Stop tagging Nigerians hoodlums, Activist Eholor charges journalists

Comrade Patrick Eholor, founder of One Love Foundation in this treatise, expresses regret that journalists were describing protesters as hoodlums:

It has come to my notice that journalists in Nigeria, like the politicians, have failed us.

Recently, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed the nation with his empty speech with the collaboration of his Special Adviser on Media, Femi Adesina, who refused to adhere to the rules guiding the journalism profession that such occasions call for journalists been allowed to ask Buhari very probing questions on his scorecard so far.

If Buhari did not want to answer questions from the media he should just have released a communique and passed it to the journalists. Fairplay demands that he should have created such a room.

Also, I am very unhappy hearing and reading Nigeria journalists call some of the #endsars protesters hoodlums and thugs. Remember that a hungry man is an angry man.

You cannot call such patriots hoodlums and thugs while you paint politicians in bright colours. Is there anybody that deserves to be called a thug and hoodlum than Bola Tinubu who is getting so much money from the Lekki Toll Gate? Is anybody more qualified to be addressed as a thug or hoodlum than members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers(NURTW) who forcefully collect money from commercial vehicle operators.

Journalists must be alive to their responsibility of giving us accurate report of events at all times. They should always protect the masses of the people and not the oppressors.

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