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7th May, 2021

Federal Republic of Nigeria
Aso Villa

My greeting to you your Excellency, I hope my letter meets you well and that the contents are taken seriously because the situation in Nigeria has made it expedient that we must speak up now more than ever before due to the crossroad we see ourselves as a nation. It is far from what we bargained for when Nigerians decided to give you a chance to rescue her from the hands of men we termed as “incompetent”.

Foremost, it is paramount that I do not bore you with unnecessary protocols as the urgency of this message requires I go straight to the point since every second I waste in pleasantry is a second one other Nigerian is killed, and every one Nigerian killed, brings us closer to the reality of possible end of Nigeria existence as a nation, this is so worrisome and I seek to bring your attention to them.

Your Excellency, we are made to believe that you are doing great in the fight against insurgency, kidnapping and banditry, this is good to know, but I am lost as to why the more effort you put into fighting this monster, the more we wake up daily with broken hearts and bad news, when we are given assurance of defeat of our collective tormentors, at that point is when we count bodies of our patriots in numbers, the decapitation of our Gallant men and women in the militry. One then wonders if the men close to you are telling you the truth or they are just telling you only what they feel you should know?

It is painful that since you took over helms of affairs of this nation, everything has taken a downturn of backwardness in all aspects of our national lives from politics to economy, to security, to education, industry, etc, everything seems to have ground to a halt under you, yet there don’t seem to be any hope or solution in sight.

Our soldiers are overstretched fighting on all fronts, yet the crises seems to be going farther than their hands can grab, agitation has evolved from peaceful to violent resistance in the East, the Governors that believe in negotiating with bandits in the North has introduced them to new line of lucrative business. But your Excellency, in all these bedeviling our dear nation, “Where are you”, where are you in all these the chaos we face while you are calm and collected.

“When are the Boys going to understand that shutting down discenting voices will not make our problems go away.


In as much as you have been overwhelmed my the circumstances confroning our nation, I am of a strong conviction that more options are still available to you,

I. One of the issues that has complicated our security situation is the Northerninzation and Fulanization of every aspect of our National heritage, making other tribes and regions to be sidelined and wanting their own nation to have a fair treatment. It is not yet too late to reassure Nigerians that we own this nation together, bring back the principles of Federal Character.

Ii. Stop making yourself unavailable to your citizens at this point of crises they need you most, when our rivers are crying blood and our soil socked with blood, this is time to show us fatherly love to give us confidence in our nation.

III. It is clear that concentrating Nigeria’s security architecture in the North because you do not trust other region is proving catastrophic, I believe it is time to have a rethink about it. Open up to hiring the best to do the right things for you because only when you remember you are the President of all Nigerians that you will begin to see answers to our numerous questions.

IV. Like every other well meaning Nigeria has always said, this is the time to discuss Nigeria and exploit options to make her work.
Every tribe in Nigeria has lost confidence in the system because it tilts towards favouring a particular tribe at the expense of the rest. This is time to address it to avoid the ticking bomb exploding on our faces. Nigeria is bleeding, only your decision now can save her. I know you will not allow her to bleed out.

Mr President, it has become almost impossible for Nigerians to get to you because every discenting opinion is attacked and workable opinions shut down, I therefore believe that the best and only medium available to us as Nigerians is to approach you through open letters, hence my submissions.

Today I have done my part. It is in your hands to save Nigeria or finally lead her to the rocks as we are presently headed.

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

Long Live President Buhari

Love and Unity, Peace and Progress.

Family announces burial date for Mrs Juliana Okeke of Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra State

Mrs Juliana Okeke (Ononuju)

The family of Late Simon Okeke of Umuezu in Awovu village Enugwu-Ukwu, Njikoka Local Government Area has announced the burial date for Mrs Juliana Okeke (Ononuju).

According to a Statement signed by the Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Nkem Okeke, the date fixed for the ceremony is April 9th, 2021.

Mrs Okeke is the mother of Lolo Victoria Kalu, who is the wife of Chief Dr Emeka C Kalu, a national leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and Director General of Atikulated Agenda Movement Worldwide.

She is also the mother of Mrs Grace Ijeoma Onejeme née Okeke, a US based pharmacist.

The burial arrangements are as follows:

8:30-9:30 am: Body lying in State at Chief R. N. Okeke’s compound Awovu village Enugwu-Ukwu

10 AM: Funeral service at St. Monica’s Anglican Church Enugwu-Ukwu.

By 1 PM Interment, Followed by Condolence visits at Chief R. N. Okeke’s Compound Enugwu-Ukwu

Thanksgiving Service at St. Monica’s Anglican Church Enugwu-Ukwu.

The invitation also stipulated that due to COVID-19, there will be restriction from crowding, and strict observance of Covid 19 protocols.

One Love Foundation hails Emeka Kalu as he clocks 50

A philanthropic and civil rights organisation, One Love Foundation has felicitated with the Chairman of Stercoll Group, Chief Emeka Kalu as he clocked 50 years old.

One Love Foundation said in a Press Statement that Kalu has proven himself to be an astute statesman and freedom fighter who has played a major role towards the development of the country.

The Statement, signed by its founder and chairman, Patriot Patrick Eholor, also wished Dr Kalu a great life ahead. Eholor, who was the then Deputy National Director General of Atikulated Agenda 2019, also described Kalu as a wonderful friend.

It said in parts; ‘Dr Emeka Kalu, you have proved to be a great friend of truth and justice, which One Love Foundation stands for, since our paths crossed in the struggle to liberate this country.

“Wonderful friend, you have never relented in speaking the truth, standing up for the truth and fighting for the truth. That’s what is required in today’s challenging situations facing our dear country Nigeria. We have no doubt that with a man like you, there is still hope that Nigeria will be great again.

“Happy birthday sir. Please remember that in this Golden Age of your life, the future lies ahead of you to help in making life meaningful for the coming generations”.

Dr Kalu Congratulates Chief Dan Orbih As He Emerge PDP National Vice-Chair, South-South

Following his confirmation as the Vice National Chairman of PDP South-South, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, National Publicity Secretary, PDP Youth Alliance, PDPYA, has congratulated Chief Dan Orbih for an honour well deserved.

According to Dr Kalu, Chief Dan Orbih is one of the pillar personalities of People’s Democratic Party in South-South whose wealth of experience and enigmatic leadership qualities has continued to set PDP apart as a politically mature gathering of democrats.

He therefore encourages Chief Dan Orbih to remain steadfast as a party man because to whom much is given, much is expected.

In the same vein, Chief Kalu enjoined all PDP members to support him in carrying out his duties successfully, expressing optimism that the party will grow, not just in the geopolitical zone, but across the country as a result of Orbih’s fighting spirit.

He also congratulated the PDP leadership for always making the right decisions when it comes to choice of leaders because he believes that the fortunes of PDP in 2023 lies in her ability to always put a square Peg in a square Hole.

Why PDP must insist on giving the people only the best – Kalu

The National Publicity Secretary, PDP Youth Alliance, PDPYA, and the Director General, Gobal Initiative for Good Governance, GIGG, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has once again called on the largest party in Africa, PDP, to heed the cry of the masses by giving them true leaders whose onus is not self aggrandizement, but service to nation.

In a statement he peesonally signed and made available to the press, Dr Kalu argued that the essence of leadership is to offer solutions that will help improve the lot of the masses, insisting that anything short of that is blackmail.

“We have been on this path for too long, this is the time to think for the masses because there’s no other way to grow, progress and unite Nigeria than investing in improved life for the general citizenry” he said.

He therefore encouraged PDP to scout for the best aspirants with reputable character not the ones that go arround to give citizens little token because it is election time.

“This is time for us to define our future as we ought to drive our own progress by making sure that we elect qualified aspirants that will work for the nation, not the ones that will only see election as investment time.

“We must reject those that only start to do humanitarian works like building houses and doing hospital assistance only because they want to fool the people. Leadership in Nigeria must be taken behond this obvious” he argued.

As a man that have been a staunch advocate of Good Governance through service, he maintained that qualified candidates are people with the interest of the citizens and the party at heart.

“This is time to wake up and get involved to make sure we get the best for our people and stop this business as usual that will always cause us our rights.

“Nigerians have borne the brunt of political miscalculations in the past. PDP must own up to this task to save the nation because we have no other place to call our nation”

Lockdown Nigeria now, use Abacha loot for palliatives to avert mass deaths, Kalu urges FG

The National Director, Special Duties of the PDP Youth Alliance, Dr Emeka Kalu has urged the federal government to, as a matter of urgency lock down the country.

Kalu said this has become necessary, following the rise in the death rate of Covid-19 patients, especially in Northern Nigeria, and the total violation of social distancing laws by Nigerians.

Kalu also said that, with the level of crowding in buses, banks and other public places since Monday, 4th May, its only a matter of time before there will be a sharp spike in the number of infected Nigerians.

He also argued that the Federal Government should make use of the recently returned $311 million Abacha loot as palliatives for all Nigerians “the recently repatriated $311 million should be shared among all Nigerians who have a BVN. The money can sustain Nigerians during the period of the lockdown. We cannot afford to get careless and allow what Melinda Gates said to befall us. She said she sees corpses on the streets of Africa, FG must act now to prevent this from happening”, Kalu stated.

Emeka Kalu congratulates Guinea Bissau President-elect, Umar Sessoko Embalo

A national leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Emeka Kalu has congratulated the president-elect of Guinea-Bissau, Dr Umar Sessoko Embalo and the Prime Minister-Elect, Engr Nuno Nabiam who won the 2019 presidential elections yesterday.

The duo defeated their rivals under the party, NADEM G15, which Kalu said is by a wide margin. Kalu had posted on his Facebook wall the following message:

“Finally we have won the election with a wide margin! Please permit me to introduce the new Guinea Bissau President Elect, Dr Umar Sessoko Embalo and his new Prime Minister, Engr Nuno Nabiam. These two men will drive the country to success. Again, congratulations my people. God is faithful”.

Dr Kalu will be remembered for his untiring efforts at garnering massive support for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar during the 2019 presidential elections in Nigeria. He led the most vibrant presidential campaign organisation then, Atikulated Agenda 2019 and raised over 10 million supporters for Atiku in Nigeria and in the diaspora.

TRIBUNAL: The Consequences of being a judge in one’s own case, by Emeka Kalu

The Director General of Atukulated Agenda Worldwide and one time Aspirant of Abia State Gubernatorial Election under APGA, Chief Dr. Emeka C. Kalu has cried out in defense of democracy and justice in Nigeria by pointing out some anomalies in the tribunal constituted judges that has made the supposed outcome of their judgment appear prejudiced.

“When you look at the composition of the members of the tribunal, especially the head, one would wonder: “Can unbiased justice be attained with the outlook of things? Will justice and fairness be expected where the judge of a capital case of an erring son happened to be either of his parents?” I will explain hereunder.

“It is not out of place to say that the position and interest of the President of the Court of Appeal, Hon. Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa, will be completely compromised in this case and she ought to had as a matter of dignity and sincerity of purpose recluse herself, for how do you expect that the learned justice would, in good conscience, expect to be trusted, given that her husband is a newly elected senator of the APC.

“As if that is not enough, her brother is a governor elect on the platform of APC for Gombe; her other brother is permanent secretary in the Buhari villa, and not leaving out her son, who is also a newly elected lawmaker of the APC. How can the honorable Justice Bulkachuwa be unprejudiced, if she is to judge a matter that in against her entire family and their beneficiary?”. In other words, the outcome is already tilted against PDP.

On a similar case for National concern, it has previously been alleged that before the commencement of the proceedings of the tribunal, substantial amounts of money had changed hands. Promise of elevation to the Supreme Court has been put before the tribunal members, whereas intimidation and harassment of a potential Onnoghen treatment is conspicuously dangled before anyone of them who does not comply with the conditions.

The media is not left out of the two-edged sword as many have been promised peace or persecution depending on the side you care to choose.

“For justice to be justly served, Hon. Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa should recluse herself and rescind her position for men of uncompromising integrity and good conscience to take her place. The other members of the tribunal who has tested the feel of currency of backhand should also be removed because their integrity is already in question”.

Unless this is done, the Nigeria we know today will be a shadow of herself in the nearest feature because when citizens lose faith in the ability of the judiciary, especially the courts of the land, to transparently adjudicate in matters of significant national interest, then we can better imagine what will follow. Anarchy will be unleashed upon the land.

NY Doctor Hosts Atikulated Agenda DG Kalu

The Director General of Atikulated Agenda 2019, Chief Emeka Kalu was recently hosted by Dr Ejike Onuogu in his country home at Ajalli, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State. Dr Onuogu and his wife, based in New York, United States came back to Nigeria and decided to commend the efforts of Chief Kalu for a new Nigeria.

The event was a gathering of friends, family, well wishers and some key members of Atikulated Agenda 2019 who gathered to honour Kalu for his tireless contributions to nation building.

It was a beehive of festivities too, as masquerade performers, dance troupes and comedians filled the arena.

Some key people who were at the event include Chief Chuba Erike (Ikoli Nibo), Princess Nnenna Obasi – Agu (National Woman Leader of Atikulated Agenda), ThankGod Ofoelue (National Secretary of Atikulated Agenda and publisher of Jungle Journalist), Hon Egbuna, a former midfielder of Rangers International Football Club of Enugu and a host of others.

Below are some images captured by JUNGLE JOURNALIST News Corporation crew who were covered the event:

Atiku Will Recover His Mandate, Just Like Kenya-Emeka Kalu

The Director General of Atikulated Agenda 2019, Chief Emeka Kalu has expressed optimism on the mandate of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Kalu in a statement affirmed that judging by the latest court judgment that upturned the victory of President Uhuru Kenyatta in Kenya, it’s only a matter of time before Atiku gets back his mandate as the authentic winner of the 2019 presidential elections.

Kalu in a statement said that Atiku beat President Muhammadu Buhari in a landslide victory to emerge the winner of the 2019 presidential elections. He however cautioned the All Progressive Congress (APC), and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), warning that they should refrain from standing in the path of justice to ensure speedy hearing of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s case and attendant victory in court.

The leader of the support group therefore called on other supporters of the presidential candidate and Nigerians to be steadfast and continue to pray for Atiku whom he is quite sure would win in court.

He said “Nigerians should be happy that the judiciary is still man’s last hope to democracy and justice. After the misadventures of the Kenya electoral commission, the court has ruled that the presidential election in that country is neither free, fair nor transparent. A similar thing has happened here in Nigeria and we are very sure that in a matter of time, our president will be declared in the person of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. No one can stand in his way of justice because he is the clear winner of the elections”.