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Churches, Mosques, Religious Houses Should be Accountable to Members, says Patrick Eholor

The President of One Love Foundation, Chief Patrick Eholor has constituted a National Legal Team to sue the Corporate Affairs Commission, Christian Association of Nigeria, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs and other religious umbrella organizations, to begin accounting for all monies they collect as offering, tithe, zakat, sacrifice and other emoluments, annuities, payments, advantages, whether in cash or in kind as, according to him, these are resources that are in the Public Purse.

Eholor also known as Ultimate Equal stated that Churches, Mosques and Traditional Institutions must conform to all Corporate Governance Processes as Provided for by the Company and Allied Matters Act, 2020.

Chief Patrick Eholor wrote on the matter thus:

“The days of “Can a man rob God is gone,you must provide evidence of compliance with audit and accounting protocols, when managing Public Funds.

Churches, Mosques and Shrines that are registered as Incorporated Trustees in Part C of the Company and Allied Matters Act, 2020 and are therefore controlled by the Regulations of Corporate Governance as provided by all Laws in Force in the Federal Republic of Nigeria enabling same .Churches Mosques and Shrines must hold Annual General Meetings, with all their Members Present, they must have a Treasurer who must be a Trustee, who has records of the financial transactions of the organizations, a Secretary who must be a trustee and a custodian of the chattels and properties of the organizations and other trustees who are alta egos of the Organization .”

He stated that the days of using churches, mosques and traditional institutions money to build universities in personal names of the General Overseers or leaders of the organizations are gone, as One Love Foundation through its lawyers will see to the end of all illegal shenanigans and illegalities as perpetrated by demagogues on this matter.

“The days of reckoning are here”, Eholor concluded.

Nigeria Methodist Church to breakup from global body over gay marriage

The United Methodist Church Episcopal Area in Nigeria, UMCN, says it will leave the Church’s global body if it endorses same-sex marriage at its 2022 General Conference.

Bishop Johnwesley Yohanna of UMCN said at a news conference on Wednesday in Jalingo that the Nigerian chapter would also leave if the global body endorses ordination of gay people at the conference.

He said while debate on whether the Church should accept homosexuality started 1972, votes casted in 2019 favoured traditionalists who believed that homosexuality was incompatible with Christian teachings.

The Bishop said as a cleric who understands the operations of the Church, it was impossible to be one Church yet preach different understandings of marriage.

“It is not possible to be a global United Methodist Church that teaches and practices sex orientation differently in America and in Africa. If the plan succeeds at the General Conference come 2022, we will not be part of UMC that will change the language of the Book of Discipline to accommodate same-sex marriage.

“Our loyalty is with Jesus Christ. In case the plan succeeds, some of us who truly believe in traditional and evangelical Bible teachings while maintaining African values and ethics, will cease to be part of the Church,’’ he said.

Yohanna called on members of his ministry to pray and remain steadfast in the support of the ministry.

PFN Condemns Marginalization Of Christians In Federal Appointments

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has condemned in strong terms the glaring marginalization of Christians in appointments into federal government offices by the Buhari-led government.

National president of the fellowship, Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude who disclosed this in a statement in Benin City, stated that the government actions could further negativity affect the unity of the country.

He noted that Nigeria has never been as divided the way it is now under the present administration.

Dr. Omobude, stated that the PFN was most saddened with the on-going appointment exercise in the judiciary where only adherents of a particular religion are favoured for appointment as Court of Appeal Justices at the expense of merit and equity.

The PFN leader expressed displeasure that over the years, some Nigerian politicians and top government functionaries have hijacked religion to continue to fester their desires to pursue their selfish ambition.

According to Dr. Omobude, “PFN is deeply saddened that out of 13 nominees from the Northern part of the country for elevation to the Court of Appeal, not a single Christian is among them.

“This unacceptable situation has further buttressed the fact that the nation’s judicial system has been hijacked, politicized and an object of ridicule.

“This is one of the reasons why some Nigerians are fast losing confidence in the nation’s judicial process.

“The PFN hereby calls on President Muhammadu Buhari and all those concerned in the appointment of Justices to the nation’s Court of Appeal, to revisit the issue and ensure that fairness and justice are done irrespective of religious and ethnic background.

“The PFN will not continue to bemoan such brazen acts of provocation and unfairness, as the Fellowship will henceforth take all necessary lawful steps to defend and protect the interests of its marginalized members.

“PFN has always called for justice, fairness and equity in all governmental activities because to subvert a man of his rights on the basis of his religion is corruption.

“PFN once again, calls on president Mohammadu Buhari to stand by his promise that he is for every Nigerian because the country belong to all Nigerians.

“PFN also therefore called on President Buhari to quickly call on whosoever is concerned to correct the imbalance in the on-going appointment to the Court of Appeal and every other areas of government where imbalance exist” Dr. Omobode added.

Anambra police arrest river-bathing prophet ‘Onye Eze Jesus’

Operatives from Anambra State Police command has arrested Onyebuchi Okocha, popularly known as Onye Eze Jesus, Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS Awka reports.

According to ABS Awka, “Onyebuchi Okocha, who also goes by the name ‘Onyeze Jesus’, the Founder of Children of Light Anointing Ministries, Nkpor, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra state has been arrested by operatives from Anambra Police Command.”

He was arrested on Tuesday, 27th January 2021, and will likely be arraigned for various offences on Thursday, 28th January, 2021, ABS reported.

Anambra State Government had through a statement issued by Mr C. Don Adinuba, the Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenement warned Onyeze Jesus against his practices which the government termed ‘criminal and indecent conduct in the name of religion.

Anambra State Ministry of Health had also on Wednesday, 27th January, 2021 warned hospitals and mortuaries operating in the state against allowing ‘Onyeze Jesus’ access to their facilities to carry out his widely publicised claim, and planned ‘magic’ that he would raise 7 corpses from the dead on the 28th of January, 2021.

The self styled prophet became popular after video of him performing what he called ‘sanctification’ appeared online. In the video, Onye Eze whichever Jesus was seen, making incantation with some young men holding a live ram each.

The display of abracadabra reached a crescendo when the self made prophet was seen scattering some Nigerian naira notes into the river and on his unsuspecting members that have come to cure the spirit of poverty in their lives.

Women’s Wing of PFN to Hold Biennial Conference in Benin

Pentecostal Christian Women from across the 36 states of Nigeria, will Thursday 19 and Friday 20, 2020 gather in Benin City, the Edo State capital, to hold their biennial national conference.

The two-day spiritual conference with the theme “VESSELS OF MERCY”, will hold inside His Glory auditorium of the Gospel Light International Ministries – New Covenant Gospel Church, Benin City.

According to the National Chairperson of the PFN (Women Wing), Pastor (Mrs.) Abiola Theodora Omobude, over 1,000 Christian women delegates from all over the country are expected at the biennial national conference.

She disclosed that the First Lady of Edo State, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki and Rev. (Mrs.) Yinka Badejo of the Foursquare Gospel Church, are among the anointed guest speakers at the power packed conference.

Mrs. Omobude, stated that during the conference, the women will receive the touch of God that will change their lives positively.

“Irrespective their backgrounds, irrespective of where or what they have been through in life, good or bad, God is in charge of their lives because there is no self-made person.

“Also however the state of any person, God is going to bring about the great change we have been praying for and expecting in our families, communities State and Nations of the World.

“Special prayers will be offered to God for His intervention in the affairs of Nigeria, particularly in the areas of insecurity, insurgency, armed robberies, kidnappings, violent crimes, etc and for God to bless and prosper our nation.

“God’s mercy is the love that responds to the needs of humans in an unexpected or unmerited way. It’s core, being forgiveness.

Mercy is God not giving us the punishment that we deserve for our sins,” Mrs Omobude added.

Church of England approves same sex marriages, as Archbishops apologise to LGBT community

The Church of England yesterday announced moves that could lead to approval of same-sex marriages.

Church leaders have produced a 480-page book, with accompanying films, podcasts and education courses to explore the issue.

The Church has been deeply divided over gay rights since 1987, when its parliament, the General Synod, first voted to reinforce traditional teaching that gay sex is sinful. Earlier this year bishops restated the teaching that sex is for married couples only and that civil partnerships should be ‘sexually abstinent friendships’.

Same-sex civil marriages were introduced in 2014 and their predecessor, civil partnerships that carry the rights of marriage in all but name, were brought in in 2005. However the legislation gave faith groups an effective opt-out.

Archbishop Welby said in a foreword to the book, written with the Archbishop of York, the Most Reverend Stephen Cottrell, that the Church should be ashamed of causing hurt to gay people.

They said: ‘As soon as we begin to consider questions of sexual identity and behaviour, we need to acknowledge the huge damage and hurt that has been caused where talk of truth, holiness and discipleship has been wielded harshly and not ministered as a healing balm.

‘Especially amongst LGBTI+ people, every word we use – quite possibly including these in this very foreword, despite all the care we exercise – may cause pain.

‘We have caused, and continue to cause, hurt and unnecessary suffering. For such acts, each of us, and the Church collectively, should be deeply ashamed and repentant. As archbishops, we are personally very sorry where we have contributed to this.

The Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Christopher Cocksworth, who helped produced yesterday’s new material, said: ‘There is no doubt that there are certain decisions in 2022 that the Church will have to face.’

He added: ‘There are some who feel this doctrine of marriage is ripe for development.’

Discussions are expected to be completed next year and to lead to ‘a timely conclusion in 2022 which would then be put before Synod.’

The Synod has the power to enact legally-binding rules but its deliberations are lengthy. They could mean the first Church of England same-sex marriages would be solemnised by 2025.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, attempted a reform in 2017. But his scheme, which would have allowed blessing services but not marriage for gay couples, went down to an ignominious defeat in the Synod. It satisfied neither gay rights supporters nor conservative evangelicals, who combined to defeat it.

The years since have been devoted to the secretive production of yesterday’s book and films, called Living in Love and Faith.

The archbishops added: ‘Defensiveness is felt, and aggression is experienced, both by those who long for change and by those who believe, sincerely, that change would be wrong and damaging.’

A further statement signed by all the CofE’s bishops said: ‘Disagreements are to be found among us as bishops. We do not agree on a number of matters relating to identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

‘Some of those differences of view relate to the ethics and lifestyle of opposite sex relationships and some relate to questions around gender and pastoral provisions for transgender people. Most pressing among our differences are questions around same-sex relationships, and we recognize that here decisions in several interconnected areas need to be made with some urgency.’

Any new deal on gay rights and same-sex marriage may follow the same pattern as the row over women priests and bishops, which also ran for decades and ended in compromise. While women are now appointed as both priests and bishops, parishes where traditionalists hold sway continue to maintain men-only clergy.

Jayne Ozanne, a prominent LGBT campaigner and former member of the Archbishops Council, told the Telegraph she welcomed the Archbishops’ apology, adding: ‘But, listening and learning is not enough. We need to act now to ensure that safeguards are put in place to protect LGBT+ people.’

REBBUTAL: Fr Mbaka’s Adoration Ministry not burnt, APOLOGIES

Jungle Journalist Media Limited has just learnt that Adoration Ministry, Enugu has not been attacked, as was reported in an earlier publication.

Our source juts confirmed that it was a mix up.

The story has been pulled down, and the video has also been pulled down.

Jungle Journalist Media Limited regrets the mix up, and hereby tenders an unreserved apology to any party affected.

Our intentions here is not to run anyone or group down, but to bring you accurate reports as they occur.

Edo Guber 2020: PFN Charges Edo People To Maintain Peace During Elections

National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude, has charged the people of Edo State, to maintain peace and orderliness before, during and after the September 19 governorship election in the state.

Dr. Omobude who is also the General Superintendent of Gospel Light International Ministry (GLIM) – New Covenant Gospel Church (NCGC), in a press statement in Benin City, signed by his Media Aide, Deacon Ralph Okhiria, said the election of an individual politician is not worthy of the blood or life of any resident of the state.

“My dear good people of Edo state, I identify and join my voice to the many other good citizens of the state to call for peace during this governorship election scheduled for Saturday, this week.

“The contestants have transversed the length and breadth of the state and have told us what they intend to do and can do. It is now our duty to make our choices and then come out boldly to exercise our franchise.

“I want to call on you to do what is right. Don’t give yourself to violence, don’t allow your children to be used for violent activities.

“The Church stands for truth. We stand for justice. We stand for equity. Let’s defend our values. Truth must overcome falsehood. Light must overcome darkness.

“In your voting, don’t sell your conscience. Stand for what is right and the overall interest and development of our great state.

“Election is a period to reward good with our votes and also a period to punish evil with our Personal Voter’s Cards (PVC).

“The PFN also wishes to once again appeal to our politicians to be more circumspect in their utterances and activities, by ensuring that they put the state first in all their conducts.

“They should not let their ambitions blindfold them or override the peace of the state. It is important that politicians do not destroy the state and people they aspire to govern.

“Furthermore, it is important that the security agencies and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), carry out their jobs professionally, to engender peaceful, free, fair and credible election that we will all be proud of.

“I therefore enjoin all the Christians in Nigeria, particularly those in Edo State to be prayerful and go back to their core value as the pillar of truth and rise up in prayers against the forces of evils”, the PFN national president, added.

I fear the calamity God showed me coming to Hope Uzodinma and his govt, Ebonyi prophet cries out

The General Overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Ministries Worldwide, Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi has said gloomy days lie ahead for Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State.

Chukwudi, who was the first man of God to say that Uzodinma will emerge Governor in Imo State, told Jungle Journalist Media Ltd in an exclusive telephone chat that the enemies of the Imo State Governor will overwhelm him, bringing about very terrible days in the life of the governor and his government.

He however stated that the one remedy to the coming doom will be if Uzodinma seeks the face of God immediately, but regretfully expressed pessimism, as he accused politicians of arrogance that usually lead to their downfall.

Hear him “God showed me a series of visions and revelations concerning the happenings around the political space of Nigeria.

“I have a bleak revelation about Imo State. A very deadly political crisis is unfolding in Imo State now, there is going to be problem. The governor there need to seek the face of God. I gave a prophecy on 7th January, 2019 that Hope Uzidimma will emerge governor of Imo State, and unfortunately, they said that Ihedioha won. I kept asking God questions and He said ‘My Word is My Word, it cannot die’. And God said, ‘I must fulfill my word’. God has now fulfilled his word. This young man needs to seek the face of God now because the enemies around him are much. As a matter of fact, in the spirit realm, I am seeing a very big trouble. A political unrest that will unsettle Imo is already unfolding.

“Let him seek the face of God because there is calamity coming. These politicians, even if they see prophecies, they will be looking for witchcraft to sort it out, but all I can tell him is, he is my friend, he is my brother,and let him seek the face of God.

“In the spirit realm, it’s a done deal. Let us find a solid ground. I love the young man so much because he is divinely chosen by God, but I fear for him”, the man of God said.