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Sporadic shooting in Aba as police block roads to correctional centre, police HQs, harass motorists

There is tension in Aba, Abia state as policemen have barricaded all roads leading to the Correctional centre and the Police Area Command in the city.

It was gathered that there was heavy shooting at the Aba Area Command and another at Bata junction. Residents of the adjoining roads to the two facilities have been barred from leaving their houses while shop owners were forced to leave the area.

Barricades guarded by the Police were observed at Okwu na Uka street, Pound and Hospital roads as well as the area near the Aba General Hospital.

Residents of the city stated that the barricade on roads leading to the Correctional centre and the Police Area Command may not be unconnected with efforts to protect the two facilities from attack by gunmen.

A police source said that the barricades are not unusual considering the recent attacks on police formations in the South-East zone.

Unconfirmed stories has it that the police received a letter from the unknown gunmen and they decided to display a show of force.

Police Public Relations Officer, Abia State Command, SP Geoffrey Ogbonna, was yet to respond to calls and text message made to his mobile number as at press time.

GRAPHIC TALE! ‘How we beheaded and butchered rival cult leader:-Suspect

The police have arrested a suspected member of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity for the murder a rival cult member and recording his beheading.

After killing his victim, Ugochukwu Igwilo, the suspect, Nzubechukwu Victor Okonkwo, reportedly posted the video of his apparent beheading on WhatsApp, a private messaging social media app.

Okonkwo was arrested by the Inspector-General’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Abia State.

The suspect, who was arrested alongside Prince Kalu, an alleged member of the confraternity, was apprehended after operatives of the IRT, headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, raided a seven-man gang of armed robbers who robbed and killed some POS agents in Aba Town.

Sources disclosed that the armed robbers were all members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and that during interrogations they confessed that a member of their confraternity, Okonkwo, was the person who killed and beheaded the person who was seen in the viral video.

It was further gathered that after the victim was beheaded, Okonkwo and three of his gang members also cut of the victim’s legs, arms and his private part and took it to a native doctor at a village in Ahia Afor, where it was used to make charms that they claimed would give them protection from the police and rival cult gangs.

Narrating why he killed and beheaded Igwilo, Okonkwo, who claimed to be a student of Nigeria Maritime Academy Oron , Cross Rivers State, said:

‘I am from Idiator North, Local Government Area of Imo State, and I joined the Vikings Confraternity in 2013 and I live in Aba with my parent. Mr Virus took me to join the Vikings Confraternity. I was the former head of the confraternity in Aba in 2015. I ruled for six months before I was removed and we had three guns during my time. I was arrested because I killed Ugochukwu Igwilo, who is a member of Black Axe Confraternity. We had a cult war in Aba in 2020 and Ugochukwu killed one of our members, Lampard, and the message was reported in our WhatsApp group chat.

‘Ugochukwu attacked Lampard at

his compound in Umuchichi around Osisioma area of Aba and butchered him, and before then Ugochukwu had also attempted to kill me but I escaped. Ugochukwu was also the former head of the Black Axe group in Aba.

So, on March 6, 2021, Ugochukwu came to where we were playing football with one Segior and a member of our group known as “More-Light” was with a gun with him at that time. Then we ordered Ugochukwu to follow us into the bush with the gun and he obeyed. But while we were moving into the bush, he attempted to escape and Otiko, a member of our group, went after him and broke his head with a big stick.

Then I shot him with the locally-made gun and he died on the spot. Then we dragged his dead body to our Island which is not far from the bush and I cut off his head and I videotaped it.

I then sent video to our WhatsZpp group chat, from where it went viral. I also presented the head to our members who were not on ground when we killed the victim. Two other members of our group, Spiritual and Otiko, then went to the corpse and removed more body parts that they took to a native doctor at Ogbor Hill in Village Ahia Afor.

The herbalist grinded the head then asked us to pound the bones.

When our present members were pounding the head, the herbalist was making incantations, saying the charm was to prevent the police from arresting us.

But the charmed failed us. The video I shared went viral and when More-Light was arrested over the POS robbery, he also confessed that he was part of the group that killed a beheaded Ugochukwu.

Prince was just a witness to the crime. I was planning to become an engineer but now that dream has been cut short. My biggest regret is that someone else will be sleeping with my girlfriend.’

Daily Sun

Ikpeazu elated as Geometric Power Project Aba soon to come alive

Gov Okezie Ikpeazu and Prof Barth Nnaji

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, has expressed joy at the prospect of Aba, the state’s commercial nerve centre, enjoying 24 hours uninterrupted power supply soon following the resolution of issues that had plagued the project led by Geometric Power.

The Governor made this known in a series of tweets via his official Twitter handle on Friday.

Ikpeazu who also thanked the federal government “for the courage to endorse the project” said it was “capable of repositioning our economy for the better”.

“The multifaceted impact of this on our State’s economy is not lost on us. The SME firmament of Aba will change and unleash a quantum leap in our national products score making Nigeria truly ready to play in our continental trade space.

“Secondly, many artisans such as welders, fabricators, tailors, hairdressers etc, will breathe some fresh air as they will enjoy the attendant positive impact of constant power supply on their trades leading to higher patronage that will in turn translate to the creation of more jobs”, the Governor said.

Ikpeazu expressed optimism that the Enyimba Economic City project will also receive the necessary oxygen required for take off, glide in full flight and operate optimally through the power project

Continuing, he said, “with this development, our country would experience real and profound success in her efforts to provide modular power through a divide and conquer strategy, which can be replicated everywhere else”, and expressed hope that the development will lead to “the end of our seemingly intractable ‘quest for power'”.

Prof Barth Nnaji of Geometric Power had earlier visited the Governor and briefed him on the progress made to complete the independent power project in Aba.

Industrialization: Ikpeazu dispatches team to Turkey, others

…plans ultra modern garment factory in Aba

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, has dispatched a team of garment entrepreneurs to Bangladesh, Vietnam and Turkey, respectively, on exploratory visits for a planned ultramodern garment factory that will soon open in the State.

This much was made known by the Governor himself in his tweets over the weekend.

The Governor said the garment factory when operational, will complement the shoe factory already established in the state, saying these will create jobs for Abia youths.

The tweet is reproduced below:

“Further to my industrialization agenda, I have dispatched a team to Bangladesh, Vietnam and Turkey respectively on exploratory visit for the planned ultra modern garment factory we are opening soon in Abia to complement the already established Shoe Factory

“I am poised as ever to make Aba the fashion capital of Nigeria with automated shoe and garment factories producing in tens of thousands daily. That’s jobs, jobs and more jobs for our people”.

Police officers shooting at protesters in Aba, Abia State this morning (video)

Police officers were caught on camera shooting sporadically at people in Aba, Abia State.

This incident occured on Wednesday morning October 21, after governor Okezie Ikpeazu imposed a 24-hour curfew in Aba and Umuahia following a clash between hoodlums and the police in the two major cities.

See video on Twitter below:


Lush City bringing back Igbos in diaspora

Managing Director, PWAN Plus, Julius Oyedemi, presenting plot allocation documents to an investor in Lush City Estate, Aba, recently.

It was a crispy Saturday morning on August 1. Lawrence Kemdi, a renowned geologist of Igbo extraction, hovered at the balcony of his exquisite mansion located along the prestigious Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

At the center of the sizeable balcony, stood a beautifully carved wooden table and an armchair. Kemdi pulled the chair to a comfortable position and lowered his lanky frame into it’s soft leather. Just then, a neatly dressed steward walked in. Briskly, the steward displayed an array of stainless jug, coffey bottle, vessel bearing nondairy milk, honey jar, hot water flask and a set of tea cup before his master.

Leaning forward, Kemdi made for himself a cup of rich Coffey. Intermittently, he took a sip from the steaming cup while fresh morning breeze from the nearby Lagoon smacked his trim body. From that vintage position, Kemdi regarded the stream of traffic on Admiralty Way and exotic skyline of Lekki Phase 1. His calm mien betrayed his love for the adorable ambience and peace which his affluent neighborhood offers.

He had actually spent most of his productive years living in cities and sophisticated environments. Having spend over 23 years in America and Europe, he returned to Nigeria; and settled in Lagos to continue his rewarding career in multinational oil firm. In the next two years, Kemdi would have to take a compulsory plunged into retirement. All along, he had planned to spend the evening hours of his life in his home town and among his kinsmen. The thought of numerous challenges associated with going back to his remote village switched Kemdi’s pleasant countenance,

Why did his mood change? He said: “Once in a while, I had spent annual vacations in my home town. But as good as it is to unwind amongst my kinsmen and enjoy the comfort of my family mansion, I always felt that an essential part of me is missing. Everyday needs of life, which ordinarily are not far fetched in urban settings, are not easily accessible in typical Southern Eastern villages. There is also the issue of poor social amenities coupled with what I call local discomforts which includes home people or relations seeing a returnee as a threat.’ he added.

Julius Oyedemi

With a wave of hand, Kemdi picked up his cellphone from the Coffey table and dialed an estate agent’s number: “How much does a plot cost in that new estate -Lush City, Aba.” Moments later, he instructed the person at the other end of the line; “Send your account details, I am paying for two units right away.” That was how Kemdi’s long held dream of retiring to his village and to his people was jettisoned. Jungle Journalist Media Ltd investigation revealed that Easterners living in the diaspora and those who relocate back to their roots actually share the same frustrations.

According to Justin Okenwa, a human resources professional, “This has increasingly become the greatest challenge of many urbane Easterners, especially retirees and those who wish to relocate back to their roots for peculiar reasons. I definitely prefer to live in a nearby city when I retire, and visit my village to spend my weekends. It’s sure not good for me to start learning how to cope with challenges of life in a rural setting, in my old age. Not after several years of city life.”

“I have already bought a plot in Lush City Phase 2, Aba. It’s less than one hour’s drive to my home town; and I am glad I did. This does not in anyway diminish the fact that every Igboman holds ownership of a befitting family house in his place of birth closely to heart,” Okenwa explained. He finds a soulmate in Akpan Ekere, from Ikot Ubo, Akwa Ibom State. “One shouldn’t gamble with life in retirement. That’s why I desire to spend my retirement within an organised estate, Ekere said . He disclosed that had acquired a plot for his retirement comfort at Lush City Estate, Uyo. “Surely there’s no way I will miss the civilised life style I have grown used to,” Akpan explained.

Why exactly do Ibos and their south southern neighbours find going back to their villages and living among their kinsmen an uphill task? Property whizkid and Managing Director of PWAN Plus, owners of Lush City by Cedarwood, Julius Oyedemi, explained that until there is a paradigms shift in house ownership pattern, many Easterners and South southerners living in cities, will continue to find it difficult to retire to their native homes. “Our experimental estate in the commercial nerve center of Abia State – Lush City Phase 1 Aba- witnessed huge scramble . We actually sold out all plots within four weeks, Lush City Phase 2, Aba, is also fast selling out and third phase is loading. Interestingly, 90% of those who invested into Lush City exclusive estates are Igbo’s living in the diaspora. Good number of accomplished professionals living in different Nigerian cities, business people and politicians also joined in the scramble for Lush City,” Oyedemi disclosed.

During a recent facility tour of Lush City Aba and Uyo, our correspondent found out that Lush City innovation in the South East and South South regions was carefully targeted at creating ideal environmental and orchestrating a change in the life style of the people. “Our primary objective is to spark off development in the region and enhance the lifestyle of the people positively. We want to clean up the streets, and have it filled with people of positive minds. Lush City is a revolution intended to use real estate to improve South East South South, by planting cities.

“We believe that South Easterners travel far and wide. Why should they come back to their own place and the best they see are isolated edifices spotting a predominantly remote village settings? While we are not saying that a village shouldn’t be a village, we want to ensure that South Easterners and residents of neighbouring communities are be able to enjoy good infrastructure, portable water supply, ambience, recreational facilities, security and elevated lifestyle that they enjoy in various cities where they reside,” Oyedemi said.

He continued: “The Igbos have done so much but they are enjoying less. They have built lots of exquisite mansions scattered in their villages and town. Incidentally many are scared to come back home due to the absence of urban lifestyle that they enjoy in the cities. That they have beautiful houses doesn’t make isolated family mansions in villages and towns a city. A collection of those houses having adequate social amenities, recreational facilities, good infrastructural base and linked to sprawling pockets of towns and villages make up a city. We are creating an environment whereby there will be a show of creativity, innovation in the South East and south south through Lush City revolution. At the end of the day, both the typical natives as well as the cosmopolitan easterners can have a feel of ambience, security and enhanced lifestyle back in their home town.

“When you travel oversees you find out that even the way you talk, the way you dress, the malls and places you visit, everything you come in contact with is just attractive; and all these things contribute to your lifestyle. “We want such environment in the South East and South South regions. Lagos and Abuja are already urban cities, with the vital contribution of the real estate sector. Several estates implies several developments, Oyedemi added.

Chief Okosisi Ochingwa, a dealer in stockfish in Ariaria Market, Aba said; ” This is a welcome development. He observed that tremendous self developmental projects and infrastructures are taking place around Osisioma area of Aba where Lush City Phase 1 is located. According to Ochingwa, the place was a virgin land when PWAN Plus arrived. “Now the place is growing fast. People no longer call the location by its original name. They now call it Lush City. So Lush City has become a land mark. Also, the government of Abia State has began to improve infrastructural development in the area,” Ochingwa said excitedly.

At the moment, PWAN Plus has replicated Lush City in Abia State, Imo State, Akwa-Ibom State while Cross River State and other neighbouring States are in the pipeline. The firm’s MD stressed that the initiative was careful created to rule the South East and South South real estate sector. “Like the name implies, it is sprawling. Lush City is already established in Owerri, Imo State, We have Lush City phases 1, 2 and 3 in Aba, and Lush City Umuahia is loading. The first phase of Lush City, Uyo Akwa-Ibom State is fast selling while plans to launch Calabar Lush City has reached advance stage. So it’s a revolution to spring up cities in this region, to turn things around so that the people here will embrace urban lifestyle,” he further explained.

It is hoped that the initiative will accomplish a lot more in the regions.
“If our South eastern and South South brothers can find such comfort back in their villages and towns, their home economy will definitely improve. Commerce will receive tremendous boost because people will have the need to buy, sale and more money will flow in locally. Now we know that by the time smart cities are replicated security will become something that will be appreciated rather than an issue.

“This is because the cities will have top notch security arrangement, residents of the surround communities will also benefit from tight security and government too will complement the efforts. We want to encourage urbanisation, quality lifestyle, technology, enhance productive capacity by turning desolate places into new urban settings.

“Precisely, the Lush City revolution will deliver the paradigm shift in the living environment of the people from a predominantly remote community to satellite towns adequately linked with social amenities so that someone who lives in Owerri can comfortable do business in Umuahia and return to his or her base the same day. Our plan is to use real estate to ignite development in the South East and South South. This will surely eliminate the dilemma our Igbo brothers who are desirous of relocating back to their villages experience. As you can see, Lush City project is already to bringing back Igbos in the diaspora,” Oyedemi related.

Real estate booming despite pandemic – Oyedemi

Contrary to expectations, real estate guru and Managing Director, PWAN Plus Business Concerns, an affiliate of Property World Network Africa (PWAN Group), Julius Oyedemi, insists that despite Covid-19 pandemic, real estate industry still flourishes. He spoke with journalists where he explained his reasons for the claim:

Can you introduce yourself and organisation to our readers?

My name is Julius Oyedemi, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, PWAN Plus Business Concern Limited, owners of Cedarwood Estate with headquarters in the city of Lagos.

Basically, we are a real estate network marketing firm with out stations in Aba, Owerri and other major cities in Nigeria. We are one of the fastest real estate marketing companies in Africa. Our vision is to make home ownership dream a reality for all. At PWAN Plus, we are very civil and highly professional in our dealings. One of our core values is customer satisfaction. No matter how good one’s integrity is, if customers are not satisfied his or her character becomes questionable.

Hence, our focal point is customer satisfaction. Cedarwood Estates by PWAN Plus is just a little above three years. However, we have earned national and international recognitions in as real estate stallholders. From 2017 till date we have several estates in Lagos, Imo, Abia States and we are currently moving Akwa-Ibom State.

We have also recorded significant achievements in the area of infrastructural development in all our estates. I can tell our customers that we are concerned about you buying a property from us and you have easy access to you property or your allocation.

Prospective customers may want to know your core area. Do you specialise in site and service or build and sale?

We basically function in the area of site and service though we are delving into build and sale. By site and service, I mean we acquire large expanse of land and develop it. We clear it, fence it, erect gatehouse, put security facilities and develop road networks. Of course we don’t stop there. We do the electrification and lightens; and also create recreational centers, sporting arenas, estate launch, other basic infrastructure; and then we allow our investors to build to their taste. We allow them to build to their taste. We know that like they say; variety is the spice of life. So we allow people to play with their creative ability. Hence, when you acquire a property from us, you submit your building plan; it undergoes approval process and you are off to site.

How does PWAN Plus make home ownership easy for everyone?

We believe that every man dreams of having a home that he calls his own. But how to actualise it becomes the challenge. At PWAN Plus, we go into developing area, acquire properties, develop them within a time frame and make the properties very affordable for everyone. We operate a systems that allows even the low income earners to acquire properties with ease. Because, if you are trying to make home ownership dream a reality for all you should also consider peoples’ incomes. You need to check their pockets. At Cedarwood’s Estates, we are budget friendly. I can tell you, we sold properties like Cedarwood Vista at the rate N270,000 here in the city of Lagos in 2019; and it was a boom. A lot of people thought it was a scam until they were invited to get their allocations. We heard testimonials.

A lot of people said: ‘I thought it was a scam so I said let me just buy one plot.’ Now that they have allocations they
want buy more. That is part of our own style of fulfilling our vision, by making our properties affordable and easy for clients to take possession. We are also very choosy regarding the location we invest in. We go for prime locations where either government or private developmental efforts will hit the area. We are careful not to take people to areas where nothing can spark off more development.

Considering the current economic challenges, one would expect that these are dull moments for the real estate sector but instead you are launching new products here and there. Could you explain the secret?

Nigeria is fully dependent on crude oil, but it has become a reality today, that crude cannot sustain the country. Many multinational oil companies are relocating out of Nigeria. I want people to know that one sure industry that has contributed significantly to the economies of the world at large is real estate. In Nigeria today, real estate is contributing immensely to the country. No matter the economic challenge, real estate remains a booming industry in Nigeria. The reason as I said earlier is, everybody wants a roof over his head. And everyone wants to be a landlord or landlady; so the quest for real estate is always high.

The industry is a very busy one, and for us, the players, there is no resting moment because the demand is high. We have to improve our supply capabilities; that’s why the industry is still flying high despite the pandemic.

On the other hand some people believe that living in an estate makes one a perpetual tenant, how do you reconcile that?

I think that’s not a true statement. As real estate developers, our focal point is to solve housing problems. We provide basic amenities. Precisely, what we do is to have a functional estates, where there will be good ambience, serenity, organisation, accountability and security of lives and property. One of the challenges of man is security. At PWAN Plus, we are developing properties where these aspects of man’s worries are taken care of. Why should anybody say that he or she is a perpetual tenant because he lives in an organised and secure estate?

Let me stress here that the reason some people may think that living in an estate makes one are perpetual tenant, is because there is a control system, there is organisation and there is management. Yes; no estate functions well without a management. No organisation functions well without systems and structures. The fact that you have acquired land makes you a landlord or land owner; but a management which is also instituted by the landowners and landlords is there to serve occupants of the estate. I will give a simple illustration. When you live in neighbourhoods devoid of proper estate management who is accountable to you when there is power failure for one month? When you live in such neighbourhood and there is no water supply who is accountable to you?

When you live neighbourhoods and armed robbers are jumping into and bugling peoples’ homes who is accountable? In a functional estate, there is a management which takes care of all the aspects such security, water, electricity, cleaning services, general maintenance and the rest of them. So you find out that people who live in functional estates enjoy a good measure of free life, with just a little sacrifice which is determined by the landlords. Who want to live in unorganized neighbourhood where anybody can just bash into your house and bang on your gate indiscriminately? In an organised estate like ours, there is robust security operated by competent private security professionals in conjunction with the Nigerian Police Force.

In such environment, residents have peace of mind. They wake up in the morning, and their streets are cleaned; their neighbourhood is not littered with dead leaves, nobody dumps trash on the streets; like we see in neighbourhoods where anybody can just deface the streets. All of that does not happen in a functional estate. I want to say clearly that, you are indeed not a perpetual tenant. Rather you are privileged to be among the high class who enjoy good living environment because that’s what a functional estate provides.

How can those who earn less N150,000 enjoy this good life considering how much it costs to own a property in your estates?

I tell people that real estate investment is a journey; and every journey starts from a location. Every journey has a starting point and a finishing point, which is called destination. To be a real investor or one who acquires property, one needs to have foresight. Foresight makes you see the future right in the present. Foresight brings what is far nearer. For instance, about five or seven years ago, if you drove through Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, it was known as a deadly zone. If not accident, it was robbery, all because bushes dominated that environment. There were no physical developments so a lot of atrocities were happening until Redeemed Christian church of God through the able leadership of Pastor Enoch Adeboye acquired several kilometres of land and planted their headquarters there. If you go to that axis now, the story has changed. You hardly hear of robbery cases around there because many other developments have moved there.

The Redeemed Church has attracted a lot of people. You now many beautiful estates in Mowe, Magodo and all of those axis today. The truth is; people should start from somewhere. When the likes of Daddy Adeboye moved to that axis, a lot of people misunderstood him. But today a good number now have clearer understanding. The journey of real estate investment starts with a step. Let’s go back to your question. How can someone who earns below N150,000 live in an organised estate? I want to say that it’s very possible. It takes foresight and determination. Today in Cedarwood Estates, we have flexible payment plan. So somebody earning N100,000 and below can acquire a property of N600,000 and spread the payment over 12 months. At some point, we even allow 18 months. That’s one way that PWAN Plus is assisting Nigerian to live a good life.

In what ways does your firm help to reduce the number of our youths in the unemployment market?

We have a platform called PWAN Group Property Access Club. It is group of persons who are doing something legitimate to achieve a goal. I want to stress that in 2019, we got reports from Lagos Business School saying that PWAN Group is the third largest employer of labour in West Africa. There are over 79,000 independent partners and consultants working for PWAN. We have a training programme that we call ‘Walk With Us Nigeria’. We understand the position of our nation and we are saying that instead of just buying land from us, they can also own properties at zero cost and that is where the initiative, property access club, came into existence. It is a platform whereby individuals from different walks of life are trained to become real estate professionals. PWAN Group has been training people since 2012. I can boldly tell you that there is no real estate firm in Nigeria that runs trainings the way the PWAN Group does it. Our trainings are done in all of our centers nationwide.

The PWAN brand is spreads over 13 states in Nigeria. Every Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays quality trainings are simultaneously ongoing in the 13 states. The essence is; after the training, a beneficiary becomes a Consultant and Partner with the brand. He or she is thought on how to sell properties and how to network people into real estate. When a Consultant or Partner makes sales, he or she gets a generous commission to keep body and soul alive. A lot of people both in Nigeria and in the diaspora are working with PWAN Group to make home ownership dream a reality. That platform is actually PWAN’s arm devoted to empowering Nigerians, taking the jobless off the streets and helping them to earn a descent living.

Investors have been testifying that real estate products by PWAN Plus and Cedarwood Estates sale out very quickly. What’s the secret?

Like I said earlier, one of our core values is customer satisfaction. Whatever meaningful thing we can do to make sure that a customer goes home haply, we will do. From myself, the Managing Director to the least staff, we are all out. I drive people to sight inspection at times. I follow up to inspect clients allocation regularly. I make sure that I follow up with contractors on sight because if you must deliver effectively to clients and investors you have to place integrity above all things. I believe that with these inputs, God Almighty is not so partial not to reward our efforts.

That is the secret. If you check all the visuals on the internet, you see my face on site. All those things are not there for show. It’s just to show our customers that from top to bottom, our staff are responsible and accountable for their investments. I have the understanding that first is quality service I can narrow it to service. With that my subordinates and every staff knows that we are all out. One cannot do otherwise and expect good result. I believe this is one reason investor will choose to do business with us. Again as the Managing Director, I am personally and easily available. In real estate business, investors should know and be able to interact with the people at the front line, to know what the plans and projections are like. The real estate CEO should be accountable to investors, give them feedback on the state of their properties, what and how the return on their investments has accrued. All of this is what we practice here in PWAN Plus.

We are not there yet, but we are getting there. It has not been an easy one. It is time consuming, sometimes you don’t even have time to attend to your urgent personal or family needs. Another secret of our success is that we are very professional in our approach to solving real estate problems. From the day we launch our estates, everyone in the organisation knows exactly what their duties are. We make sure that from the point that a clients makes an investment, we make all relevant information available and development must start before we start selling any of our estates. When one gets to a property site that he or she want buy and sees people on site working. He has rest of mind. We also take physical possession to reduce fear of land owning families in the minds of investors. Our track record in infrastructural development is another marks that endears us to investors.

Each of our 26 estates enjoy good infrastructural facilities. None of Cedarwood estates is just bush. There is presence of gate house, perimeter fencing, internal road construction and one form of infrastructure going on at site. That is a key factor to why our estates sell very fast. Recently we adopted a method whereby as a client makes payment he or she chooses his or her plot. Lush City Aba, was introduced barely three weeks ago. In the forth week we will begin to allocate plots to all subscribers in that estate. There are cases where some people said they have subscribed for a property and after two or three years they they have not got their allocations. As a result they stopped investing. But here we are changing the rhythm.

Would it be correct to say that Lagos is getting saturated with your estates? Could that be the reason for shift down East or do you have any unique reason for the attention to the East?

Lagos is not saturated because demand for properties here is still high. However, the dial is changing. There is a shift in property business in Lagos from site and service to functional estates; and we are already moving into that market. People want to avoid the stress of building before moving in. They are now more interested in readymade nicely built and furnished apartment that they pay for and park in. We already have Cedarwood residence (4bedroom duplexes) specially designed to meet the need of this category of people around Lakowe area of Lagos. But our vision is to make home ownership easy not only for Nigeria but also all Africans. So expanding our operation to other states of Nigeria is just fulfilling our vision; not because Lagos market is saturated.

PWAN Plush has just launched Lush City in Aba, Abia State. How is that going to impact on the locals considering that attention of some Easterners is fast shifting back home?

Lush City by Cedarwood is going to attract many developments. One thing I know is that people are attracted to and want to associate with success. Lush City is going to improve the economy of Abia State because we are going to be paying tax to the state government. Youths who are technically inclined are already working on site and making a living; the food vendor who is looking for people to buy her food now has a spot or outlet and several other opportunities. In terms of infrastructural development, not solely dependent on government, we will provide all of that and there is a time bar as to when we have to deliver in all of these.

That alone will develop the environment. For instance, I instructed our contractors to grade the access roads and the community people were excited. It’s a sign that sooner of later, the roads might be tarred or paved. The presence of Lush City will also improve the security and life style of the people within the estate first and then the surrounding community because if the community is not safe it’s going to affect the estate. So the presence of Lush City is going to impact on the security architecture of community. Commerce and liquidity will improve in the community. I know that our Igbo brothers always like good things around them, and I can tell you that since siting Lush City in Aba, the reception we have enjoyed is quite commendable.

BREAKING: EFCC Storms Premises of Son of ex-Abia Dep. Gov., Enyinnaya Nwafor (Photos)

Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), on Tuesday stormed the premises of Engr. Enyinnaya Nwafor, son of late former deputy governor of Abia State, Dr. Chima Nwafor.

Nwafor is the founder and chief executive officer of Tunnel End, and Rock Waters Integrated Services Ltd., two construction companies headquartered in Aba.

Some buildings in the company’s premises were marked by the EFCC officials, during the operation which lasted for hours. It was a joint operation which had men of the Nigerian police.

Nwafor is said to be a subject of investigation over alleged fraud and failed contracts. Some roads topping the list include the Unuaro/Ekwereazu road in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia state.

It will be recalled that Governor of the state, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu had recently ordered the contractor back to site after some portions of the road failed. The road only lasted for about six months – December 2018 to June 2019.

Ikpeazu had expressed anger over the poor construction done on the road, which is currently the only route in and out of Aba from Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers States, due to complete failure of all federal roads linking the states.

He said the poor work on the Ekwereazu road didn’t meet the standard of roads done by his administration, ordering the contractor back to site to undertake a full reconstruction of the road.

Rumours are rife that Engr. Nwafor, a managing consultant from Umuojima Osisioma community of the state, is warming up for the 2023 general elections in Abia.

An impeccable source told journalists on Wednesday that the ex-deputy governor’s son was on Tuesday invited for questioning at a police station in the state.

“Yes, he was invited for questioning on Tuesday where he was asked to make some certain statements which he did,” the source said, revealing that Nwafor was later released at 7pm.

It was reliably gathered that plans are on ground for the EFCC to immediately invite Engr. Nwafor to Abuja, the nation’s capital, for further questioning and investigation.

More details later…

PWAN Plus tickles thirst buds of Aba real estate consumers

MD, PWAN Plus, Julius Oyedemi

There is definitely no dull moment for real estate guru and Managing Director of PWAN Plus Business Concerns, Julius Oyedemi. Not even the economic challenges of the time is enough to stunt his creative prowess, marketing fecundity and innovative real estate products.

The property wizkid got land vendors falling head over toes as they rush to acquire a parcel of land in his Crestville Estate, just launched in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos State recently. Barely three weeks after, Oyedemi dazzled residents of Aba, the commercial nerve center of Abia State, when he blazed the trail for unprecedented real estate activities in Osisioma Local Government of the state.

Could it be his way of saying ‘thank you’ to Enyimba City, as Aba fondly called, for the hospitality he enjoyed when he was a marketing executive for National Mirror and New Telegraph newspapers? While unveiling Lush City, the latest among his sprawling Cedarwood brand of exclusive residential grooves over the weekend, the ace property developer explained: “This is the first time that a real estate company is coming to Aba and it is the first outing by Property West Africa Network (PWAN) Group to Aba.Lush City is situated near Enyimba International Stadium, National War Museum, Azumili Blue River and the famous Aiaria International Market, amongst others landmarks in the state.”

Oyedemi added: “Our coming to Aba will address the prevailing housing deficit here. It is not an exaggeration to say that in most Nigerian cities, many people are homeless. Aba, definitely, has its fair share of the debilitating housing deficit. We at PWAN Plus, owners of Cedarwood Estate, have brought ideal solution to the housing deficit here.

“Now, son, daughters and even the Abia State government can leverage on our home ownership made easy skills/products to enhance quality living. We are also passionate to affect the social and economic aspects of the people of Abia State positively as we unveil Lush City by Cedarwood in Aba.”

According to the chief executive of PWAN Plus, the process had already commenced. “Everyone can be a proud owner of an exquisite apartment in Lush City. Our home ownership made easy approach actually guarantees that; and it’s just as easy as make a deposit and get instant plot allocation while balance payment is spread over 12 month’s installments.”

No doubt, the property giant is set to tickle the thirst buds of consumers of real estate products in Abia State and environs. It’s collection of highbrow residential estates dotting the fast developing Ajah, Eti-Osa, Ibeju-Lekki, and Epe areas of Lagos State as well as an appreciable presence in Owerri, the Imo State capital, speak eloquently of the professional and financial competence of PWAN Plus. In the same vane, the glowing testimonies coming from the firm’s numerous clients conveys the genuineness of any property acquired through the PWAN Group. “You can go to sleep if you buy a property from PWAN. All encumbrances associated with getting genuine title documents, instant allocation, land owners’ troubles and other issues are taken off your shoulders while you enjoy trouble free possession, ease of payment and excellent facilities,” said Mazi Okorie, one of the firm’s clients.

“We have come to unleash a regime of affordable but exquisite residential estates here. Igbo people are known for their love for good homes. An average Igbo man believes that he is incomplete without a roof over his head. But like every part of Nigeria Abia State is saddled with the responsibility of making up for over 20% housing deficit, Oyedemy further pointed out.

He explained that with the arrival of PWAN Plus, the deficit will not only witness improvement, opportunities will also be crested for thousands of young people in the state to have genuine means of livelihood. Beyond that security architecture, education and other social and economic aspects will receive serious boost. ” When you have a massive estate that boast of befitting schools, recreational facilities, shopping malls, sporting complex and other live supporting facilities, trade and commerce will flourish more because Lush Estate City by Cedarwood will offer unique opportunities for people, especially those who buy and sale properties.

“As you know people don’t buy buildings just to live in it, they acquire properties to commercialise. Real estate has indeed contributed tremendously to the nation’s GDP, it’s part of that we will spread across Aba and the entire Abia State,” Oyedemy assured.

He however noted that housing is indeed an essential part of every government pointing out that over the years, subsequent governments have continued to build low cost housing for its citizens. The title of Lush City plots is covered by Registered Survey & Power of Attorney. Precisely, price & payment plans are as follows: N900k (232sqm) & N1.8m (464sqm) on 0-6 months outright. 12 months installment also available.

“PWAN Plus is ready to partner with governments and other interested parties to make home ownership easy for all. Our passion is to leave a mark in Aba and we are very concerned about Abia State as a choice location,” the real estate guru said.

Abia Govt reacts to killing in Aba today

The statement below is from the Abia State Ministry of Information, reegeidng the killing of a man in Aba, by security operatives:

On the sad loss of life at Uratta Junction

Earlier today, some unidentified persons tried to confront security agents who arrested a tricycle operator that was illegally carrying passengers at Uratta Junction of Enugu – Port Harcourt Highway.

When the tricycle operator was arrested and taken to a police station, the assailants quickly spread rumours that he had been killed by security agents.

(See the picture of the reportedly killed tricyclist)

Meanwhile, the unidentified persons quickly mobilized a mob under the false guise that the tricycle operator was dead and attacked security agents and innocent people around the area. Reports reaching us has it that a passing security patrol team was attacked by the same mob and in response one person was shot dead as pictured below.

While we continue to call on security agents enforcing the current lockdown in the state to ensure they follow all service regulations regarding use of firearms in internal security operations and, indeed, condemn all extra-judicial killing of unarmed citizens, it is also unacceptable for hoodlums to organize themselves into mobs to try to burst the necessary lockdown or overawe armed security agents that are performing their lawful duties.

Nobody needs to die if we all do what is expected of us at this time and always. The decision to lockdown our state is one made to save the lives of our people and we perfectly understand how a people that are used to working very hard to take care of themselves and their families will feel being compelled, as a matter of necessity, to sit at home and do nothing.

Yet, the lockdown remains a sacrifice we must all make if we hope to remain safe from COVID-19 and come out of its socioeconomic effects as soon as practicable. We strongly advise all Abians to, please, stay at home as we are currently tracking some suspected individuals who sneaked into our state from neighboring states in the period of the lockdown. We wish to call on citizens to report anyone who sneaks into our state from any neighboring state through 0700 2242 362 for rapid response.

Please stay away from the streets unless you wish to restock between Saturday and Sunday before Monday, April 20, 2020, when another lockdown will commence in the state to enable us do the needful to secure and protect Ndi Abia. No matter what, do not leave your house without wearing a face mask and remember to wash your hands regularly, use original hand sanitizers and maintain social distance.

Regarding the individual who lost his life today, we sincerely sympathize with the family, and the Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, has directed the State Commssioner of Police, CP Ene Okon, to thoroughly investigate the circumstances leading to the loss of the precious life and swiftly bring anyone found culpable to justice.

Finally, we strongly advise all citizens against confronting security agents for any reason at all. We have long set up a monitoring team that is reporting on the activities of all those enforcing the lockdown, and rather than confront armed security agents, please call 07088877797 to report your observations and we will take it from there.

Thank you.
-John Okiyi Kalu, Commissioner for Information.