(INTERVIEW) EFCC: Buhari’s nepotistic appointments will kill this country-Patrick Eholor

President of One Love Foundation, and Democracy Observer-General, Patriot Patrick Eholor has condemned in very strong terms the recent appointment of Abdulrasheed Bawa, who is a northerner and a Muslim.

Eholor who spoke to Jungle Journalist Media Ltd correspondent today in an interview in Benin City, said that it is shocking that despite having over 90 percent of northern Muslims in federal appointments, President Buhari still went ahead to appoint another northern Muslim who was being investigated for massive corruption a short while ago.

Eholor stated that the sad development has led to massive brain drain of Southern intellectuals who have continually being hired in Western nations, a development that has led to the stifling of growth of the Nigerian state in virtually all sectors.

The activist also called on well meaning Nigerians to call for an end to this, to prevent further harm to Nigeriags ailing democracy.

His words: “The nation have watched with high disillusion the pattern of appointments to sensitive offices as dispensed by the present leadership. The lopsided and sectarian trend is very worrisome.

“Competence, merit and reflection of federal character have been gagged and what reflects is a systemic and deliberate shift from the principles of true federalism.

“Nepotism is a product of bias, insensitivity and pathetic ignorance. When such prevails, mediocrity and unproductivity clouds the entire system. There is no end to this trend without a mental shift. The gambling trend to the future and progress of our existence as a nation is worrisome. The brain drain of professionals of high intellect of southern descent will continue if they are not appreciated and contained here in Nigeria.

“This massive exodus has helped develop other economies while our economy suffers. Progressive western nations appreciate productivity and they go to any length to get highly skilled professionals to enable them achieve that.

“Nigeria happens to be a breeding ground. No nation thrives with nepotic tendencies. The recent appointment of EFCC chief is a typical reflection of our sorry state.

“How do we justify the appointment of someone whose integrity and reputation are questionable? Recently his activities was investigated by the former EFCC chief and Nigerian leadership did not consider it a blemish for him to hold such a position.

“Such scenarios are endless. The legislative arm as a watchdog should checkmate these excesses for the good of our fragile democracy. If the beat goes on, the mad dance will be highly destructive and colossal. Let all like minded progressives stand against this trending development”, Eholor argued in the interview.

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