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Abia Calls for Enforcement of Anti-Open Grazing Law

Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has called on security agencies in the State to assist government in enforcing the Anti-Open Grazing Law of Abia State.

Governor Ikpeazu who was represented by his Deputy, Rt. Hon. Ude Oko Chukwu, requested the cooperation of stakeholders to ensure government fights and wins the war against criminality in the State.

He charged critical stakeholders especially, the Traditional Rulers to live up to expectations, stating that the security of the State is also in their hands.

The State Chief Executive equally called on the people of the state to always avail useful information and intelligence to Traditional Rulers, security agencies and government authorities, saying that the era of not knowing who to report to has gone. He assured that the government is committed to protecting the informants.

The Governor who commended stakeholders for making themselves available for the workshop assured that the State would continue to ensure that her citizens were secured and disclosed that he has been assisting security agencies in the state with vehicles and necessary equipment/gadgets and would sustain the gesture.

In a keynote address, coordinator of the workshop and Chief of Staff to the Governor, Dr. Anthony Agbazuere said the workshop was initiated to consolidate Abia State’s status on security and create more awareness among the people of various crimes thereby making it difficult for criminals to perpetrate their nefarious activities.

He further disclosed that the workshop would be taken to the grassroots in the 17 LGAs of the State.

According to him, the primary responsibility of any government is the welfare and security of the people, hence, the need to enlighten the people on how best to report criminal activities.

Dr Agbazuere who said Abia State has maintained tremendous peace since the inception of Governor Ikpeazu’s administration, called on all to cultivate the habit of giving information on criminal flash points in the communities. He informed that security experts were also invited to the workshop to speak on various issues of security in the State.

Presenting their separate lectures, the State’s Commissioner of Police, Janet Agbede, representative of
State Director of Security Services and Director Operations, Mr. Etuk Enang, and representative of the Commandant, 14 Brigade, Nigeria Army, Ohafia, Major O. B Olayiwola,
commended Governor Okezie Ikpeazu for putting together the workshop and for enacting laws against criminality in the State as well as providing vehicles to support the various security agencies.

They emphasized the need for critical stakeholders such as Traditional Rulers to collaborate with government to achieve peace and appreciated Governor Ikpeazu for establishing the farmers/herders conflict resolution committee which has helped in enhancing peace in the State.

They further stressed the need for all to synergize with the government to ensure that security thrives in the state.

The security experts said everybody was the target and beneficiary of the workshop and made a case for all to be conscious of their environment as well as report security issues promptly to the security agencies in the State.

Contributing, the Chairman, Abia State Council of Ndị Eze, Eze Joseph Nwabekee stated that the Igbo culture abhors criminality and urged his fellow Traditional Rulers in the State to deploy the Chiefs, village heads, vigilante groups, youth organizations etc, to ensure peace and tranquility in their communities. He also enjoined them to carry the message of combating and reducing criminal activities in their domains as well as sustain their support for the Governor

Earlier in his address, the Executive Chairman, Umuahia North Local Government Area, Mr. Ugochukwu Njinkeonye stressed the need for all to embrace peace and ensure security is maintained in the communities, adding that security is for all and should be the responsibility of all. He advised that the messages from the workshop should be taken to various communities.

Also in their various reactions, Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Elisha, Chief Uche Akwukwegbu, Saint Moses Ogbonna among other participants
stressed the need for the Police to always cooperate with informants in the State. They said that security agencies should build confidence among the people, pointing out that the police should live up to expectations. They emphasised on the need to take the sensitizations to secondary school students also, adding that prosecution of alledged criminals is not effective in the State and called for a change in that direction.

Pass anti-grazing laws now to protect Igboland from invasion, ADF charges govs

The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) has called on the governors of the Southeast zone to facilitate the passage of anti open grazing bill in their states houses of assembly to protect Igbo land from threat of external invasion.

Spokesperson for the Foundation, Chief Abia Onyike who made the call in a chat with Business Hallmark, also said similar security outfit to Amotekun should be launched in the zone to secure the people of the zone.

“I am calling on the Southeast political leaders, including the governors, legislators and others to work very hard to ensure that the anti-open grazing bill is passed into law in each of the five southeast states’ houses of assembly,” he said.

“That would be a major instrument to guarantee the peace and tranquility of the zone, and to secure lives of our people, and also save our homeland from external invasion. It is a responsibility which the political class of this dispensation owes to the masses who elected them into office. When they have done that, the second stage would be the consideration to consolidate their collective security apparatus in line with what has happened in the Southwest.

“We have to defend our territory from all kinds of invasion because we are hearing all kinds of news about the so-called threat of Islamisation. The opening of borders for jihadists from across Africa to come into Nigeria as their homeland. These are the kinds of things that unsettle the peace and tranquility of our environment. The Igbo nation should not be found wanting. We have to be on the alert.

“That is what ADF is saying, that the political class owes a responsibility to defend our people and not to defend external interest in the Nigerian federation. Nobody can drive the drive the Igbo nation away from this land. We have come to stay. The Igbo nation is the first ethnic nationality to settle in the Nigerian federation. We settled where we are today more than 3,000 years before the Yoruba. And more than 5000 years before the Hausa/Fulani and others. We cannot be threatened in our natural abode which we inherited from our forebears.

“And for the peace of the Nigerian federation, we insist on genuine federalism. And the best way to go about it is to call for a constitutional dialogue that will resolve the impending crisis of the Nigerian federation. We have to restore the autonomous regions where every region can develop at their own pace. Then there would be justice, equity progress. That’s the only way to end spread of armed conflicts in the country and the banditry, terrorism and the crisis that has bedevilled Nigeria.”

Onyike who also spoke about the 2023 presidency said it would be dangerous for the country if the Igbo are denied the opportunity to produce the country’s president.

“The PDP cannot be the only party that can facilitate the Southeast coming to power in 2023. The APC can also facilitate it. Before 2023, there should have been no question. The political momentum must have resonated and it should have been clear to everybody that it’s either Southeast president or something more dangerous will happen,” he said.

“So, as at that time, it would have become incontestable that all the political parties would want to give the Southeast the presidential ticket. That’s my own permutation. So, it’s not only the PDP that should give ticket to the Igbo. The APC can as well do that in order to save the Nigerian federation from the threat of disintegration.”

The former commissioner for information in Ebonyi State and once chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) who also spoke on the future of the party given its present challenges said it was unfortunate that there is no longer party loyalty.

According to him, people are only loyal to their religious and ethnic groups and easily betrayed their parties when there is a clash between the interest of the ethnic group and that of party. According to him, Goodluck Jonathan was betrayed by members of the PDP in 2015.

“The point is that party loyalty in Nigeria has been desecrated and politics is no longer based on principles. That is the reason why loyalty to the party has been bastardised. And in that circumstance, what we are witnessing is the invasion of the polity by renegade characters and all kinds of elements who have no commitment, whatever to the tenets of democracy,” Onyike said.

“It’s very annoying, especially for some of us who played important roles in the pro-democracy movement in Nigeria in the 1990s. Which was what laid the foundation for a return to democracy after the military was pushed away from power.

“The point is this, Nigerian political parties are not liberation movements like we have in South Africa. In South Africa you have the African National Congress (ANC) which was formed in 1912. Then, you have other political movements in Africa that were rooted in ideological orientation. You don’t have it in Nigeria.

“The political parties we have in Nigeria are just like trading companies. To that extent, anything can happen to any of them. Don’t be surprised if by tomorrow all the governors of the PDP decide to cross over to the APC. They can do it without any qualms of conscience and nothing will happen to them.

“They are not fighting for the liberation of the people. That is the truth of the matter. And the people who are now involved in governance did not take part in the pro democracy struggle that ousted the military in the 90s. The two dominant political parties were actually organised and formed by the military itself so that it can now be able to arrange for its stooges to take over political power in Nigeria. That is what has affected the development of the Nigerian democracy as it is.

“Most of the characters you find in the PDP and APC today are not politicians or leaders as such, they are what what we call, fellow travellers. They only join politics because of what they are going to gain from it. They have no serious political education. Some of them where never activists before and don’t know the major issues involved in the struggle to keep the Nigerian project going.

“We are seeing the manifestations. They have no commitment to their party. Some of them are in PDP and are also in APC as they have confessed with their mouths. And it’s very unfortunate.

“Let me also say that the manner Goodluck Jonathan was ousted from office in 2015 is also a pointer to the fact that in Nigeria today, party loyalty is not important. What is important is loyalty to ethnic nationalities and religion. I give you example. In 1999, because Olusegun Obasanjo, a Christian from the Southwest of Nigeria became president, 12 core northern states that were contiguous geographically declared and inaugurated Sharia law in their states.

“That was commitment to religion and not to democracy, politics or party. That was the first sign. The second sign was the way Jonathan was removed from office, through the betrayal and treachery of members of the PDP, which was his own party. And those members of the party came from the northern part of the country. In order words, the use of the APC as a political vehicle to wrestle power from a minority person from the South South geopolitical zone was accepted and assimilated by northern politicians, some of whom were in the PDP. Some of them betrayed their party and facilitated the coming into power of the present leadership of the country.

“There is no principle in party politics in Nigeria. All characters have come to hijack the political system for their selfish interest. It is very unfortunate because if they continue that way, the future of the country will continue to hang in the balance.”