#ENDSARS:CoalCity Youth Council Condemn unrest in Enugu, National Disturbances

*Urges Youths in Enugu State to remain resolute and law abiding while protesting

Our attention has been drawn on the recent and incessant destructions of both private and public owned properties in Enugu by some alleged End Sars protesters within the State.

Our Council, through the office of our Acting National President, Comrade Ifebuchi, Williams Chime, has vehemently condemned this Acts without mercy, thereby expressing deep disappointment amongst the Youths within the State, especially to those who have decided to divert the agendas of the protests into another dimensional parts.

However, our acts at this moment may be morally justifiable based on the recent sordid experience that took place at Lekki tollgate on Tuesday, 20/10/2020 but also abysmally condemnable as the act is about to undermine our philosophy and protesting undertone as a family in Enugu State, the Council Acting Nat’l President noted.

As a Council, we also wish to establish and thereby calling the attention of our Youths on how we started a peaceful protests, and today, something we started on a peaceful note has degenerated into another form of human attitudes, with much rancour and civil unrest across the major cities of Enugu State.

No doubts, Nigeria Government both present and past has failed us in terms of leadership prowess and proper accountability in governance, including credible representation and public welfare, but then, we needed to retrench from the parts we are apparently trending on now if we must win this battle.

Be that as it may, while we are actively expressing our views with deep shocks over the recent destruction of properties with further lost of lives in Enugu State, CoalCity Youth Council is also condemning the last human genocides that took place at Lekki tollgate by Nigeria Army, with further describing of their acts as been barbaric and devilish in nature.

To this end, we wish to remind the APC led adminstration of President Mohammed Buhari that, the killers of unarmed Nigerian Youths at Lekki tollgate while singing the National Anthem and holding of Nigeria flag as citizens of this Nation should be brought to book as their acts were undemocratic. This is because, the citizens of this Nation have the legal and fundamental human rights to actively express their views over the governance of this country, anyday, and time and no amount of total humiliation, subjugation and killings of our innocent Youths by this present administration and other Government to come will stop such from happening.

Therefore, CoalCity Youth Council is pleading on all, including our able Youths to remain resolute and law abiding as we pursue justice using the rightful channels. The entire world is seeing what’s happening today.

More also, we are asking and calling on all our members globally to be law abiding in any States of their abodes, and never to implement or embrace the policy of violence while we continue in this journey of total liberation from the shackles of those, who do not want us enjoy the true and dividend of democracy in this Nation.

We are builders and not destroyers.


Ifebuchi, Williams Chime
Convener/Acting Nat’l President
Coalcity Youth Council.

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