

On ways to check political violencee as Edo State approaches another gubernatorial elections, Eholor said all key stakeholders including government, non governmental organizations, NGO, civil societies and other pressure groups such as the Nigerian Bar Association, Nigerian Medical Association should come together and embark on a massive awareness and advocacy against the trend, enlightening mainly youths on the dangers inherent in election Violence.

He said it was quite regrettable that politicians never indulge or recruit their children or wards to participate in the nefarious act but take undue advantage of children of the ignorant and ‘Talakawa’ members of the society .

The Activist also called on the nation’s media sector to be alive to its core responsibilities to ensure equitable society, avoid compromises and pledge to produce information, education and communication, EIC, materials which will be broadcast on radio and television towards enlightenment of the youths on their mandate and roles to protect the nation’s nascent democracy, while expressing his ardent belief that a better Nigeria is possible.

Activist Eholor congratulates Efe Stewart over appointment as Edo Commissioner for Information

Social rights activist and Observer General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Patrick Eholor has congratulated the new Edo State Commissioner for Information, Mr Efe Stewart.

Eholor in a congratulatory message signed by him, described Stewart as a composite and grounded journalist who knows his onions, and is therefore the best hand for the job.

“The appointment of Mr Efe Stewart has demonstrated that our dear governor fully understands that the art of governance requires the best skilled hands in the delivery of the dividends of democracy, especially in such a critical period such as this.

“Mr Efe Stewart is one of the most robust hands in the business of public relations and media communications, and I was not surprised, but indeed delighted to see him there. I therefore most heartily congratulate him for this noble appointment, and wish him the best in the service of our dear state”, Eholor said in the message.

Until his appointment, Stewart was the Public Relations Officer of the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Uselu, Benin City. He is also the publishes of community based newspaper, Revolution Times.

Buhari should jail the idiot called Naira Marley or I lead a million man march against his government – Activist

Patrick Osagie Eholor, President of the One Love Foundation and Social Crusader, has called on the government to prosecute and jail Naira Marley, if found guilty of contravening Covid-19 pandemic guidelines.

“Are we retrogressing or progressing in this country? People like the late Majek Fashek and the late Bob Marley always sang to correct anomalies in the society. Even the likes of the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti were known for using their music to fight for social justice. “Now, what can we say of Naira Marley whose songs are amoral. He keeps elevating fraud like Yahoo plus, rape, illicit drugs, prostitution, law breaking and other irrelevances.

“How can we be promoting this kind of idiot? An aeroplane that is supposed to convey essentials like doctors, medical equipment, drugs and other things that will save lives in this Covid-19 pandemic era be assigned to convey Naira Marley and his crew to Abuja for the concert.

“Can’t we prevent a crime from happening? I am calling on heads of security and anti corruption agencies to be redeployed or sacked for negligence of duty. Failure to do this I will lead a million man match to fight this nonsense.

“If Naira Marley is not prosecuted and jailed if found guilty the government will be encouraging many of us to become lawless. I don’t see why the law should be bent in some cases. The law is never known to respect anybody.

“Naira Marley has become a recurrent nuisance in the society thus the authority should use his present misdemeanor to cure his malady. He has no good equity contribution to the society. He is an outlaw.

“If the government is serious about the fight against corruption it should revoke the licence of the Jabi Lake Mall where the Naira Marley concert was held. The mall should be converted to a facility to accommodate homeless kids. “The organisers of the concert should be punished as they are culpable of going against the law,” he stressed.

Edo 2020: Dividends of democracy has become a necessity for us in Edo State-Eholor

The president of one love foundation and a social crusader, Chief Patrick Eholor have vowed never to support any political aspirants, candidate that will not propel the state toward achieving pure dividends of democracy, just as he opined that politics should not suffer on the altar tribalism and religion.

He said Nigeria as nation ought to have grown beyond frivolous support of queuing behind a candidate on the basis of tribe and religion.

According to him, ‘As a social crusader, you don’t expect me to believe such petty and pointless talk from people who continue to subject my people to all kinds of vicious treatment, I can only support qualities that come with good values whether the person is a Benin man or not.

‘I can never support anyone who is not ready to give my people the desired change, my people need pure dividends of democracy.

‘I have been fighting a particular cause for some time now as it relates to acceptance fees paid by our children who desired to tertiary education. That money they call acceptance fees is ludicrous, so it is a fight to the finish.

On the issues bothering on Edo 2020 election between Gov Obaseki and his benefactor, He alleged that the governor couldn’t have won a councillorship seat let alone being a governor if not for Oshiomhole who told Edo people that Obaseki was the engine room of his goverment for eight year.

‘Just go and check the front page of June 13th nation newspaper, they outlined his sins. Politics is Politics everywhere, there are provisions to service political stewarts, people want to get returns in exchange for support as owners of political party, it is done everywhere, even in America, is it not a crime. He has continued to call members of his political party unprinted names saying they were angry all because he refuse to share the state resources. But he has also refuse to give the names of those who requested for such, as we speak he has not been able to mention any name.

The one love foundation president liken everything that has happened in the past one year to selfishness and pride on the part of the governor, ‘in reality, is very clear to him now that he maybe a one term Governor. The secretary to the state government and his deputy mismanage the governor, he could never have succeeded with the two people’

‘Oshiomhole know how to carry the people along, he listened to cry and advise from his people, when he was going to sell Edo house in Lagos, I mobilized people from here down to Lagos, we stoped that action through placard and he quickly called for a town hall meeting. What I want is good governance. My agitation is gear towards liberating my people from economic and meter slavery.

‘I hear people say Benin is not Lagos, naturally, these two states are related, they have something in common. As activist and a man of peace, I wrote to Obaseki all because I wanted to see how I can settle him and his benefactor but he refuse.

The Benins support themselves, don’t believe the rumor from few saying otherwise, is all baseless allegation, Ize-iyamu, Odubu and Osaro are they from Kaduna or Kano state. Pius Odubu for instance is over qualify to govern the state, same as other who were cleared by their political party. Although I don’t know the secret of what happened between Obaseki and Oshiomhole. But they know how and were they meant themselves.

‘The next governor that will come after him will also surpass him, just like some survey said he (Obaseki) surpassed his predecessor (Oshiomhole) in infrastructure. Edo is peaceful and will remain peaceful before, during and after June 22 and September 19 this year.

‘Edo belongs to all of us not a one man show, APC want to avoid Bayelsa experience looking at the discrepancies on the name on certificate together with what they call anti party activities Chief Eholor added.

Churches should operate from homes, convert large capacity churches to factories-Comrade Patrick Eholor

*Says Covid-19 has shown large capacity buildings, large congregations not necessary

*Online churches should be the new norm

Comrade Patrick Eholor once again has offered advice to churches, pastors and members, saying there is no need for large gatherings as God hears our prayers from wherever we say it.

He says if pastors will agree, they should end torturing their members with incessant demands for tithes and offerings and focus on the work of God which is purely spiritual. He says large church spaces should be converted into factories while worship services can be done on the Internet, radio and television.

These points are captured in this interview:

Winners’ Chapel (aka Faith-Tabernacle), Ota, Ogun State, is claimed to be the World’s largest church building

With the coming of Covid-19, the 100,000 capacity churches, the ones built like stadiums and amphitheatres have all been deserted and there are calls for better Communion with God in the closet of out homes. Do you think its better to worship God at home or in large congregations?

It is written that when two or three people are gathered together, God is in their presence. Covid-19 has exposed so many pastors. The issue of building the largest auditoriums for churches we have learnt now, is not useful. If it were useful, we wouldn’t have been restrained from church with the epidemic. My advice now is that for those pastors who have over 3009 churches, and branches, they should convert all to businesses to give people gainful employment. Since the beginning of the world, people have been congregating to worship God and I have no problem with that. But because a lot of them are desperate to get their tithes and seeds, and want people be exposed to that danger, that’s where I have issues with them.

Whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not, we have to be alive to serve God. That’s very important. Pastor Tunde Bakare has also made some statements to support this position, that God can be worshipped from our homes.

They have taken this craze to another level, and that’s why we have people like Odumeje, who like to say Liquid Metal. It’s only in Nigeria that you have people who went to school for 6 weeks or 3 months and they become doctorate degree holders, without certification. Because some of us are collectively stupid. We even call them doctor without knowing the meaning. You will even see real doctorate holders calling them doctor.

Dunamis International Gospel Center, Abuja is a 100,000 seater capacity building

Is it possible then that Covid-19 is a sort of blessing, bringing us closer to God by forcing us to worship at home, in spirit and in truth?

What I can say is that it has awakened the people. A lot of people after Covid-19 will never go to church again but they will not depart from God. They will still love God, they still be faithful, honest, and still serve God, because everything revolves around Him. You will be foolish to say there is no God. Today I am talking because God gave me the permission to do that, as a man thinketh, so he is.

My mother used to sing a song for us to remind us of our faith. The song rendered in Benin, mean ‘whether you believe it or not, it’s your faith that will heal you, it’s a spiritual thing’.

Imagine how much Nigerians spend for tithing. 80 million Nigerians, if they were paying tithe, sowing seeds and giving their offering, it means that churches collect more money than even the Federal government. What are they doing with it? They were licensed to steal from the ignorant. That’s why people like Oritsejafor will take your aeroplane that you donated money for, to South Africa for arms deal and money laundering. Yet the CAN didn’t discipline him and he is still in the pulpit. How do I explain that to my children who are Christians?

It’s not about me. It’s about the unborn generation, the young ones. This generation is a failed one, because we are afraid to speak truth to power, but I will speak truth to power. I will at any time because he who God has blessed, no man can curse.

Calvary Temple India is the largest capacity church in the world, with 250 000 visitors every week

In the last 20 to 30 years, a lot of companies have had to minimise office space, and as a matter of fact, there are companies that don’t use physical spaces anymore but work in what they call cloud, in their phones or laptops. Are you saying that the church should minimise space and use the smallest space possible to worship God?

That’s what I would have advocated but would they but into it? It will take a lot of tithes and seeds and offerings from their reach.

But companies still make money from online business transactions

It’s difficult to cajole the churches like that because they need to sell handkerchiefs, anointing oil, bangles, banners, there are a lot of things they need to sell. These things will not be sold online, spells need to be cast, and they need to cast out that demon, they need to touch your head, they need to hit you with that ring, they need to climb that pregnant woman’s belly, they need to bring that coffin to the church and raise the dead. That is shameful, in this present age, pastors and churches are still using us.

Then, when you go to streets, you don’t see billboards that says ‘students wanted, mechanics wanted, artisans wanted, engineers wanted’. All you see is a bleaching pastor with his bleaching wife telling you miracles and buzz.

In closing this topic, listen to the word of God on this matter, pastors hate this verse. It reads “Set your tithes aside and give it to the Levites, the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow”, Deuteronomy 26, 12. Have you heard it before?
This is another one they also don’t ever preach “Fear God, food for the belly, and belly for food. Glittering beautiful cathedrals built by disobedient men of God, for our God doesn’t dwell in houses built out of the wisdom and hands of men. God shall destroy them all in the furnace of His fury on 5he last day”, 1st Corinthians, 6,13.

Yoido Full Gospel Church in South Korea is adjudged the second largest capacity church, with 120,000 visitors every week

You earlier said that if the pastors will agree, they need to convert their church spaces into factories. Is that what you are still saying?

Yes, even before Covid-19, the western world were closing churches, converting it to factories so that they can give gainful employment to their citizens. But you can’t be holier than the pope.

But in Nigeria, they were closing factories and turning them to churches. They changed the worship to 7 Days a week. What did you forget on Sunday that you are going back to get on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday? What the pastor is trying to get from you is your seed, tithes and offering so they must milk you, they must take it from you.

The most painful aspect is that, if I am attending your church and you want to build a church building, and I donated to that cause for you, I am part of it. I’d I pay a tithe, and sow a seed, and pay my offering, if you are going to use any of these money, there must be a committee set up. You must tell us in that congregation this is what you are going to use our money for. Not taking from our offering to build schools that our children cannot be able to attend.

But these pastors argue that since they are not companies, they are not liable to how they spend these monies

Well, that narrative has to change. In Rwanda, when the president saw that some people were very naive, a lot of people were given everything they earned to pastors. He had to close about 3000 churches. I am not here to antagonise or attack the real men of God. There are a few good men among them. I am talking about the mega churches who are buying aeroplanes using then for trafficking . They know themselves.

Are you saying that government should reverse the church licenses and make them to start paying taxes?

I am saying that if its possible. Am also saying that pastors should be able to show their educational certificates that made them qualified to practise. This is because a lot of people who have failed in life just go to pastoral school for six months and come out to connive with their husbands to kill their wives, or steal from your company to donate to church, You see many pastors today raping underage women. Somebody stole money from Sheraton Hotel to donate to one church and the pastor refused to release the money saying he never told him to steal, and the man ended up in jail.

If you are truly a man of God, God doesn’t accept stolen money, God is not a money doubler. So we must change the narrative. We must close churches who are not productive, we must close churches who are 419 churches, who are not responsible churches, who are preying on women and some vulnerable men. We must close them, and I am saying it without an apology.