Two killed, others injured in Enugu over COVID-19 palliatives rush

Two persons were reportedly shot to death in Enugu metropolis by military personnel yesterday. The two were among a crowd of people who had rushed off to Queens Secondary School, where Covid-19 palliatives were alleged to have been stored.

According to eye witness reports, some trucks had been sent to the palliatives warehouse in the school late on Friday night to move out the palliatives to another location, but they could not complete the mission before daylight. Crowds had trooped out to help themselves out with the loot, but stern, gun-toting soldiers warned them to stay away.

However, some dare-devil youths had approached the soldiers who shot and killed one on the spot.

“The bullet went straight into his chest and he died there. They took away his body”, a witness told Jungle Journalist Media Limited.

The witness said the other casualty was a student of the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), who sold petroleum products around the school. He was hit by a stray bullet near the neck and he ran into a compound, where he later died.

Other information revealed that a number of people were also hit by stray bullets which injured them. At least, three such cases were reported by residents of the city.

A youth leader in the city who didn’t give his name argued that there were no palliatives in the school. He stated that the palliatives had been distributed since August “The distribution started from 10th to 15th August, 2020. Five days constant carrying from all the LGAs. Ordinarily, I would’ve kept quiet but the rumour is becoming something else and lives are been taking, due the quest of some searching for the palliatives where they can never find such”.

But Chinenye, another resident who was at Queens College argued “If there was no palliative at Queens College as they have argued, what were those trucks doing there? Because of the huge crowd, they could not drive out with the palliatives in the day time. I am sure they were waiting for night to come so they can move in the dead of the night to hide it again”, she said.

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