Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu: We are heartbroken-Prof Ibe

When I visited you at your country home in Ovim on 30 December 2020 we discussed everything and planned many things without knowing it would be the last time. Indeed it is true when the Bible says that man is like vapour that easily evaporates away.

It is therefore with sadness and grief that I received the shocking news of the transition to eternal glory of our admirable Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, who until death was Chairman of our Board of Trustees(BOT)

Admiral Kanu was a man among men, a Primus Interpares. In the course of his naval career, It was no mean feat that he became the first governor of old Imo State upon its creation in March 1976. He later moved on to serve as the governor of Lagos State in 1977. While in the military as a naval officer, our Chairman, Board of Trustees would rise to become a Rear Admiral and Chief of Nigeria’s Naval Staff.

To underscore his personality and his pro-stance on human development, while in office as governor of old Imo State, much of what the city of Owerri has become today is as a result of his leadership in town planning , roads construction, expansion of Local Government Areas and the establishment of Imo Broadcasting Service which still broadcasts to this day.

Admiral Kanu upon his retirement from active military service to the nation, led an increasingly active lifestlye as a civilian. He was a man filled with uncommon strength and abilities. Regardless of his professional background as a military officer, he played a leading role in the agitation for pro-democracy and its tenets in the aftermath of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election.

Our now departed chairman successfully ventured into business, occupied leadership positions in corporate organizations and socio-cultural groups, held honourary doctorate degrees from notable universities in Nigeria, a statesman, a leading light and a very vocal voice within the Nigerian polity regarding true federalist practices.

Here at Gregory University, Uturu, Rear Admiral Ndubuisi G. Kanu freely offered us great insights and invaluable contributions in activating and sustaining the growth of our blosoming university. He was billed to hold an interactive mentoring session with our scholars on their return from Christmas break.

Indeed our hearts are broken at this great loss. May the eternal light of God which never grows dim continually shine on him.

Prof Gregory Ibe,PhD, OFR ( Enyi Abia),
Gregory University Uturu,
Abia State.

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