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Breaking News: One Love Foundation Sets up Legal Team to Compel Lawmakers Render Account on Constituency Projects

One Love Foundation, led by Chief Patrick Eholor also known as Ultimate Equal has set up yet another Legal Team to tackle Senators and Members of the House of Representatives on the Transparency and Execution of Constituency Projects.

In his avowed desire to ensure transparency in governmental processes in Nigeria, Chief Patrick has constituted a Special Legal Team to interrogate the process of the contracting and execution of Constituency Projects among Legislators in Nigeria.

Senator Matthew Urhogide

The Legal Team will work with the Freedom of Information Act to unravel the following:

Nature of constituency projects, location, sums budgeted with evidence of the appropriation act, evidence of monies released to the contractors, particulars of directors of companies that execute same, and state of completion of each of the constituency projects.

Senator Francis Alimikhena

Others include evidence of completion of the constituency projects, evidence of handing over of same, nature of the constituency projects in 2021 budget, location of same and particulars of directors for the purpose of monitoring, etc.

The Legal Team shall hit the ground running by Tuesday the 6th April, 2021, and will begin with lawmakers from Chief Eholor’s home state, Edo.

Senator Clifford Odia

These include:
1. Senator Clifford Odia,
Senator Representing Edo Central Senatorial District in the Senate ,
Constituency Office ,

2. Senator Francis Alimikhena,
Senator Representing Edo North in the Senate,
Constituency Office,

3. Senator Mathew Uroghide,
Senator Representing Edo South Senatorial District in the Senate ,
Constituency Office ,
Benin City.

Honourable Ogbeide Ihama

Others include the Edo State House of Representatives members, beginning with Honourable Ogbeide Ihama who represents Oredo/Ikpoba Okha Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives.

Submit Yourself to the CCB for Arraignment, One Love Foundation tells Danladi Umar, CCT Chairman

The President of the One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor also known as Ultimate Equal has asked Danladi Umar, the embattled Chairman of the the Code of Conduct Tribunal, to recuse himself from any further sitting and step down as Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal in view of his recent reprehensible conduct.

According to Eholor, the violent attack on a poor security guard at Banex Plaza, Abuja, which caused the guard grievous bodily harm, is unbecoming of a judicial officer or lawyer.

In a statement on Saturday the 3rd of April in Abuja, Chief Eholor deprecated the continued stay in Office of Danladi Umar despite the incontrovertible evidence that his conduct is at variance with his office and the fact that he has lost any moral or legal fibre whatsoever, to continue to stay in office as Chairman n of the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Chief Eholor asked Danladi Umar to submit himself before the Code of Conduct Bureau for him to be arraigned according to the establishment Act of the Bureau , before the Code of Conduct Tribunal, a very good reason for him to recuse himself and step down”

Danladi Umar Attack on Banex Plaza Security: An Xray

By J. S Okutepa SAN, (This article is published based on the efforts of Chief Patrick Eholor, founder, One Love Foundation

On 30th of March 2021, one Ibraheem Al-Hassan said to be Head, Press and Public Relations Unit, CCT HQ, issued press statement in defence of what appears to be assaults committed by or against the Chairman of Code of Conduct Tribunal, Mr Danladi Umar.

In the said Press Statement by the media aide to the Chairman, Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Umar it was stated that it was rather the CCT Chairman that was assaulted.

Because of what I intend to say I will set out in full the press statement as reported in the media.

It reads:
“Our attention was drawn on a report from some online publication with a video cliff suggesting Hon Chairman, Justice Danladi Y. Umar assaulted a Security Guard at Banex Plaza.

To start with, the said plaza has been his usual place of visits for the past 18 years for shopping and repairs of his phones, and in all these periods there have never been any time he had any turmoil with anybody.

Unfortunately, yesterday’s altercations started over a packing lot, which Chairman met vacant and it was directly opposite a shop he want to make a purchase and to fixe his phone, when the young Security guard sighted him, he ordered that Chairman should not pack his car in that particular empty space, but Chairman asked why, the security guard couldn’t convinced chairman, though Chairman didn’t identify himself, because to him is needless and is a place he visited often, but the boy was rode in his approached and threaten to deal with Chairman if he refuse to leave the scene.
Again, if Chairman had went there to cause trouble or intimidate some one, as suggested in the report, he would have gone there in his full official paraphernalia, but he went there alone with his younger brother.

The Police men seen in the video cliff were not the Chairman’s police team, they were policemen operating around the plaza whom at first instance intervened before the arrival of police team from Maitama Police station. As the few policemen in the complex were apparently overwhelmed by the mobs, consisting of BIAFRAN boys throwing matches and shape object to his car, which led to deep cut and dislocation in one of his finger, causing damage to his car, smashing his windscreen.
At a point he attempted to leave the scene, these same miscreants, BIAFRAN boy ordered for the closure of the gate thereby assaulting him before the arrival of police team from Maitama police station.

An incident like this when it happened, sympathy usually goes to the low personalities. Though is unfortunate as I said, it ought not to have happened.

Ibraheem Al-Hassan,
Head, Press & Public Relations.
March, 30th 2021”

To start with this press statement if truly it came from CCT, is an admission that the chairman of CCT went to Banex Plaza on the day in question and there were altercations.

It also admits that the Chairman Mr Danladi Umar, parked his car in a place which was not meant for him to park.

The Chairman was approached to re-park his car.
He challenged the authority of the security man to request him to re-park his car. Instead of respecting himself and obey the instruction of the security man, the Chairman refused to obey.

The Chairman argued with the security man. That arguments led to fight and assaults and the Chairman was wounded. Police were invited.

Without attempting blames or passing judgment on any of the parties, and even the grammatical and other errors in this press statement, it is necessary to point out that the Chairman of CCT is not an ordinary Nigerian.

He occupied a position which is not only sensitive but a position that is clothed with garments to enforce code of conduct against public officers.
See item 3 of the 3rd schedule to the 1999 constitution as amended.The Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act under which the Chairman of CCT was appointed expected the highest degree of unimpeachable integrity from the chairman and by the law the chairman is indeed to mirror the aims and objectives of the Bureau in public.

The Chairman was expected to display highest degree of standards of morality and to ensure that his behaviour and actions in public conform to the highest standards of public morality. Apart from that, the chairman is a lawyer and as lawyer he has a duty to endure that he uphold and observe the rule of law, promote and foster the cause of justice, maintain a high standards of professional conduct and shall not engage in conduct unbecoming of a legal Practitioner.

Clearly from the press statement, the Chairman was told not to park in the place he parked. He refused on the arguments that the space was free. How did the Chairman know that the place was free. He disobeyed lawful orders of the security man.

The Chairman by his position ought not to engage in public altercations and arguments which has the capacity and was capable of putting his position and office into public approbium, odium and ridicules.

From the press statement of the CCT which cannot be issued without the approval of the chairman and which press statement has not been denied by CCT HQ, it is my respectful view that the Chairman’s conduct in the circumstances in engaging in public altercations with security man was undignified of the office of Chairman of CCT. That conduct ought not to be celebrated by any right thinking members of the society. As lawyer and chairman of CCT no reasonable person should celebrate the conduct of the chairman as corroborated by the press statement. The government must not allow this matter to be swept under the carpets. It is not one of those issues that should be treated with levity.

The HAGF and FGN must not condone this conduct. It must take action.The Chairman cannot be allowed to be sitting over conduct of other public officers when his conduct is in public court. Justice is rooted in confidence and this confidence will be destroyed if nothing is done to restore confidence in the credibility of CCT.

Resign now, if you still have shame in you-Activist Eholor tells Danladi Umar, Code of Conduct Chairman

The President of One Love Foundation has asked Danladi Umar, Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal to resign from office as it is ironic that as Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal he has engaged in an infamous conduct unbecoming of a Public Officer, when he publicly and vacuously attacked a helpless and hapless guard at Banex Plaza, Abuja, for asking him to park properly.

“Danladi Umar should know that the days of brigandage is gone. He must resign from Office immediately, else we will go to Court and get him out and get the Police to prosecute him as he is a disgrace to public service. Also, we shall also write Petitions to the Legal Practitioners’ Disciplinary Committee of the Body of Benchers, the Federal Judicial Service Commission, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, etc, to ensure that disciplinary measures are taken against him to serve as deterrent to others”, the statement added.

BENIN WATER STORM PROJECT PROBE: Eholor to Gov Obaseki- Resign now for a transparent probe, as Oshiomhole’s Economic Adviser

Social Crusader and Political Activist, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has asked Governor Godwin Obaseki to resign from government as part of measures to ensure that a transparent and unbiased prove is achieved in the Benin Storm Water Project Probe.

Eholor said that as the Special Adviser to Oshiomhole on Economy, Governor Obaseki was part and parcel of the corruption that took place during the water storm project and must not try to exonerate himself.

Eholor while reacting to the decision of Governor Godwin Obaseki to probe the Benin Storm Water Project said he was ashamed of the level of corruption ravaging government driven institutions.

He said the corruption in the public sector is not limited to the Benin Storm Water Poject but to every other government projects in Nigeria with all institution of governance comprising the executive, legislative and judiciary arms of government as pepetrators of the massive corrupt practices affecting the nation.

His words: “The Benin Storm Water Poject misappropriation is a typical and recurrent culture in governance we are used to all over the country.

“The abuse of power and privilege by public office holders on the treasury and commonwealth of those that entrusted them with their future.

“They use all manner of decoy to perpetuate this act of wickedness and insensitivity to the welfare and progressive growth of the masses. The count of these type of scenarios nationwide is alarming in proportion.

“Public funds are depleted by looting with no value addition to the quality of life of the people, but rather subject them to untold hardship and penury.

“The call for the head of those who masterminded this shameful act cannot be overemphasized. To muster courage to defraud the good people of Edo is quite sad. The precedent of deceit and cover up in governance in this country must be rooted out and the players banished from participation in government.

“We as a people cannot let this endure. If we don’t speak up and act, we are mortgaging our future and the survival of our great country. Let those responsible be apprehended and be brought to public shame to serve as a deterrent. Good spirited activists should raise their voices high and loud. Enough is enough.”

“I Challenge Governor Godwin Obaseki to begin the probe but with on the condition that he resigns as he was a part and parcel of the Approval and Evaluation of the project, more so all the commissioners and SSG, even himself as Special Adviser and Chairman of Economic Team be subpoenaed as witnesses. Lets see who is probing who, even the first N25billion bond obtained from the stock market was facilitated by Afrinvest.

“Tell the world how much you and the HCF collected as facilitators fee. The major consultant to Edo State Government from 2016 has been Afrinvest. Tell Edo people and Nigerians how much Afrinvest has made from taxpayers money from Edo State.

“Godwin Obaseki, please keep Edo safe and clean better or as you inherited it from your boss (predecessor) who is now your enemy. May God heal Edo State from deceit!”, he said.

Eholor hails emergence of Ngozi Okonjo Iweala as WTO DG, says she’s a shining light

The Global President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor has eulogized the newly-elected Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, describing her emergence as well deserving judging by her antecedents.

In a Congratulatory Message signed by him, Eholor, expressed delight at her emergence, saying she had always been known to shine brilliantly wherever she found herself.

Eholor stated that Okonjo-Iweala’s track record of success, both in Nigeria as Finance Minister and across the world where she successfully served in various high profile positions in many global organizations and agencies, including the World Bank, stood her out as the right candidate for the job.

Eholor further commended the member-nations of WTO which, he said, put merit above sentiments in electing a very capable person for the job. He equally appreciated Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari for recognizing the great potentials in Okonjo-Iweala and nominating her for the job, noting that her emergence in the position is a huge blessing to the country.

Eholor prayed God to give Okonjo-Iweala the wisdom to deliver on her new mandate: “May God Almighty grant you the wisdom and strength to succeed in this globally powerful organization.”

INTERVIEW: It has been illegal to move cattle across the country since 1969- Patrick Eholor

Chief Patrick Eholor

Chief Patrick Eholor, the President of One Love Foundation is at it again. Here, in an exclusive interview with Jungle Journalist Media Limited, Eholor explains why herdsmen must end nomadic cattle rearing, how legalising of guns will end insecurity, and why he took the Federal Government, as well as Edo State Government to court.

He also speaks on other sundry matters.


The dreaded Fulani herdsmen

The rising insecurity problem caused by Fulani herdsmen

In 1969, there was a federal government judgment that said the Fulani has no right to move their cows all over the country.

For the benefit of those who do not know it, Justice Thompson on 17th April 1979, in Suit no AB/26/66 at Abeokuta Division of the High Court, made the ban and warned of unprovoked killing by Fulani herdsmen.

“He declared in his judgment ‘I do not accept the contention of Defendants that a custom exists which imposes an obligation on the owner of farm to fence his farm whilst the owner of cattle allows his cattle to wander like pests and cause damage. Such a custom if it exists, is unreasonable and I hold that it is repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience and therefore unenforceable…in that it is highly unreasonable to impose the burden of fencing a farm on the farmer without the corresponding obligation on the cattle owner to fence in his cattle.

‘Sequel to this, I ban open grazing for it is inimical to peace and tranquility and the cattle owners must fence or ranch their animals for peace to reign in these communities.’

People have a right to make a living, and people have a right to coexist. With this their destruction, AK 47, and their criminal activities like raping women and killing citizens, if they cannot coexist with us and live peacefully, the government should finds place for them to have a ranch. In American today, nobody trains cows on the streets. It’s a shame to us as a nation that we are so primitive, allowing minors to patrol cows with guns and machetes on our streets.

The cause of this problem is not far fetched, it’s due to the abysmal failure of the previous administration, and worsened by the administration of Muhammadu Buhari. He is an abysmal failure. There are no plans by anybody to salvage the situation, so the youths are very restless. They are indulging themselves in cultism, and various crimes. They went to school but after graduating, they send them to streets to look for jobs that are not there.

And they know that there is no job in the streets. So what next, that’s the question you will ask. What you will now ask is that they have focused their minds on criminality. They are now emboldened by the corruption going on in the country and are now saying that we are all equal. No one is superior ro the other. Then there is also the issue of Fulani herdsmen carrying guns to rape our women, and they are saying, enough of it. That’s why you see that there is unrest everywhere.

You can also see last week’s publication and video that went viral, when I suggested and wrote a letter to the President. That we should have a database for the background of all Nigerians, and those Nigerians who do not have criminal records should be allowed to carry guns when they are travelling and when they are home. Not just because of the Fulani herdsmen, but also due to bandits, kidnappers, armed robbers.

It is enshrined in our constitution that the government should protect lives and property, but you can see that they failed at both state and federal levels. Our lives and property are not guaranteed anymore. So we are going to find out how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. That is why we are here today.

You can also see that those working with Buhari have failed him, because if you cannot trust the messenger, you can’t trust his message.

Festus Keyamo

I want to give you two reasons. Recently, Festus Keyamo came up with an idea to use N52 billion to be allocated to his office to empower 774,000 Nigerians. He wants to to give them N20,000 a month each for three months. These are masters degree holders, graduates, and I ask, after three months, what next?

You want to pay a graduate N20,000 per month for three months and after three months, you won’t pay him again. So what’s next for that graduate? I suggested that he share that money into the six geopolitical zones and establish factories- in the oil, agriculture, infotech and other fields, and before you know, they are good in these fields. That money is only going to insult their sensibilities, and increase criminality.

Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria’s Vice President

Surprisingly again, Osinbajo also came out again to say that he is going to bring out 20 million people from poverty. He is saying that without a blue print, he is saying that without telling us how is intends to achieve that.

Somebody also came from the Minsitry of Finance, and said she is going to be paying people N5,000 every month for 3 months. That’s going to be N30,000 after three months, and she will start with 1 million people. How do you now identify the very poor in our society, when you do not have a database? So everything about them is criminality, how they can make money, how they can put people more into abject poverty.

If these things are not nipped in the bud, people are going to resort to self help, and that can turn this country into a banana republic.

Fall out of the #Endsars Protests

Nigeria is sitting on a keg of gunpowder that’s going to explode very soon. Before the end SARS protests, I had led protests to the police stations, led a protest to the Commisioner of Police, Edo State, and also to Abuja. I told them that the police are grossly underpaid, they are not treated fairly, although I don’t encourage the SARS criminality, but they are living below poverty line. There is no barracks, there is no uniform, there is no patrol van, there is no bullet proof vest, there is no gun. And I said, by the time the citizens revolt and transfer the anger the police is transferring to us back, it will overwhelm them.

I am not a prophet but what I said is like Nostradamus. I also foresee something worse than this, and it has to do with the military. The military we have today are also transferring their aggression to the citizens. The military is supposed to be at the borders and in the barracks to protect us, I have lived in Canada for 35 years but never seen military men on the streets. When there is no war, we don’t need them.

But the military also abuse the citizens. Because they are not well treated by the government. They are treated like animals in their barracks, they have no light, no running water, the environment is so dismal that even your dog will not live in that kind of environment.

For that reason, they are very angry, and instead of them to put their anger on the government, they face the citizenry. Also note that the government has not shown sincerity in that End SARS issue. None of the demands has been met. As a matter of fact, the Inspector General we have today should be ashamed of himself, he should resign from the force. He told us publicly that there will be no road block, but the road blocks are back. He told us that unlawful searches will end, but they are still searching people unlawfully. He told us that he is going to take all the police from the VIP, today, he has increased the number. These are facts, and if he says I am lying, let him sue me for defamation of character. My name is Chief Patrick Osagie Eholor.

I have facts to back up whatever am saying today. The end SARS protests was just a warm up protest. Because by the time citizens are tired of being enslaved, decieved, lied to, I pray that the second protest should not happen.

The government should listen to me very carefully now, and do what is needed, and adhere to the promise they made to our citizens, open our Universities so that people can go back to school and do the needful.

Instead of buying vaccine from the west, open the schools, train our lecturers again, invest in our scientists. Who told you that we don’t have engineers in this country? We have engineers but they are not supported by the government. We have the best doctors all over the world but they don’t have the enabling environment. That is why you see that we run abroad for treatment. But we have the best doctors, born here, schooled here, trained here, but they go abroad to work and perform surgery.

When we are looking for someone to work in our gas stations, we are looking for the best. But when we are choosing leaders, we are looking for the worst. That’s why we have problems.

On the news that soldiers are resigning to join Eastern Security Network

It will only worsen the situation we are facing because if they join pseudo military forces, it will only increase the criminality. They are already trained on how to shoot, how to kill, and that is very dangerous.

It was in the news the other day that a soldier and a police officer were arraigned for armed robbery in Bayelsa. Also in Lagos, a 16 years old boy was defrauded of N70,000 by a police officer.

The Commisioner was able to investigate and arrest the police officer. He made sure that the money was returned and the police officer faced criminal charges.

Most of the robberies and kidnappings you are seeing today, I will tell you without mincing words that security agents are behind them. Those who were abused by the system, those not paid adequate salary, those not given proper living wages, they are the ones increasing crime. The military has to realized that they are not pledging their allegiance to Buhari, but to Nigeria. But the reverse is the case. They are not concerned about Nigeria or the citizens. Look at what happened in America recently where Mike Pence did not obey Donald Trump because he had to serve the interest of the country and not that of one man, the president.

The only interest of the expired service chiefs we have here is to protect the interest of Muhammadu Buhari, not to protect the citizenry. If the Chief of Army staff Buratai knows what he is doing, we won’t have been in this situation today.

But because his term has expired like expired milk, and he doesn’t know what he is doing, he is serving the interest of Buhari. The same thing when they selected the IGP. They just select on nepotism and favoritism, instead of experience and ranking.

IGP Adamu

The IGP is going in February, but don’t be surprised he is going to be replaced with another northerner. Why are all the security outfits headed by northerners? Does it mean we don’t have a south easterner who is brilliant? Or south south, or south west? Until we end this issue of favoritism, the country will continue to get worse and worse. God forbid.

Prophet Onyeze Jesus

Pastors, prophets and their fake promises (Onye Eze Jesus)

We see mad men everywhere, and I think he is another mad man and a cult leader. He has a right to do what he is doing, in as much as he is not infringing on anybody’s rights. But I will not blame him but I will blame his followers who are desperate about getting rich. Blood doesn’t give you money. Humans head doesn’t give you money. Ram doesn’t give you money. Eating live chicken downs to give you money, and doing all kinds of stupid things doesn’t give you money. What gives you money is intelligence. What gives you money is hard work. But we have to explain to the public that another mad man have come again, false prophets, enslaving the mind, so I don’t take him serious, he is a joke and before the next two, three months, he will disappear.

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State

The lawsuits against Governor Obaseki and the Federal Government

The governor said that because of Covid 19, he is going to promote all the primary six pupils. I felt that will kill our educational standards, unreasonable, and not a wise decision. He doesn’t have to reduce our educational standard. So it’s a public interest, and I took the matter to court.

The next one that I am doing now, I don’t hate him, I don’t belong to PDP, I don’t belong to APC. But I belong to the people of Edo State and Nigeria, and I speak on their behalf. He borrowed N25 billion, which he has not been able to deny and that means the rumor is true.

Recently, John Mayaki of APC accused him of borrowing N18 billion. I am in touch with some stakeholders, looking for facts to see if it’s true or not.

But instead of wasting time on that, I am going to court with the Freedom of Information Act to compel him to tell me whether it’s true or not. If it’s true, he should tell me the reason he is borrowing that money, if it was approved by the House of Assembly. As you know, the House is not well constituted. It’s not robust, 9 out of 24, and so, many people do not recognize that it exists at all. So he is using executive power to get them do whatever he wants.

Right to Firearms and Ammunition

Am sure you must be aware that I also took the Federal Government to court, to compel them allow citizens defend themselves and carry firearms. Imagine a scenario where I am traveling with my daughter, my wife, my in-law, and we are accosted by armed robbers or herdsmen or bandits, and someone take my wife and violates her in my presence. How would I feel if it happens to me? But if guns are legalized, and the criminals know that you are fully loaded, will they dare you? Whether at home or in the streets, they won’t dare you. That’s why I advocate for the rights to carry arms and ammunition.

State governors should enforce 1969 law that banned open grazing in Nigeria – Activist Eholor

A crusader of social justice and equality, Chief Patrick Eholor has stated that it’s high time the law and justice system of the country enforce the ban on open grazing which was done in 1969 by the renown Justice Adewale Thompson. He said state governors should as a matter of necessity enforce this law and arrest offenders, to protect their citizens and communities.

Eholor in his argument stated that it was becoming increasingly dangerous to ignore the ban, while gun wielding, killer herdsmen go about raiding communities and destroying farm products, lives and property, and even raping women and girls in order to establish fear and dread across the country.

He decried the spate of insecurity raging across the northern part of the country due to the menace of Fulani cattle grazers, which has continued to increase down in the southern part, despite the ban by the late judge.

He stated ” It is time for Nigerians to be aware that there is a ban on open grazing in this country. As far back as 1969, the renown Justice Adewale Thompson delivered a judgment which placed a ban on open grazing, and thereby made it a crime to enter farms and cause havoc to people’s crops.

“We all must be aware of our rights over this impunity, and get the Justice System to reaffirm that ban. Herdsmen must be arrested and jailed for violating that ban, and this must be done within the ambit of the law, to end the growing terrorism imposed by Fulanis upon our communities.

“For the benefit of those who do not know it, Justice Thompson on 17th April 1979, in Suit no AB/26/66 at Abeokuta Division of the High Court, made the ban and warned of unprovoked killing by Fulani herdsmen.

“His words ‘I do not accept the contention of Defendants that a custom exists which imposes an obligation on the owner of farm to fence his farm whilst the owner of cattle allows his cattle to wander like pests and cause damage. Such a custom if it exists, is unreasonable and I hold that it is repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience and therefore unenforceable…in that it is highly unreasonable to impose the burden of fencing a farm on the farmer without the corresponding obligation on the cattle owner to fence in his cattle.

‘Sequel to this,I ban open grazing for it is inimical to peace and tranquility and the cattle owners must fence or ranch their animals for peace to reign in these communities.’

According to Eholor, “It is high time states put this law into practice and end unprovoked killings by Fulani herdsmen. This information should be shared widely so that state governors should be aware of it. It is not known that anybody appealed against this decision, so in law any open grazing is a violation of the law. State governors should setup task forces that will enforce this law and arrest offenders”.

Captain Hosa, trailblazer, one of Africa’s most inspiring industrialists, says Eholor

President of One Love Foundation, and Democracy Observer-General, Chief Patrick Eholor (Ultimate Equals) has joined family and friends, business associates and the political class to celebrate a great son of Benin Kingdom, businessman and philanthropist, Captain Idahosa Wells Okunbo on his birthday.

Eholor, in a birthday message described Captain Hosa as a trailblazer and worthy Ambassador of the Benin people.

His words “With great joy, I celebrate one of Africa’s most inspiring industrialists, businessman and philanthropist, Captain Hosa.

“You’re a trailblazer, an embodiment of hard work, determination and consistency whose singular ingenuity has put the Benin people and Nigeria on the world map.

“Your immense contributions to nation-building through job creation, community development and human development will remain indelible in the annals of history.

“I join your family, friends, supporters and business associates to wish you good health, long life and prosperity.”

Judiciary, arms of govt must operate on absolute separation of powers – Activist Eholor

The Democracy Observer – General and President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has stated that unless the three Arms of Government operate on the basis of separation of powers, doom awaits the upcoming generations of Nigerians.

Eholor made his position known to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd, while discussing issues of governance in the country. He decried the increasing spate of impunity, which he said is a result of the abuse of the laws of separation of powers.

Hear him “It’s imperative to draw attention to the above subject which has been undermined by our leaders.

“The constitution of Nigeria allows for absolute separation of powers of the three(3) arms of government which include:
The Executive Arm,
The Legislative Arm and
The Judicial Arm.

“These arms of government were created to checkmate the excesses of each other to create a balance in the affairs of effective governance. For the purpose of the injustices consuming the country in all sectors, emphasis will be laid on the Judicial Arm of Government.

“The Judicial Arm of Government is very sacrosanct whereby laws created by the Legislative Arm of Government are interpreted for execution by the Executive Arm of Government. Over the years, the rot in the system has disabled the judiciary to perform optimally which is supposed to be the hope of the common man in the streets.

“There are many factors militating against the judiciary which some include; reports of cases where judges collected bribes to subvert justice, nepotism (where judges are not selected based on merit but by nepotism), poor infrastructure resulting in the delay of judgments, poor renumerations and partial autonomy of the judicial system. If this trend continues, the country will be doomed and the future of the generations to come will be in jeopardy.

“Every citizen of this country has a right to be protected by the law and deserves justice when infringed upon. If the Judiciary cannot live above board owing to some of the factors enumerated above, where else can justice be served? It’s worthy to note that in our Judicial system today, court judgements have been so conflicting on similar cases which has worsened her situation thereby creating double standard.

“This is very appalling because it reduces our democratic values as a nation.

“As a developing nation, we are must continue to sincerely emphasize on the absolute separation of powers for every arm to be autonomous and independent of the other.”