Tagging #EndSARS protesters hooligans, hoodlums, thugs is very bad for our national image – Patrick Eholor

Human rights activist, Patriot Patrick Eholor says tagging Protesters in the recent #EndSARS crisis , with negative names such as hoodlums, hooligans, thugs, looters will not drive the process for change especially the much needed positive image for Nigerians abroad.

The human rights activist also known as Observer General of Nigerian Politics spoke in an interview with journalists in Benin.

He said “you cannot call your citizens hoodlums. You cannot call your citizens hooligans. If we arrive at the shores of the other countries, they will look at us as hooligans and thugs! Who can be more hooligan than members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW? Who can be more hooligan than those who collect all sorts of illegal revenues from commercial drivers, wear agbada in the day and campaign for votes for politicians?

“We must have to rephrase these words because they have been trending, going viral, with the public chanting ‘hoodlums, hoodlums! , in the media”.

The activist said people are hungry: “There is hunger in he land, and a hungry man is an angry man. How can you store these palliatives without sharing them to us? The Government has been lying to us”.

He however clarified that he was not out to incite anybody, or to encourage the youths to go on looting spree as it is very wrong: “I condemn it in totality, but the truth be told that it is more wrong of the Government to have kept such huge amount of food. It is not just Edo State but almost across the entire Southern Nigeria, parts of the North and Middle Belt” .

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