Sir Chinyeaka Christian Ohaa (CCO): An Outstanding Leader, a Son of Awkunanaw

Hon. Chinyeaka C. Ohaa is no doubt, a man passionate about life’s endeavors. A man who has devoted his time and resources towards rebuilding our society, Sir Ohaa is also an impeccable leader with conspicuous integrity, whose interest for life gears towards ensuring people around him feels the impact and blessings that comes from God and humanity.

He is an epitome of human kindness and meekness, a rare philanthropist and an astute leader par excellence. He is indeed, one of the modern days politician and a renowned administrator.

He is also a devoted and ardent follower of Christ, who had attained the priestly ordination of a Knight as a member of Methodist Church of Nigeria. Sir CCO has raised men and women within our society, through his philanthropic gestures and other humanitarian services.

Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa was born into the family of Chief Ohaa Owo in Obuoffia community, Nkanu West local government area of Enugu State, and is married with children.

A Capital territory Permanent Secretary, Chinyeaka started his educational ambition by attending Community Primary School Obuoffia and graduated in the year 1960 with excellent grades.

He proceeded to obtain his High education qualification as follows; General Certificate Examination(GCE) in (1979), West Africa Senior Certificate WASC (Division 1) in 1980.

As a prudent and financial administrator he did acquire vast knowledge and academic qualifications in different fields of studies from renowned and prestigious institutions. For instance, in (1985) he obtained Higher National Diploma in Finance, and later moved to acquire his (PGD) in Accountancy & Finance in (1990) which gave him a firm opportunity of obtaining his (MBA) in Banking and Finance in (1992).

Ohaa was first appointed as a Bursar (1986-1989) in Enugu State Education Commission. Again, he later became Accountant general at Vanguard Industries Limited, Enugu State in (1992-1993). In 1996-1993 Chinyeaka also became sub treasurer at Treasury Headquarters office of Accountant General Enugu State, and also, Sub Treasurer, (Lands) office of Accountant General Enugu State in 1996-1999.

Furthermore, by (1999-2006) Sir Ohaa was also elevated to the position of Accountant General Of Enugu State and later nominated as Honorable Commissioner for Agriculture in (2006-2007) under the administration of His Excellency, (Barr), Chime Sullivan, the former Governor of Enugu State.

Upon his resignation from the prestigious position of Honorable Commissioner, Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa immediately shifted his selfless service to humanity from state level to the Federal, where he later served as deputy director in various ministerial offices including Ministry of Defense, where he served in the office of Audit and Account department.

He was later moved to the Ministry of Water Resources in (2013) where he continued his excellent services till 2016, when the administration of His Excellency, President Mohammed Buhari (GCFR) appointed him as Federal Capital Territory Permanent Secretary, under the Ministry of Youths and Sports in the Federal Civil Service Commission.

Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa, a worthy son of Obuoffia has indeed rendered several humanitarian services both to those around him and beyond. As a philanthropist, Ohaa awarded scholarships to many indigent secondary and university students across his community.

Accordingly, Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa also assisted over one thousand (1000) youths to secure resourceful job opportunities that today, the these youths are happily making their living with ease.

His heartfelt desire towards the empowerment of youths in our society equally necessitated his quest to always support and host football competitions in order to discover hidden talents of our youths for onward empowerment and career building.

Sir Ohaa has also demonstrated an apt leadership prowess and statesmanship by erecting and sheltering many homeless families who were without a place of abode within and outside his community as a man that believes in the principle of looking after the needy and the downtrodden.

Furthermore, he has in several occasions attracted whopping governmental projects to his community which includes accessible roads networks, pipe borne waters, modernize health care for health quality assurance, and electrification for an enhanced economic growth etc.

Without mincing words, it is also on record that, Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa has been providing food for his people during the ember seasons, as cows, rice and other food condiments and presentation of cash gifts since 1999 till date. Hon.

Sir Chinyeaka Ohaa is also the current President General, Awkunanaw Welfare Association.

Conclusively, sir Chinyeaka Ohaa is one in a millioan, who has touched several lives unconditionally in Enugu State and Nigeria. As FCT Permanent Secretary, Sir Ohaa has been able to secure good numbers of Job opportunities to many, especially to the Youths, for social and political growth. Sir Ohaa is also patron to many Youths political, social and welfare organizations across Nigeria. His quest for good governance and leadership inclusiveness is quite overwhelming.

Chime Ifebuchi Williams writes from Enugu State.

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