Nigerian girl bags Ph. D at 25

Segun Olugbile

They are two of a kind.  They are young and imbued with the spirit of excellence. One is 25 years while the other is just 20 years old. The two, Opeyemi Sodipe and Oladeinbo Gilbert set new records during the 10th convocation of the Babcock University, Ilisan-Remo, Ogun State on Sunday.  While Sodipe became the first graduate of Babcock to bag a PhD at 25, Oladeinbo emerged the all-time best graduating student of the institution after scoring a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.92 out of a possible 5.0. Sodipe bagged a PhD in Business Information while Oladeinbo got a degree in Law.

 Their stories, as they narrated them to our correspondent after they received their awards, were as moving as they were motivational. Sodipe who was accompanied to the convocation ground by her parents had a bad academic start. She was a dullard until an incident changed this when she was in JSS3 at King’s International School, Moniya, Ibadan, Oyo State.

 “I cannot describe myself as an average student when I was in primary and junior secondary school. I was a dullard. But this changed when our literature teacher in JSS 3 gave us a test and I failed woefully. The infuriated teacher while distributing our scripts just threw my own at my face and abused me. She called me olodo (an academic non-performer) and I was greatly embarrassed in front of my classmates. I wept till I reached home,” she stated.

On getting home, she told her mother about the ‘perceived insult,’ unleashed on her by her teacher. But thinking that her mother would sympathise with her, she scolded her too.

“She later encouraged me to buckle up. She said my teacher’s action should be seen as a wake-up call. I took the advice and prayed to God to give me wisdom that night and everything changed when I got to SS1. I always emerged as one of the best in my class till I left the school in 2002,” she said.

Since then, the Ake, Abeokuta, Ogun State-born lady, has not looked back. She gained admission to BU in September 2002 and graduated in 2006 as the best graduating student in her class.

 “None of us made first class in my class that year but I made a strong second class upper with a CGPA of 4.4 to bag a degree in Information Science,” she added.

From there, Sodipe proceeded to the University of Ibadan for her Master’s degree in Information Science. At UI, she did well as she emerged the second best graduating student with a score of 69 in 2010. The best graduating student in her class then made 69.9.

 “I enrolled for the Master’s degree at UI after the completion of the mandatory National Youth Service Corps scheme at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State,’’ she added.

 Asked what her future ambition was, the third in a family of four said, she would love to become a professor. “I love teaching just like my mother. Even some of my classmates during my undergraduate days recognised this talent in me as they always referred to me as a professor,” she said.

Luckily for her, the university has a scheme where first class graduates of the institution are encouraged to take up teaching. Sodipe has been offered a job as an assistant lecturer in the university.

Her proud father, Mr. David Sodipe, and mother, Deborah, who accompanied her to the convocation, said that God’s grace, discipline and sacrifice on their part were responsible for their daughter’s feat.

“I, as the father, got admission to the university at age 24. I’m happy that my own daughter has obtained a PhD at 25. She has shown that quality since she was in secondary school. But whatsoever she has achieved is due to God’s grace,” he said. 

 Sodipe, an accountant with the Dangote, however, said he had no regret because his daughter was not taking after his professional path.

He said, “I’m an accountant and she has chosen to be a teacher like her mother though at the high level. I’m happy for her. I don’t believe that parents should force children to do courses that they don’t love. I give my children the freedom to make their choice.”

Speaking on her contributions to the educational development of her daughter, her mother said as a primary school teacher, she  was always encouraged all her four children to read, adding that she always praying for their success.

 “I know that she is going to end up as a teacher because she has all the qualities of a good teacher. May be she takes those qualities from me but I’m happy for her. She has made us proud,” Sodipe, who is now the Headmistress of St. John Anglican Primary School, Molete, Ibadan, said. 

Narrating his own story, the all-time best graduating student said the path to his academic success was full of thorns.

 “It was not easy. You know that nothing good comes easy. But I’m grateful to God and my mum for the support. However, let me say that I did not plan to emerge as the best graduating student let alone shattering the record,” Oladeinbo who had his secondary school education at Citizens Comprehensive School, Lagos, said.

He added that though he was not competing with anybody in his class, some of his course-mates including Orebiyi Tomisin and Fisayo Adesanmi gave him the needed academic push.

Oladeinbo aspires to become a legislator that will make law for the betterment of the people.

“By the grace of God, I want to become the nation’s Senate President or Speaker, House of Representative later in life. But as a lawyer, I’ll like to become an uncorruptible  judge in the next 10 years,” he said.

But the convocation was not just about these two brainy people, the university also celebrated 60 other students who obtained first class degrees in various disciplines among the 1,370 that graduated on Sunday,

Giving a breakdown of the graduates, the President/Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Kayode Makinde, said that 1,107 had second class upper degrees while the remaining 202 made second class lower degrees in various disciplines. None of the graduating students made third class or ordinary passes.

At the postgraduate level, Makinde said that 98 graduates were conferred with various degrees. This, he said, included 11 who were conferred with postgraduate diplomas and 68 Master’s degrees in various disciplines.

He added that 17 of the graduates including Sodipe were awarded PhD degrees in various disciplines.

However, the university also used the occasion of the 10th convocation to inaugurate its School of Medicine named after the renowned physician, Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Sr.

The medical school has 37 pioneer students including three foreign nationals. 

Makinde, in an interview with journalists after the ceremony, said this was so because the academic programme of the institution was structured such that no student could be academically lazy. 

He admonished the graduating students to live up to the expectation of the founding fathers of the university.

Makinde said, “Let me say that all of you have been endowed with first-class minds, having gone through a unique training experience which not only makes you employable regardless of your class of degree but very soon employers of labour and visionary leaders,” he said.

Dignitaries at the ceremony included the renowned surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson Sr; Chancellor, BU, Dr. Gilbert Wari; the Registrar, Mr. Hakeem Smith; Pro-Chancellor, NU, Dr. Oyeleke Owolabi, parents, relations and lecturers of the institution





Cult Group Terrorises Obosi Residents

The cultists

People of Obosi in Anambra State now live in fear as another terror group maiming and killing innocent people has sprung up in the area.

Following complaints by prominent indigenes to the Inspector General of Police (IG) Muhammed Dahiru Abubakar, has dispatched a team of crack detectives from Abuja to arrest all those involved, including some prominent indigenes of the area, who allegedly sponsor them.

In a petition written by prominent indigenes of Obosi, who are scared of going home, it was alleged that the terror group was formed and sponsored with the sole purpose of using them to terrorise residents of the town, once anybody speaks against the backers.

They alleged that the terror group was gaining influence daily, as unemployed youths were being initiated in large numbers.

According to them, this has scared many prominent people of Obosi from going home, as they claimed that the situation in Obosi was degenerating into a national problem.

In the petition signed by Hamilton N. Ogbodo, counsel to some Obosi indigenes, they alleged that the sponsors of the group, initiated the dare-devil hoodlums into a cult and armed them as seen in the above photograph taken  during a recent initiation ceremony of new members.

These hoodlums, the people alleged, were armed by their sponsors with machetes and guns, including two Hilux pick-up vehicles with registration Nos. LSD 75DAJ and LSD 75IAJ mounted with siren to harass, intimidate and unleash mayhem on innocent Obosi residents.

According to them, any person who dares express a view which is contrary to the view of their sponsors will be brutally dealt with “and if he escaped death, they will vandalise his house.”

These hoodlums, it was alleged are so brazen that if their convoy was moving in Obosi and one failed to get off the road for them to pass, one’s vehicle would be battered.

The worst of all is that people are afraid to report to the police because they have so formed a parallel government and seem to be above the law.

“This is because the police have been so compromised and are afraid of the group as they (group) would be immediately informed of the identity of the person who lodged the complaint and they will ensure that the person is thoroughly dealt with.

“An example of this group’s brutality was on April 9, 2012 when one Chukwudi Agwuegbu narrowly escaped death at the hands of these terrorists as they lacerated his chest and abdomen with gun shots and machete cuts.

“However, the policemen who were invited to arrest the suspects received the beating of their lives and their vehicle damaged,” the petitioners stated.

“What surprises us most is that upon all these humiliations suffered by the police, they have not made any further attempt to arrest these hoodlums.

“Again, on April 5th, 2012, the same group of terrorists unleashed mayhem on innocent people in Obosi, they did not report to the police because the police in Anambra appear to be helpless over the situation and the victims, being afraid of compounding their problems went to various hospitals for treatment,” the petitioners added.

While beseeching the IGP to step in and save the law-abiding indigenes of Obosi by stopping the terror group, the petitioners alleged that the hoodlums seized people’s lands and properties with impunity, extorted money from them at will and fired their pump actions guns at random wounding and scaring people.




NAME: Florence Ndidiamaka Okeke

BORN: June 5

GRADUATED FROM: Federal School of Social Works, Enugu

FROM: Lokpanta, Imo State, Nigeria



DANA AIR CRASH: List of Bodies Recovered So Far Released


Aircraft Type: MD-83, Reg. Mark: 5N-RAM, Route: ABV- LOS, Date: 3rd June, 2012, Time: 3:43pm, Location: Iju Ishaga, Lagos.

Dana Air

S/N     Flight #     Departure Date     Passenger’s Title     Passenger’s First Name     Passenger’s Last Name

1     992                     Jun 3, 2012           OTARU     SAKA

2     992                    Jun 3, 2012     MRS     ANJOLA     FATOKUN

3     992                    Jun 3, 2012     MSTR     OLAOLUWA     FATOKUN

4     992                    Jun 3, 2012     INF     IBUKUN     FATOKUN

5     992                    Jun 3, 2012     MSTR     UGABIO     OYOSORO

6     992                    Jun 3, 2012     MS     RAJULIE     OYOSORO

7     992                   Jun 3, 2012     MRS     ADENIKE     AJANI

8     992                   Jun 3, 2012     MS     AIMANEHI     ONEMOLEASE

9     992                   Jun 3, 2012     INF     EYINOJUOLUWA     DAVIDKOLAWOLE

10     992                 Jun 3, 2012     MRS     FORTUNE     DAVIDKOLAWOLE

11     992                 Jun 3, 2012     MR     OBIOLA     IKPOKI

12     992                Jun 3, 2012     MR     ABRAHAM     ADIJOLOLA

13     992                Jun 3, 2012     MS     INIOBONG     ASUQUO

14     992                Jun 3, 2012           UDOH     PATIENCE SUNDAY

15     992                Jun 3, 2012     MS     CHINERO     OKAFOR

16     992                Jun 3, 2012     MRS     ANTONIA     ATTUH

17     992                Jun 3, 2012           OLUWADAMILARE     ADELEKE

18     992                Jun 3, 2012     MS     JENNIFER     ONITA

19     992                Jun 3, 2012     MS     JOSEPHINE     ONITA

20     992                Jun 3, 2012           JONES     IFEKAWA

21     992                Jun 3, 2012     MR     KIM     NORRIS

22     992                Jun 3, 2012     MR     ROGER     AOUADE

23     992                Jun 3, 2012     MR     OLUSANMI     AWODOGAN

24     992                Jun 3, 2012     MS     ADEDUNNI     DOHERTY

25     992                Jun 3, 2012     MRS     TEMITOPE     ARIYIBI

26     992                 Jun 3, 2012     MRS     CHINWE     DIKE

27     992                Jun 3, 2012     MR     CHUKWUEZUGO     DIKE

28     992                 Jun 3, 2012           SHUTAO     ZHAI

29     992                Jun 3, 2012           IDRIS BUGAJE     AMINA

30     992                Jun 3, 2012           MAIKUDI     BUKHARI

31     992               Jun 3, 2012           HUIZHU     LI

32     992              Jun 3, 2012           YU     WANG

33     992               Jun 3, 2012           YI     KANG

34     992             Jun 3, 2012     MR     EMMANUEL     OBOT

35     992            Jun 3, 2012     MRS     FARIDA     KAIKAI

36     992             Jun 3, 2012     MR     IBRAHIM     NAGIDI

37     992             Jun 3, 2012     MS     OLUWAKEMI     SOMOLU

38     992             Jun 3, 2012           ONYEYIRI     OLUCHI

39     992             Jun 3, 2012           MYINDADI     BERKISU

40     992           Jun 3, 2012           ANYENE     ONYEKA

41     992            Jun 3, 2012           NJOKU     OGECHI

42     992            Jun 3, 2012           ANYENE     MAIMUNA

43     992            Jun 3, 2012           ANYENE     KAMSIYONNA

44     992            Jun 3, 2012           ANYENE     KAYIMARACHI

45     992           Jun 3, 2012            ANYENE     NOAH

46     992           Jun 3, 2012            ANYENE     KAYINETOCHI

47     992           Jun 3, 2012            IBRAHM     YUSUF

48     992           Jun 3, 2012     MR     BASSEY     EYO

49     992          Jun 3, 2012     MR     CHARLES     NTUKO

50     992         Jun 3, 2012     MRS     TOSIN     ANIBABA

51     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     FEMI     SHOBOWALE

52     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     CHRISTOPHER     OKOCHA

53     992        Jun 3, 2012     MRS     FALMATA     MOHAMMED

54     992        Jun 3, 2012              ADEBIYI     ADEKUNBI

55     992        Jun 3, 2012               NOSIKE     PETER

56     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     SONNY     EHIOGHAE

57     992        Jun 3, 2012     MRS     CHINWE     OBI

58     992         Jun 3, 2012     MRS     MEMUNA     SHAIBU

59     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     MAHMUD     DUKAWA

60     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     EHIME     AIKHOMU

61     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     ABIODUN     OLUWASEGUNFUNMI

62     992       Jun 3, 2012                ABIODUN     JONATHAN

63     992       Jun 3, 2012     MRS     AROKOYU     OLUSOLA

64     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     AYOOLA     ADEKOLA

65     992       Jun 3, 2012     MS     OBIANUJU     EROKWU

66     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     OCHIGBO     LT COL CHUMBO

67     992       Jun 3, 2012              ALI     YUSUF

68     992       Jun 3, 2012              JANGANA     IBRAHIM

69     992       Jun 3, 2012           NWAOKOAGBARA     ANTHONY

70     992       Jun 3, 2012           EVENTUS     MBONG

71     992       Jun 3, 2012     MS     BANJI     OLUKOYA

72     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     ADAMU     BAMAIYI

73     992       Jun 3, 2012                TATORU     ABIKALIO

74     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     WALE     ERIBAKE

75     992       Jun 3, 2012               ALIYU     MAHMUD

76     992       Jun 3, 2012               LAMIDI     TAIWO

77     992       Jun 3, 2012               CHUKWU-BUKA     PHILIP

78     992       Jun 3, 2012                OLUWAYOMI     BENSON

79     992       Jun 3, 2012                OKARA     ANTHONY

80     992       Jun 3, 2012     MRS     HADIZA     OTEGBEYE

81     992       Jun 3, 2012                 OKERE     CHUKWUEMEKA

82     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     OLUGBENGA     KOMOLAFE

83     992       Jun 3, 2012     MRS     AMAKA     OJUGBANA

84     992       Jun 3, 2012     INF     CHRISTOPHER     OJUGBANA

85     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     OLUMIDE     COKER

86     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     WALTER     HUNNA

87     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     ISTIFANUS     MUTIHIR

88     992       Jun 3, 2012                GARBA     NABILA

89     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     JOHN     NNADI

90     992       Jun 3, 2012               ABDU     GARBA

91     992       Jun 3, 2012              AISHA     ABDU

92     992       Jun 3, 2012    MR     GODWIN     APOCHI

93     992        Jun 3, 2012                 LAS     LILIAN

94     992        Jun 3, 2012     MISS     CHIMDINMA     ONYEAGOCHA

95     992        Jun 3, 2012                  OGECHI     ONYEGOCHA

96     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     CELESTINE     ONWULIRI

97     992        Jun 3, 2012                GARBA     NABIL

98     992        Jun 3, 2012     MR     RAPHAEL     AMIAKA

99     992       Jun 3, 2012     MR     SAM     SHAIBU

100     992     Jun 3, 2012               ABUBAKAR     KALTUM

101     992     Jun 3, 2012   MRS     PRISCILLA     ELEJE

102     992     Jun 3, 2012     MRS     RUTH     WASA

103     992     Jun 3, 2012     MS     AWYETU     WASA

104     992     Jun 3, 2012             JONATHAN     EKELEDO

105     992     Jun 3, 2012              AHMADU     JOHN

106     992     Jun 3, 2012     MSTR     MOYOSORE     AKISANYA

107     992     Jun 3, 2012     MS        ESEOGHENE     OKOR

108     992     Jun 3, 2012     MRS     OMONIGHO     AKISANYA

109     992     Jun 3, 2012                ONYIJUKE     IJEOMA

110     992     Jun 3, 2012                SAAD USMAN     SHEHU

111     992     Jun 3, 2012                ABUGU     IKE

112     992     Jun 3, 2012               EKE     MECHA

113     992     Jun 3, 2012               ESEOGHENE     OKOR

114     992     Jun 3, 2012               ALLISON     JOY

115     992     Jun 3, 2012               OCHONOGOR     IKE

116     992     Jun 3, 2012                MOYO     AKINSANYA

117     992     Jun 3, 2012               OMONIGHO     AKINSANYA

118     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     TUNJI     OLOKO

119     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     LAWAL     ANAKOBE

120     992     Jun 3, 2012               U. ANAKOBE     LAWAL

121     992     Jun 3, 2012               ALVANA     OJUKWU

122     992     Jun 3, 2012               OKWULEHIE     MARIA

123     992     Jun 3, 2012               IBE     ECHEIDU

124     992     Jun 3, 2012               IBE     JENNIFER

125     992     Jun 3, 2012               UMAR     MAJ GEN TAHIR

126     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     OLUMODEJI     AKINOLA

127     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     TIBIEBIOWEI     ZUOFA

128     992     Jun 3, 2012     MRS     PRISCILLA     YINUSA

129     992     Jun 3, 2012                  LAWAL     HURRIYA

130     992     Jun 3, 2012     MRS     ELIZABETH     AKWAEZE

131     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     PATRICK     OKONJI

132     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     OLUKAYODE     OKIKIOLU

133     992     Jun 3, 2012     MR     ADEROJU     OSUNBADE




Ifekowa Jones

These are some of the victims of the ill-fated crash on Sunday in Lagos involving Dana Air. The list is not exhaustive.

Redeemed pastors’ daughters killed in Dana air crash


It will be a very sad loss for the family of the Onitas, who lost two of their daughters on Sunday to the ill-fated Dana aircrash.

The young ladies, Josephine Anita and Jennifer, were probably paying a visit home before the unfortunate incident.

Two duo, who lived in Houston, Missouri City until their death, were the daughters of Pastor Solomon and Oyinlola Onita, pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Stafford, Texas.

Jennifer was into church support services and outreach, and combined her dedication to faith task with her degree programme of Engineering at Texas Tech University.


On her part, Josephine studied accounting at University of North Texas, and works as a financial and tax accountant at the Financial and Tax office, Houston. 


President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday shed tears during his visit to the site where a Dana plane crashed on Sunday evening, killing everyone on board in Lagos.

The president promised a thorough investigation into the incidence that led to the crash.

This particular incident is a major setback for us … I will make sure that this will not repeat itself in the country.”

‘The plane killed my sister, family while plaiting hair in her house’

More casualties are still being recorded from the Dana Air crash that took place in Lagos on Sunday. When Jungle Journalist arrived the scene, NAMA officials, the Red Cross, Police, Army, Naval and Airforce, as well as Civil Defence were seen at the scene helping to remove the bodies of the dead. With a caterpillar, a two-storey building housing affected was being carefully torn. One young man who walked about dejectedly said that his sister was one of those killed in the crash. The young man, who identified himself as Emmanuel Otu, who said he is form Cross River State, said his sister and her family, who has been married for some year was one of the victims. He said he had been called as the only relative to her aro0und to go quickly to her house, as their house is burning. “I did not know this place before but I was able to locate it. By the time I got here, the whole place was burning and there were fumes everywhere. I had been hoping that my sister escaped, but when I saw her two kids, they told me their parents died in the crash. They had gone out to buy something. My sister was playing a neighbor’s hair while her husband was carrying the baby in the bedroom when the boys went out. They did not return to the house as it was burning when they got back. Everyone in the flat died. Odika Daniel, an engineer also said that he might have survived the crash juts because he was away at work “I was there in my work place when I got a call that my house is burning. I had to rush home but by the time I got here, the fire has escalated. I could neither go in there or do anything. There was so much crowd too, and confusion. We lost everything, but am happy my younger brother, Emeka was able to escape”. Another neighbor said that the major reason the fire killed everybody on board was because of the bad roads, as well as lack of water. Initially, when the plane fell, we heard people screaming for help, they were trapped in the aircraft and could have escaped. But the fire was too much. The smoke was too much. We could not do anything, and because of the bad road, the Fire Service could not come in on time. Everything was burning, the houses, the plane, everything, but we could not do anything. We were helpless. Bodies of the dead were falling out every five minutes. 11 bodies in all were removed, bagged and taken to an ambulance while Jungle Journalist was there. Speaking to Jungle Journalist, Red Cross Information Adviser for Lagos State, Godwin Johnson said that no one survived in the crash. He also said that 137 bodies have been removed so far. “Look at that ambulance, it’s full of bodies. At the last count, 68 have been placed in it. The only people who escaped were those who were able to run out yesterday. We could not rescue any injured people. They all died.” he informed.


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