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If Buhari won’t stop Fulani herdsmen, Biafra will be child’s play compared to the civil war coming – Activist

Patriot Patrick Eholor does not understand why the president usually ignore the wrongdoings of Fulani herdsmen, whether in the guise of kidnappers, terrorists, rapists, or Boko Haram.

He wonders why President Muhammadu Buhari would usually quickly go after other ethnic groups if they take steps or just speak of violence, but would ignore Fulanis no matter how violent.

In this interview, he warns that the Fulanis who are a minority, are provoking Nigerians of other ethnic nationalities and might eventually provoke a civil war that will disintegrate Nigeria.

He also speaks on other sundry issues:

Fulani herdsmen

With all the herdsmen killing in the north and south, President Muhammadu Buhari has been very silent. It’s very clear it’s deliberate. Fulani is about 18 million in population, and we know we are a multi ethnic country. They don’t just dehumanize southerners, but also dehumanize the Hausa people. They claim that Hausas are also inferior to them. If you look at their history, Uthman Danfodiyo was not a Nigerian. He migrated from another place to conquer, to kill, to maim the Hausa people and took them as slaves.

Now they have been able to conquer the north, they want to conquer the south. My fear is that, what happened when the Biafra war was fought is nothing compared to what’s coming now.

If Buhari won’t stop Fulani herdsmen, Biafra will be child’s play compared to the civil war coming

I pray we will be able to avert it. I prays that when it comes, we will be able to settle and end it. I pray that these people organize and hold a referendum so that everybody can go their separate ways.

If you look at the numerous offices, it’s only Fulani that are given to hold. Defense, immigration, judiciary, customs, police and all key positions in the federal government. They are the ones occupying it. If you look at them very well, you realize that these people are not very smart because most of them are not educated. If they know the meaning of education, they will not have millions of children as almajiris. It’s time to remind our so called southern leaders that they have sold us out for penny. They must have a rethink, otherwise, they are either with us or against us, that’s the way it’s going to be.

Thy cannot continue to sell Edo state and the south south to fulanis. And we are going to tell our governors to be prepared and organize hunters vigilantes to go into the forests and flush out all the Fulanis. If they want to to live with us, they must live in the towns, but we will never accept them to live in the forests. If they want to live in the forests, then they should pack their bags and go back to their own forests and live there. We need to be aware of what happens in our forests. They are not doing us a favour, we are doing them a favour. The majority of them either do shoemaker, or they cut grasses, or do security jobs. We know these things.

We are not afraid. It’s time to resist this their domination and send them packing. If they think they can kill us, then they have a surprise waiting for them. It’s impossible to kill us all.


For the past four months now, I have been trying to do passports for my house help, and for my children. What they do is that they racket our passports. The Head of Immigration would distribute it to different people and tell them this is what I want in return.

Is it not preposterous that in a country as big as Nigeria, we cannot get our passport in 5 days? Whereas in Ghana, Cotonou Republic of Benin, not even talk of Canada or so, once you apply for a passport, you get your passport in the mail. So what’s wrong with us? Because we have people who sit upon our collective intelligence, year in year out. They hoard passports and give them to people from Chad, from Niger Republic, and we that are Nigerians don’t have it. It has to stop.

Ambassorial Positions for past Service Chiefs

The idea of President Buhari giving the past service chiefs ambassadorial positions is questionable. I am going to go to the court, I am going to make sure that I fight it vigorously, so that they never get that. Because why he is giving them is so that they can have immunity and avoid prosecution by the international courts of justice for all the crimes against humanity they perpetuated against Nigerians.

End SARS and the Lekki toll gate

The people who are talking abut EndSARS in Lagos have exposed themselves. The people who are grieving have not gotten justice, but they have the effontery to say that they want to start collecting money from the toll gate.

We are going to occupy that place from 13th of this month. There is no going back. It’s now or never.

They should look for a way to implement the five point demand of EndSARS protesters, and have a rethink about ever collecting money from the toll gate because of what append there, until everything is resolved.


Osinbajo has been caged for a very long time. They should do us a favour and save him from the humiliation his godfather Tinubu is suffering today, so that would it also not affect him.

Printing of vital documents

Nigeria has a government printing and minting company but it doesn’t print currency in the country. They don’t print passports in the country, they source it out, and that’s a great security risk. The same is for the national ID card. They also source it out to private companies. The reason is because those who are in power know nothing about their jobs. They get their positions through nepotism and favouritism. They should stop, or else we will cease to have a country soon.

If you remember the report by America which said that Nigeria will cease to exist during Goodluck Jonathan’s time, they were right, but didn’t get the time right. What the saw is still there. I think Nigeria is a failed state, nothing is working. Nigeria is going to be like Somalia, if nothing is done about it, God forbid.

Enough is enough from these leaders. They have undermined the people, forgetting that without the people, there is no them.

Nigerians must rise up against terrorist herdsmen now, or lose the country

A public affairs analyst and human rights activist, Comrade Patrick Eholor has cried out that the war against terror herdsmen must be taken very seriously by every Nigerian before it consumes the whole country.

Eholor was reacting to a series of kidnaps, murders, rapes and robberies being committed by the herdsmen, from all of northern Nigeria to the whole south of the country.

The activist who was particularly irked by the rape and murder of a woman, recorded and posted online by the herdsmen, sounded the alarm that it was a matter of urgency as the herdsmen were making life a living hell for all Nigerians. He also made reference to the heinous killing of an Edo prince, Chief Dennis Abuda who had returned to Nigeria to celebrate Christmas with his family. He was on his way back to the United States, when they were kidnapped and and taken into the forest, where he was allegedly shot by the kidnappers.

“His only crime was that he was ill and could not walk fast. That was why they shot him in cold blood!”, he lamented.

Eholor, who is also known as ‘Ultimate Equals’ stated: “they are coming for you all, it’s only a matter of time. If you don’t rise up right now, their mission is to completely destroy Nigeria”.

He also stated “I watched a recorded video excerpt with anger and disgust the manner and way women are being dehumanized, debased and raped by Fulani herdsmen in our territorial bushes and forests. It has become a reoccurring issue with no foreseeable intent by the authorities to proffer sustainable and permanent solution. This horror is worse than what we see in the animal kingdom. Subconsciously we as a nation are dragging our image to rubble by failing to speak up and act adequately to condemn horror.

“The worst risk is doing nothing. By this, we are postponing worst catastrophes. Well minded Nigerians must rise to the occasion and defend the country. There is no going to sleep on this matter. We all should arise and defend the fundamentals of our very existence.

He also made reference to the liberation movements of Eastern Security Network of the Indigenous People of Biafra in the South East, and that of Sunday Igboho, the Yoruba leader who has been calling for the outright sacking of gun-wielding killer herdsmen in the whole of Southwestern Nigeria.

Eholor said the sacking of herdsmen in the South East and South West should spell a total uprising for the rest of the country, who must take up arms and battle the Fulanis, since the security and the government have failed woefully to do that.

Enough is enough! 3 million Fulanis cannot continue to hold 200 million Nigerians to ransom

Frontline social rights activist and president of One Love Foundation, Comrade Patrick Eholor has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari must call Fulani herdsmen to order to avoid the looming crises they have created, and a possible civil war.
Eholor in a telephone interview this morning, argued that the Fulani is a minority in population holding Nigeria by the jugular, and must never be allowed to continue to cause mayhem across the country.
Accusing the president’s media adviser Femi Adesina and the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo of complicity in the ongoing crises in the South West, Eholor, who is also popularly known as Ultimate Equals called for the sack of the service chiefs, and the legalization of firearms for citizens to defend themselves.
His words “General TY Danjuma once said that the Fulani are about 3milliom in population. And it may interest you that we are over 200 million, even though it wasn’t captured by the census commission.

“How can you be allowing 3 million people to be controlling and leading us to doom in this country? Sunday Igboho of Oyo State has said that because the Federal Government can no longer protect them, they are giving the herdsmen seven days to vacate their forests. The Ondo State governor also said the same thing. Unfortunately, Femi Adesina has sold his birthright by keeping quiet while his kinsmen are slaughtered.
“The same goes for Vice President Osinbajo, who is just there doing nothing. We know what a civil war is. We have fought one and know that casualties will suffer from both sides. There is no country in the world that has fought civil war twice and recovered. Look at Somalia today.
“Somali may never recover again. For the sake of peace, for the sake of sanity, let President Muhammadu Buhari drop nepotism and favouritism. Let him know what is right and what is fair, and do it for this country.
“Nnamdi Kanu is also there talking about marginalization. Niger Delta states are marginalized. Ndoma people are being enslaved. I am from South south, Edo. We see a lot of robbery and kidnapping and rape by herdsmen. A video went viral today, where a bus was abandoned along Benin-Ora road. Kidnappers came there and took away the passengers, telling their people to pay ransom.
“It has happened so many times and I am saying that I am tired. Are we living in a banana republic or are we still living in a country? In order for us to take our country back, I think President Muhammadu Buhari has to show respect for the rule of law.
“It also is worthy to note that the issue of self protection can never be wished away. It is a universal law that people have to protect themselves. So if President Muhammadu Buhari can no longer protect us, if he can no longer trust his government, if we are at the mercy of criminals, the we must be allowed to carry guns, and other weapons to protect ourselves. Enough is enough. Nigeria is sitting on the keg of a gunpowder. I hope it doesn’t escalate. If it does, it will consume the rich and the poor. War is not friendly.
“If they do not want to solve this problem by calling for a referendum, then they must be ready to build more prisons, and buy more guns to kill their citizens, because we are not going to relent.”, he stated.

Activist Eholor threatens to drag Gov Obaseki to court as security deteriorates in Edo

Chief Patriot Patrick Eholor, a human right activist has threatened to drag Edo State Governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki to court over the insecurity issues at verious parts of the state especially Benin City, the state capital.

He said it is becoming worrisome that inhabitants of the state now live at the mercy of hoodlums over robbery, kidnapping and cult clashes which has led to the lose of lives since October last year.

According to the president of One Love Foundation, “Edo as a state has now being hijacked by hoodlums who have continued to operate freely as robbers, kidnappers or cultists. People are being robbed on daily basis, POS operators, market women at various quarters, drivers and passengers are left to their faith. We have never had it bad like this as a state.

He also said “Nigerians should know their rights, especially my Edo people. If anybody is killed or kidnapped again in Edo State, I will sue the governor because he collects security votes. So I will ask him what he is using the security votes for, because it is a constitutional matter, very clear that the government is suppose to protect us as citizens.

“All we want is a safe Edo State where investors can come in and do business any day any time. We need jobs to be created for our teeming youths. Politics aside, the governor should do better”, he added.

Better pay for health workers, security agencies and teachers will change Nigeria-Patrick Eholor

The Democracy Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (DOGFRN), Chief Patrick Eholor has decried the decision of the Ministry of Health to purchase Covid 19 vaccines with millions of dollars, stating that the money could be used for far better purposes that will make the country the envy of nations.

Eholor, who is also the founder and chairman of One Love Foundation, a human rights organization, also stated that doctors, nurses, other health workers, teachers and lecturers are grossly neglected for the sacrificial duties they perform for Nigerians.

He included security agencies like the army and police, and wondered why they are made to live in very squalid conditions, with poor salaries while they slave for the country.

He said better salaries and working conditions for these line of workers would go a long way in changing permanently the story of Nigeria for the better.

He spoke to journalists in Benin thus “Nigerians are led by a very irresponsible government that doesn’t know what it’s doing. This government operates the policy of copy-and-paste, by imitating the west. How can the Minister of Heath agree with the west to buy a vaccine with trillions of dollars when we are not able to solve an ordinary problem.

“I am not saying that there is no Covid 19. I will be naive to say that. But our living conditions and the western living conditions are obviously not the same. Covid 19 is synonymous with malaria fever. I am not a scientist, but I know this. Our country has not been able to deal with malaria fever for over 50 years. There should be no need to buy vaccines for Covid 19. I think the money should be used to find a way to deal with our malaria fever which is killing thousands and thousands of Nigerians every year.

“We don’t even have a record to know how many people die of malaria fever, typhoid fever, Lassa fever or common cold. There are more serious issues than the Covid 19 they are rushing to do. So I disagree with them.

Armed Forces Remembrance Day

The military has not been treated fairly in this country at all. If you go to the barracks, there is no electricity. Generators will be there making noise, so if they have a situation, they could be caught unawares in their sleep. The government should be responsible and respond to the needs of our military men and women who have done so much for us in the times of trouble.

That is why I could not celebrate the Armed Forces Remembrance Day. There is nothing to celebrate. But I have kudos for them because the sacrifices have been enormous.

The government should upgrade the status of their barracks, they should pay them very adequate salaries, compensations and encourage them so they they can deal appropriately with this Boko Haram.

Our Health Workers

We can also look into the issue of our nurses and our doctors. The money that we are using to buy vaccine can be used to pay them very adequate salaries and give them compensation. How can you pay doctors N35, 000, less than 200 dollars?

American doctors are making over 1.2 million dollars a year, Australian doctors are making a minimum of 1 million dollars a year, British doctors are making about 800,000 pounds a year. Our doctors are underpaid. Our teachers are underpaid. We should focus on what is really important in this country. We should reduce the jumbo pay of the legislators, who are legislooters. They are not doing anything for us. We are not focusing on the real thing. If Nigeria will focus on these areas, it will be the best country in the wold.

If we pay our lecturers well, and pay our doctors well, and put more money into our educational system, if we sponsor scientists and they discover vaccines from our herbal medicines, you can be sure it will kill any disease. Look at the Chinese people today. They brought the Covid nonsense on us, but are using their local medicine to protects their people. Even our dogonyaro and malaria medicines, I can tell you that if we use it adequately, it will go along way as a cure for Covid and it will disappear. But because of the deceit, because of the lies, they don’t even know what they are doing.

INTERVIEW: How Nigeria can effectively become a functional state again from 2021-Activist Eholor

Human Rights defender, Patrick Eholor granted an exclusive interview to newsmen on January 1st, 2021.

Eholor, who is the President of One Love Foundation touched several pressing issues in the country. Jungle Journalist Media Ltd was there.

Good will to friends, family and compatriots

Nigeria is like the Bible from Genesis to Revelation when you look at the problems facing us. No one can really read Genesis to Revelation in one day.

Throughout our life time we will continue to read the Bible for better understanding.

I must thank members of my household for the support that they have given to me over these years. I also thank my friends who have tolerated me because I am not easy to cope with. The kind of advocacy I champion sometimes becomes very uncomfortable for my friends and my family given the fact of the kind of government we have in this country, because when you talk, they will use DSS(Department of State Services) operatives or police to harass you. It becomes very worrisome for my friends and my family. So, I want to thank them for their prayers, their love that they have given to me over the years.

Captain Wells Hosa

Let me thank Captain Hosa Okunbor for his generosity and wish him good health. God will give him a long life and take away any pain from him. Captain Hosa Okunbor is a good man.

Some of the issues EndSARS protest was trying to address

We are talking about reforming all institutions in Nigeria. It would amuse you that Nigeria is the only country that has men more powerful than institutions.

Lets talk about the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). Let us ask them why they’re not declaring the revenue that they collect? Why are they congesting the seaports? Why do we have only one seaport in Lagos? Can’t we have seaports in the different geopolitical zones?

Officials of the Nigerian Immigration Service

Lets talk about the Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS). Why is the immigration not enforcing rules at our borders? Why are our borders so porous?

What are the Customs doing in Ekiadolor on the outskirt of Benin? What are they doing in Ore(in Ondo State)? Customs are supposed to protect our borders and airports, not Benin City.

Men of the Nigerian Customs Service

Let lecturers who are involved in sex for grade be shown the way out of our institutions.

Lets talk about the military who use horsewhip to beat innocent citizens. The military are supposed to be people who protect our sovereignty. They are not supposed to use horsewhip to dehumanise our people.

We have pastors who have turned our father’s house to a den of thieves. Pastors who are talking about miracles, who could not find a solution to Covid-19.

President Muhammadu Buhari and his Vice, Prof Yomi Osibanjo

The President’s New Year message to Nigerians

I stopped listening to President Muhammadu Buhari’s broadcast when he did a 12 minutes broadcast when there was a massacre at Lekki and he did not acknowledge those that were massacred because they were not his biological children.

I want to tell him that those people are his children. He should have done the noble thing by at least sympathising with the families of those who lost their lives. He should have also done the noble thing by sympathising with the families of the policemen/women who lost their lives during the #EndSARS protests. His 12 minutes broadcast was so empty. Because of that I was so discouraged and I have vowed never to listen to any of his live broadcast again.

Mr Godwin Obaseki of Edo State

Why I took Governor Godwin Obaseki to court over primary school leaving certificate

What I was doing with Governor Godwin Obaseki in that regards is not to witch-hunt him. I have said it several times and I am not ashamed to say it, that I don’t have a university education. I am a farmer. It doesn’t make me inferior. I have my Primary Six School Leaving Certificate from Oza Primary School, Benin.

That’s very important for me. For Obaseki to say that he will give Primary Six School Leaving Certificate to all pupils without letting them sit for an examination is ridiculous.

That’s reducing our educational standards. That’s why I went to court to challenge him. I gave him 24 hours to respond which he refused to do. We are in court already and the court will interprete that.

Call for legalisation of ownership of arms and ammunition

A few days ago, Prof. Itse Sagay, a reputable lawyer, supported what I have been canvassing for over the years. Now, Fulani herdsmen have taken over our state. They go to our farms, they rob our people, they rape and kidnap our women. We cannot continue to let that happen.

If we are allowed to carry arms like the Americans and Israelites that nonsense would not happen. You will think twice before talking about coming to my house to attack me knowing that I am well armed and you know what the outcome would be.

I am also taking the Federal Government to court as regards this so that we can fight for the rights of the citizens to bear arms and ammunitions for self defence.

How we can get out of recession

I don’t know who advised President Buhari to reopen the borders. Shutting down the borders was a very good thing. Recently, Senator Yaya Abdullahi, the Senate Leader, disclosed that there is a proliferation of arms and ammunition to Nigeria through our borders in the north. How can a country be importing candle when we can produce it? How can we be importing fuel from Niger?

We are surely going to experience a deeper recession soon. The reason is that President Buhari doesn’t have a good economic team to advice him. We are a big blind country where people who forge their certificate are more respected than those who have genuine educational qualification.

That’s why it is going to be very difficult for us to leave this quagmire. Our reserves have been depleted. Our oil has dwindled. As a matter of fact, in the next six years nobody will buy our oil again because everybody will be driving battery or solar operated cars.

We are moving backwards because of quota system which we need to stop. Those who score poor marks from the northern part of the country are given consideration in admission into higher institutions against those who scored higher from the south. These people with poor scores end up heading departments, ministries and government agencies. I am not saying that there are no smart and intelligent people from the north. We have people like Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and late Balarabe Musa who are very intelligent people from the north. Such people should be given such sensitive appointments not the dullards.

Service chiefs should go

The service chiefs have overstayed their legally approved time in service. They should be eased out.

As it is now they feel they owe their allegiance to President Buhari, not Nigerians. That’s the reason they do things that tends to get Nigerians angry. They have tried their best which is not good enough for Nigerians.

On Senator Godswill Akpabio and NDDC

Senator Godswill Akpabio has often been accused of illegality when he was the governor of Akwa Ibom State and it is a big surprise that he was appointed into the federal cabinet after he was encouraged to decamp to the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) with a remark that his sins would be forgiven. The man who was prosecuting him, Festus Keyamo, was made to be his subordinate. Is it not wrong? President Obasanjo created the NDDC as an interventionist agency to help the Niger Delta region. The constitution does not give anybody in the Presidency any major say in its affairs only for it to be hijacked by the Presidency.

The youths of the Niger Delta would investigate the way funds meant for the NDDC has been used over the years, and whoever is involved in diversion of such funds would have to pay for it. I am already in court with them and I am using the FOI Act to expose them and prosecute them. They are going to end up in jail.

On Professor Yemi Osinbajo

He should resign honourable from his position as Vice President. He has shown that he is a law breaker not a law maker. He cannot say he is not aware of the many illegalities going on around him in the Presidency and which he has never raised a voice against.

CHRISTMAS: Activist Patrick Eholor harps on the virtues of kindness

Nigeria Political Observe General and President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has called on people across the globe to realize the true meaning of kindness, ans apply it in dealing with others.

Eholor stated this in a Christmas and New Year message he sent to Jungle Journalist Media Limited.

He stated “Kindness means making people feel loved. You can be kind in all sorts of different ways, whether it be out of generosity, maybe nice words to brighten someone’s day, or helping out a friend in need.

“When you show kindness to someone, it can make them feel valued and cared for and brighten their day. It can make them happier. When we show kindness we also spread it. Let’s show a little kindness and forgot about animosities.

“We have survive the worst of COVID-19. Let’s forget about those who we
think have knowingly or unknowingly wronged us,
you cannot drink poison for your enemy.

“Starting from you, let’s stop the bitterness. I pray God grant you all your heart desire this coming year”, Eholor stated.

You boasted to fix Nigeria’s roads in 6 months, but has failed after 6 years-Eholor lambasts Fashola

Human rights activist, Chief Patrick Eholor has condemned a recent statement credited to the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, over the deplorable condition of roads in the country which the minister had described as manageable.

Eholor, in a letter to the Minister made available to newsmen said the poor state of roads in Nigeria has become a national shame and an unnecessary embarrassment as there is hardly any part of the country that can boast of motorable roads.

The activist who is the founder of One Love Foundation, a civil society group based in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, described their activities as domiciled in the schedule of Federal Government of Nigeria, Amnesty International and other international civil society groups.

He said: “We write to counter the statement credited to you that the state of our roads is not so bad”, adding that most of the roads are in terrible condition even after over 20 years of uninterrupted democracy in the country.”

Eholor said by their assessment as a civil society group, “these bad roads are consequences of poor leadership and woeful planning,” noting that even existing railway system which the Federal Government so boast of is not only dysfunctional, but under-developed and under-performing.”

He recalled that sadly the Minister once boasted that “any serious government should be able to fix electricity in six months”, asking if he was now telling them that he is not a serious person, especially as he has not been able to fix the nation’s roads in over six years.

The activist, who years ago, led other civil society groups to champion the compulsory rehabilitation of federal roads in South-South by the Federal Government, through a mass movement tagged “One Million March Against Bad Roads, ” said the “state of our roads is a national tragedy that does not shock anyone anymore as scores of innocent people have been killed daily in avoidable accidents.”

He said the same poor road network has resulted in poor productivity as immeasurable man-hours are lost in traffic, while the national economy suffers incalculable losses”.

Eholor noted that it was high time government at all levels treated road infrastructure as a priority to enhance economic development and secure lives and property.

Eholor, popularly known as “Democracy Observer-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, said the poor state of roads reflects a situation where “corruption has dealt another devastating blow on the country”.

He said from available records “since 1999, a whopping N1.4 trillion ($8.5 billion) has reportedly been spent on road construction or maintenance with very little evidence of the money spent,” remarking that without a functional railway system, roads are the only means of movement for people and goods.

“When roads are not in good shape as is seen all over the country, the nation’s economy is sure to be the first victim,” he stated.

The Activist listed some of the worst highways to include “the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Shagamu-Ore, Onitsha-Enugu-Port Harcourt road, generally believed to be the most strategic economic routes in the country as Lagos seaports are the only viable ones”.

He listed others to include “Ikorodu-Shagamu road, Okene-Lokoja-Abuja and Rijau-Kontagora road in Niger State, Calabar-Itu Road, Ikom Calabar Road, Aba Owerri Road, Aba Port Harcourt Road, Benin, Ore, Lagos Road, with a few exceptions, indeed, virtually all the highways in the country are in terrible state”.

According to him, what is more traumatic travelling through Nigerian roads, as he experienced recently moving from Benin City to Abuja was not only nightmarish but depressing, adding that a journey of five hours took him thirteen hours.

He said after 60 years of independence, it is indeed a shame that Nigeria, “despite the huge revenue earnings from oil, is yet to develop a good transportation system.”

Chief Patrick Eholor said “from 2008 to June 2014 alone, Nigeria reportedly earned N44.655 trillion. Add this to another N2.5 trillion reportedly earned by Nigeria in the last quarter of 2015”.

He said that is why it is quite pertinent to ask the kind of premium government places on roads as economic assets that should aid national productivity

He said “smaller African Countries boasts of better Roads noting that the Lagos-Badagry highway, for example, which links Nigeria with the Republic of Benin, underscores this ugly narrative, whereas the Nigerian side of what should be a super highway, linking the whole of West Africa, is dilapidated and impassable, the Republic of Benin’s portion is not only in good condition, it advertises a certain irresponsibility on the part of Nigeria”.

Eholor said “in every respect, we sympathise with the agonising road transporters. The Nigerian authorities are culpable and they should show responsibility. It has been said often that the building of concrete roads with cement, especially in the southern states where erosion is rife is the way to go”.

The Activist said that option “is what experts have been recommending as a solution to uncertain durability of asphalt roads. But it appears that no one listens or cares about this”.

He said such insensitivity nurtured by corruption, of course, explains a situation in which roads are still being built at prohibitive costs without considering quality, whereas, the World Bank’s benchmark for building a kilometre of road is N238 million, the same one-kilometre is built for about N1 billion in Nigeria”.

The Comrade said maintenance of roads in Nigeria must improve or else the nation’s development objectives will remain unattainable.

He argued that the federal and state governments should enunciate a policy that will involve private sector operators in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model that can also attract foreign investment.

He said already, the Federal Government has launched a road concessioning scheme that accommodates private sector participation adding that there is a commission responsible for this and should be made functional to serve public interest.

He expressed gratitude in advance, hoping that the minister and the Federal Government act urgently in fixing the ugly tragedy of bad roads.

‘Another uprising like #EndSARS coming, will consume Nigeria if…’ Eholor

Front line social rights defender, Chief Patrick Eholor has revealed how his organisation, One Love Foundation struggled for several years campaigning for a Federal government reform of the Nigerian police force.

In an interview with Jungle Journalist Media Limited in Benin City, Eholor says the challenges of corruption does not end with SARS and the police, but must be tackled at the national assembly and all facets of government where salaries are bloated for political office holders. He also warns that if the reforms that #EndSARS called for are not tackled now, the next uprising will consume the whole country..


We have been on police reforms campaigns for over 5 years

For about four to five years now, I have been on this crusade. I wasn’t using the word #ENDSARS, I was saying that police must be reformed, I was saying that the police are being undermined, I was saying that the police are transferring aggression to the citizens, I was saying that havjng an iPhone 5 is not a crime. I was saying that having dreadlocks is a choice. I was saying that the need of a police officer doing down to a woman’s private part to conduct search was absurd, it wasn’t proper.

I was also saying that the bulk of responsibility starts with he federal government, because the federal government have undermined our security. We have no security. I told the, that one day the citizens will rise, and not just overwhelm the police, but also overwhelm the military, and it came to pass.

Some of us who are social crusaders go and protest, sometimes we go and take police permit to protect the citizens and also protect ourselves. The government felt that the only way to checkmate us is to intimidate us, as usual. We now said, enough is enough. And let me tell you, it has not ended. SARS is just an intro to end SARS and to reform the police, to also stop legislooting. They are not legislators.

It is also to stop polithiefing, but I wouldn’t want to use the word revolution. Any government, no matter how strong is afraid when you use the word revolution. But I call it the uprising-it’s the time for power to return to the people, because power belongs to the people.

President Buhari, Osibanjo failed Nigerians

When you grant a press interview, it’s about relationship. It’s about question and answers. If the president had issued a communique, it’s different thing entirely, because you don’t have to ask him any questions, but the country is burning. The country is burning. So the president has to subject himself to questions. Let him subject himself to questions. If he cannot preside over the affairs of we the citizens, he should apologize and resign. The most disgraceful aspect of this, I cry for my beloved country, is Vice President Osibanjo.

Osibanjo is a senior advocate of Nigeria. Osibanjo has disappointed majority of us, as pastor, as a lawyer, as a Vice President. He should be the one to reign and apologize to Nigerians, instead of trying to use us, and lie to us, and confuse us. And usurp some power to Lai Mohammed, whose name has become synonymous with lying.

Time for youth to vote out bad leaders

I think it’s a new day for Nigeria. The people , if 18 million youths can tune in and watch Big Brother, they should also go and register and become voters and vote for any person of their choice and vote out these rapscallions.

On palliatives

The government should not hold any of the palliatives. They were lying that this is the first phase and second phase is coming. If we don’t survive the first phase, can we survive the second phase? They should release the palliatives, the should look into the minimum wage, a country where they cannot pay a minimum wage of N30, 000, which is less than a dollar a day, and are taking the whopping sum of 29 million is fraud. The only way is for us to be nice to them, and for them to be nice to us. It’s a two way thing. If you use left, it will cut you, if you use left,it will cut you.

Worse uprising coming

What they have seen is an intro, they have not seen anything. If they don’t change their attitude to us the citizens, I am not inciting anybody, but this issue will consume everybody if it ever comes up again.

I am not Nostradamus. I am not religious but I am very spiritual. I can tell you, I a, a man that can see tomorrow. And I will tell you what will happen.

Eholor condemns violence, looting, hijack of #EndSARS struggle by Nnamdi Kanu, says Buhari’s speech uninspiring

With reports of violence, looting and destruction of properties across Nigeria due to the unrest caused by the #ENDSARS protest, the Global President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has condemned it describing the situation as unfortunate and regrettable.

Eholor in a media chat in Benin City, said he also observed with dismay the hijacking of the protest by irresponsible and divisive elements like the leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whose utterances and unguided vituperation led to vandalization of properties, thuggery and looting of both government and private properties in disguise of protest across Nigeria.
Over 10 police stations were burnt down across the nation

“The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu cannot come in disguise to hijack the genuine #endsars protest. We will not allow him to do that. People fought for one Nigeria. We are going to remain one Nigeria. Our problem is not about tribe or ethnicity. Our problem is about bad leadership. Now the people have finally wake up to say they want their right because their right is their life. That’s what we should focus on not on Nnamdi Kanu. For me, I don’t take him serious. If you’re a serious person who wants to agitate for your people you should be here for the struggle just like as I am here for the struggle. That’s what they call a patriot and a democrat. Kanu is just a rabble-rouser.”

“It’s most imperative to note that, I supports in all sincerity the betterment of Nigeria especially with governance as agitated for by the youths, but it is quite unfortunate that unscrupulous elements including those outside the country are making inciting and divisive statements, thereby hijacking the process to unleash mayhem and anarchy by creating unnecessary pandemonium.

“Following the unfortunate event of the Leeki shootings on unarmed #ENDSARS protesters which was condemned by all including myself, as I share in the plights and grievances of the youths especially those that lost their lives, but it’s inhumane and barbaric to destroy properties of individuals and government as witnessed across the country.”

“The youths should embrace dialogue or continue protesting in a peaceful and civil manner like I did at the US Embassy. Destruction of properties won’t give us the needed results.”

On President Muhammadu Buhari ‘s speech yesterday, Eholor said the speech was boring, uninspiring and unpresidential.

“At a time like this, I expected the President to act like a father by bringing the youths to a round table. As usual, it was uninspiring an boring. Lives were lost due to the Lekki shootings and the President failed to say a word on it.”

The Whisperer