#EndSARS: Fulani terrorists claim responsibility for Apo attacks, vow to kill all Southerners

Press release by the Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM) –

#ENDSARs: We condemn attempts by Southerners, Middle Belt to break the country

The Fulani Nationality Movement, (FUNAM) takes full responsibility for the attack by fire meted out to protesters in Abuja today

By tomorrow, the operation will continue. We hereby order all our cells across the country to mobilise for a battle we have all waited for since the past years

The #ENDSARs protest is a smokescreen to toppled the government of the day so as to imposed a government representing the interests of the South and Middle Belt.

We warn that these orchestrated campaigns are designed and conceived by Southern politicians to scuttle a democratically elected government

FUNAM takes full responsibility for the attack on the vehicles in Abuja We shall continue with a nationwide assault in the most vicious manner against the protesters whose devilish game is to destabilise the country and force restructuring on the country against the wish of the majority of the people.

The few months ahead will be terrific.We shall spare no soul, men women and even the children of the infidel.

Why President Mohammadu Buhari has not met the expectations of millions of Nigerians including millions of Fulani people, there is no justification to violently overthrow this government.

We shall meet them violence for violence and wit for wit.

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