EBONYI 2023: Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi warns Senator Sam Egwu, other Ebonyi leaders, says Umahi is God’s anointed 

The General overseer of King of Kings Deliverance Ministry, Gbonum Ulepa Ntezi, Ebonyi State, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi has issued a note of warning against former governors of the state and other leaders, particularly Senator Sam Egwu.

Chukwudi told Jungle Journalist Media Limited, Ebonyi State Correspondent in Abakaliki Wednesday afternoon that the leaders have gathered and are conspiring to decide who the next governor will be, even though Governor Dave Umahi is still in power.

“These men and holding clandestine, evil meetings against God’s anointed, and they want to take decisions about the future of Ebonyi State without Umahi”, he started.

“That’s never going to happen. The battle of 2023 has just begun in Ebonyi state. I saw former governors conspiring against Governor Umahi because they are afraid he is going to present a new governorship candidate for 2023, and so, they are fighting him tooth and nail to make sure that he fails in producing his successor. They want to bring the successor themselves.

“It’s a high level conspiracy, but the almighty God is telling me that God is with him, and no one can fight God’s anointed and go free. No one can counter the will of God. Those who conspired against Umahi, because they think they will be the ones to produce a new governor that will succeed he, they will fail woefully.

“In the spirit realm, it is in the governor’s hands that God has placed the leadership of Ebonyi State. They want to fight him and take the anointing from him, but it can’t work. When God says his time is up, thy can come in. But for now, Sam Egwu and other past leaders of Ebonyi must bow to God’s anointed, because others also bowed to the, when God anointed them”, he ended.

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