‘Another uprising like #EndSARS coming, will consume Nigeria if…’ Eholor

Front line social rights defender, Chief Patrick Eholor has revealed how his organisation, One Love Foundation struggled for several years campaigning for a Federal government reform of the Nigerian police force.

In an interview with Jungle Journalist Media Limited in Benin City, Eholor says the challenges of corruption does not end with SARS and the police, but must be tackled at the national assembly and all facets of government where salaries are bloated for political office holders. He also warns that if the reforms that #EndSARS called for are not tackled now, the next uprising will consume the whole country..


We have been on police reforms campaigns for over 5 years

For about four to five years now, I have been on this crusade. I wasn’t using the word #ENDSARS, I was saying that police must be reformed, I was saying that the police are being undermined, I was saying that the police are transferring aggression to the citizens, I was saying that havjng an iPhone 5 is not a crime. I was saying that having dreadlocks is a choice. I was saying that the need of a police officer doing down to a woman’s private part to conduct search was absurd, it wasn’t proper.

I was also saying that the bulk of responsibility starts with he federal government, because the federal government have undermined our security. We have no security. I told the, that one day the citizens will rise, and not just overwhelm the police, but also overwhelm the military, and it came to pass.

Some of us who are social crusaders go and protest, sometimes we go and take police permit to protect the citizens and also protect ourselves. The government felt that the only way to checkmate us is to intimidate us, as usual. We now said, enough is enough. And let me tell you, it has not ended. SARS is just an intro to end SARS and to reform the police, to also stop legislooting. They are not legislators.

It is also to stop polithiefing, but I wouldn’t want to use the word revolution. Any government, no matter how strong is afraid when you use the word revolution. But I call it the uprising-it’s the time for power to return to the people, because power belongs to the people.

President Buhari, Osibanjo failed Nigerians

When you grant a press interview, it’s about relationship. It’s about question and answers. If the president had issued a communique, it’s different thing entirely, because you don’t have to ask him any questions, but the country is burning. The country is burning. So the president has to subject himself to questions. Let him subject himself to questions. If he cannot preside over the affairs of we the citizens, he should apologize and resign. The most disgraceful aspect of this, I cry for my beloved country, is Vice President Osibanjo.

Osibanjo is a senior advocate of Nigeria. Osibanjo has disappointed majority of us, as pastor, as a lawyer, as a Vice President. He should be the one to reign and apologize to Nigerians, instead of trying to use us, and lie to us, and confuse us. And usurp some power to Lai Mohammed, whose name has become synonymous with lying.

Time for youth to vote out bad leaders

I think it’s a new day for Nigeria. The people , if 18 million youths can tune in and watch Big Brother, they should also go and register and become voters and vote for any person of their choice and vote out these rapscallions.

On palliatives

The government should not hold any of the palliatives. They were lying that this is the first phase and second phase is coming. If we don’t survive the first phase, can we survive the second phase? They should release the palliatives, the should look into the minimum wage, a country where they cannot pay a minimum wage of N30, 000, which is less than a dollar a day, and are taking the whopping sum of 29 million is fraud. The only way is for us to be nice to them, and for them to be nice to us. It’s a two way thing. If you use left, it will cut you, if you use left,it will cut you.

Worse uprising coming

What they have seen is an intro, they have not seen anything. If they don’t change their attitude to us the citizens, I am not inciting anybody, but this issue will consume everybody if it ever comes up again.

I am not Nostradamus. I am not religious but I am very spiritual. I can tell you, I a, a man that can see tomorrow. And I will tell you what will happen.

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