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EASTER: Eholor Tasks Christians On Love, Tolerance and Sacrifice

The Global President of One Love Foundation and frontline activist, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has called on Christians to imbibe the virtues of sacrifice, tolerance and love as they celebrate this year’s Easter.

Chief Eholor, popularly known as Ultimate Equal, in an Easter message personally signed by him, rejoiced with Christians all over the world on the special occasion commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“As we mark Easter, it is pertinent to reflect deeply on the lessons of uncommon sacrifice, selflessness and inestimable love as displayed by Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind.

“The spirit of sacrifice as displayed by Jesus Christ who willingly offered himself on the cross for mankind should be a lesson for all Christians. Genuine love for humanity can only be expressed when we take the teachings and sacrifice of Christ to heart.

“As a people, we must be willing to make sacrifices for the overall development of Nigeria.” Eholor said.

INTERVIEW: How One Love Foundation can help IPOB, ESN fight Federal Government over extra judicial killings – Eholor

Eholor, Kanu, Buhari, Lawan

The leadership of One Love Foundation(OLF) recently set up a legal Policy Think Tank to fight for the Independence of the Judiciary, Legislature and Local Government Autonomy.

The Think Tank consists of lawyers, humans rights activists and journalists, and in this interview, OLF president, Chief Patrick Eholor throws more light on the reasons why the legal /human rights team was set up.

He also speaks out against the recent attacks against security agencies and agents in the South East and South South, especially the burning of Police stations, killing of officers and stealing of their guns and ammunition. He also reveals how his organization, OLF can help the IPOB in its fight against Federal Government, especially with regards to extra judicial killings.


Why we set up a think thank to sue the Governments to mandate them to give full autonomy to the judiciary,the legislature and the local governments

It is clearly defined in the separation of powers that they are independent. If the judiciary is not independent, that means that the government will keep dictating and usurping more powers to itself. There is a very funny law that says that anything more than a million naira coming into the coffers of the judiciary must be paid into the state government purse. And the state government will now redirect it to them, but that’s basically fraud. It means that the state governors put the judiciary on its knees for them to get the money.

So whatever the governors want them to do is what they will do, because he who pays the piper dictates the tune. When I see these things, I don’t like it, that’s why I have organized lawyers of repute, with Barrister Akahome as chairman, and Barrister Ugbonkwa is going to be the secretary. Forgive me if I don’t mention the other lawyers because they are coming out as a surprise.

So you see local governments and you don’t see them function because they are solely dependent on the state governors. We also want to discuss that. We also want to discuss the idea of the police in future. We want to know those who police us, because you cannot continue to have a police officer from the north be a Commissioner in Edo State. This is because they don’t come from here, don’t know the terrain, and so cannot fight crime effectively.

So we want to make sure that when you post a Commissioner to the north, he should be one who understand the north, and this will reduce the criminality.

We also want to take the Federal Government to court about policing. The police are underpaid, they are not trained, and so we want to make sure they are well trained, and well paid. We want to make sure there are forensic laboratories in every divisional police station, there are cameras for mugshots, there are recorders to take notations and have records. They should have archives in the computer. We are living in the 21st century, we must make sure these things are organized. The same thing is applicable to the Ministries. There is no country today where the security doesn’t use computers, or who are not computer dependent.

So there’s a lot of issues we want to bring into spotlight.

The Eastern Security Network, IPOB and the attacks on policemen, killings, etc

My fear is that I hope this doesn’t lead to a civil war. I condemn with every effort in me, anyone that kills the police, because police are out there to protect lives and property, to ensure that we sleep very peacefully. So anyone who goes after police is going against humanity.

But I also condemn extrajudicial killings, and that’s why I said there are good cops and there are bad cops, all over the world. And again, that’s why we must leave this on the board- the IPOB should come out and complain if there has been any extrajudicial killing, and we will take the police to court.

They should cry out and the likes of us will amplify their cries, go to court and make sure that whoever is responsible is brought to book and pay the price for killing any IPOB member. But if the federal government is playing a blind eye to it, that could also provoke the IPOB to start taking retaliatory measures, which I do not prescribe to, because that can lead to a state of anarchy.

So, before it escalates, before it leads to what happened to Boko Haram, we should nip it in the bud, to avoid another crises.

Proliferation of arms among civilians and breakdown of law and order

That tells you the failure of Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. Whether the police are dying, whether IPOB members are dying, Buhari is fully responsible for the failure of the security in the state, as well the failure of the state governors. It’s enshrined in our constitution that the government is going to protect lives and property, and they are not doing that. So, we the citizens also have the right to take them to court, because they have failed to carry out what is enshrined in our constitution.

You will agree with me that the members of the House of Reps and Senate have failed abysmally. We have never had it so bad like this. I honestly think that’s by now, what has happened in the east, north, south and west, is enough for them to wake up and rise up, to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari. Whatever is happening now is an impeachable offense.

Rights activist, Patrick Eholor, condoles with Edo NUJ over demise of member

Human rights activist and President of One Love Foundation(a non-profit making organisation), Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor, has joined the bandwagon of top personalities consoling members and officials of the Edo State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ) over the shocking departure of one of its members, Mr. Ezekiel Isesele of Champion Newspaper.

Drenched in tears Chief Eholor said: “The sad news of the demise of Mr. Ezekiel Isesele came to me like a thunderbolt. Isesele was one of the journalists I have very close contact with.

“To say that he was a hardworking journalist is to belittle him. He was way more than that as he devoted his time to crafting very interesting reports that can hardly be faulted. Over time he was noted for his insistence of following the tenets of the journalism profession to the letter by ensuring that his reports are well balanced.

“Also, Isesele would be remembered for the bubbly lifestyle he adopted in his endeavours. For him there was never a dull moment as he carried out his assignments.”

Going further, Chief Eholor called on the NUJ to endeavour to start a process of catering for the welfare of journalists if possible through some kind of collaboration with some reputable organisations and individuals.

“Gone are the days when media practitioners would be left to fend for themselves in any way they deem fit. The new deal should be such that even when the reporters are gone to the world beyond their family members should be catered for within the limit of available resources via insurance claims and other welfare programmes,” Chief Eholor concluded.

Activist Eholor warns land speculators, illegal transactors, against encroachment on his property

The president of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor, has warned land speculators and illegal merchants from encroaching on his lands, especially a particular piece of land measuring 1000 feet by 1500 feet, situated along Benin Sapele Road, Iyanomho, Benin City.

Eholor also called the attention of the general public against getting duped by fake land agents who will direct them to his lands, pretending it’s their own, only for them to dupe the unsuspecting person.

In a public notice made available to our newsroom on Friday, 26th March, 2021, Eholor, also known as Ultimate Equals directed the public to Mr Amiolemen Noah, whom he has given the Power of Attorney to conduct transactions regarding the land in question.

A Caveat Emptor was also made available to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, and it read thus:

“This is to inform the general public that the land measuring 1000 feet by 1500 feet, lying and situated along Benin Sapele Road, Iyanomho, Benin City, belong to Chief Patrick Eholor.

“He became the owner first through purchase and thereafter by court judgement in suit no B/239/2011, delivered on the 10th day of December, 2018.

“The attention of the owner of the land, Chief Eholor has been drawn to the activities of persons trespassing on various portions of the land obviously without the consent of the owner. This action is illegal, criminal and actionable in civil suit.

“Please take note that any land purportedly transferred to anybody by a person or persons other than the owner, Chief Patrick Eholor, or his appointed attorney is null and avoid.

“Please call Comrade Idemudia, (09073333893) or Barrister Austin (08185785368) for the avoidance of doubt.”

What FG, Edo Govt can do about people with mental illness, physically challenged, aged people-Patrick Eholor

Chief Patrick Eholor is always in the news, speaking about the welfare of the Nigerian citizen, irrespective of profession or background.

Eholor who is the President of One Love Foundation, spoke with our correspondent in this interview, raising alarm at the growing number of mentally deranged people on the streets.

In this interview, he advises the Muhammadu Buhari led federal government, as well as Edo State Government to look into the matter and ensure that these men and women are rehabilitated and given proper care.

He also advises them, regarding the physically challenged, as well as the aged.



What do you think about the alarming, growing number of mentally ill people on the streets of Edo State, especially in Benin City?

The problem is peculiar, and this is why you notice that this government, and even before the current government, we have been experiencing this rise.

However, no matter how you look at it, they are citizens. Some of them used to have electoral value. Some of them voted before. Whatever they seem to be going through before they lost it, government also is part of the problem. Some of them lost their jobs and are unemployed, some of them were sick and had no help from anyone, including the government. Some were suffering from depression, some were having family issues- a lot of thing can cause mental illness.

I am not a doctor, but I do know that a lot of factors can cause mental illness. The question you should ask is, what is the Federal Government doing about it? What is the Godwin Obaseki administration back home doing about it?

We have a place, a psychiatrist hospital at Uselu in Edo State, which is being managed by government. I would suggest that they should constitute a committee- just as they have committees to do contracts, to steal money, to do all sorts of things that are anti people, they can also have a committee whose work will be to mop up these people from the streets and take them to the psychiatric hospital for treatments. They can get buses and use the buses for this purpose.

They will then try and rehabilitate them back to the society if they can, but if they cannot, they should at least have some decency before they go to the great beyond.

I am very worried about it. Every street you go to now in Benin, you see lunatics. If Godwin Obaseki is not helping the normal people, at least let him help the abnormal people in our society. Besides that, one will wonder the kind of plan this administration or even the Federal Government have for people who have disability. People with disabilities are supposed to be given preferential treatment anywhere, whether they are in the bus, hospital, market place, in aeroplanes, preference should be given to them.

Disability can come in any form. Then there is the issue of the aged and the elderly. These are people who have worked and retired.

Yes, in other climes when somebody gets to a certain age, the person begins to get special care from the sate, local or federal governments. But here, it seems to be taken for granted that when one begins to get old, the family should take care of him or her. So, a lot of them end up never getting the kind of care he or she deserves. So you see and old man or woman working on the streets selling pure water, hand gloves,and trying to make ends meet. Don’t you think our government should emulate other governments outside Nigeria where our leaders usually travel to?

Our governments unfortunately don’t copy what’s good. They manufacture what is bad. Our federal and state governments are all merchants of misery. Ordinarily when you cross the 60 year threshold, you become someone within the retirement age. You become a first class citizen, government takes care of you. Whether you are poor, whether you are rich, whether you have worked before, they have plans for you.

But the reason why it’s impossible for government here to do something about them is due to their taxation system. Abroad, when you start working from the age of 18, you start paying into pensions plan. It is what you saw that you are going to go into retirement with. For example if I was earning N100,000 every month and is now contributing ten thousand from it every month, I would have saved for 42years. At 60, they will see what I have saved, and they will add to it and use it to take care of me, because I have contributed to the economy. They also have for the unemployed, the unemployment benefits where the government also takes care of those who are unemployed.

That’s why it baffles me when people say that Godwin Obaseki is a technocrat. I have not seen anything of a technocrat in him. One would have assumed that because he has been able to manage some people’s funds, some of them he lost, some he may have succeeded, in some the market bled, one would have thought that with his exposure, the things I am mentioning to you now, he would have been able to do it, so that when people are earning their salaries, they start contributing to the pensions scheme. When people are also not working, they should also have what gets to the unemployed, in case you lost your job, whether in the private or the public sector. You would have contributed money to that scheme, and so, should be getting money from them before you get another job.

Even if you are going to school, you will also be getting something. But unfortunately, those who are charge in this country are merchants of misery. They don’t care about their citizens. They think that citizens don’t have rights. They think that citizens don’t deserve anything good. Look at recently, when a guy who claimed he was a deputy speaker of the house, someone raised a point about those who are in the diaspora.

This man, ignorant as he is said that the people are not in Nigeria, so their votes don’t count. He is not aware that these same people bring in 20 to 25 billion to this country every year. It is the second largest source of fund after the oil that is there.

It is the quality of leaders that we have that’s the problem. The other decent ones say politics is dirty and don’t want to play it. But if you don’t play politics, what you do is that you allow thugs to rule over you, and that’s why we suffer. The ones that are handpicked want a continuation of what they are doing because they have no idea and are completely without clue what it means to contribute to leadership. This is country where 95 percent of the senators condemned the Service chiefs for terrible service, but also went ahead to vote for them to be ambassadors. Is that not preposterous?

So people deserve the government they get, whether they are rigging, or stealing, we deserve it. Because if they had rigged and we fought them, or if they had stolen as we fought, if they have bloated salaries as it is now and we condemn it, then it would have been different.

There is a massive army of youths that will rise up again, same thing that happened when end SARS happened. I foresee it happening again. This is a country with a president that never addresses its citizens. This is a country where we have speculations that we might have one Jibrin, we don’t know. In the last two years,how many people have seen our president in a podium, talking to Nigerians?

In the last few years, how many people have seen Gov Obaseki call the press in Edo State, so that there will be an interactive session? How many times has the president of this country called for a town hall meeting? How many times have any of the governors in this country called for a town hall meeting? Or the senators or the House of Reps members?

How many times have the commissioners or House of Assembly members gone to ask what does my people need? How many times have local government chairmen called for a town hall meeting? All of them have failed abysmally, and no apology.

In this issue of rehabilitating the mentally deranged, don’t you think it is necessary for people like you to take up the task?

It’s difficult because mental patients cannot be predicted. That’s why they have a special people who have been trained to look after them, and to know how to care for the, without chaining them or beating them like animals. There are also mentally deranged people in the western world, but they are approached cautiously. They are given medications to reduce that tension on them that makes them abnormal. So I do not recommend anyone who is doing what I am doing or any human rights activist to make it a role to rescue lunatics because they will be putting their lives at risk.

But if you train someone to do it, like you train a soldier, or police officer, as a professional, they should be professional enough to do it. Government should invest money on it so that they can take it very seriously.

Because some of these people can get well again and contribute meaningfully to the development of our country.

How Patrick Eholor started campaign for firearms legalization in Nigeria

Human rights defender, Chief Patrick Eholor

Patrick Osagie Eholor is a legend no doubt. Dedicating his life to humanity from childhood, he has moved from leading protests for massive infrastructural rebirth across the country, to being a seer and spiritual teacher, to his philanthropic living and care for the poor, Eholor has moved from being an average human element to a sage, even as he lives his ordinary life daily, hourly and and by the minute.

Perhaps his love for humanity spurred him into contemplating on a never-threaded path, when he began to grant interviews for guns and firearms to be legalized.

Despite the Federal laws against civilians to carry firearms, Eholor had severally cried out about Fulani herdsmen who kidnap, rob, rape and molest citizens because they always carry sophisticated guns and are hardly harassed by Nigerian security.

So on December 18th, 2020, Eholor in an interview with Jungle Journalist Media Limited argued, while condemning the abduction of 300 students from a school in Katsina State”I advocate for what is obtainable in America where every citizen has a right to bear arms and ammunition .

“It is time that we agitate that every responsible Nigeria citizen should be allowed to bear arms and ammunition. If we all have arms and ammunition we can defend ourselves, because the Federal Government has failed to protect us. From all indications, it is obvious that the government can no longer defend the citizens”.

Again on January 2, 2021, while addressing journalists, Eholor had repeated his advocacy for gun-bearing by Nigerians. As was reported by Vanguard, Eholor expressed disappointment over the alleged poor utilization of security vote by Governor Obaseki, as kidnapping, cultism, killings and other vices continued to increase in Edo State.

He threatened to take legal action against Federal Government, demanding citizen’s right to bear arms for self-defense as insecurity continues to deteriorate across the country.

He said that due to the rise in cult related violence and killings, armed robbery, kidnapping, Boko Haram terrorism, Fulani herdsmen attacks and kidnapping on farms and forests, among other criminal acts, are some of his reasons for the legal action.

His words: “I was told from a reliable source he (Obaseki) gives the Police and Department of State Security, DSS, and other security agencies nothing more than N20 million monthly.

“Out of this amount over N700 million monthly is taken out from the federal government allocation accruing to the Edo State,yet there is increase in criminal activities including cultism, kidnapping, armed robbery, and killings.

“We have never seen it so bad like this in Edo State. It is indeed, unfortunate, alarming and frightening with the dimension all these have assumed.

“To worsen the whole issue, Fulani herdsmen have taken over our farms and villages. In fact, Edo State is under siege as we the people of Edo are at the mercy of these bandits including those in power ruling us.

“That is the reason why I am calling for citizen’s self-defense and to bear firearms for self defense. I am not saying citizens should carry arms against the State or become criminals but purely for self-defense because the people including children, aged, disabled and women are killed by these criminals. How long are we are going to be killed?

“That is why I am taking the federal government to court to ask for our right as citizens to carry guns because we can no longer sleep with our two eyes closed because Edo State government has failed us including the federal government.”

Recall that the House of Representatives introduced a Bill for Act to permit Nigerians from the age of 18 to carry arms for self-defence.

This contradicts President Muhammadu Buhari’s order to security services to shoot any civilian bearing arms.

A Bill to that effect, entitled: “Firearms Amendment Bill”, was exclusively obtained by Vanguard at the weekend.

Adejoro Adeogun, member representing Awoko South South/West Federal Constituency of Ondo State

The Bill, sponsored by Rep. Adejoro Adeogun, states in section 2 subsection 3, that “Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), a person shall be entitled to the grant of a license or permit under this Act if, at the time of application, the person: at least eighteen years of age”. and “has a psychological evaluation certificate from a government hospital not more than six months, has a vision quality certificate from a government hospital not more than six months, has a police clearance certificate not more than twelve months, has a rifle club membership of at least six months and a firearms proficiency certificate issued by the club, and has a national identification number”.

The Bill also demands that the bearer “Has a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)”, adding that “The Inspector General of Police, shall maintain a manual and an e-register of such permits in force”.

The Bill also states that “The Inspector General of Police, may, with the consent of the Governor of the State, grant a permit to any person to carry on the business of manufacture and repair of the firearms referred to in Part III of the Schedule to this Act”.

The bill seeks a jail sentence of at least 2 years for offences to the law.

“Section 35 (2) of the Principal Act, is amended by substituting for the words, one thousand naira or imprisonment for two years, the words seventy-five thousand or imprisonment of not less than 2 years”.

Eholor has also been in the news for such advocacies in the past, and has always warned of the consequences of ignoring his concerns.

For instance in 2009, Eholor founded the Close-their-Legs, Open-their-Brains campaign against sex-for-marks trauma and abuse of women by lecturers of Nigeria universities and higher institutions of learning. This campaign has since emboldened female scholars nationwide to resist, report and testify in courts against sexual pressures by predatory lecturers, leading to sack and high profile prison conviction of culpable lecturers, including professors, in Nigeria universities especially since 2016.

Freedom of Information

Since 2010, Eholor has been a vocal crusader of freedom of information on demand by Nigeria public, advocating unhindered access to records of public expenditures by government ministries, departments and agencies. This was eventually passed into law as the Freedom of Information Act by Nigeria’s parliament on May 28, 2013.

From 2011, he pioneered landmark litigations enforcing provisions of the FOI Act against Nigeria’s elected public officers. Some notable litigations include litigation against current state governor, His Excellency Godwin Obaseki, to make public and to justify additional #38billion state loan and projects expended in the light of meagre projects on ground; suit seeking his district’s senator in parliament, Senator Ehigie Uzamere to publicly disclose his emoluments and salaries, preparatory to a grand recall process for non-performance. The respondent senator narrowly escaped recall fall because the suit came at the terminal months of completing his single term and he never achieved re-election because of the foundation’s FOI action.

Recently, Eholor also won a case against present Edo State Governor, challenging him to continue the probe of the N30 billion storm water project, which he said was a fraud. Eholor has won this case in court, and the government of Godwin Obaseki is appealing the case at the moment.

Eholor was also among the leading activists who compelled and stopped Adams Oshiomhole from selling off Edo House in Lagos. This compelled Oshiomhole to call the first ever town hall meeting to interact with the people of Edo State.

Other civil right litigations and public mobilization against wrongdoing by state and private sector institutions in Nigeria include Patrick Eholor vs. Nigeria Customs against checkpoint killings of merchant citizens by Customs officers often occurring during demands for bribes, Central Bank of Nigeria currency abuse and fraudulent service charges by Nigeria banks, public mobilization rallies and media conferences to enforce compliance and non-diversion by Nigeria state governors of Paris Club debt reliefs from relief specified public interest projects since 2008 to date remains a historical landmark in Nigeria’s public treasury probity advocacy.

How Eholor launched the #ENDSARS/ Reform the Police Force in 2014

In 2014, Eholor launched campaigns for the overall reform of the police force in Nigeria. In numerous media interactions, he argued that police officers were poorly trained and therefore pose a danger to citizens that they are supposed to protect. He made several references to instances of extrajudicial killing of Nigerians by police officers.

He also argued that police officers were underpaid, under equipped, and under-trained by the Nigerian state. He made several references to the police barracks, and called for better housing scheme for police officers. Till date, he has continued to advocate not just for the police, but for the entire security apparatus of the Federation, calling for better salaries, living conditions and overall welfare of the police, army, air force, navy, civil defense and others whose job it is to protect lives and property.

In all of these, Eholor warned that a day would come when Nigerians would turn against the police force and fight them, if the Nigerian state fail to end bribery and corruption, extrajudicial killing and injustice the police meted out to citizens just because they are not professional enough.

He made billboards, and paid for programs in major radio and TV stations, and granted interviews to news papers in his arguments for the reforms he desired to see in the police force. Many times, his foundation provided basic amenities to a number of police stations to cushion the effect of the lack they experience due to underfunding.

True to his word, the SARS department of the Police came under heavy fire in 2016, 2017 and 2019. In 2020, the rejection became so massive that it has changed the entire history of the Nigerian state.

Eholor, even after the #ENDSARS protests and ensuing violence still argues that a worse protest capable of destroying Nigeria totally would soon follow, if the leaders remain adamant as they are doing at the moment.

Aluta continua, for ever!

Ultimate Equals, as he is fondly called, has remained a shining example in the defense of human rights since his childhood. Eholor has remained ‘the boy of the street’, refusing to join the elite, choosing to mingle and live with the ordinary citizens. ‘Ultimately, we are all equals’, he would say, while leading a protest against injustice on the people.

Use Ibori loot to improve lives of security personnel, Eholor tasks FG, says Service Chiefs behind lag in security

Past defence chiefs

Popular activist and human rights defender, Chief Patrick Eholor has accused leadership of the Nigerian military of being responsible for the failure of the army to defeat Boko Haram, bandits and arrest other forms of insecurity in the country.

Eholor who spoke to our correspondent on the telephone, stated that the National Security Adviser, Mr Babagana Monguno was actually right on his allegations of how the funds were looted, but must have been under pressure to recant his words. Monguno had said that billions of naira meant for procurement of arms under the past defense heads were unaccounted for, but made a U-turn shortly after the allegations.

NSA, Mr Babagana Monguno

But Comrade Eholor in his interview, accused the Nigeria military leadership of seriously compromising efforts of the government at fighting insecurity, by diverting funds. He wondered how Nigerian military which used to be one of the best in Africa, and had participated in several peace keeping operations could become so weak and incompetent in the face of Boko Haram in the past years.

His words “It is on record that the crop of soldiers and military personnel trained. Nigeria used to be one of the best in the whole of Africa. How did a ragtag Boko Haram manage to humble our military that used to be number one in peace keeping so mercilessly? You and I know that this is not possible, except there is a compromise. The military, especially its leadership has been heavily compromised, and that’s the reason for the endless wanton killing of our soldiers and defenseless citizens.

“Monies are diverted for personal use by them. The soldiers efforts at combating terrorism is being foiled by the leadership of the military. They are no longer patriotic.”

Tinubu the Jagaban

Eholor also spoke about the popularity of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whom he said though started well as a man of the people, have lost his goodwill on the altar of ambition.

His words “Look at Bola Ahmed Tinubu who started as a human rights defender. He has done very well by transforming Lagos, and taking charge of leadership of the South West. But where is he today? His name is in the mud, because the savior he set out to be, he has ended up a disappointment rather than a hope. He no more has what it takes to be the Jagaban of Africa. If truly he is Jagaban, a man of the people, let him walk the streets of Lagos without security. Let him walk like the global president of the people.

Ownership of Nigeria

“Certain elements of the northern Nigeria, especially some Fulani extremists like to masturbate over the idea that Nigeria belong to them. What impudence, what nonsense, what arrogance! Are they saying that we all are slaves, and the country is an estate of their fathers? Fulanis are visitors who only entered this country very recently to meet our ancestors and so, cannot claim ownership of anywhere. As a matter of fact, let no one claim to be the owner of this our belonged Nigeria. It’s for all of us.

Oba of Benin

“Let it be on record that the Fulani are not the owners of this country, the Hausas as not the owners of this country, the Biafrans are not the owners of this country.

“The Edos are the Nubians, where civilization started. I am of the Nubian empire. My Father is Chief Palmer Osagiemwangbon Eholor, of Benin kingdom, and we are the Prime Minister of the Oba. Our ministership is hereditary, yet I cannot claim superiors over anybody. It is wrong to see yourself as superior and others inferior.”

A younger Comrade Patrick Eholor walks with his beloved father, the then Prime Minister of Benin Kingdom, Chief Palmer Osagiemwangbon Eholor

Ibori loot

The activist also spoke about the monies looted by the former Delta State governor, Chief James Ibori, which some Delta leaders and chiefs denied he ever looted: “The chieftains of Delta should be ashamed of themselves. We are all Nigerians and the people of Delta swore an affidavit that money was not missing. So the money that the British government is returning will now be used for the interest of all Nigerians. Today, our military men who are at the forefront fighting for peace of Nigeria are underpaid, and their living conditions along with their families are very poor.

“Men of the Nigerian police, Civil Defense, the navy and Air Force, all the military personnel have paid the price of nationhood. What do they get in return?

“Terrible barracks, they get killed in the attacks and their wives end up widows, and their children end up fatherless.

“So they are either alive with very poor living conditions, or they get killed by terrorists and their families are left with nothing but sorrows and tears.

Nigerian soldiers, during a parade

“Instead of rewarding the failed service chiefs with ministerial positions, the Nigerian government should use the Ibori loot to raise the standard of living for these men and women. It’s time to seriously review their salaries, and it’s time to revisit the upgrading of their barracks and make them comfortable by giving them state-of-the-art homes. Succor should be made available to their families in times of demise, so that the pain of loss can be less depressing”, he stated.

Comrade Patrick Eholor sues UBTH, SGF, Min of Health, Polaris Bank over illegal Covid-19 test charges

Frontline activist, Comrade Patrick Eholor has dragged the Management of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital(UBTH) the chairman of presidential task force on Covid-19 Mr Boss Mustapha, who also double as Secretary General of the Federation, the Federal Minister of Health and Polaris Bank Plc, to the Federal High Court, Abuja, over alleged extortion and outright corruptive practices as regards Covid-19 testing procedure.

Comrade Patrick Eholor

Patriot Eholor who is also the Founder of One Love Foundation, in the writ of summons filed before abuse, Federal High Court, narrated his ordeal at the hands of management of UBTH, and avered that he was compelled to cough out thirty thousand Naira for the test and another illegal three hundred and seventy five Naira for what he said the hospital referred to as administrative costs.

Barr Samuel Ihensekhien

Further in what he filed before the Abuja Federal High Court, he narrated that in strict compliance with acquisition of Covid-19 certification before travelling abroad last year, he went to UBTH to undertake the compulsory test only to be asked to pay thirty thousand Naira as covid-19 test cost.

SGF Boss Mustapha

On getting to the cash registry of UBTH, he was told that there is a service charge for additional three hundred and seventy five Naira, and that in the circumstances above, he had no option than to instruct accordingly and vide the legal team of his foundation, One Love Foundation, to approach the Abuja Federal High Court to determine the legality for the outrageous payment for Covid-19 test and illegal extra excessive charges for same, which ought to be free in line with National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) guidelines in this regard.

Minister of Health Dr Osagie Ehanire

Speaking to newsmen last night, Head of Legal Team, Samuel Ihensekhien, (an activist and fiery human rights lawyer) stated that the case and all evidence attached to the writ of summons is water tight and this case will expose the fraud as regards illegal charges for Covid-19 testing all over Nigeria.

As at press time on 3rd March 2021, the case has yet to be assigned to any Federal High Court Judge in this regard.

‘Focus on security, don’t distract Edo people with storm water project probe you were part and parcel of’, Eholor replies Governor Obaseki

Foremost social rights defender and humanitarian, Patriot Patrick Eholor has asked Governor Godwin Obaseki to stop trying to distract Edo people with what he termed a ‘frivolous probe of the N30 billion storm water project of ex governor Adams Oshiomhole.

Eholor was reacting to news reports of Obaseki threading to institute a probe against the former governor. The activist and Democracy Observer-General said Obaseki was not serious about the claim to probe Oshiomhole, as he was a principal player of that administration and must probe himself too, if he really meant it.

Governor Godwin Obaseki had on Monday, 22nd February 2021, inspected the Textile Mill Road catchment of the over N30bn Benin stormwater project, which he said his administration would probe to recover all the money stolen through it.

Commenting through his personal Twitter handle, Obaseki, while inspecting the area, lamented the poor construction work done by the Adams Oshiomhole administration.
According to him, “there is no way water can be drained from a low land into a higher ground. We say we have experts and paid over N30bn for this project”, he said, and recalled that “the original stormwater project, which was conceived by the previous administration “was designed not to work for the benefit of Edo people, but it was a contract to defraud the state.”

But reacting to the statement credited to the governor, Eholor said the governor cannot be serious, since he was a part of the Oshiomhole administration, and as a matter of fact, played a major role of serving as Oshiomhole’s Economic Adviser.

Alleging that Obaseki’s plans were to institute a kangaroo probe in order to distract the people of Edo State, the humans rights defender wondered why Mr Obaseki appealed his own(Eholor’s) lawsuit against the state during the last administration. He also wondered why the governor also appealed another recent case he(Eholor) won against the government. He therefore asked the governor to focus on governance, especially the porous security of the state, instead of trying to distract the people through an insincere move to probe a project allegedly used to dupe he state that he was part of.

His words “I was surprised and shocked to hear the governor, Mr Godwin Obaseki say that he is going to probe the previous administration over the storm water project.

“Has Mr Governor forgotten so soon that I had instituted a case against the former governor, Adams Oshiomhole, himself and Clement Agba? And he went to court appealing the case, after I won them in court? So what is he now trying to prove?
Is he trying to distract us, so that we don’t talk about the park he said he is going to build? So that we don’t talk about Gelegele? So that we don’t talk about Central Hospital? So what is he really trying to prove?

“Don’t also forget that I took him to court to explain to Edo State State people about the capital flight, why he was taking our juicy jobs away to contractors in Lagos and Bayelsa, which he has not explained. So, if he is going to talk about this, then he must include himself in this probe, because you can never be a judge in your own court.

“Don’t also forget that even the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) that they did with the Edo University, Iyamho, he was also part of it. Everything that Oshiomhole did within his administration, Governor Obaseki also has to explain to us. They also have to probe him, and tell us the roles he played in all, as the Economic Adviser of Oshiomhole’s administration. We don’t want to turn this thing to a Rochas and Uzodimma affair, because if the two elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffer it.

“We are not supporting any corruption, but we are not also going to be supporting any witch hunting. You cannot dispose of a godfather and now become the new godfather. So, this can never happen in our state again, we have grown beyond that. So whenever anybody wants to talk in our state again, you use your foot soldiers to be threatening people and fighting people, giving somebody taxes that don’t exist, and trying to prove that you are an emperor, or that you are a god. You are not God.

“I am not here to support Adams Oshiomhole, or to support APC. but am here to make sure that we do things in the right way, so if anything I say or do today is wrong, I think Obaseki has to prove me or take me to court, because I remain, and I speak on behalf of One Love Foundation, and I speak on behalf of Edo people.

“It has also been said in the past Obaseki has not invested in security in Edo State. That’s why we have a lot of killings, a lot of kidnappings, a lot of herdsmen. I think he should focus on how to combat crime and deal with herdsmen, than distracting us again. So, we are tired of distractions.

“He should tell us about his MoU on Gelegele Seaport, he should tell us about the modern park he said he is going to build.

“We are tired of him deceiving us, telling us things that don’t exist. I have been saying this in the past, why did you go and appeal the case, why did you not take it serious then? There are a lot of cases I have instituted against you that you have not really spoken about, that you have not really done anything about.

“So, I think the world is watching, and we the good people of Edo State are also watching with keenness. And I also want all those people who think I am against Obaseki, no, I am not against him. I am actually doing him a favour. I am bringing out these issues in order for us all to live peacefully in Edo State, so it’s bound to be very ineresting and we are watching with keen interest.

“Those who love our Governor should try and tell him truth, instead of trying to run me down. We must hold politicians accountable at all times”.

(INTERVIEW) EFCC: Buhari’s nepotistic appointments will kill this country-Patrick Eholor

President of One Love Foundation, and Democracy Observer-General, Patriot Patrick Eholor has condemned in very strong terms the recent appointment of Abdulrasheed Bawa, who is a northerner and a Muslim.

Eholor who spoke to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd correspondent today in an interview in Benin City, said that it is shocking that despite having over 90 percent of northern Muslims in federal appointments, President Buhari still went ahead to appoint another northern Muslim who was being investigated for massive corruption a short while ago.

Eholor stated that the sad development has led to massive brain drain of Southern intellectuals who have continually being hired in Western nations, a development that has led to the stifling of growth of the Nigerian state in virtually all sectors.

The activist also called on well meaning Nigerians to call for an end to this, to prevent further harm to Nigeriags ailing democracy.

His words: “The nation have watched with high disillusion the pattern of appointments to sensitive offices as dispensed by the present leadership. The lopsided and sectarian trend is very worrisome.

“Competence, merit and reflection of federal character have been gagged and what reflects is a systemic and deliberate shift from the principles of true federalism.

“Nepotism is a product of bias, insensitivity and pathetic ignorance. When such prevails, mediocrity and unproductivity clouds the entire system. There is no end to this trend without a mental shift. The gambling trend to the future and progress of our existence as a nation is worrisome. The brain drain of professionals of high intellect of southern descent will continue if they are not appreciated and contained here in Nigeria.

“This massive exodus has helped develop other economies while our economy suffers. Progressive western nations appreciate productivity and they go to any length to get highly skilled professionals to enable them achieve that.

“Nigeria happens to be a breeding ground. No nation thrives with nepotic tendencies. The recent appointment of EFCC chief is a typical reflection of our sorry state.

“How do we justify the appointment of someone whose integrity and reputation are questionable? Recently his activities was investigated by the former EFCC chief and Nigerian leadership did not consider it a blemish for him to hold such a position.

“Such scenarios are endless. The legislative arm as a watchdog should checkmate these excesses for the good of our fragile democracy. If the beat goes on, the mad dance will be highly destructive and colossal. Let all like minded progressives stand against this trending development”, Eholor argued in the interview.