You Will Rejoice By The Time I’m Done With The State – Gov. Uzodinma tells Ndi Imo

Governor Uzodimma has asked Imolites to be rest asssured that his Government is here to ensure the wellbeing of every Imolites.

The Imo State Governor who was speaking at the 9th synod of the Anglican dioceses of Egbu said that he is intune with his job as the Governor of the state.

According to him “what is important is to bring a sustainable Development to the State, the kind of development that will bring governance closer to the people”

He added that though he is human, he has made a pact with God for the Development and betterment of Imo State.

He urged NDI-IMO not to be swayed by rumors and campaign of calumy as he is poised to do things driven by the rule of law and commitment to God.

He decried the situation where propaganda, hate speeches and outright blackmail have been elevated to a kind of worship in the state by politicians who are selfish, yet the church leaders and their followers are cold to ask pertinent questions as regards the reality on the ground.

He said: “I am a politician and I do not claim to be a Saint. But one thing I am certain of is that I will never indulge in any action that can fan the embers of hate or even out-rightly bring about destruction in the state just to serve my selfish political ends.

“If I have made mistakes in the 11 months that I have been your Governor it must have been in the course of my determination to offer honest service to our people. In the spirit of the ever repentant David, I now repent of them, so that I will be a man after God’s heart.

“However, I know that it is not as simple as that. At this time of uncertainty and insecurity in the land, offering you words of encouragement may not be enough but as Christians we should never lose hope. Our faith in God must be absolute because He is capable of redeeming us from both our spiritual and physical challenges. On that score, I bring you message of hope in the Lord.”

He noted that the people were complaining of bad Governance in the past as such they should be happy that he has come to do things the right way and put in place structures that will not only bring about good governance but also ensuring that the people are never again shortchanged by any future Government.

“As long as I’m Governor of Imo State, no selfish gains will be Satisfied.” Uzodimma stated.

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