JUST IN! Facebook Bans Its Own Page

Facebook has banned its own page from social media during its war on Australian news.

The tech giant announced on Thursday that it would bar nine million Australians from reading and sharing local and international news on its platform in response to the proposed Media Bargaining law.

The law would force tech companies like Facebook and Google to negotiate with news providers to feature their content, but its own social media page has been caught in the firing line.

The page, which was previously brimming with content about Facebook’s latest news and achievements, simply read: ‘No posts yet.’

One Twitter user said: ‘Makes it harder to complain, I guess.’

‘What happens when you roll out a content filter without really testing it,’ someone else wrote. The official Facebook social media page joins thousands of others that also appear blank for Australians.

Emergency services that provide Australians with news about Covid-19, bushfires, and where to go for domestic violence help are among the vital Facebook pages which have been scrapped by the foreign-owned social media giant.

Along with government health pages, rescue services, and every reputable news outlet’s Facebook pages, the multi-billion-dollar company’s social media page was also void of all content on Thursday morning.

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