A civil society group, Action for Socio-political and Economic Change (ASEC) have called on Edo state government to make it as a point of deliberate policy to engage citizens at grassroots level in harvesting their peculiar needs for budget formulation.

The call was made by the Coordinator of the group, Leftist Osazee Edigin in Benin City in reacting to the presentation of the 2020 revised supplementary budget by the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki to the state House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Edigin who stated that, this is the second time the 2020 budget is been revised in response to the current economic reality which was predominantly caused by the novel Coronavirus pandemic that affected the larger part of the year and distorted economic projections.

Speaking further, he emphasized on the need for government and House of Assembly representatives to always organise stakeholders’ meetings at the local level to enable government input what are of more importance to the locals into budget formulation instead of relying mostly on call circulars from MDAs and party leaders without engaging the grassroots populace, he went on to assert that, a budget performance is determinant on how it has imparted on the people positively.

Local Government Chairmen, Councilors and state House of Assembly members are expected to meet with people at the grassroots level to get feedbacks on government expectations vis-a-vis project execution in their domains that will form a robust budget document he posited.

ASEC is a civil society group whose thematic areas are public accountability, transparency, good governance and human rights and an affiliate of Edo Civil Society Organisations.

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