Open Letter from a Bayelsan to Governor Douye Diri

His Excellency Sen. Douye Diri
Executive Governor
Bayelsa State.

Your Excellency,


Your Excellency Sir, I bring you a warm greeting from my neuclar family and CLG NIG LIMITED.

Your Excellency will note on before his mantle of leadership as the Governor and enthusiasm of Bayelsans to elect a leader to pilot the affairs of this State due to the bad leadership inherited by Government after Government, thus making the State looking less than a State, moreso, keeping the Capital in an embarrassing state as the most undeveloped State Capital in the 36 States of the Federation.

Your Excellency Sir, case upon court cases have come and gone, which most recent is the yesterday’s judgment by the Supreme court. It is also technically observed that the cyber space is crowded with congratulatory messages by your fans mostly Bayelsans who may not have a down taught of the consequences and challenges ahead.

Your Excellency, I am on the side to tell you to be more worried and fearful to achieving, bringing developmental strategies that are not politically galvanized (vain promise as usual).

Your Excellency Sir, there is no doubt that your administration will witnessed the most developmental challenges seeing the debt services ahead this current Government.

My candid advise to your Excellency are:-
1) Your Excellency must as matter of urgency engage indigenous technocrats, who are in the private sector, to buy ideas that will lead to reboot the economy and job creation and of course increase the IGR of the State. (NOT politically galvanized)

2)Your Excellency must be ready to face the reality, knowing fully well that Bayelsa is underdeveloped. And also a mechanism be setup to look into those unacceptable wages, divide and rule policy, block those who are ready to finger into the stationary monthly a location coming into the State without fear or favour.

3) For this administration to actualize it’s dreams in an open and transparent manner, the ministry should allow registered indigenous contractors to bid jobs and execute them. Your Excellency, it very obvious that only Governors who are not transparent allow direct service job to be carried in other to carry out dubious act to siphon money meant for the general development of their States.

Your Excellency Sir, this should not be a time to rejoice and making big party but a time to look inward to the challenges that will befall your administration which are far tedious, corrosive and fearful that the Supreme court case, and the past administrations, which I will refer as the SUPER SUPREME CHALLENGES in your administration.

Thank you Sir. I wish you and your administration great success.

Comr. David Awasa
The common Bayelsan.

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