#EndSARS: If Nigerians protest again, they might be looking for the politicians’ heads this time–Eholor

Democracy Observer-General, Patrick Eholor is at it again. In this analysis of political and economic uprisings across the world, Eholor speaks to Jungle Journalist Media Limited, in his home in Benin City.

He speaks first, about America’s insincerity with Africa and African development, then delves into the recent #EndSARS protests that raged across the country.

He warns that unless something is done urgently to address the questions raised by Nigerian youths, another uprising, this time more devastating is imminent.


Professor Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, one former minister has been endorsed to head the World Trade Organization, but the United States of America openly rejected her candidature. What do you say about this development?

First of all, I want to congratulate every participant. Honestly, they are all qualified, but we are just looking for the very best. It happens that one of our own, our daughter is also there. You know with her experiences and credentials, she is over-qualified, but the issue with this position is that she does not only need a home-based support, she also need a counterpart, like some other countries that we have a tie and relationship with. But unfortunately, America have their own reasons to back South Korea instead of Nigeria.

The name Okonkwo-Iweala is snynonymous with Nigeria, but she is also an American. She has dual citizenship. One would have thought that she would have been first choice for the United States, but probably because she knows too much about the American undue influence over our politicians, how the Americans have marginalized us, have stolen from us, how they continue to enslave us.

Because she will not be a stooge to them, because she will stand tall and challenge them, and make sure that Africa gets it right this time, that is why they refused to support her. It’s not because she is not overqualified. I want to congratulate whoever is going to wear the cap now. If we have leadership in this country, this is the time for us to wake up. America is not against us, but they have never been for us. They are for themselves. Its only Nigeria that is a country that I know that is not for her citizens.

They are selfish, and they are very unpatriotic. But when you see an American, they are very patriotic. Chinese, South Koreans, they are very patriotic. But unfortunately, those we call big men are only loyal to money. Thy are ready to sell anyone, at any time, for any reason for money. It’s unfortunate.

If you recall four years ago, the same America ensured that Okonjo-Iweala was not also elected to head the WTO. Also earlier this year, Professor Akinwumi Adesina was billed for re-election into the African Development Bank headship. America, which has no stake in Africa also opposed it. Do you think America loves Nigeria?

The question is out in the mainstream, they don’t have love for us but they love our money. You don’t have to love us to love our money or to love our resources. If you look at what Exxon Mobil did in the Niger Delta, the pollution they have caused in Ogoni, you will know they don’t care about our welfare. America is a superpower, they exploit us, they dehumanize us, even though the highest migrants in America, the most educated, the people with the highest financial contribution to their economy are Nigerians, they are still very ungrateful to us. That’s why I cannot wait to see the results of the US presidential elections, that is bye bye to Donald Trump. The relationship between Nigeria and Africa has been very low, has not been very cordial since the emergence of Trump, because he is a confirmed racist, a bigot.

So a man like that does not want the interest of Africa, the interest of Nigeria, who have the highest population in the entire black race.

When we are united, we have positions that will enhance us and take us away from this poverty, this quagmire that the politicians have suddenly put us in, the difference will be very clear that Africa will be the pace setter for the world in the future.

If you are saying this about Trump, what do you say about Barack Obama who never turned his face towards Nigeria at all?

Barack Obama was the president but he wasn’t the man in the mirror. Am not using that as an excuse for him, but there are a lot of issues why Obama could not give us the necessary assistance that we need.

There were conditions given to Africans, Nigeria in particular. They wanted gay rights in Nigeria, but for Africans, they fail to realize that people have the right to be gay or lesbian. Am not in support of it but I am not against it. My life is my life and their life is their life. So it’s about give and take, so if Nigerians had embraced some of the things that America was clamouring for, it would have been good but Africa wanted all. What the Americans should have asked for was trade by barter. But Africa wanted all. They couldn’t respect the human rights, they couldn’t respect gay rights, they couldn’t respect child rights. There were lost abuses within the African continent which Americans could not condone or curtail, and that’s why Obama didn’t give us the full support.

You must be aware that the Democratic Party in America played a very major role in the removal of Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. Today we have a very terrible government in power in Nigeria imposed upon us by the same Obama. What do you say about this?

Niger Delta militants wanted America off their shore, that is also the place of Goodluck Jonathan.

It was very difficult for Goodluck Jonathan to kill or enslave his people. He didn’t give them access to do that, and Buhari perhaps, had made some key promises to them that he will do better than Jonathan, and that was why he emerged as president. Not because he was popular, and not because he was qualified. Today we are wishing that Jonathan was the one in power.

The manager of Lekki Concession Company (LCC) in Lagos said that their CCTV cameras are switched off at 8pm everyday. I want to ask, looking at that scenario, are those cameras supposed to serve as a 12 hour monitors or 24 hour surveillance?

There is a saying that some of us will die and keep living. Some men don’t die, even when they dies keeping living. That brings us to government magic. May the soul of Fela Anikulapo Kuti continue to rest. Fela did not die, he lives among us. This is government magic. In my house here, I have a surveillance camera, I have a memory card that can take you to ten, twenty years. Why would anybody who is making over 7.5 billion every month tell us that there is no security camera to catch 24 hours round the clock activities? I think it’s preposterous, I think they are lying, I think they are fooling themselves, I think there is going to be a forensic investigation and on that forensic, we are going to get the truth out.

Before now, Sanwo Olu came out to say there were no dead bodies. He also said that he didn’t send any military. The military denied they were not there, but you see now, the pressure is high and they are singing. Most of them will be tried for war crimes. They committed crimes against humanity. As they were shooting at the youths, they had the Nigerian flag in their hands, but they continued shooting. Thy will not go unpunished. The more they lie, the more they complicate themselves.

When this thing is over, it’s going to be an offense to call anybody Sanwo Olu. The man who is the manager, no one will be proud to bear his name again. Their names will go with Covid 19, palliatives, SARS, Donald Trump, all the evil things that ever happened this year, the name will go with them. The name will be an abomination. 2020 will sweep them away, and 2021 will be a year of grace for everybody.

You were quoted to have said that if Nigeria refuses to listen to the demands of the youths during their protests, something worse than #ENDSARS is coming that will consume the whole nation. Can you please throw more light on this?

I have told you that I am not Nostradamus, the man that saw tomorrow. I am not a very religious person, but I can see tomorrow, not like Nostradamus, but differently. For over 6 years now, I have been writing letters to the Presidency, to the IG, to the Commisioner of Police, that if we don’t end SARS and reform the police, that the citizens will overwhelm the police force and the armed forces.

I also said that if they don’t handle it very well, and not with kid gloves, it’s going to backfire. The SARS you are talking about is not just any SARS as police. Any Commisioner of Police that’s not acting properly is SARS. Any immigration officer who is giving out citizenship without proper process is SARS. Any government official who is giving out contracts to himself without due process is SARS.

Any government official getting security votes and refuses to use it for the interest of our people, and works to the detriment of our people is SARS.

So SARS is not just calling off some of the notorious policemen wearing black and black to intimidate people with guns and go into women’s private part to search them, there are so many SARS in Nigeria, and we must try to deal with all the SARS before the year 2021. Otherwise, if Nigerian citizens go out again, they certainly will not be looking for palliatives, they might be looking for the politicians’ heads.

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